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The queen was rumored to be worried about her health, and she was bent by the last straw to pass on her throne from generation to generation, but her son was playing tricks.

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The Globe and Mail of the United States reported that the 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is in poor health recently. Due to the poor image of the Crown Prince Charles, she intends to formally abdicate within two years and directly pass on the throne to Grandson Prince William. Prince Charles can finally die of his heart. No need to wait any longer. For him, the Queen, the British royal family, the British people, and the people of the world, he can breathe a sigh of relief. Everyone can let go of their hanging hearts.

Originally, the Queen of England was still hesitating whether to pass the throne to Charles, who has a bad reputation, but recently Crown Prince Charles The tax evasion scandal was exposed again, and this last straw had already bent the queen, which forced Queen Elizabeth II, who was in poor health, to make a final decision. Previously, the British media reported that the Queen intended to leave the first-order heir to the throne, Charles, and directly passed the throne to her grandson, William. It was not because the queen had been observing and speculating on public opinion. If the first-order heir was William, the old lady would have been too early. I was able to rest, not because my unbelievable son had a "history of adultery" in the first half of his life, and made another tax evasion in the second half of his life.

For the Queen of England, who is in charge of the overall situation, Prince William is regarded as the "ace savior of the British image" ". The royal families of Europe are all intermarried with each other. The Queen of England will not fail to see how her husband’s natal Greek royal family was destroyed, how the former Spanish King Juan Carlos I was forced into the palace. The throne continues. The Queen of England passed on the throne with a history of thousands of years to a person who has a messy private life and tax evasion. It is personally uneasy.

The Queen of England is now hesitating whether to modify the inheritance law and pass it directly to her grandson William, apparently waiting for 70 in British history. For Prince Charles, the oldest of the years, it is indeed very unfair. It is true that the Queen of England did not have Charles and her son when she was a child, but she did not bear the heart of her own son being a joke, just like the love of Japan. The princess has now lived as a joke in Japan, and she has also suffered from depression. These bloody lessons are something the Queen has to consider. At this juncture, Charles himself offered the drama of tax evasion, crushing the last straw on the queen's body, and finally motivated his mother to make up his mind that he must pass on the throne from generation to generation.

The Public Accounts Committee of the House of Commons asked Prince Charles to pay taxes on the Duchy of Cornwall under his name. One gives an explanation. Although Prince Charles, who earned at least $30 million in the Duchy of Cornwall last year, paid only a small portion of his personal income tax. British Labour Party MPs even publicly condemned Prince Charles. Under the difficult circumstances of the high unemployment rate in the UK, tax evasion is simply shameless. Prince Charles' IQ and EQ are worrying!

Previously, the British "Post Today" and the British "Independent" conducted polls. The survey results showed that 66% of Britons hope that William can be the next king directly, not Charles. The vast majority of interviewers reject Camilla as queen. It seems that Camilla’s 20-year plan to rebuild his image has been devastating. Shock, she should be heartbroken, but self-inflicted is not worthy of sympathy. Among the 1,500 interviewees, most believed that the 70-year-old Charles should be like Edward VIII, showing a posture of not loving the country and beauties, and consciously abandoning the throne in advance, so as not to embarrass his son William.

Queen Elizabeth II of England, who was enthroned in 1952, is arguably the longest standby British throne in history Ruler. When this situation was very clear, Charles pretended to be stupid. On the eve of Charles’ 70th birthday, in an interview with the BBC, he also madeAssure that after becoming king, he will no longer interfere in politics. Including his New Year's resolution for 2019 is the hope that he can inherit the British throne as soon as possible. However, he did think a little bit too much. The more impatient his posture was, the more he felt "old and old".

Charles also childishly expelled the personal secretary beside the Queen of England who supported William’s succession from the Royal Palace , His behavior of concealing his ears and stealing the bell has confirmed his identity as an "old Lai". His statement of non-interference in politics is obviously "there is no silver and three hundred taels", because the king or queen of the United Kingdom should not be involved in politics, and he does not need to express his position on this. The statement is very redundant. Moreover, he has often expressed his personal views on political issues and has been controversial, which is in sharp contrast with the queen's neutral attitude. This stupid son of the landlord’s family is still nothing, but he wants to stand up all day and talk about this and that, and he wants to be in politics. At a critical moment, he made such a statement of "There is no silver in this place, three hundred taels", which makes people feel that His IQ and EQ are no more.

In contrast to the handsome William, Charles looks like the kind that is his turn, but he does not. It's the feeling of that piece of material in power. As a pseudo-man of the "Mambo male" level, Charles always thinks about having both fish and bear's paws. He has done so many ugly things before, and he is still thinking about the position of the king, so he should think hard about not wanting to die after being skipped. Better to live depressed!

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