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"81890" reveals the movie investment scam, after it is released, there is no dividend at all!

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"81890" recommended by the film investment teacher to subscribe to the movie share can really make money? "81890" movie investment reliable? When will the "81890" movie be released? "81890" movie investment crowdfunding dividend. Is the bonus true or false? Is "81890" movie investment safe? Is "81890" movie crowdfunding reliable? Is there any risk in film investment in "81890" worth investing in? How about "81890" movie investment crowdfunding? Is the investment risk of "81890" big? Is the subscription share of "81890" regular? Is "81890" movie copyright investment real? Is "81890" film crowdfunding formal and legal? Is the investment capital of "81890" guaranteed?

Movie name:《81890》

the company:Different co-producers will not affect tracking loss(the company合法经营经营以下案例专指老师诱导投资或合同陷阱等问题)


:、Studio、One to one、the public

Similar cases have similar ways:

Some time ago, someone added me to WeChat, and after agreeing, it pulled me into a group about investing in movies. At the beginning, I just talked casually about why I want to invest in movies. Then someone said that it is very profitable to invest in a movie now. Then he said that he has the resources. The movie is called "81890" and is produced by a certain film and television culture media company. Ask us who wants to participate in the investment. You can participate in the share purchase with a minimum of 5w, and you will be able to ensure profit soon after investing. Later, he also sent us the "81890" version of the coupon investment contract. I was greedy for a while. After I decided to invest, he promised the project information of the film, the expected income, the business plan, the filing materials of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the production team and the cast, the production cycle, etc. The qualification backgrounds of the issuing company and production company were sent to the group. Many people in the group rushed to participate, creating the illusion of hot investment, and sending screenshots of their own investments. There were even lawyers in the group who went to the company to inspect and send I also invested in pictures and won my trust. I invested 200,000 yuan. In the end, there was no news in the movie and the group was disbanded, only to realize that something was wrong. The more I thought about it, the more it went wrong, so I searched the Internet for "81890" and saw the article by Xiao Zhao, the black cat, and I realized that this is an interlocking scam! I found the black cat Xiao Zhao and entrusted him to help me recover the losses in the rights protection. With the help of the black cat Xiao Zhao, on the 10th day of the rights protection, I received a call from the film and television company "81890", the film and television company and me The lawsuit was settled and the money I invested was returned. As of today, the movie "81890" and the film and television company are still operating and deceiving people. I hope this article can help you who are browsing!

Regarding whether retail investors can subscribe for movie shares:

1. First of all, we need to know that the publicity and distribution of any film project is through the publicity and distribution department (the producer basically does not connect with retail investors, and it is all connected by the publicity and distribution, unless you have a relationship or a large funder)

2. The film publicity has a lot of film project producers. Don’t be surprised if you see many film projects publicized by the publicity!

3. After the docking announcement, you can start to understand the movie project. Here you need to pay attention to many aspects, such as: movie production cost, movie theme, starring, director, release date, movie producer, subscription threshold, movie project filing and other information, After fully understanding the project, consider carefully choosing a suitable project for subscription.

Pay attention to film and television investment:

The movie producer is divided into the first producer and the co-producer. The first producer is also called the master controller, which is simply the master of the movie The right to control copyright and income, how the film is made, etc. are all in the hands of the first producer, which is equivalent to the leader; while the co-producer of the movie is equivalent to the cheering brother, and there are also differences. For example, some may be A co-producer named for sponsoring a certain resource, but does not participate in the dividends of the movie box office and other income, while some directly participate in the filming and production of the movie in the form of capital contribution, and enjoy the final box office and other income dividends. This needs to be clearly distinguished.

Hereby declare:

Before recovering the victim’s fundsNo fees! Please don’t believe anything charged in our company’s name! (Regarding confidentiality obligations: our confidentiality work will be officially launched from the moment of consultation and will remain confidential for life. The entrusted processing requires signing a civil contract with the law firm. This is for you It is also a guarantee)!committed to:No fees will be charged upfront,No fees will be charged for unsuccessful

What information needs to be collected for film and television investment rights:

1.Chat records of film and television crowdfunding recommended by investment teachers or introducers;

2.Deposit transfer records when subscribing to movies;

3.跟电影the company签的认购合同;

Xiao Zhao chasing damage,Phone with
We hereby solemnly promise: No fees will be charged in advance, and no fees will be charged for no recovery.

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