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Only talents can earn up to 1 million a year, unless you still have these...

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Don't overestimate the achievements of each day, let alone underestimate the accumulation of each day, what we want is continuous growth.

Today’s keyword: soft skills

This title, at first glance


It’s a bit of a suspicion that the tone is bigger than athlete’s foot. I haven’t achieved this ability yet, but from the experience of some friends I know well, or from Thinking from an economic point of view, this is really the case.

Today is the first day I start writing articles again, so I will simply tell you how to make 1 million yuan a year, and try To give everyone a key to open this door.

The article is divided into 7 directions and 46 points. It can be regarded as the essence of my personal experience and thoughts over the years. I will give it to everyone today as a meeting gift. I hope to treat you Can be helpful or enlightening.

Of course, I hope you can learn to think while reading, and find those points that are really suitable for you and have practical reference value to continuously improve yourself. It is not an exaggeration to say that at any point you truly understand its true meaning, it may change your life!


More than talent

Everyone has heard of the "28 Law", right?

It is said that in any group of things, the most important In fact, only a small part of about 20% will always be accounted for, and the remaining 80%, although most of them, are secondary.

For example, 20% of the world’s wealthy people own 80% of the world’s wealth, while the remaining 80% only own the other 20% of the wealth .

Another example is the things we need to deal with in life, 80% are secondary, and only 20% are really important. But the reality is that most of us spend 80% of our time doing minor things, and only 20% of our time doing really important things. You have also seen the result of turning the cart before the horse, that is, we usually have been busy all our lives but ultimately do nothing.

So on weekdays we must know what is the best thing to do, and then put more energy into doing it, so that we can become the 20% The best of them, or they can live better than others in 80% of the general population.

Here I will ask you another antique question: What is the most expensive in the 21st century?


Yes, I knew you would say that, because the teacher taught us that way. Talent is really important, and I also find that those talented people around me who are very talented in their own industry mix well.

Some friends have an annual salary that doubles every year, and some friends have an annual salary of several hundred thousand just after graduation. They are really talented and valuable. But if you think about it, if you are really only talented, and the emphasis here is on hard skills, how many can earn 1 million a year? It can be said that the annual salary of one million is already the upper limit.

Of course, you would say that there are many people with an annual salary of one million, ten million or more. Those entrepreneurs and big Vs make more than one million a year. Too much to go.

You have to pay attention to this, the point is here. Do you think they have only talents? More than that, you will findIn addition to their talents, they will have some characteristics that are different from ordinary people, and it is these characteristics that are the key factors for them to achieve certain achievements. So if you want to be such a person, then you have to know what these qualities are?

Someone interrupted again. We are not geniuses. We still don’t know how many catties we are? So we don’t care about these, and don’t want to earn one million a year. It’s good to have food and clothing every day, play WeChat, and use Douyin.

For these people, since you can speak so well, then I also believe and dare to be sure that it is impossible for you to achieve an annual salary of one million, because On the one hand, you are not a genius and cannot be achieved by talent. On the other hand, your self-confidence is gone, how can your future be better?

If we have no dreams, are we really going to be salted fish?

I think, of course, many friends still have dreams, and they also dream that one day they can earn millions. Do you think there are so many friends who speculate in bitcoin, stocks, and even buy lottery tickets, aren't they all people who dream of millions?

Of course, these friends all grasp opportunism. The so-called opportunism means that there are opportunities, but they are somewhat unreliable or uncontrollable. Not down to earth.

And if you want to be truly capable of making millions every year, or to take a step back, you want to be better and grow faster than you used to be, every day Can make progress, next year, today can be higher than this year, such as doubling the income, then I dare to say that this is completely possible.

And the key factors to achieve these are the "traits" mentioned above. So what exactly do these traits contain? The answer is below.


The bottom of the pressure box

As a half-year-old grassroots who has been in the workplace for several years, I haven't eaten much pork, haven't I seen a pig run? There are more and more things I have experienced, people I know, stories I have heard, and books I have read.

Over time, there will be some precipitation, so I want to start sharing some of my learning and feelings with more destined friends. I want everyone to grow up with me. Today is the beginning.

