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How do you look at the recent transfer of a large number of overseas manufacturing orders to domestic production?

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The spillover of the manufacturing industry in the past ten years was because the United States (including some European This US strategy is a heavy blow.

My official account "Shi Kelang" just posted an article in this regard.

Post it for everyone to see:

​Actually, I have always been to India’s third brother There is no prejudice. I thought they were a little dirty, messed up, and religious. In addition, they were a little more confident. Recently, I accidentally ate a big melon, and then I realized that my picture is really broken, and the mind of the third brother is really not what ordinary people can guess. Recently, the 11 third brothers casually, without even moving their fingers, ruined a game that the three presidents of the United States had worked so hard for ten years.

Recently, the Western media hasn’t spoken much about India. They are basically yelling at India as a "pig teammate." There are literary and artistic "dozens of corpses floating on the Ganges", to Liangshan Li Kui's style "India is a western pig teammate". "The New York Times" has also unprecedentedly torn up with India, not at all the spirited spirits of the US-India-Japan-Australia "quartet alliance" that held a video conference some time ago.

What is going on here? Come and eat this bunch of melons today.


Starting from Pingxiang City, Guangxi, there will be 1, 3 on April 30, May 1, and May 4, respectively. , A Chinese came back from here, and the nucleic acid test was positive. The isolated virus strain was an Indian variant, which is now the famous delta virus.

As usual, the information was communicated to the Vietnamese side.

After checking the backgrounds of these 5 people, the Vietnamese side woke up like a dream, and lost their color in shock.

Because these people are Chinese experts.

Calling them Chinese experts is based on what the Vietnamese said.

When Chinese people talk about experts, they always feel very high-end.

But in Vietnam, this term has been abused a long time ago. Even ordinary skilled workers are also experts. It can be understood that China is in the company, even if you meet the sweeping lady, you can give it a top. That kind of "manager" title.

This is not bad. After the epidemic broke out, the word became even more unrecognizable in Vietnam.

In order to make it easier for everyone to understand, let me first talk about Vietnam's epidemic prevention measures.

It has been said long ago that Vietnamese people like to copy China’s work. If China engages in reform and opening up, Vietnam engages in reform and opening up; China engages in a socialist market economy, and Vietnam engages in a socialist-oriented market economy; China wants To build a socialist country under the rule of law, Vietnam must build a socialist country under the rule of law. Basically, the document here in China has just been published, and a word change has also been published in Vietnam.

During the epidemic, Vietnam also copied China’s operations. For example, in terms of visa liberalization and entry and exit, it is basically the same as China’s system. However, there are two differences between Vietnam and China: one is that the country is too poor; the other is that people are lazy. So it looks the same, but it's actually quite different.

When Vietnam fought for independence from the French, this difference between China and Vietnam was deeply felt by the military advisers sent by China. I remember reading an article in the early years. A Chinese military adviser recalled that once he had agreed with the Vietnamese how to ambush the French army, and then he discovered that the Vietnamese army did not arrive at the ambush site on time. He asked angrily what was going on. The Vietnamese liaison officer said it was raining and the troops made their own decisions and delayed their departure for an hour.

After a while, news came and the ambush was successful, because the French saw it raining and delayed their departure for an hour, and happened to crash into the ambush. This Chinese military advisor was dumbfounded, and could only sigh: You and the French are really a natural match!

Because of copying Chinese operations, more than 4,000 cases were confirmed in Vietnam last year. If compared with the provinces of China, it is second only to Hubei and Hong Kong, ranking third, and not even the passing score. But if it is placed in Southeast Asia or the whole world, Vietnam is terribly powerful. The cowhide of the "model student of epidemic prevention" is buzzing, clamoring every day to help this and save that.

Actually, there is a loophole in Vietnam's epidemic prevention measures, which is related to the experts mentioned above.

In order to grasp the epidemic prevention and economy with both hands, Vietnam has opened a special business permit entry, mainly for "foreign investors, technical experts, senior technical personnel, and business managers", who are collectively referred to as experts. They must be quarantined for 14 days after entering the country. The quarantine cost is 300 yuan per day and must be guaranteed by a corresponding Vietnamese company.

But there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom, and this system quickly changes.

Some Vietnamese specialize in setting up companies, thinking that people who want to go to Vietnam issue guarantees as their main business. Later, to the extent that everyone who enters Vietnam is an expert.

