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The victims of Sichuan Qiankun Securities were deceived without knowing it! How deep is the routine? It is essentially a scam!

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​​ Abstract: How to get back the service fee of Sichuan Qiankun Securities? Does Sichuan Qiankun Securities charge high service fees? How can Sichuan Qiankun Securities' service fees be quickly recovered? What to do if Sichuan Qiankun Securities is deceived? Is Sichuan Qiankun Securities reliable? Is Sichuan Qiankun Securities reliable? Is Sichuan Qiankun Securities official? Sichuan Qiankun Securities defrauded high service fees can be recovered! Legal consultation Haochen Legal V: 15927425890 Electric: 15927425890

Investment is a self-cultivation. There is only a starting point and no end. When cutting onions, you always I closed my eyes, thinking that I wouldn’t shed tears anymore, but I cried the moment I cut my hands. Why not invest? I have been carrying it and I thought it would be better to survive today, but tomorrow’s wind and rain will continue to blow. Go all your extravagant hopes! In the face of this kind of professional online fraud, we must have a pair of insights to distinguish. For those who are deeply involved in the scam, we hope you will stop the loss in time when you read this article, and for those who are still hovering on the river bank, you should stop the temptation in time.

Exposure platform: Sichuan Qiankun Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. (Cai Jisong)

Trading varieties: official version of experts, Expert strategy version, expert actual combat version consulting service fee

Ways of calling orders: stock group, one-to-one calling

Calling single teachers: Dong Mingtao, Teacher Huang, Tang Guilan, Hu Xue, Chen Qilin, Lu Jing, Peng Xiaolong, Qiu Hui, Li Fuxiang, Li Nan, Zhu Yijun, Bai Sijing, Zhuang Haifeng

Operation Software: Cai Jisong APP, Short-term Kings Team

Related questions: stock recommendation products,

stock recommendation service related methods: Service fee, membership fee,

Share recommendation fee Investment product: Handover Golden Classic: 69,800 yuan/year Super Brain: 79,800 yuan/year Band Master: 39,800 yuan/year Hong Yang strategy: 98,000 yuan/half-year handsome No.1: 39800/half-year Chitu No.1: 35,800 yuan/year Hot Nuggets: 89,800 yuan/year Short-term king (official version) 5800 yuan/half a year, Zongkong stocks (stock pool version) 28,000 Yuan/half a year, Niu Dazhong (Expert Strategy Edition) 98,000 yuan/half a year, Hundred Eyes Universe (Practical Teaching Edition) 298,000 yuan/half a year


In May 2020, I received a friend application from an unfamiliar man on WeChat. The other party talked with me on the grounds of exchanging stocks. During the chat, the man talked to me. Said that he is doing stock investment in Sichuan Qiankun Securities! Also sent me a screenshot of the earnings, making a lot of money! I saw it at the time and I was quite convinced. Then he tempted me with a high rate of return. Then he paid a service fee at Sichuan Qiankun Securities. On May 29, I signed a contract with Sichuan Qiankun Securities to start investing. Tian transferred a service fee of 28,000 yuan to Sichuan Securities Company. After operating for a month, the stocks they gave were profitable and lost more. They even started to lower the limit continuously after buying with a check. The stocks were not as profitable as they said, and there were a lot of them. People are deceived by them just like me, and they feel that they are false and exaggerated publicity!

Outcome of the case: When I was desperate, I saw Haochen legal articles in the VX circle of friends, and found that their case was very similar to mine, and I was afraid of being deceived again. They promised that they would not charge any fees for unsuccessful attempts. I just wanted to give it a try. After telling the story, they told me that the current market has such a routine, and all the cases they have dealt with have this kind of experience. At this time, I suddenly realized that I was a little angry. After a period of negotiation and communication between the professional rightful manager of the team and the team of lawyers, the two parties finally reached a settlement. The platform refunded all the lost funds of the victim according to law, and successfully remitted the victim. You have your own account, so don’t panic after being scammed, keep your head clear at all times, don’t be brainwashed by teachers, find a professional authoritarian agency, and professional lawyers to help you recover your losses.

Common scams in the investment market:

1. In some stock groups, analysts, teachers, mentors, etc. approach stock enthusiasts to gain trust


2. Invite victims to false platforms to quarrel with foreign exchange through group promotion

3. After successful invitation, quarrel with foreign exchange groups

4. Let the victims taste the sweetness of the victims with small investment and big rewards by pretending to be customers to create the illusion of noisy foreign exchange and quick profit.

5. Grasp the victim’s psychology and take advantage of the opportunity to pay out the profit without sharing the profit with the seemingly in line with common sense regulations.

Conditions lure the victim to pull the head into the platform.

6. The background of the platform artificially sets the probability of winning and losing to increase the probability of the victim's loss. When the victim makes a profit, obstacles are set up to prevent cash withdrawal depending on the situation, and when the victim casts

When entering large sums of funds, they even directly seal up, freeze, and delete the victim’s platform account in order to illegally occupy the victim’s funds.

Legal consultation Haochen Legal V:15927425890 Electric:15927425890


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