It’s like this. I was fortunate enough to read a book called "Soft Skills" (rest assured, I’m not recommending books for you. At the end of the article I will also give you the electronic version of this book). Some of the unique ideas in the book coincide with my own ideas. When I read some of the author’s unique ideas, I can’t help but sigh. Has he already known it? And there are so many wonderful places in the book that I can’t help but shoot my thighs.

It is no exaggeration to say that I have regarded this book as a vane of my personal growth.

Today on this special day, as my opening work, I am very concerned about the orientation of my values. So after Baisi, I decided to borrow flowers to present the Buddha, take out the treasure at the bottom of the box, organize and share the essence of the book with you through my thinking, I hope it can be inspiring for you and it can be of great use!


Soft skills

Okay, let’s start

But it’s worth noting that this book is a bit weird.

It is a book for software developers, but the strange thing is that there is no mention of even one line of code in the book.

So you should understand that it is not just for software developers, but whether you are working for a certain company or yourself Entrepreneurship, or even a freelancer, some of the thinking methods, technical ideas, suggestions and best practices in the book are universal, and can bring you some different common senseInspire, let you understand by analogy, and burst with inspiration.

Come and see this strange book

"Soft Skills" is a book that focuses on the development of software developers from the perspective of people rather than technology and management. The emphasis in the book is always people-oriented, and technology is only a part of software developers. Pay more attention to "soft skills" outside, yes! It is those things that can really help you earn millions of annual salary in addition to talents.

The content of the book is divided into 7 aspects: career, productivity, learning, self-marketing, financial management, spirituality and fitness. Chat. 46 points are all crunchy dry goods, I suggest you collect them slowly.

Career articles

To survive in this society, we cannot bypass "work" this phrase.

1. The biggest mistake you can make in the workplace is to believe that you are working for someone else. The correct understanding should be that the work belongs to the company, while the career belongs to you.

We all know that a line is made up of points. Without points, it cannot be formed into a line. When I chat with my friends, I often remind them that your current job is only a point on the long line of your career, and your career is only a part of your life, so we must not underestimate this point. , But don’t regard this as your life. You sell your character for a job, and you can’t think about doing stupid things because you lose a job and you will die.

We must learn to look at internal issues from the perspective of God and from a broader perspective. You must also learn from the age of 30 to start from the age of 60. Think about the way out from a different perspective, so that you can see the overall situation clearly, live magnanimously, and control your own life well.

2. The driving force for career development must come from the individual itself, which means that truly outstanding people never need to come from others It’s affirmation or even encouragement. Don’t always wait for others to arrange for you, wait for others to give you advice, and wait for others to give you active help. They are all self-contained, self-driven, self-burning, and forever.

3. Start from extraordinary, never do what others are doing.

Think about it if you do the same things as the group of people around you every day, can your life be better than others? That is the average of this group of people. And if you raise the level of the circle you frequently contact, what you see must be a different kind of scenery, and as time stretches out, you will become a brand new yourself.

4. When you need to seek other people’s advice on a major important matter, never find the same person around you Level (level level) people.

Because their vision is basically the same as yours, and the advice they give will not be much different from what you think, so at least seek two levels higher than you People come to give you advice. But don’t be too high, too high, there will be faults, and the two levels are just right, so that it has reference value and true meaning.

5. Learn to think like a business. Think of yourself as a company, your employer as a customer, and "going to work" is actually the products and services of your company.

This will completely change your work mentality, and you will be transformed from a servant bound by a "selling contract" to a self-owner Businessman in business. What we have to do is to think of ways to do our own products and services like a company, and then learn how to market ourselves. Have you ever had such a kind of thinking? Such a true subversion of thought can give you a chance to truly extraordinary in your career.

6. We must have goals and learn to use goals to drive ourselves backwards, starting with the end.

Start with the end, which is the essence of the famous OKR (Goal Driven Method). Never live the way you want, and don't walk the long road of your career with ease.