Someone may want to ask: At this time, I still enter Vietnam, why don’t I have nothing to do?

For some people, Vietnam has something very attractive to them.

Vietnam has a very special cuisine: noodles.

But it is not the well-known Vietnamese delicacy Pho, it is passed down from China.

Vietnam has experienced decades of wars. Too many men died on the battlefield. At one time, there were many more women than men. After entering the peaceful age, the human movement of "eating fans" became very popular in Vietnam.

What is "eating fans"? It's almost like this: When a Vietnamese man took his son or daughter, he went to a Vietnamese woman (often a widow) and told the child to wait downstairs. After a while, the Vietnamese father blushed and came down. The son or daughter asked: Dad, why did you go upstairs just now? This Vietnamese father often answers: Dad just went upstairs to eat a bowl of noodles.

After the children slowly understand things, they will understand what "eat powder" means. So when you come to Vietnam, when you hear the word, you have to be careful, especially to keep your mouth shut. Don’t be careful and say that so-and-so went to a girl’s house and ate noodles. It might be slapped in the face, or slapped in the face. People chopped it.

Since Vietnam started its reform and opening up more than 30 years ago, Vietnamese fans have become famous, attracting food lovers from all over the world.

Pham Ngu Lao Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

These 5 Chinese experts love to eat Vietnam. Powder gourmet expert.

On April 9th, they left China at the Friendship Pass and headed to Yen Bai Province in Vietnam for a culinary journey. Currently, a hotel in Vietnam called Ruyue 2 is under quarantine.

Nine days later, on April 18, the hotel came to the hotel to approve of Indian experts, 11 people.

In India, the epidemic situation was very serious at that time. The crematorium was not enough, and even the iron rods in the furnace were burnt.

At this time, the Vietnamese government is still opening its doors to Indian experts. It is really a bit big. You should know that on April 18, India reported more than 260,000 confirmed cases. Foreign countries generally believe that the actual epidemic situation in India is several times higher than the reported case.

Whether these Indian experts are food lovers of Vietnamese noodles, the Vietnamese media still know the face of the country, but they haven't reported it. Anyway, just know that they are also experts.

At the Ruyue 2 Hotel, these Chinese food experts and 11 Indian experts stayed together for 4 days.

On the 13th day of arriving in Vietnam, that is, April 22, the Vietnamese side conducted a nucleic acid test on these 5 people, and they were all negative. On the 14th day, Chinese experts who were already hungry and thirsty checked out and started their food tour in Vietnam.

On the same day, these 5 experts inspected a certain KTV together.

On April 26, the group of five inspected a massage shop again, and then split up: two experts went to Da Nang, stayed in Muong Thanh Hotel, and went to a nightclub in Da Nang during the period; Three experts went to Vinh Phuc province.

On April 29th, the two Chinese experts who went to Da Nang took flight VN160.

Along the way, they all left traces of this food journey: a KTV where three experts went together, and seven Vietnamese fans who had been in close contact with them were diagnosed; in a massage room, there were Five Vietnamese fans were diagnosed. The two experts who went to Da Nang also had contact with two Vietnamese noodles in the hotel room, and both of them were also diagnosed...

This kind of Vietnamese noodles can be eaten after you have eaten it, repeat The usage rate is very high, and the virus will soon be second generation, Three generations, four generations.

Vietnam’s efficiency is very high. After receiving the notice from China, it immediately followed this line to conduct circulation adjustment, close quarantine and blockade of the epidemic area. Within a few days, Vietnam found hundreds of cases. Confirmed cases!

You should know that when the epidemic was severe last year, more than 4,000 cases were diagnosed nationwide in Vietnam, so it was hailed as a "model student" in epidemic prevention in the world.

As soon as the survey results came out, the Vietnamese government was afraid that its scalp would blow up.


Speaking of this, many people will definitely scold those 5 Chinese experts.

Actually it was wrong.

These five Chinese experts are actually the lucky stars of Vietnam, and the Vietnamese government should really give them a super medal.

Remember what I mentioned earlier, when these 5 Chinese experts stayed in the quarantine hotel for the 9th day, 11 Indian experts also lived in? Is the virus strain isolated from the five experts found to be the delta virus from India?

People are quarantined, how can they still be infected?

