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"Mother of the eldest grandson" Xi Mengyao's rich love history, and the three men behind her

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1. From the ugly duckling to the top model

In November 2017, Xi Mengyao fell on the Victoria's Secret show, ushering in the "highlight moment" of life.

On this day, half of the entertainment circle gave Xi Mengyao wronged, she also succeeded in getting out of the circle, establishing a wave of strong women's personality.

In the early years, Xi Mengyao proudly said in variety shows: I never fell on stage Pour over!

Unexpectedly, just a few years later, face slaps came so unexpectedly that it became a joke in the Victoria's Secret circle.

Xi Mengyao, born in 1989, had a slight anorexia since childhood, and his parents almost turned white.

Because he doesn't like to eat, Xi Mengyao only grows a head and does not grow flesh, and later became a stick figure with long hands and feet.

When Xi Mengyao was 13 years old, she already had a height of 170. She stood out among her classmates. She seemed to be a "monster" and made her feel inferior throughout her adolescence.

Fortunately, her parents were more knowledgeable and sent the long-handed Xi Mengyao to the modeling school, which gradually changed her personality.

With the passage of time, Xi Mengyao has grown to 178cm, and her self-confidence has greatly increased and she has become a model Outstanding.

In 2009, Xi Mengyao participated in "Come on! "Oriental Angels" competition, then came to the fore, was invited to participate in the World Elite Model Contest, and signed to a French model company.

Since 2010, Xi Mengyao has frequently appeared on the catwalks of major high-definition brands. Loved by major high-end magazines, often become cover girls.

When his career took off, Xi Mengyao also ushered in love.

In 2012, Xi Mengyao fell in love with Opry, who is known as the "most handsome male model". Suddenly aroused the envy of many people.

With the blessing of her boyfriend, coupled with the enthusiasm of love, Xi Mengyao's resources soared, and she became a Victoria's Secret Angel in one fell swoop.

In 2013, Xi Mengyao became the fourth on Victoria's Secret after Liu Wen, He Sui and Qin Shupei The Asian model finally quarreled with her parents.

This year, He Youjun just turned 18 and is studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States. He is the youngest son of gambling king He Hongshen very much.

In the following years, Xi Mengyao has repeatedly appeared on Victoria's Secret catwalks. With proud capital, he also praised Haikou "If you fall in Victoria's Secret, you will retire."

Unexpectedly, it became a truth; a few years later, she really fell and was forced to retire.

Two, 2017, a shocking fall

Said that Xi Mengyao's fame opened in the Mainland, it was still in the 2016 "Idol Coming".

She participated in the show as a top-class supermodel, and became good friends with Xie Na, Chen Qiaoen and others. She began to show her face frequently in the Mainland and gradually transformed from a model to an entertainer.

With the popularity of "Idol Coming", Xi Mengyao also snatched Liu Wen's top luxury underwear endorsement, two People also forged a beam.

For many years since then, the two have been fighting openly and secretly, but the facts have proved that the two are not destined to be a lineOn the person.

Maybe it is Xi Mengyao, who has participated in too many variety shows and neglected training at ordinary times, and only appeared in the 2017 Victoria's Secret Show. It came up with a shocking fall.

In 2017, the Victoria's Secret Show was held in Shanghai. Xi Mengyao's family also came to the stage to cheer for her daughter silently.

Unexpectedly, Xi Mengyao, wearing a fantasy angel costume, fell on the stage under the stunned feeling.

Xi Mengyao tried to stand up, but because of the high heels, many attempts were unsuccessful, and the model behind was still young The sister gave her a hand before she reluctantly moved on.

Because of this fall, Xi Mengyao was expelled from Victoria's Secret, and Liu Wen inadvertently won.

Life is so wonderful and so funny.

Subsequently, Xi Mengyao posted a very inspirational Weibo, which won the heartache of most of the entertainment industry.

At this time, the "supermodel boyfriend" Opry has disappeared, replaced by Dou Xiao.

However, the relationship between the two did not last long. Dou Xiao met He Chaolian, and Xi Mengyao also met He Youjun.

3. From a famous model to a "rich and noble woman"

After "Shattering the Sky", Xi Mengyao couldn't mix in the model circle anymore, and could only start mixing in the variety show circle.

And Mango Terrace, just like this kind of "gimmick" artist, coupled with Xie Na's support, the two began to cooperate frequently.

In 2018, Xi Mengyao participated in the love show "The Jet Lag of Love" and was matched with He Youjun, the son of the gambling king.

Today, many people still don’t understand why the gambling king’s son would marry an artist?

In fact, He Youjun’s identity is not liked at all in the rich circle. He has neither the identity of the main house nor the right to inherit property. He is not a good son-in-law candidate at all, and he can only come to the entertainment circle to find Look for it.

At this time, He Youjun, who has just participated in "One Stop to the End" and "The Most Powerful Brain", showed a wave of IQ under the arrangement of his mother Liang Anqi.

At first, Liang Anqi was going to pair her son with Yao Anna. However, the other party looked down on him, and he only Can find another way out.