7. Interpersonal skills are far more important than you think.

Why do many people with very strong vocational skills fail to be seen by colleagues and leaders, and customers will only say that you have done a very good job on the surface But never work with you anymore?

What is the difference between this and a girl who said to you "You are very good in all aspects, but our personality is not suitable"?

Leave me alone, I just want to write code quietly by myself! Many of our friends who do software development work have this kind of thinking, thinking about getting a computer and getting everything done. As everyone knows, this is wrong.

Do you think, if you really sort out your day’s work, those meetings, sending and receiving emails, testing, requirements, even other R&D personnel Isn't the communication with customers, the communication with the leaders actually all dealing with people? And often people with excellent interpersonal relationships are better than those with only skills.

8. After understanding the importance of interpersonal communication, the most important thing is method.

Because everyone actually does not want others to say that they are bad, but want to feel that they are important.

Isn’t it?

Think about it, every time we are essentially right or wrong, but when others say about us, our first subconscious reaction is that I don’t Wrong, what did you say I did? Although most of the time it turns out that we really did something wrong, but the first reaction is always that I was right, at least you don't say me.

So never advocate criticism and punishment for communication. Rewarding positive behaviors is much more effective than punishing negative behaviors. If you are a manager, this is an important principle that you really deserve to follow.

9. Yes, And

This thought is me Of course, what I learned from Luo Pang is similar to the above-mentioned ideas. When we are in interpersonal communication, we can first affirm each other (Yes), and then make suggestions for improvement (And). This is the best policy. In this way, the other party is also comfortable listening, and they are more willing to listen to your next suggestions. The effect will be 10,000 times better than when you come up and force your thoughts to others. It is better than your criticism and accusation commands, not because you think As a leader, I feel that criticizing subordinates is of course also effective. Really wise managers should learn this article carefully.

10. Let’s talk about the interview again. Do you know the correct interview posture?

It is not that you go to the employer with a thick resume, but to find a way to get the employer to come to you actively, so that you not only have a high probability of success, And the salary must be higher than when you go to the interview.

What? Isn't it all about recruiting online overseas resumes and then interviewing when looking for a job?

If you still think so, then you are too immature. Haitou resume is just the most routine and basic operation, and there will be no too There are many initiatives. And if you want to find a way to get employers to actively look for you, that's advanced gameplay.

Of course, advanced gameplay requires advanced gameplay. First of all, let’s assume that your ability is there, and then see how to play?

Influence. Your popularity and familiarity in communities, blogs, and circles can play a decisive role in this advanced gameplay. Of course, these popularity can also be achieved through marketing yourself, and it does not necessarily require you to be special. It can be said that as long as you are willing, no matter how ordinary people or small individuals are, you can have your own brand. With influence, you can use advanced gameplay.

11. Take responsibility

In any company The most important magic weapon that can make you stand out is to take on more responsibilities. This may seem obvious, but in your career, you will often face the choice between more money or more responsibility.At this time, you must always understand a truth: at least in the long run, the right choice is always more responsibility, because money always comes from the responsibility of the follower.

12. Noticeable

If you have been obscured , If your achievements are not known, even if you are the smartest, hardest, and best person in the team, that would be nothing. If you can't find a way to let your boss or leader know what you are doing, all your efforts are in vain.

13. Becoming a professional

Becoming a professional is A state of mind. If we always struggle with fear, self-destruction, procrastination, and self-doubt, then the problem is: we are thinking like a layman. The layman is unremarkable, the layman is full of nonsense, and the layman succumbs to adversity.

This is not the case for professionals. Professionals are often eye-catching. He is dedicated, consistent, and never succumbing to setbacks.

So when choosing a career direction, we must pay attention to one thing that is the "industry", because if you can work in an industry for many years and accumulate with great concentration, then you Eventually, he will become a professional or even an expert in this industry.

After becoming a professional, your prestige, status, and substitutability are completely different from before.

14. Don’t fall into the enthusiasm for technology, learn to be open-minded

Many people who are engaged in technology will fall into the enthusiasm for technology and cannot extricate themselves, some even fall into one of their own narrow areas and exclude others. Similarly, many of us in life will fall into our own cognitive circle, feeling that our own is the best, and ignore or even criticize other people's things.