The Vietnamese government officials hurried to find these Indian experts.

We can still catch up, because May 2 is the date when the quarantine of these 11 Indian experts expires.

After arriving at the hotel, Vietnamese officials found out: Hey, it's not right. There are only 7 Indian experts left.

It turned out that on April 19, the Vietnamese side conducted a nucleic acid test on these Indian experts. Four experts were found to be positive and they have been sent to the Dongying District of the Central Tropical Hospital of Hanoi. .

Vietnam is not as informatized as China.

The Vietnamese government hurriedly sent people to the hospital to carry out nucleic acid tests on medical staff who had been in contact with Indian experts. They were shocked again: a bunch of people were tested positive for nucleic acid.

It is the reason why the country is too poor.

Chinese medical staff, as long as they come into contact with such patients, they often wrap themselves up like astronauts. The medical staff in Vietnam wore ordinary surgical gowns and brought the kind of medical masks that we had in our home. They didn't even have goggles or anything, so they went to see the patients.

As a result, a nosocomial infection occurred.

On April 19th, the medical staff of this hospital contacted these Indian experts, but it was not discovered until May 4th. It was delayed for more than ten days. It was too long.

There are people coming and going in the hospital. In addition to treating these 4 Indian experts, these medical staff have also contacted other patients and accompanying family members. These patients have not only been to this hospital, but also other hospitals.

This is all right. Several well-known hospitals in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, were recruited and forced to close.

After the hospital was closed, its infection chain was brought under control. However, discharged patients and accompanying family members have returned to various provinces with the virus.

By this time, the Vietnamese government officials were completely desperate.

Because they returned home just before two festivals.

There are two festivals in Vietnam: April 30 is the Liberation Day of Southern Vietnam, to commemorate the Liberation of the South on April 30, 1975,

Vietnam One day, it happened to be May 1st International Labor Day.

Because it is a continuous holiday, all parts of Vietnam are very lively, and people visit relatives and friends everywhere.

In other words, when the first Chinese expert diagnosed and notified the Vietnamese side, these patients and their families had already joined the festive celebrations.

During the holiday season, epidemic prevention and control are the most difficult time. Because the flow of people is too large, there is no such thing as a Chinese health code, and it is impossible to identify close contacts at all. It is extremely unreliable based on the memory of the person involved.

Soon, community infections of unknown origin in Hanoi and surrounding provinces sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. Just like hitting a hamster, this place was barely under control, and another place popped up again.

Just as the Vietnamese government was in a hurry, a piece of news came, and they were dumbfounded: Bac Giang/Bac Ninh Province has an infection chain that has spread into the industrial park.

Countries all over the world are most afraid of cluster infections in industrial parks.

In the beginning, the epidemic situation in Singapore was well controlled. Why did the epidemic break out suddenly? It was because of the infection in the dormitory of migrant workers, the number had risen sharply, and the Singapore government had lost its face.

Thailand is also because of the mass infections in the labor-intensive areas in Myanmar, which led to a major outbreak.

Compared to these two countries, Vietnam is poorer and has worse medical conditions, and is more afraid of such things.

Since last year, in order to prevent the epidemic, the Vietnamese have developed a very Vietnamese characteristicPractice: to close the industrial park.

Around 2000, China's economy was very dependent on foreign trade, and the total export volume used to be as high as 40% of GDP. Vietnam is now almost at this stage of development. Industrial parks are the lifeblood of Vietnam's economy.

If there is a small-scale epidemic in China, it will immediately carry out a national nucleic acid test to find the infected person. Vietnam cannot afford the cost. In addition, if the epidemic in the industrial park breaks out, it will also cause the suspension of production, and the food problem of hundreds of thousands or millions of unemployed workers will not be solved by the Vietnamese government.

Therefore, since last year, the Vietnamese government has physically isolated the industrial park from the outside world. Only production and living materials are allowed to enter and exit, and personnel are basically prevented from entering and exiting. Everyone is almost in jail, which is absolutely in line with American rumors. The kind of "forced labor camps" used to discredit Xinjiang.

Because of this, Vietnam's industrial parks are very clustered.

This is also no way.

Vietnam is poor! In case the epidemic cannot be stopped, even if the rest of the country becomes chaotic, at least Vietnam's lifeline is still running, and the economy can be maintained!

