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Hubei wild casinos are hot, big players lose millions of assets and become bookmakers

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Original title: Hubei "Dice Rolling" Gambling Game: Professional Drivers Behind the Hot Casinos

CCTV News Client's news on June 3, in many "wild" casinos, "dice rolling" is also It is commonly known as "dice shake" to bet on odds and doubles. This gambling method is chased by many gamblers because of its simple rules and no venue restrictions. In some villages in Hubei, this form of gambling has been showing a high incidence in recent years. According to insiders, behind the rise of these wild casinos, professional companies are promoting them. Then, who is operating the gambling?

According to a live video of a field gambling provided to reporters by an insider, in a simple shed built up of colored striped plastic sheeting and branches, hundreds of people were sitting or standing around a ten A large multi-meter-long table, on which piles of cash are placed, and onlookers are constantly throwing money on the table to place bets. The scene is very lively.

"Pillars" place big bets, "hooks" increase popularity

The insider told reporters that in this wild casino, only sitting on the table Some of the talents are real big gamblers, they are also called "pillars" in the jargon. These people bet thousands of yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan each time. The people behind them are almost all nearby villagers or migrant workers. Most of them come to gamble, and some are organized by organizers. People hired by money are called "hooks" in the jargon, and their bets are small in order to increase the popularity of the casino. Driven by the "hooks", the atmosphere on the scene will soon become popular.

Insider: Because that thing is too simple, we just shake up two dice here. Either singular or even, which means a 50% probability of winning and a 50% probability of losing. Seeing that someone else wins, I will win 10,000 to 20,000 in one go. I feel very exciting. I may bet, I will place two hundred or five hundred.

A gambling game can reach millions of liquidity

The insider said that after a gambling game, the liquidity on the table can reach hundreds Ten thousand, even a person with a small bet may win or lose tens of thousands of yuan. He has seen some migrant workers lose thousands of yuan at a time.

And this lively casino is not spontaneously issued by the people participating in the gambling. There is a complete industrial chain behind it. In this industry chain, there are local "gambling companies" responsible for setting up venues and organizing gamblers, and grading companies that provide POS machines to swipe cards on site. The most important thing is the so-called "Emperor Company" from outside the country.

Insider: "Emperor" is a black word on our side, which actually refers to the dealer. Because the casino table at that time was generally more than ten meters long, but he was the only one who could sit on the table alone. In order to show his status, the slang on our side was called "the emperor." "The emperor" may have been alone in the past, but now because of the "emperor" gambling, the wins and losses are relatively large, maybe hundreds of thousands, or even a large casino may be several million, then you need to follow Doing business is like a partnership, so one, two, three, four, five, six, maybe a dozen or seven or eight people, forming an "Emperor's Company."

The dealer has a clear division of labor and determines the rules of the casino

In the picture above, this one wears a white T-shirt and shakes the color Zi's ​​man is a member of the so-called "Emperor's Company". The dice player is also called the "dealer" at the scene, and is usually held by the person with the best luck because he is directly related to the probability of winning or losing. In addition to the "croupier", other people also have their own division of labor.

Insider: There are two people standing on the side in the casino. They are responsible. For example, the gambler loses the money. He collects the gambler’s money and collects it. The gambler wins the money. They want to send money out, that's how it works. Then there is a backpack for a person. If we call it a backpack, it means that all the money for gambling is in the hands of the person with that backpack. For example, if the table is limited to a gambling game of 400,000, then if you put 400,000 on the table, if you win more, I may put the 100,000 or 200,000 in the bag. Anyway, there is always that much money on the table. .

According toUnderstand that the rules of the game in the casino are all made by the so-called "Emperor Company". The time of each game ranges from one hour to three hours. If the big gamblers lose money or the dealer doesn't want to play anymore, the game ends. In order to avoid investigation by the public security organs, most of these wild casinos are built in small woods or mountains off the beaten track. For some informed villagers who do not participate in gambling, gambling companies will use small favors to win them over.

Insiders: They might just develop. For example, in the surrounding villagers, they would pay one or two hundred yuan a day and ask him to stand on guard together, or to help, work in the casino to help, in this case, come to win over the locals. The heart of the villagers prevents them from reporting or complaining.

The gambling dens are hidden, and the gambling place is temporarily notified.

There is no doubt that once this kind of gambling controlled by professional companies spreads in rural areas, it will inevitably affect Local public order. Since the beginning of this year, the Xianning police in Hubei has taken away several such wild casinos. Surprisingly, the gambler, the so-called "Emperor Company" and the "Gambling Company" in the case did not know each other. So, what exactly are these wild casinos formed? How is the profit divided?

Under the leadership of the police handling the case, the reporter came to a gambling den in the fringe of urban and rural areas. This gambling den is hidden in a small forest. There is no way to go up the mountain. If there is no guidance, it will be difficult for outsiders. turn up. According to the police handling the case, this den is just one of the casinos built by the gambling gang that they destroyed in March this year. In order to evade the police, gambling companies usually set up several such hidden venues at the same time. The jargon is called "kiln mouth". Which "kiln mouth" people go to every day is a temporary notice.

Jin Jinsong, captain of the action team of the Public Security Detachment of the Xianning Public Security Bureau: His watchman, the guards two hours in advance, for example, the opening at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, he will notify at 12 noon, you are there Which place, for example, to this venue, you go to patrol the mountain at venue 1, then set the card points, then layout, and then start to notify all the players to come in.

Setting up venues, looking for strong gamblers everywhere

Selecting sites, setting up venues, and ensuring casino safety are just the first steps for gambling companies In order to make each casino exist longer, it is necessary to find strong players. Therefore, the person in charge of the gambling company will mobilize friends to look for gamblers. For some foreign players, sometimes they have to contact the car to pick them up.