But you have to know that this world is really not black or white, or 0 or 1. The sentence is good, "If it exists, it has value ". So we must learn to treat all existence with an open mind. I often tell my friends that if you open up your mind, we can’t guarantee how many advantages each person has, but at least they have their own characteristics. With characteristics, it’s worth your analysis and thinking about something useful.

Really powerful people can learn some valuable points from their opponents, people they hate or even enemies to optimize themselves and iterate themselves .


The above talked about some knowledge about occupation, I don't know if you have any new insights, then I will talk about it. Talk about productivity at work.

15. I have always felt that the most objective, ruthless, and most unhelpful thing in this world is "time." He is an existence that does not depend on anyone’s will. No matter how high your nationality, age, status, or worth is, it doesn’t treat you differently. It always walks day by day at its own pace. Never stop. And each of us's life is just a small passerby on the great wheel of this time.

So you will hear that the richer and more powerful people are always talking about one thing is lack of time. Why is payment for knowledge becoming more and more popular nowadays? Is knowledge now more valuable than before?

Definitely not, that's because more and more people have learned how to calculate the books, and everyone is willing to spend money to buy time. While using a certain amount of money to save yourself time and get better services, use the time saved to create something that is more valuable than buying time. I wonder if many people still don't understand this simple logic.

16. Some people may say that what I lack is not time but money. If anyone wants to buy time, let me buy it.

This is certainly possible, but only if you make your time valuable, not blank time. The knowledge payment I mentioned above is the typical time to buy, of course, there is another one that most of usWhat is being practiced every day-going to work. From a certain perspective, isn't we betraying our time when we go to work? Didn’t the boss just buy our labor time to create more value for him?

So there are two things you need to understand:

As mentioned above, you need Understand the essential meaning of your work, you are not working for the company, you are fighting for your career;

We must learn how to make good use of our limited In short, “do what should be done and do it efficiently”.

Use 80% of our time to do important things that belong to 20% of us, and learn to spend money appropriately (this means that we must match our abilities and our own Needs to be evaluated) to buy other people’s time to serve yourself and do things efficiently.

17. How can we improve efficiency and accomplish something as soon as possible? All this stems from "focus", because focus is essential to complete any task. If you can’t focus, your time will be affected by the so-called email, WeChat, Moments, Douyin, Kuaishou, The TV and movies are secretly taken away one by one, and you still feel completely ignorant.

Note that this is not to say that you can’t do these or these are of no use, but if you don’t reasonably control the time you spend on these things, I miss you What remains must be the four words "nothing but nothing".

18. Understand this, the next step is to see how to improve concentration and how to increase productivity.

At this time, a magical guy "Pomodoro Technique" can play. I don't know how many friends have heard or used this thing, I have been using it, and I think the effect is quite good.

His idea is like this: At the beginning of our daily work, we can plan ahead of time which tasks we plan to complete within this day , And then set a 25-minute timer to complete the first task in the plan; within these 25 minutes, you will only focus on this task without distraction. Once there is interference, you can use various methods to shield the interference, but usually you have to work hard to ensure that you are not disturbed at all. Until the Pomodoro you set sounds, you stop working, rest for 5 minutes, and then continue to work on the next Pomodoro.

As you have seen, it is actually a way to help you stay focused to the maximum, and the reason why I choose 25 minutes for each Pomodoro With scientific evidence, this is the best time period for a person to stay focused.

It’s worth noting that, just like when I first started using it, most of my friends did not really understand the essential meaning of the Pomodoro Technique, and mistakenly regarded it as just It is a timer, but the fact is that it can only exert its true power when it is used as a tool for estimation and evaluation. In addition, there are two points to note.

Planning + tracking.

Everyone knows the importance of planning, but often overlooks another equally important link-tracking. This is like many of our classmates only study without summarizing or thinking. It seems that they have acquired a lot of knowledge but seldom can really be internalized into their own basic skills.

19. There is another thing called "driving force". Usually there are two main motivations for people to complete their work, one is internal drive, the other is external drive .