People are not as good as the sky. The virus still entered the industrial park. When the Vietnamese government discovered it, the epidemic had already exploded.

When the Vietnamese government was overwhelmed by the outbreak in the north, on May 18, another bad news came: Ho Chi Minh City in the south sounded an alarm and 2 new cases of local infections were added, and the source of the infection was unknown. .

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and also the economic center of Vietnam. To Vietnam, the importance of Ho Chi Minh City far exceeds the importance of Shanghai to China.

On the same day, Ho Chi Minh City urgently cordoned off relevant areas and launched rapid screening of tens of thousands of people overnight.

Don't laugh at the scale of tens of thousands of people. In the world, this is already a numerable ability. Only China in the world can easily screen tens of millions or even tens of millions of people.

South Vietnam fell.

The epidemic has blossomed throughout Vietnam. By June 18, Vietnam had more than 12,000 confirmed cases, with the highest number of confirmed cases in a single day reaching more than 500. Many industrial parks had to be closed and stopped production.

And just with Vietnam’s ability to do more than 10,000 quick screenings in one day, it’s impossible to find all the infected people. If this situation is not improved, Vietnam will be able to do so for a long time. In this situation of "holding the gourd and lifting the scoop", it cannot be completely resolved.

And this is the reason why Zhengzhou Foxconn had to raise wages to recruit workers: Because of the epidemic, Foxconn's factories in India and Vietnam were forced to suspend production.

So, what does the epidemic in Vietnam have to do with the big game played by the United States?


Let me first talk about how the smartest people use nets to catch fish.

There are three steps:

The first step is to find a pond with a lot of fish and choose a corner to get off the net;

The second step is to use your best, The pond was turned upside down, but the corner was deliberately not moved;

The third step, when the time comes, all the fish will enter the net in that corner, and then pull the net again.

A few days ago, I talked about Biden’s diplomatic layout in the fight against China. It is basically three sentences:

The first sentence is about economics, trade wars, and technological wars. Hinder China’s development;

The second sentence is that politically, all countries that can be wooed, including Europe, Japan, South Korea, and India, even if many of these countries are just shouting in empty words. It is necessary to create an impression of "joint forces against China" and that the world has formed an alliance against China;

The third sentence is to do everything possible to divorce Sino-Russian relations. If not, then try to make contact with the Russians. Engage in relaxation.

This diplomatic layout began in the Obama era more than ten years ago and has gone through three presidents. The purpose and direction are the same, but the tactics are different:

In the Obama era, CPTPP was used to isolate China’s manufacturing industry from the world’s major markets. In fact, it was a mild version of the trade war and technology war; politically The win is the slogan "Return to the Asia-Pacific"; it is also separating Sino-Russian relations.

Here is a detail:

In 2009, in order to separate Sino-Russian relations, Obama sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the wife of former President Clinton, to Geneva and Russia. Foreign Minister Lavrov met.

The meeting took a lot of thought: Hillary gave Lavrov a gift box in person. The box is packaged in yellow with a red button on it, with the words "restart" written in English and Russian in Latin letters..

As a result, people are not as good as the sky. Not only did the US-Russian relationship not restart, but because of the Crimean crisis that broke out in 2014, the US-Russian relationship worsened.

Trump actually left these three tricks.

Everyone is familiar with the trade war and the technological war; the separation of Sino-Russian relations is even more naked, and the pro-Russian pro-Russian pro-Russian is too pro-Russian, and the Democratic Party uses the "Russian gate" to impeach him.

He is actually doing the thing about wooing the allies. It’s just that he probably thinks that European countries are too far away and it’s useless. In addition, countries like France and Germany have always had only economy-class money in their pockets, but they always feel that they should be born in first class. It is more affordable to force them to spit out some money.

For Japan, for South Korea, and how to guide them to deal with China, Trump has still made a little hard work. The Japanese people’s favorability towards China has declined year after year, and 80% of them have a hatred of China. Within a few years, Taiwanese have changed from compatriots to their current virtues, and there are black hands under Trump.

So what effect can these tricks have?

Nothing can be achieved.

And whether it is Obama, Trump, or even Biden, they all know that doing so will not have any effect.

I have analyzed this before.

These American presidents are all human beings, how could they do such ineffective things?

In fact, these actions they did are almost equivalent to the second step of fishing as written above: Turn the pond upside down and let the fish all go to that corner.

