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What made the Shanghai grandmother give up stocks? In half a year, I spent 170,000 yuan in the food store and bought these health products → _ Auntie

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The money was not used for investment

It was spent in this house

In Xin

"Hui Life" Yingdao Food Store? !

If something goes wrong, there must be a demon

After all, such a humble storefront

How can I not spend so much money!

Check carefully to find out

this food store

It’s not food at all.

It’s health products!

Half a year

Staff Recommend Aunt Li to buy it

"Today's Hydrogen", "Mude Eye Patch", "Saier Recover"

etc. A variety of food and health products

and promise Aunt Li

as long as she obediently "eats" these Health care products

These old problems on her body

high blood pressure, fatty liver, kidney nodules, Carotid plaque...

You can eat it!

It can be said to "cover all diseases" and "Hua Tuo reborn"

Aunt Li believed their nonsense

Really "eat hard"

Take "Today's Hydrogen" as an example

The store recommends 15 tablets a day

However, the recommended dosage per day on the bottle body is 1 capsule

It turned 15 times!

Aunt Li ate in half a year

Various bottles and cans

Up to 95 bottles! ! !

But Aunt Li went bankrupt and took so many medicines

The final effect was naturally not at all

Because I did not notice the improvement of "old problems"

Aunt Li would like to return the goods for a refund

But the store has never given a clear answer

This story shook my head slightly

Where is the panacea in this world?

Netizens also said that

This is "too obvious a scam"

However Don’t rush to blame Aunt Li for not having common sense

This "Wise Life" food store

There are so many customers inside!


on the first floor of the food store

will be held every day

sharing meeting

A few elderly people of the same age as Aunt Li sit together

Experience a variety of products in the store

For example, this name Foot washing powder for "Hydrogen Bath"

The staff meeting

Prepare a foot washing bucket for each person

While adding foot wash for everyone

While promoting the benefits of washing feet with this powder

Is the service home?

Another example is this hydrogen

The staff said that you can soak the hydrogen in hot water

Take a sip of the mixture

It’s better to drink with your head up

Is the guidance careful enough?

Not only is the sense of service first-rate

After this food store detected the abnormality

The anti-reconnaissance awareness was also first-rate!

Not only after the media intervention

Aunt Li quickly returned 120,000 yuan

I took away all the unopened goods and equipment

Even the empty bottles were taken back together

When I left, I hoped Aunt Li again and again

Do not contact the media

even In just a few days, "make a facelift"

The shop signs have been replaced!

The seats and equipment in the store are also gone

Only a few packets of biscuits are left

and the foot washing bucket originally prepared for the elderly⬇

The staff of Xinzhuang Market Supervision Office said

Although the store has a business license

but has not yet obtained a food business license strong>

No opening conditions at all

And the relevant food laws and regulations

It is not allowed to be sold in the form of sales

Organize the elderly to conduct false propaganda

So well

For this kind of organization elderly people together

Meetings, presenting gifts, returning visits

Marketing methods for re-invitation and meeting

Everyone But it's time to keep your eyes open!

Not only must learn more about scams

Actively care about parents at home

Don’t let the scammers who play the "family card" succeed~

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