The external drive is the external return drive. For example, how much salary is paid, then how much work I do, and if I give more, I will do more , Give me less, do less, and don’t let the boss take advantage of us. This is a typical external drive. To be honest, many of us actually only stay in this thinking class, but what you have to know is that this is the real reason why we are not able to make one million a year, as the title of this article says.

The internal drive is that the truly outstanding people I mentioned above never need encouragement from others, heThey are all self-contained, self-driven, self-burning, responsible for themselves, and control of their own destiny.

So liberating the mind + internal drive is the best way to break our limited thinking.

20. Habits

It is precisely those that make us Keep repeating things. Therefore, excellence is not a behavior, but a habit. ——Aristotle

In fact, I often tell my daughter-in-law to make excellence a habit. Because I think when a person is used to doing good things, then he must be a good person.

Since becoming a dad last year and having a son, I have often discussed with my friends how to educate children. The idea I advocate is to teach children how to speak skills . For example, if the child did something wrong, the correct posture should be "You shouldn’t do this, it’s bad or incorrect, the correct way should be...", try to end with the correct answer, so that the child listens to your balabala call After that, what remains in my head is the correct answer.

Rather than something like "How are you, what shouldn't you...", after a major education, you don’t give you what to do better. The child bounced a word, and the child was stunned after hearing it, because he did not receive a signal to do what to do from beginning to end, so does your education make sense?

When a person’s head is filled with good things, the subconscious mind tends to move closer to this side, on the contrary, the head is full of errors. The answer, do you think about which of these two word order statements will be more meaningful for children's positive guidance? The effect is obvious over time.

21. Learn to break down tasks

How to eat Drop an elephant?

The best answer is to eat one bite at a time. You see, the bigger the task, the more scary it looks. It will inevitably affect the psychological burden and efficiency of doing the task, but if you learn to decompose, no matter how large the task is, it can be broken down into several levels and a number of small tasks. It can be reasonably arranged to eat an elephant one bite at a time.

22. The importance of hard work

Hard work is eternal The theme of this, the education we have received since childhood is to be diligent, but when we grow up, we find that only hard work will not necessarily lead to success. The most indispensable people in this world are hardworking people. You see, there are so many people around us, so many people who are not only studying but also working hard, who are hardworking and desperate, but their life and work are not as good as we imagined, but a little sad. So why is this?

There is actually a misunderstanding here is that the so-called effort of these people is just a brainless effort. To sum up this concept in one sentence is "work is divided into mental work and manual work, and mental work is also divided into mental creative work and mental manual work."

So if you just seem to work hard and don’t really think about internalization, then no amount of effort will be futile. We have to learn to think about the outstanding things of others , Internalized as one's own basic skills.

But remember, each of us, including myself, is looking for shortcuts throughout our lives, trying to find a good way to succeed without hard work . However, reality has proved that such a method does not exist, and all valuable things are the result of hard work. So boring and hard work is still the most important condition for a person to succeed. What you want is hard work + thinking.


23. Education is when a person forgets all what he has learned in school The rest. ——Einstein

In the software industry, change is the eternal theme. Every day there will be a new technology. What you learned yesterday may be today It makes no sense. So learning has become the most important thing, if you rest on your laurels, Ignoring the learning of new things, you will soon fall behind.

24. Learning how to learn is the most important thing. Here are two points for you to understand:

The primary goal of education is not to "know" but to "act". We must put what we have learned in the book into practice.

Learn to output, teach others what you have learned, and you will remember it more deeply. It really shows that the criterion for you to learn something is that you can explain it to others.

25. In the book, the author shared his own "Ten Step Learning Method" to understand the overall situation "Determine the scope" to define the goal "Look for resources" Create a learning plan" Screen resources" Start learning, try to stop" Hands-on operation, learning while playing" Comprehensive mastery, apply what you have learned, "Be a teacher and master.

Steps 1 to 6, these steps must be done carefully, and they only need to be done once. The next 4 steps require repeated iterations, the book I won’t repeat it here. Those who are interested can download the e-book at the end of the article and read it.

