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More and more U.S. expatriates renounce U.S. citizenship due to high taxes

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In June of this year, Trump’s remarks about Mexican immigration during the election campaign were controversial. Therefore, NBC Universal announced the termination of the broadcast of the beauty pageant between "Miss Universe" and "American Girls" and the end of all its partnerships. .

Nihon Keizai Shimbun|The proportion of foreign transactions in the Japanese stock market exceeds 70% for the first time

In the continuing turbulent Japanese stock market, the proportion of foreign investors’ transactions is increasing. Increase rapidly. Previously, the proportion of foreign investors' transactions had been around 60%. But at the end of August this proportion exceeded 70%. It soared to 72.5% in the first week of September, setting an actual record.

According to the analysis, this is due to the active performance of overseas hedge funds, which see stock market turbulence as a good opportunity.

In addition, the proportion of foreign ownership in the Japanese stock market is about 30%. The reason for the increase in the proportion of foreign transactions is that overseas transactions using computers for high-speed and high-frequency operations are increasing.

In the context of the sluggish domestic stock trading in Japan, stock trading by foreigners has become the center of the stock market.

CBS Moneywatch | U.S. Department of Education releases university investment return data for students

The U.S. Department of Education recently released a survey report designed to help students understand The social value and return on investment of the school and major after graduation. Among them, the American universities with the highest return on investment are still dominated by the top-ranked American universities, namely Harvard University, Princeton University, and Stanford University. These schools have the lowest investment costs for students from low-income families to reach the middle-to-high income level 10 years after graduation.

This report also provides suggestions for students who make high loans: Try to choose a university that has a high return on investment after graduation and can pay off the loan. The report also pointed out that although some American students can receive awards and bursaries after entering expensive private universities, this does not completely guarantee that students will pay adequate study and living expenses.

The Wall Street Journal ︱ Chinese tourists' enthusiasm for overseas shopping remains enthusiasm for shopping in Europe with an average consumption increase of 7%

In recent days, with the slowdown of China's economic growth and the government's aggressive anti-corruption efforts, China's luxury jewelry stores have been hit hard, and many stores have become "museums" with few customers. However, the Chinese people's enthusiasm for scanning goods overseas and buying luxury accessories has not diminished.

According to statistics from Global Blue, a shopping tax refund company, the average consumption of Chinese tourists to Europe in the first half of 2015 increased by 7% over the same period last year.

The French government predicts that in view of the relaxation of tourist visa restrictions, the total number of Chinese tourists to France will reach 2 million in 2015, 500,000 more than last year. This is undoubtedly good news for luxury jewelry sellers such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton.

International Business Times|Former Hyundai CEO will take over Google's self-driving car project

Recently, Google announced that the former CEO of Hyundai John Krafts John Krafcik will replace Chris Urmson as the CEO of Google’s self-driving car department later this month, and Urmson will be the technical director of the project.

As a senior practitioner in the automotive industry, Kraftsk previously worked in the product development department of Ford Motor Company for 14 years, and served as the CEO of Hyundai Motor America from 2008 to 2013.

A Google spokesperson revealed that the Google driverless car project will still be affiliated with Google X Labs, and in the future it may be merged into Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Huffington Post|Private companies donate US$17 million to Syrian refugees within a week

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees(UNHCR) launched a donation action to aid Syrian refugees on September 5. In less than a week, private companies from all over the world have provided tens of millions of dollars in donations. As of September 11, the office has received $17 million in donations.

Participating companies include Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs), which donated US$3 million to help refugee families who arrived in Europe in urgent need of daily necessities and medical facilities. In addition, there are Google, Zara, Sony Ericsson, Volvo, H&M, etc. The donations of these companies will not only be used to assist refugees who have flown into Europe, but will also help refugees who remain in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

Seeking Alpha | Abe urges the reduction of mobile roaming charges, leading to a decline in the performance of Japan’s telecommunications industry

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe requested that mobile roaming charges be reduced as soon as possible. Alleviate the burden of residents' lives. However, this has led to a decline in the overall performance of the Japanese telecommunications industry. Today, the share price of NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest mobile phone operator, fell 6% in the early days of the stock market. KDDI telecoms shares closed down 8.6%.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) shares fell 2.8% in early trading after the Tokyo stock market fell 6.5%. The share price of SoftBank Telecom also fell 5.5% in the Tokyo stock market.

Daily Telegraph|Jaguar officially releases its first SUV and is expected to go on sale early next year

After months of testing, Jaguar officially released photos, prices and car details of its first SUV. This car named "F Pace" will become the Jaguar 80 The first SUV in its history.

It is reported that the F Pace, which is expected to be on sale early next year, will be priced at 34,170 pounds, which is higher than the price of its competing models Audi Q5 and BMW X3.

