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PA Weekly | YFI price exceeds Bitcoin's historical high price; CCB APP launches beta version of central bank digital currency wallet _ Technology

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2. The digital currency usage rate of the Central Bank of Cambodia has exceeded the U.S. dollar

Kazumasa Miyazawa, president of the blockchain company Solamitsu, said on the 24th that since July The utilization rate of "Bakong", the central bank digital currency (CBDC) that started operations in Cambodia, has surpassed the U.S. dollar. It is reported that Soramitsu uses the company's blockchain "Hyperledger Iroha" to issue CBDC with the National Bank of Cambodia. (Jp.cointelegraph)

3. South Korea’s encryption tax will be implemented from October 1, 2021

At the State Council in South Korea on the 25th , Confirmed the amendments to 16 tax laws, and the government plans to submit the proposals to the National Assembly on the 3rd of next month. The amendment mentioned that from October 1, 2021, if you earn 2.5 million won or more per year through encrypted transactions, you will need to pay 20% of capital gains tax. Prior to July, the South Korean Ministry of Finance announced the 2020 tax reform plan, mentioning that a 20% capital gains tax will be levied on digital currency transactions.

4. CCB APP launches central bank digital currency: for testing content, it does not mean that DCEP is officially launched

August 29, for CCB mobile APP In response to the launch of the digital currency personal wallet, China Construction Bank responded that on the evening of August 28, China Construction Bank carried out relevant functional tests on the mobile banking system, and this test has now ended. The current online information is the test content in the technology research and development process, and it does not mean that the digital renminbi is officially released. On August 30, the CCB digital currency wallet was closed, and the rechargers said that they received the payment in the early morning of the same day. Postal Savings and China CITIC Bank have also participated in legal digital currency projects. (Finance Association)

1. The Beijing Municipal Government and Huawei jointly create a directory blockchain system

On August 24, the Beijing Municipal Government and Huawei have recently jointly created a directory blockchain system. This is the first domestic trial project to focus on government data exchange governance based on blockchain technology. The project addresses the difficulties of data sharing among various departments, scattered coordination, weak applications, and difficulties for enterprises and people to handle affairs, and comprehensively improves the level of government services and supports the further optimization of the business environment. (People's Daily Online)

2. The DeFi liquidity mining project Degen.Money was exposed to obtain user funds through two authorizations

Some netizens broke the news on Twitter Said the DeFi liquidity mining project Degen.Money obtains user funds through two authorizations. The first authorization to the pledge contract and the second authorization to the transfer right will cause the user's funds to be taken away by the attacker. YFI founder Andre Cronje also tweeted that the project is indeed risky. The platform takes user funds through the transferFrom function. Users withdrawing funds from the contract cannot solve the problem, and need to manually cancel the authorization.

3. Filecoin announced the token distribution rules, 70% of which was distributed to miners as mining rewards

News on August 28, distributed storage project "Creating the Filecoin Economy" released by Filecoin elaborated on the Filecoin token distribution rules, and the token minting limit is 2 billion filecoins, called FIL _ BASE. In FilecoinIn the allocation of the genesis block, 10% of FIL _ BASE is allocated to financing, of which 7.5% was sold in 2017, and the remaining 2.5% will be used for ecological development, follow-up financing, and other purposes described in 2017 . 15% of FIL _ BASE is allocated to the protocol laboratory (including 4.5% to the laboratory team and contributors), and 5% is allocated to the Filecoin Foundation.

4. Aave obtains the electronic money institution license issued by the British FCA

On August 25th, the British entity company of the non-custodial loan agreement Aave has Obtained the Electronic Money Agency (EMI) license issued by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). According to the information released by the FCA, Aave has been approved on July 7 and will be able to issue digital cash alternatives and provide payment services. (The Block)

5. Canadian company Snappa and food chain Tahinis announced the allocation of cash reserves to BTC

August 25 news, MicroStrategy in this At the beginning of the month, it was announced that Bitcoin would be the main reserve asset, and now more companies have joined this trend. Canadian company Snappa and Middle East food joint chain Tahinis announced the allocation of their cash reserves to BTC. Snappa stated that “a significant percentage of its cash reserves are Bitcoin”. The founder of Tahini realized that Bitcoin is "a true free saving technology that can store wealth across time and space." At that time, as a company, they decided to reserve BTC because it provided a better option than cash. (CryptoPotato)

6. Fidelity’s broker-dealer plans to launch a new Bitcoin fund with a minimum investment of US$100,000

According to U.S. Securities SEC documents show that Fidelity Brokerage Services, a subsidiary of asset management giant Fidelity Brokerage Services, has launched a Bitcoin index fund called Wise Origin. The fund issuer is Fidelity Investment Strategy and Planning Director Peter Jubber, with a minimum investment amount It is US$100,000 and the estimated time of issuance will exceed one year, but the specific issuance scale and fundraising information have not been disclosed yet.