Fish is actually capital that flows around the world.

Capital is something, when many experts and professors in American universities give lectures, they often emphasize that it pays attention to the return on investment, deliberately ignoring that the biggest characteristic of capital is the fear of risk.

The stock market is the most obvious. If a stock is a little bit turbulent, the capital will immediately flee, and the stock will fall by the limit.

If you are an investor, the United States announced today that it will increase taxes on these products in China, and tomorrow it will publicize what investigations will be launched, and the day after tomorrow, it will detain the person in charge of a Chinese company at the airport. Do you think Can't this business be done?

If the exchange rate changes again, come back to a blacklist from time to time.

As long as you are a human, facing so many bad things, you will probably think like this: Doing business in China is too difficult. Forget it, we should find another country to do business safely and steadily. Right.

Which countries are there outside?

The United States has long thought of it for them, and it has arranged: India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and some Central American countries, such as Mexico.

In 2016, Obama visited Vietnam and went to a local restaurant to perform a family show

Previously, the relations between Vietnam, India and the United States were not good. When the U.S. strategy is certain, the U.S. and these countries will immediately become warmer. Maybe the Vietnamese and the Chinese are very similar, and it is more likely to replace the Chinese. Indians are always so unreliable, so Americans are especially good to Vietnam, sending warships, sending patrol boats, sending free trade agreements (CPTPP), presidents to’s just a honey, if Vietnam It is not a socialist country, and the United States may have signed an alliance treaty with it.

Vietnam has also voted for the peach. In the past ten years or so, the South China Sea has made a comeback. Vietnamese patrol boats, armed fishing boats, etc. always look for China to touch porcelain. Behind the scenes is Vietnam's investment in the United States. Name certificate.

The outbreak in Vietnam at the beginning of 2020 saw the lockdown of Wuhan. I felt that the opportunity had come and invited American aircraft carriers to anchor in Vietnam. As a result, American soldiers went up to eat a wave of Vietnamese noodles that global gourmet experts loved to see. The virus spread.

After these ten years, Vietnam has already gained a lot before the epidemic.

The multiple of China’s exports compared to Vietnam’s exports has dropped from 21.8 times in 2010 to 9.46 times in 2019. China’s population is 14.55 times that of Vietnam, which means that Vietnam’s per capita export value has exceeded China. In 2019, the export growth rate of Vietnam increased by 8.44%, and China only increased by 0.5%. Vietnam's annual growth rate is faster than ours.

Vietnam’s industrial parks

Many labor-intensive The factory moved to Vietnam.

The severity of this may be unexpected. I don’t know if you have noticed that the shoes you bought from the mall always don’t fit well: the instep was too high in the early years, nowThe instep is too thin.

Because in the early years, shoes were designed according to the shape of Japanese feet, and the insteps of Japanese people were high; now shoes are designed according to the shape of Vietnamese feet, and the feet of Vietnamese are flat.

Not only the manufacturing plant is moving to Vietnam, but the design agency is also moving to Vietnam.

A friend told me that before the epidemic, their company, a large multinational company headquartered in Europe, had decided to lay off all of them and moved the regional headquarters to Vietnam, and then recruited in Vietnam. People, it's just not announced yet. Later, when the epidemic broke out, China quickly controlled the epidemic. Their company laid off half of the people according to the original plan. It was discovered that the global epidemic had risen and the production lines outside of China were ruined. If all employees in China were laid off, it would be tantamount to layoffs. The company withdrew from the market and stopped layoffs. In order to maintain production, it recruited three times as many employees in one breath.

Foxconn is the same. This company was very political at first, but it was about American politics for a while. It went to Vietnam and India early to make arrangements and set up huge factories. Before the epidemic, there had been news that it was going to close the factory in Zhengzhou and transfer all its forces to Vietnam and India.

Generally speaking, companies tend to be more polite to their location. At that time, Foxconn founder Guo Taiming said that he was giving Chinese food, unlike some people who needed the mainland Chinese market. I have to beg the mainland for food. Being scolded by netizens was a mess, but to some extent confirmed the rumors.