26. In addition to self-study, we also need a tutor. An excellent tutor can help us quickly master a technique. It is much faster to explore by yourself, and a good teacher can also illuminate the way forward for us.

27. At the same time, we must learn to open up the mountains and receive apprentices and become others’ mentors, because one of the most important methods of deep learning is perhaps the only The method is to "preach the Tao and teach the profession." Only by learning to help others can you truly achieve yourself. If you realize this, your life will be infinitely beneficial.

Self-marketing articles

28. In the future society, one’s most important asset will be influence force. ——Luo Zhenyu

Even small individuals have their own brands. ——WeChat public platform

Yes, they have said it. I wonder if you have thought about this point before? If not, today is the first time I heard me say that it is not too late, you will still be ahead of a large number of people, because there are still too many people who do not know this idea.

You see, as the leaders of an era, they almost unanimously stated that a core competitiveness trend factor of the future society is "influence", and This point is also mentioned in this book, so everyone must pay attention to it.

29. Of course, the most effective way to build a personal brand and increase your influence is to provide others with valuable things , And perseverance.

Thinking about it, this idea coincides with my original intention to write an article to bring value to more friends. So when I read this, I couldn't help but sigh once again that the author is really a god and man, he has already thought of everything I thought of.

30. Don’t try to become a successful person, but try to become a valuable person. When you do everything for your own benefit, you won’t get real follow from others unless you can truly bring value to everyone and help everyone.

As a matter of fact, the real underlying logic has been mentioned before, giving a rose to someone has a fragrance in the hand, and helping others is actually helping oneself succeed.

31. Of course, the way to build personal brand influence is not just on Zhihu and WeChat public platforms, technical blogs, and open source Platforms, other self-media platforms, and even WeChat Moments can actually build your personal brand, and it also has commercial value. Someone has already made a lot of money on it (not a micro-business). I wonder if you also have this kind of awareness. What?

Regardless of whether you have such awareness before, I hope that after reading this article, you must start to learn to market yourself, even if you just post to Moments Treat it with your heart, because your brand lies here.

Financial management

32. When it comes to financial management, marketing, and insurance, I think many of my friends are just like me. Will frown and want to resist, feel like a liar. We can’t be blamed for being too sensitive for this kind of extreme reaction, because it is precisely because many of their related practitioners are unscrupulous to deceive the people for their own benefit. As a result, a pot of soup is harmed and everyone has a general prejudice against them. view.

However, if you circumvent these prejudices, the nature of these concepts is actually very valuable.

33. First of all, let’s talk about the life trajectory of most of us. Then entered the real big dyeing furnace.

Finding a job and finding a good job has become a thing we pursue together. We want to make money, we want to consume, we want to support a family, we want to live It’s better, so we keep working hard, constantly seeking promotion and salary increases through job-hopping opportunities.

34. But this way we will face a problem, that is, as we grow older, our income will slow down, or even go downhill. Nowadays, many young people may not feel this kind of thing, but you can imagine that when you reach 40, can your income continue to grow so fast? To be honest is very difficult, for most people it is almost impossible.

Under normal circumstances, it is actually a period of rapid income growth from when you just graduated from work to the age of 35. However, after the age of 35, you will find yourself In fact, there are fewer and fewer choices, and the space for value-added is also getting smaller and smaller. However, our material desires have always been increasing. In this way, the income is reduced and the material desires have increased. How should you face this scenario?

Will you be willing to lower your standard of living when you are 40 or 50? Then at 60 years old? At that time, you will only achieve a balanced life by restraining desires, just like our parents’ generation lives by saving lives. Is this kind of living condition what you want?

Stop it, I know what you are whispering in your heart again. I just want to tell you don't count on your pension. Pension can only provide you with food and clothing. How can you enjoy the desire to spend money that you have cultivated for decades?

35. It is acceptable for the average person to go from poor to rich, and the transition is quite natural, at most a nouveau riche. But from rich to poor, many people can't accept it, and some even can't think about it. So this requires us to understand this truth early, and when we are now in our 20s or 30s, we must begin to think about how we can have a lifetime income.