7. Bitcoin ABC announced the establishment of a global network council to manage BCH funds

On August 27, Bitcoin ABC’s official website announced the official establishment of BCH Global The network council to guide and manage the funds of the BCH ecosystem. The official said that on November 15th, BCH will usher in a new network upgrade and will introduce Coinbase reward rules. The Coinbase reward rules will provide the BCH team with sustainable funding guarantees. In order to establish a framework for the use of funds with high transparency, accountability and maximum supervision, a board of directors was established. Prior to August 25, the Bitcoin ABC team had announced that it would announce plans related to the Coinbase agreement, allowing all stakeholders of BCH to participate in the design and implementation of the Coinbase agreement and fund. Note: Coinbase rules require that block rewards be given to the BCH fund in a certain percentage.

8. South Korea’s third largest exchange, Coinbit, was seized by the police for alleged market manipulation

South Korea’s third largest digital currency exchange, Coinbit, was seized by the South Korean police for investigation , Its chairman and the operator are suspected of trading inside the exchange and manipulating market prices. It is reported that Coinbit ranks behind Bithumb and Upbit and is the third largest exchange in South Korea. The police said the company was suspected of using illegal means to earn at least 100 billion won in illegal profits (approximately 85 million U.S. dollars), and Coinbit was also suspected of forging more than 99% of its transaction volume. Coinbit operator ChoiMo and other team members buy and sell various tokens between different accounts on the exchange, and conduct matching transactions through "ghost accounts", which affects Coinbit's 252,000 monthly active users. The police have now blocked several branches of the exchange, including the headquarters in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, and the investigation is ongoing. (Seoul Shinmun)

9. Digital CurreNcy Group established a Bitcoin mining subsidiary, which will provide 100 million US dollars of financial support.

On August 28, the cryptocurrency venture capital company Digital Currency Group (DCG) has entered cryptocurrency mining Mine field. The group established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Foundry, to provide mining and pledge, equipment financing and procurement, and consulting services. DCG has pledged to invest more than US$100 million in Foundry by 2021. Foundry is located in Rochester, New York and supports mining operations in North America. It was established in 2019 and is currently cooperating with Bitmain and MicroBT. Its goal is to promote the development of the industry and create a decentralized mining ecosystem. (The Block)

10. ETC suffered another large-scale 51% attack. More than 7,000 blocks were reorganized.

On August 30, Bitfly (Ethermine Mine (The parent company of the pool) officially tweeted that ETC encountered another large-scale 51% attack, which resulted in the reorganization of more than 7,000 blocks, which is equivalent to about 2 days of mining time. All lost blocks will be removed from the unexpired balance and it will check all payouts to find lost transactions. Not long ago, ETC was attacked twice by 51%, and this was the third attack.

11. The price of YFI continued to hit a new high and hit US$44,000, far exceeding BTC

On August 30, YFI continued to rise in a short-term, with a maximum of 44000.01 The U.S. dollar once again set a new high, becoming the first ten thousand times currency in this round of bull market; on the same day, the YFII price also exceeded 5,300 U.S. dollars, rising by more than 88% in the day.

1. The new Shida elevator cloud system uses blockchain to ensure data security p>

Shanghai Xinsida Electric Co., Ltd. (002527.SZ) announced that in the first half of 2020, the company's elevator business launched a number of new products independently developed. Among them, the company binds the elevator computer accessories to the original elevator manufacturer, and uses the blockchain encryption algorithm to ensure that the replaced elevator computer accessories come from safe and reliable supply channels, thereby ensuring the reliable quality of the accessories and ensuring the safe operation of the elevator. In addition, the company has also launched an elevator cloud system, which uses a blockchain data encryption scheme to ensure data security. (Securities Times)

2. Zhongke Jincai explores the application of blockchain in three major areas including finance

Beijing Zhongke Jincai Technology Co., Ltd. The company (002657.SZ) issued an announcement stating that at present, the company is exploring the application of blockchain in three areas: finance, government supervision, and people's livelihood. At present, the company's blockchain products have completed the adaptation to Huawei TaiShan server and Inspur Power server. (Securities Daily)

3. Kelan Software: The exploration in the blockchain field mainly focuses on the application level of technology and financial fields