After the epidemic broke out last year, Vietnam put forward a slogan saying that fighting the epidemic is like fighting the invasion (Vietnamese secretly call China a "Northern Bandit"), deliberately insinuating. Vietnam’s economic growth in 2020 will be beautiful, reaching 2.91%, which is higher than that of China. There is a cheering in Vietnam, and the whole society is filled with an atmosphere of mocking and ridiculing China.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year this year, the official Vietnam TV station broadcasted a special program full of slander and hatred of China: "China's neighboring countries, especially North Korea, Vietnam and other countries, have achieved outstanding results in fighting the epidemic. “It’s the experience of getting along with China for thousands of years that makes them not believe in China”, “They refuse to accept the anti-epidemic reagents, equipment and materials aided by China”, “Chinese reagents and equipment may detect good people as patients. And check the patient into a good person."

Just when Vietnam was triumphant, I never expected that there was a thunderbolt on the sunny day, and the Vietnam epidemic broke out!

Who is really spared by the heavens!


As mentioned earlier, capital needs stability most.

India is not reliable, this is normal.

In this epidemic, India has also proved that it is indeed unreliable. The flames in the crematorium and the floating corpses in the Ganges have fully proved that India is unreliable.

Indonesia is not reliable either.

On June 19, 12,000 new cases were confirmed.

Vietnam won the title of “Model Student in Epidemic Prevention” by copying China’s work last year. I thought I was very reliable and complacent. As a result, I didn’t expect to have 11 Indian experts. , It turned Vietnam into a pot of porridge, Vietnam is paying a heavy price for its previous frivolousness, stupidity and self-use.

After the outbreaks in India and Indonesia, the United States has placed great hopes on Vietnam.

Now Vietnam has proved itself unreliable.

Its industrial parks are closed; its cities are constantly experiencing epidemics, but they are helpless.

Others may forget.

Capital will not forget that the lessons of this epidemic are deep enough, and they should have understood: No matter how the United States is deployed, in this world, only one country can give them the stability they desire most.

Even if I thought that the land price in this place was high before, I thought that the wages of workers in this place were high.

But after this epidemic, everything is no longer a problem, because "expensive has a reason."

Before the outbreak in Vietnam, the United States may have last hope for this big game.

But from the day these 11 Indian experts arrived in Vietnam to isolate the hotel, the United States has been unable to avoid the fate of final defeat.

As for Vietnam, Americans are probably already chilling.

Vietnam asked the United States for help, hoping to buy 120 million doses of American vaccines. Pfizer gave it a very unequal overlord clause. Vietnamese media just posted relevant news on social media and were immediately scolded by Vietnamese netizens. The manuscript can only be withdrawn urgently.

Vietnam reported on the morning of June 20th.

In order to cooperate with the United States, TV stations and newspapers made various rumors about Chinese vaccines every day. Excuses, rejectChina’s vaccines are not approved for emergency use, even if they have been approved by the World Health Organization, even if many countries have already used them.

With this epidemic, Vietnam seems to have forgotten its previous slander on Chinese vaccines. From May 9th, almost overnight, suddenly sang the hymn of Chinese vaccines. It happened that at that time, China's Kexing vaccine was approved by the World Health Organization, and the Vietnamese TV station was finally willing to broadcast the news, but the anchor looked sullen at the time.

Then Vietnam announced the approval of Sinopharm and Kexing vaccine to be put into emergency use with lightning speed.

Later it was said that the main hope of obtaining vaccines will be pinned on China.

Obviously, "pull up the bowl to eat, put down the bowl to scold your mother" has become an ancestral skill in Vietnam.

When Vietnam dealt with the United States, the whole country was full of "Vietnam, China, mountains and rivers", "Drinking a river together, seeing each other in the morning and looking at each other at night", all talking about China And Vietnam are "comrades and brothers."

As soon as the Vietnam War ended, the Vietnamese immediately changed their faces.

Since the Americans are unreliable, now the world can save Vietnam, and only China is left. Therefore, it is destined for Vietnam to once again sing the beautiful melody of "Vietnam, China, mountains and rivers," and to promote the great friendship of "comrades and brothers."

On June 20, local time, the Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine, aided by China, arrived in Vietnam. On behalf of the Vietnamese government, Nguyen Thanh Long, Minister of Health of Vietnam, led a Vietnamese delegation to the airport to participate in the vaccine handover ceremony, and displayed a sign thanking China for donating vaccines on the spot.

It's just that after this ten-year game of chess, the United States, even if it has the intention, will not be able to give Vietnam another similar opportunity.

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