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Is Zang Lun a scam?

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Is it a scam?

By the way, I have been exposed to the theory of entanglement for more than 6 years. At first, like most people, I was deeply attracted by all the sharp sentences in Zen Master 108. Because of professional reasons, I inadvertently I came into contact with the initial reading and in-depth study of the theory of entanglement, not to make a profit in the stock market, but to simply like it. I like the sharp and essential insights of every sentence in the theory of entanglement. I have always believed that a theory is the two-eight rule, the theory of entanglement. Such a different interpretation of the entire market makes me even more fascinated. Until now, I still occasionally look at related materials about the theory.

Today, I chose "Is Zong Lun a scam" as the proposition. In fact, I find it ridiculous, but for the Zen Master, I think I should write something to all my friends who like Zang Lun.

At the beginning, it was indeed a bit difficult to understand. Because I have a graduate degree, it is not very laborious. After about a week, I basically understand it. The unique definition of the old city by Chuang Theory. Then I used the firm offer. To be honest, I didn’t lose much money, but I didn’t earn much. Later I thought about it because I was too self-confident and thought I understood the theory. In fact, I just started to take pictures of cats and tigers with a little knowledge. Going to do stocks.

Because I didn’t think so much, I just put it aside for a while and went to read other theories. I basically covered all the professional theories related to stocks. Gann, waves, turtles, domestic I watched all the famous and unnamed ones abroad. There was a time when it was thought that the entanglement theory was nothing more than this.

Sometimes things are very strange, chances are coincidence, sometimes, whether people can understand the essence of things, it is really a coincidence. In the second half of 2009, I graduated immediately and started a large amount of firm operation and management of large funds. Suddenly recalled the theory of entanglement, so I picked it up and returned to research again. All the materials related to theory of entanglement were searched in the basic market.

(If you want this information, friends who also like tangling theory can contact me on the website of Manqilin Education Network)

It really complied with the sentence of thousands of people, However, from the exchanges with various companies, the scale of funds managed by myself has become more and more powerful. Of course, the results are good. I don't want to render anything here. I just suddenly realized that all theories of the original theory are based on one. For a long-term trader, Che must have established enough sense of the game to really have a thorough understanding of the theory of entanglement. I just want to explain the title of the article, because I saw many people on the Internet saying that the theory of entanglement is a scam, I want to ask These friends, tangling theory, have you really read it hundreds of times with your heart?

I will write here today, and finally don't want to draw too much conclusions, to all friends who are or are planning to learn tangling theory One idiom "blind man touches an elephant" Once upon a time, four blind people wanted to know what an elephant looked like, but they couldn't see it, so they had to touch it with their hands. The fat blind man touched the elephant's teeth first. He said, "I see, the elephant is like a big, thick, and smooth carrot." The tall blind man touched the elephant's ear. "No, no, the elephant is obviously a big pu fan!" he yelled. "You are just talking nonsense, the elephant is just a big pillar." The short blind man touched the elephant's leg. And the blind old man murmured: "Oh, how big an elephant is, it's just a straw rope." It turned out that he had touched the elephant's tail. The four blind men quarreled endlessly, saying that what they touched was the real elephant. But actually? None of them were right. Later, I use the analogy of "blind man to touch the elephant" to look at the problem in general.

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