Kelan Software (300663) said in response to investor questions on the interactive platform that the company has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Shenzhen and Hong Kong in the Greater Bay Area, namely Shenzhen Kelan Jinxin and Hong Kong Kelan Software. The company's research and exploration in the field of blockchain are mainly focused on blockchain and distributed ledger technology and its application in the financial field. It has practical examples and cooperates with professional blockchain technology companies to implement it in time according to technological development. And to promote the application of blockchain technology in the financial industry, such as strong consistency and high availability of data under a distributed architecture. (Easy Interactive)

1. Perpetual Protocol raises 1.8 million US dollars in funding, and will launch the mainnet in September

The DeFi project Perpetual Protocol has raised US$1.8 million in strategic funding. Multicoin Capital led the investment, and Three Arrows Capital, CMS Holding and Alameda Research also participated in the investment. The agreement will use the new funds to launch its mainnet in September.

2. DeFi mobile application Frontier announced the completion of US$1.85 million in private equity financing

DThe eFi mobile application Frontier (FRONT) announced the completion of US$1.85 million in private equity financing. This round of financing was participated by early supporters of the project, Alameda Research, FTX, Woodstock Fund, Mechanism Capital, NGC Ventures, CoinGecko, and Matic Network co-founder Sandeep Nailwal.

3. Decentralized derivatives platform FinNexus has won Jubi Labs strategic investment of 1 million US dollars

According to official news, decentralized derivatives (DeFi) The platform FinNexus received a strategic investment of USD 1 million from Jubi Labs and became the DeFi investment target of Jubi Labs. In addition to strategic investment, Jubi Labs will also join the FinNexus liquidity mining program to support the healthy development of FinNexus.

4.Framework Labs received USD 8 million in seed round financing

Framework Labs, the sister company of DeFi venture capital firm Framework Ventures, completed USD 8 million in seed round financing , Station 13 led the vote. Framework Labs and Framework Ventures were both founded by Michael Anderson and Vance Spencer. Labs is a technical branch of Framework, focusing on the protocols and networks that Framework Ventures has invested in (such as Synthetix and Chainlink), and formulating governance recommendations for the DeFi blockchain protocol. Regulated decentralized exchanges provide liquidity and incubate promising start-ups.

5. Celsius Network raised US$2017 million from more than 1,000 investors through equity crowdfunding

Celsius Network, a blockchain-based lending platform (CEL) recently expanded crowdfunding and raised $2017 million from more than 1,000 investors in one day. Celsius Network claimed to have raised $10.7 million from 39 investors on the first day of the crowdfunding, and it took another 44 days to raise $10 million. (Cointelegraph)

6. Polkadot DeFi platform Acala raises 7 million US dollars

Acala, a DeFi startup based on the Polkadot blockchain, has Raised US$7 million through the SAFT agreement, led by Pantera Capital. Other investors include 1confirmation, Arrington XRP Capital, ParaFi Capital, Coinfund and Spartan Capital.

7. DeFi startup Zapper raises $1.5 million in seed round funding

DeFi startup Zapper has completed a $1.5 million seed round of financing, Framework Ventures and Libertus Capital led the investment. Zapper said the funds will be used to further "expand DeFi's accessibility."

8. African exchange Yellow Card completed 1.5 million US dollars financing, a16z participated in the investment

Chris Maurice, CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Yellow Card said , The exchange has raised $1.5 million from companies such as Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain and Celo to expand its business growth in Nigeria, South Africa and Botswana.

9. Decentralized trading platform DODO announced the completion of seed round financing, Framework Ventures led the investment

Decentralized trading based on active market maker algorithm Platform DODO announced the completion of Framework VeNtures led the investment, and Defiance Capital followed in the seed round of financing. Other investment institutions in this round of financing include SevenX Ventures, BTC12 Capital, Origin Capital, Maple Leaf Capital, and many well-known angel investors in the industry.

10. Marathon Patent, a listed mining company, acquired Fastblock Mining for US$22 million.

News on August 26, the cryptocurrency listed on NASDAQ The currency mining company Marathon Patent Group has signed a letter of intent to acquire Fastblock mining, a mining services company established in 2014, in an all-stock transaction, with a total transaction value of approximately US$22 million. (Coindesk)

11. ConsenSys acquires the blockchain platform of JPMorgan Chase

On August 25, the technology company ConsenSys has acquired JPMorgan Chase ( JPMorgan Chase&Co.)'s blockchain platform. Umar Farooq, global director of blockchain at JPMorgan Chase, said in an interview that the team will continue to stay at JPMorgan Chase to assist in next year's transformation and will work on other blockchain projects. (Reuters)

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