Jaguar said that compared to similar models, its own F Pace has a more comfortable and interesting driving experience, with rare extra-large interior space and luggage space.

Market observation|Tesla’s new model attracts female users or may become an important selling point

The Tesla SUV to be released on September 29th—— The Model X has high hopes from the company, and it is expected that the model will attract female users and household users with children.

Tesla's Model X may become a key factor for the company to expand its market size, and is expected to weaken the gender differentiation problem in the electric car market, helping Tesla gradually attract female users and families with children user. Because from past experience, female users tend to buy more luxury SUV cars, and they tend to occupy a larger proportion of all luxury SUV car buyers.

Relevant data shows that among all current Tesla users, male users account for about 90%. And this Model X with three rows of seats and eagle-wing doors may be able to help Tesla avoid the competitive pressure brought by other luxury car companies, especially those who use their own luxury electric vehicles to catch up with Tesla. company of.

Bloomberg ︱ Brazil will announce a US$14.6 billion fiscal austerity plan

According to Brazilian government officials, Brazil will ) Announced a fiscal austerity plan totaling $14.6 billion, raising taxes and lowering expenditures. The official said that Brazil is working hard to reach a primary budget surplus next year to avoid the fiscal deficit predicted by experts.

According to the plan, Brazil will cut 26 billion reais (approximately US$6.8 billion) in fiscal expenditures in 2016, and increase its total tax revenue by 30 billion reais (approximately US$7.8 billion). Brazil will reach a budget surplus of 0.7% of GDP in 2016, instead of a budget deficit of 0.5% of GDP as predicted by experts.

After the announcement, the Brazilian currency real exchange rate against the U.S. dollar immediately rose to 3.84:1, an increase of 0.6%.

The Times of India︱Gujarat was rated by the World Bank as India’s most suitable area for business activities

According to the latest World Bank rankings, Gujarat has become India The most suitable area for business activities, followed by Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The ranking is based on a joint survey by the World Bank, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), KPMG (KPMG), the Federation of Indian Industries (CII) and the Federation of Indian Industry and Commerce (FICCI). . The ranking criteria include 8 reference values ​​for business establishment, land planning, labor reform, environmental protection, infrastructure, and taxation procedures.

The purpose of this ranking is to promote good domestic competition in India, create an environment suitable for domestic and foreign investment, and improve India's ranking in the internationally suitable areas for business activities. It is reported that India was previously ranked 142nd in the "Most Suitable Regions for Business Activities" event participated by 182 countries.

Asahi Shimbun|Nintendo appoints new president Junjima Tatsu, who has been in charge of finance and operations

Nintendo of Japan announced on the 14th that Junjima Tatsu has already served as the president and will succeed Iwata Satoshi, who died in July. Jundao Tatsu has been in charge of Nintendo's financial and other work in recent years.

Junjima Tatsu has graduated from Hitotsubashi University's Faculty of Law, entered Sanwa Bank in 1973, and resigned in 2011. In 2002, he became the president of Nintendo of the United States. In June of the same year, he became a director of Nintendo's headquarters, and began to be responsible for finance and operation management in June 2013.

In addition, Shigeru Miyamoto, who is known as the "father of Mario" and the head of the software development department, and Genhiro Takeda, the executive director of the game console development department, continue to serve as directors.

The Street︱ Twitter executive vacuum caused investors to dissatisfied with the decline in stock prices

In investor Chris Sacca (Chris Sacca) After publicly requesting the current interim CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) to take the post of official CEO, Twitter's share price fell again by 2.01%, falling to $26.84 per share.

Since Dick Costolo (Dick Costolo) resigned before March, Twitter has not been able to find an official CEO. The vacuum of Twitter executives once caused investor dissatisfaction and worry.

Since June, Jack Dorsey has served as the interim CEO of Twitter and is considered to be the most suitable official CEO. But Dorsey is currently the CEO of Square, an upcoming mobile payment company. Mel Connet, co-founder of Heritage Search Partners, a headhunting company, said that it would be “unusual and unacceptable” for a natural person to become the CEO of two listed companies at the same time.

USA Today|Apple will release a new iOS9 system that is more power-efficient and safer

Apple recently stated that the new iOS9 system will occupy more than the previous version. Less phone storage space. This will enhance the experience of Apple users when upgrading iPhone and iPad systems. The new iOS9 system will be launched this Wednesday, occupying only 1.4GB, which is significantly smaller than the 4.6GB of the previous system update.

The new iOS9 system will make iPhone more power efficient and safer. Under the new system, when Apple users set a power-on password, they will find that the 4-character password is upgraded to a 6-character password. In addition, the iOS9 system also adds special features to the iPad Air2. Users can run the video they watch in a small window without affecting the simultaneous operation of other applications. However, this feature does not apply to older iPads.