Many of us actually have only one income, which is the current salary, but what you need to know is that whether it’s a large company or a small company, in case If companies stop supplying, then we have to run out of food. This is why many big factories have no sense of security even if they are high-level executives. It is extremely dangerous to tie one's own destiny to a straw. The sense of crisis in the middle age will detonate here.

36. So the second job is particularly important, so that your destiny will not be hampered by a straw. When the straw is broken, another A straw can also save your life. Of course, "income after bedtime" is the real way to solve your lifetime income. Have you heard of the so-called "income after bedtime"?

Income after bedtime, as the name suggests, is to make money when you can sleep.

For example, you write a book, sell a course, or develop a software product, and then copy it and sell it directly, so you only need to work once, but you can copy and sell it N times , Is this better than you working for a boss to make money?

37. Another typical representative of "income after bedtime" is financial management, but financial management is more special. youLook, when you go to work, you sell your single time to your boss. You can only sell your time once, so you can only increase your total income by continuously increasing the unit price of your time; and when you sell a book, you write Once, you can sell N times, which becomes a linear growth; while financial management is a snowball type of exponential growth, which is a qualitative difference.

38. Finance management here is to use money to make money. Stocks, futures, funds, and government bonds are all possible, but the so-called high returns It must respond to high risks, and financial management is indeed such a typical representative of high returns and high risks, which requires everyone to continue to accumulate relevant knowledge and experience to play.

I know this is a good thing. I also know that the risks here are quite high. It takes a little real skill to play well.

In view of this, I suggest that you take your time, don’t enter the venue too anxiously, learn more, accumulate more experience, and start working out slowly from a young age I, myself, haven't really gotten into the water yet, and I'm still learning the precipitation stage.

In addition, I have a philosophy: financial investment only invests in things that have real value, and it is long-term, so that you have a real chance to win, because Your financial investment is value rather than opportunity.

39. Outperform inflation

You know the past What is the rate of inflation in our country in 10 years? It is an annual average of 5 percentage points.

What is this concept? That is to say, if you have a lot of money at home and in the bank, but you cannot reach the annual interest rate of 5 points, you are actually losing money, and did you know that the annual interest rate of ordinary banks in my country is only 2-3 points , Alipay, which many people believe in, has only 4 points. How can you lie down and make money like you think, but you can't beat inflation at all.

So this requires you to really learn to "spend money" to beat inflation, or use money to make money to earn more.

To emphasize, the annualization of general wealth management products such as stocks and funds is about 10 points, and there are many 5 or 6 points, but there is a Common sense: If the annualization is a bit tempting and greater than 12 points, in fact, you have to be careful. Although financial management is good, there is no such violence. How can ordinary people have the eyesight of Buffett who can look at high-quality stocks with 20 points of annualization all the year round. You must know that in addition to eyesight, poor circle information is also a natural barrier for ordinary people.

So in a word, always remember that the purpose of investment and financial management is to invest in value, not in opportunity.


40. We often say that the body is the capital of all revolutions. This is true, but the meaning of physical health is more than just this. The human body can be said to be the best portrayal of the human soul, so if the soul is noble and the body must keep up. Research also proves that exercise can make you more creative, stimulate your thinking, and make you more confident.

I started playing basketball in elementary school, and then I fell in love with football. After so many years, sports not only brought me much happiness, but also A lot of inspiration.

41. Another important point of mine is that we must have awe of life.

If you have been seriously ill yourself, or have seen your relatives and friends have been seriously ill, or you have seen these in the hospital, I think you are There will be a different understanding.

My daughter-in-law was very busy at work some time ago. She had lunch every day after 3pm, or even after 5pm, so I gave her Speaking of a truth:

Life is not easy, but life must be saved, we must pay attention to the body and respect life. Because there are some things that are not worth your challenge. You accidentally got stomach problems. Then you may never eat whatever you want, and you will always have stomach upsets; you accidentally hurt your legs. , Maybe you can walk in the future, but don’t think about it like before in this lifeSo easily jumped up.