Criminal suspect Zhang Jianbai: If you think he likes gambling, sometimes give him a phone call and ask him to bring someone over when he sees no one. The one who takes the gambling is to call someone. There are locals, Wuhan, or our neighbors. This gambler does not mean that all of them belong to Xianning.

The gamblers don’t know each other, the middleman is responsible for the matchmaking

From February to March this year, the suspect Zhang Jianbai organized more than 40 games In the gambling game, nearly 100 people are invited to participate in the gambling game. However, he said that he was not familiar with the people of the so-called "Emperor Company", and every time the middleman was responsible for the intermediary, the suspect Fu Zhichao was one of them.

The suspect Fu Zhichao: I know someone from Qianjiang, not every wave of people I know, for example, if I know one of them who does this thing, he will be different Find someone to come over, find seven or eight to organize a team, it's like this.

Criminal suspect Huang Ao (member of "Emperor Company"): He can introduce the introducer in many places, that is, he can tell you, for example, Jianli, would you like to do it? Without work, you can't do it anymore. Then we also asked him whether I bet a lot in that place. If the bet is big, how big is the bet, and if the bet is big, we need to see if we can do it. You can contact us. If we can't do it, we can't do it. Like ours, it’s relatively small, and it’s usually done in a small place.

The casino earns at least tens of thousands of yuan per day

Fu Zhichao explained that he introduced two Qianjiang natives including Huang Ao. The so-called "Emperor Company" went to Xianning to sit in the village to gamble. After each game, the "Gambling Company" and the so-called "Emperor Company" each paid him an introduction fee of 1,000 yuan.

And the money is insignificant relative to the profitability of the gambling company. According to the rules of the casino, the so-called "Emperor Company" in addition to gambling with the gamblers to determine the winning or losing, before the start of the gambling, the "croupier" will use two dice to win a specific point, if the points are 2 and 5, it is After the bet is officially opened, when a specific number of 2 and 5 (ie "familiar points") appears, the gambler will bet on the bet, the so-called "The "Emperor Company" only pays half of the gambling money, and the other half of the gambling money is used as a rake. It is commonly known as "cylinder money", which is the profit of the casino. This money, the so-called "Emperor Company" and local gambling companies usually pay at a ratio of three to seven. Divided. Normally, after a gambling game, the "cylinder money" can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. That is to say, the daily profit of the gambling company and the so-called emperor company is at least tens of thousands of dollars.

Suspected of crimes Ren Huang Ao: He mainly relies on "familiar points". If there are more "familiar points", his profit may be higher. If you lose more, you may have hit 100,000 "familiar points" today. If there are 3 points for your emperor, you divide 30,000 yuan. If you finally place an order and lose 50,000, it means that I lost 50,000, but in my "familiar point", I still divided 30,000. It’s equivalent to losing 20,000 like this.

From gamblers to dealers, lawbreakers were once victims

In the interview, the reporter also noticed Many of the suspects involved in the case were once in the quagmire of gambling. Huang Ao, a member of the Qianjiang Emperor’s company captured by the Xianning police not long ago, is a typical example. He was once a well-known vegetable grower in his hometown with a few years of income. One hundred thousand, then, how did he become a banker from a gambling player step by step?

According to Huang Ao, he started gambling mainly with mahjong, but later lost more times. , I just wanted to get back to his money quickly by going to the wild casino to play dice. He didn’t expect that he would lose more in the wild casino.

The suspect Huang Ao: You bet and lose If you get the money and you think of a way, maybe my channel is different from others. Maybe I always look at others to win when I lose money, the Emperor Company always wins, then I will find a way to integrate into the Emperor Company, I think so , So he slowly became a member of the Emperor’s Company.

Through the way of buying shares, Huang Ao joined a dealer group, and most of his partners, like him, also lost because of gambling. With the money, the idea of ​​becoming a bookmaker came up. In the past few months, their company has gone to Hunan, Guangdong and other provinces to take part in gambling. Although there are profits, because he himself is also addicted to gambling, he has not only lost all these years. He has millions of family assets and still owes a large amount of debt. The family relies on his father alone to grow vegetables to repay the debt.

Criminal suspect: (My father) is more than 50, and one of his eyes is invisible. What should I say when I’m tired, how can I say it, I’m doing it and not doing it. Dad will help me pay off the debts when there seems to be a debt in the house.

Reporter: Have you ever calculated how much debt you owe others?

Interviewee: Yes, I’m exaggerating. I owe a lot. Others ran away and went to work. I have to pay others back. I can’t get in touch with them. This is the case.

Aiming at "wild" casinos, the police explored Place mode

Recalling his own experience, Huang Ao is deeply regretful. The Xianning police also stated that in response to the current illegal activities organized by such professional companies in the wild casinos, the public security department is also exploring effective methods for dealing with the illegal activities of the Ministry of Public Security in conjunction with the "chain-breaking operation".

Jin Jinsong, captain of the Action Team of the Public Security Detachment of the Xianning Public Security Bureau: If you have a criminal record and were beaten by us within time, you must be investigated for your criminal record. Combined execution, severe punishment. Then, the police station and the various related departments, that is to say, your jurisdiction and the scope of your functions are under investigation and accountability. Just say that the higher-level authority hit the casino in your place, and you haven’t reported it, you haven’t found out, or even you haven’t taken measures, then this disciplinary action will be taken, and the main person in charge will be held accountable and held accountable. We supervise, and our disciplinary committee holds accountability.

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