Financial Times|The apartment-sharing website Airbnb is not worried about being blocked in China

The apartment-sharing website Airbnb has taken a big step in expanding the largest outbound tourism market in China On the occasion, Airbnb CEO Brian said that he believes that his company will not be at a high risk of government intervention.

Brian said: “Our business is largely an experience economy, which I think is significantly different from other Internet companies.” He said he “is not particularly worried about being heavily interfered.

It is reported that Brian has just started a week-long study visit in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, and met with Chinese Internet companies to identify the chief of business in ChinaExecutive officer.

The Guardian│iPhone6s and 6s Plus the first week of bookings may exceed 10 million

The number of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus bookings in the first week is expected to exceed last year's total of 10 million first week orders, a record high. Analysts believe that this is due to Apple's use of China as the first market. China is replacing the United States as Apple's largest overseas market.

Apple did not disclose the exact number of orders. But Apple spokesman Trudy Muller said, “This week, the world’s bookings for new products are very strong.” Analysts expect the number of bookings for the first day to be about 4.5 million, surpassing last year’s 4 million.

Investment firm BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis (Colin Gillis) said that China was not the first market for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year, which lowered the threshold for this year’s orders.

It is reported that the online demand for iPhone6s Plus is extremely strong, exceeding the company's expectations. Apple started to support online orders last Saturday and will be officially released on September 25.

Morningstar│U.S. Federal Policy Meeting will discuss interest rate hikes this week. U.S. stocks closed down on Monday

This week, the Federal Open Market Committee (Federal Open Market Committee) ) The meeting is about to start. Investors are generally worried about whether the government will raise interest rates. Affected by this, US stocks closed down on Monday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 62.13 points to 16,370.96 points. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index fell 8.03 points to 1,953.02 points, a decrease of 0.4%. The Nasdaq index fell 16.58 points to 4,805.76 points, a decrease of 0.3%.

A two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday. Participants will discuss whether to raise interest rates for the first time in 10 years. Experts differed on the results of the meeting.

BBC│Malaysian government announced an investment of US$4.6 billion in the stock market to rescue the market

This Monday, the Malaysian government announced that it would reduce taxes on manufacturers and inject capital of 4.6 billion in the stock market US dollars.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak (Najib Razak) said that State-owned investment company ValueCap will invest in stocks with undervalued stocks and will reduce or exempt manufacturing companies from import taxes before the economy recovers.

Affected by declining demand in the Chinese market, falling commodity prices and the increasing strength of the U.S. dollar, the Malaysian ringgit (Ringgit) has depreciated 20% against the U.S. dollar this year, the lowest record in 18 years. The stock market fell 9%. Two months ago, Prime Minister Najib was caught in a corruption scandal, which made Malaysia’s economy worse.

This announcement has a mild impact on the stock market. The Malaysian Composite Index climbed slightly to 1,612.52 points, an increase of 0.6%.

Melbourne IG’s market strategist Evan Lucas (Evan Lucas) pointed out that the government’s capital injection into the stock market cannot solve the fundamental problems of the Malaysian economy. The government needs to spend money on solving direct problems, such as support Energy consumption.

CNN│Iraq’s initial bond issuance plan to raise US$6 billion after a lapse of 9 years

Iraq is currently raising funds from international investors and hopes to raise 60 Billion US dollars, and may issue 2 billion US dollars worth of debt as early as this week. This will be Iraq’s first bond issuance since 2006.

However, investing in these bonds requires great courage. The Iraqi economy relies almost entirely on oil exports. The continued decline in oil prices and political turmoil have made the Iraqi economy worrying. Standard & Poor's and Fitch rated Iraq’s debt rating as junk, and forecast that Iraq’s budget deficit this year will exceed 10%.

Investors who dare to take risks certainly look forward to high returns. According to boutique investment bank Exotix Partners, as oil prices continue to decline, the yield on Iraq’s existing bonds maturing in 2028 will increase by 12.5%.

Iraqi representatives will present their investment plans in Boston and Los Angeles this week.

Washington Post│The U.S. Revenue Service will no longer accept a face value of US$100 million or more starting next yearChecks

This Monday, the US Internal Revenue Service stated that because the Federal Reserve Bank’s facilities cannot handle larger checks, starting next year, the Internal Revenue Service will no longer accept checks with a face value of more than US$99,999,999. .

According to the memos issued by the US Internal Revenue Service and the Treasury Department respectively, 100 million US dollars of checks need to be processed manually, which increases the risk of theft, fraud and error.

It is reported that the US Internal Revenue Service has accepted 14 cheques with a face value of more than US$99,999,999 this year.

From next year, the wealthiest people in the United States will have to pay taxes electronically or issue multiple checks with a face value of less than $100 million.

The Internal Revenue Service tracks the 400 highest-income taxpayers in the United States each year. The latest available data show that these people had an average income of nearly US$336 million in 2012 and an average tax payment of US$56 million.

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