Here, I am not joking with you. Those who know will naturally understand, and those who don’t, I hope everyone will pay attention to it as soon as possible.

If you can, I really want you to go to the hospital every other time. Of course, I don’t want you to see a doctor, but let you see the world Of birth, old age, sickness and death. When you really learn to respect life, you will have a new and different understanding of life, which will also benefit your attitude towards life.

42. Young couples with families shouldn’t quarrel if nothing happens. Of course, it’s inevitable that all families don’t quarrel, but Understand that quarreling is just a way of emotional venting, not a shackle for kidnapping a person. We have too many more important things to do and study, and there are too many beautiful things to experience and appreciate.

Appropriate quarrels and reasonable resolution will promote family relationships, but tasteless quarrels will not only hurt both sides, the key is that your good time will also pass away quietly.

Only when we understand the preciousness of life and time can we live a better life.


43. Life is more than just the present, poetry and distant field.

Human beings are emotional animals, so we cannot live without emotion. And the biggest difference between modern civilized society and ancient society is the difference in the spiritual world, so in addition to material, spiritual life is also very important, because facing a round of sunset, you say "Fuck, the sun and water are coming together immediately. ", and someone else said, "The sunset and the lonely bird fly together, and the autumn water is the same color." This gives people a different impression immediately, and the kind of feeling you understand is completely different.

44. I hinted in my heart

There is a saying like this Said, "Pretend that you can succeed." It means that when you are doing something, at the beginning you imagine that you have succeeded, and then you push back on how to do it now, so that whether it is your sense of confidence in your heart or your thoughts of doing things, All follow, and the result is of course easier to succeed.

If you don't believe you can do it, you can hardly do anything.

45. Failure is different from being defeated.

Failure is temporary, and defeat is eternal. Failures are those that happen to you-you can't completely control it. Being defeated is your choice-a certain degree of acceptance of failure.

So the way for smart people is to learn to embrace failure, expect failure, accept failure, and be prepared to face failure. Really realize that failure is not the end, but just a node on your road to success.

If a person has a positive and optimistic personality, his luck is often very good. This will greatly help him develop friendships, have a happy marriage, have a higher income, a healthier body, and prolong his life.

46. Fall down seven times and get up eight times.

In life, even if you can learn all the skills that make you more successful, if you lack the important skill of "persistence", everything will be nothing. It is meaningless, because then you will give up as soon as you encounter trouble, and the problem of breaking the game can also be said to be the best solution to the difficulties in the whole life: I can fall, but if I fall seven times, I must rise Eight times.

Forever young, always tears in your eyes!



Okay, let's stop here.

Accidentally spreading eloquence to tens of thousands of words, but in the end we are still at the end of this article, although this is just my opening work, but such a huge stylistic volume and all-encompassing information will inevitably make some impatient 'S friend is a bit unbearable.

But as I said, this article can be said to borrow the structure of the book "Soft Skills" to take some of my personal experience, experience, He has abstracted what he has learned and thought. It represents not only my values, but also the ideological essence of too many successful people behind it.

Of course, I can’t and don’t expect every reader to fully understand me and have three views similar to me, but as long as you can learn from the above 46 If you grab a few points that you recognize or give you a lot of inspiration to think about yourself, then I think you will gain something. It won’t be wasted for you to spend so long reading, nor To live up to my efforts to write this article, I think we can make friends.

If some ideas are not yet understandable at the moment, you need to have a certain experience before you can truly appreciate them, you can also collect them first, after a while Looking back, I think you will also have new insights (remember, buying a book does not mean you will read it. Collecting it does not mean you will read it. The correct way is to "look + deep thinking", so Only when you come will you widen the gap between you and your friends who haven’t seen it!)

Finally, remember that success can never be copied. Don’t see others succeed, just do it yourself Imitating all of them, thinking that they can reach the same height, it is obvious that the idea is wrong. What we really want to do is to capture all useful points from others (anyone not limited to excellent people), to internalize it into our own basic skills, to continuously iterate ourselves, and to continue to grow!

If you are so good, is 1 million annual salary still far?

Originality is not easy, thanks for reading, I wish you happy~

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