In this way, Xi Mengyao and He Youjun got together in "The Jet Lag of Love".

The first time I saw He Youjun who was 6 years younger than herself, Xi Mengyao laughed directly and said to He Youjun: "Hurry up and let your sister take you back."

It turns out that Xi Mengyao and He Chaoying have known each other a long time ago, and they have also met He Youjun. They have always regarded him as a little brother in their hearts, and never even thought about falling in love.

Unexpectedly, He Youjun said: "The reason why I came to this show is for you, I just want to chase You."

He Youjun directly hit Xi Mengyao and was caught off guard.

Xi Mengyao's frequent "say no" aroused Kuo Shao's desire to conquer again, and Xi Mengyao couldn't resist it at all.

As the son of the "love saint" gambling king, there are also "Military Master Mummy" Liang Anqi and He Youjun behind Trick one after another.

For a while, I will take her to visit her home, and for a while I will make her a little surprise, and for a while, I will talk sweetly, and I will also pull out my sister He Chaoying to help, and act in a "love and love" scene.

With the assistance of sugar-coated shells and family members, within a few days, He Youjun took down Xi Mengyao.

In May 2019, with the help of "Military Master Mummy", He Youjun met with Xi Mengyao in his shopping mall Marriage proposal became the "top local flavor proposal number one" of the year.

With pink on-site decorations, pink dresses, and pink castle houses, He Youjun uses cheap decorations to create the straightest man's romance in Xi Mengyao's eyes.

At the proposal scene, He Youjun didn’t even know that the proposal ring should be wornAt which finger, the scene shouted "Mummy" and asked Liang Anqi for help, the embarrassment overflowed the screen.

On Jiangzi, Xi Mengyao was upgraded to a "rich daughter-in-law".

Fourth, because of the merits of having children, she is called the "mother of the eldest grandson"

When He Youjun and Xi Mengyao proposed to marry him, the outside world broke the news and said: "Xi Mengyao is pregnant, and the fourth room needs a grandson to fight for property, so I?"

Indeed, that For a while, the gambling king's health was worrying and he had been in the ICU to continue his life.

However, the gambling king lived for hundreds of years, but he never had a grandson, which became a regret in his life. Therefore, fighting for a grandson for the old man has become the top priority for the children of the gambling king.

Especially Sifang, has been jumping up and down, first He Chaoying married a guy from the northeast, and then gave birth to a daughter; then It was He Youjun who proposed to Xi Mengyao, who finally gave birth to a grandson; Sifang finally had the bargaining chip to seize the property.

And Xi Mengyao, from an ordinary girl to a wealthy daughter-in-law, completed the advancement of life, and was also dubbed "Xi Guifei" by netizens.

In October 2019, Xi Mengyao gave birth to his son He Guangshen, and He Youjun immediately published a "Long Sun Theory" Xi Mengyao's blog post caused ridicule throughout the network, and Xi Mengyao was also named the "mother of the grandson."

Although she has become the "mother of the eldest grandson", it is useful for Sifang to have children, but the rich son is really Is it so good?

Since Xi Mengyao gave birth to her child, her work has dropped sharply. Not only has she lost her status as a supermodel, her status at home is also worrying.

Ordinarily, as the "mother of the eldest grandson", after giving birth, just sit at home and enjoy the happiness.

For example, Guo Jingjing, marries Huo Qigang, and gives birth to children, as long as he shows his face in the family business and concentrates on each other Godson, just attend a giant party.

For example, Biting Guo, married to Xiang Zuo, only needs to take care of the children after giving birth, and prepare the second child by the way. Where else do they need to come out and fight?

On the other hand, Xi Mengyao didn't have a good rest after giving birth. She had been walking on the business road. Even now she was pregnant with her second child, she was still busy and looked very hard.

Actually, after thinking about it, Xi Mengyao's life is not easy.

Sitai Liang Anqi, who has advanced from a dancer to the Sitai King of Gamblers, has been a patron for many years and has been trained by the King of Gamblers. She is an extremely shrewd businessman. How could Xi Mengyao stole her wool?

After Xi Mengyao gave birth to her child, Si Tai said to give Xi Mengyao a 500 million mansion, but the name of the mansion was He Youjun's name.

Even Xi Mengyao's studio was disbanded by the Fourth Tai. The account number has not been updated for a long time. Is it disbanded to save money?

What’s more interesting is that Xi Mengyao not only can’t enjoy the blessings of wealthy daughter-in-law, but also has to bring her little husband out of business to make money. She is really an inspirational "mother of eldest grandsons"!

In the "Happy Trio" in 2020, He Youjun is completely a "mabao man" who cannot take care of himself.

He doesn't know how to wash dishes, doesn't deal with daily chores, does not allow Xi Mengyao to wear revealing clothes, and treats Xi Mengyao as his mother, he is simply a "human koala."

I really don’t know how He Youjun and Xi Mengyao “tolerated the humiliation” with him.

In the show, Xi Mengyao's patience with He Youjun can be seen several times, but in order to establish a "lovely couple", the two continue to perform, watching the audience goose bumps.

When He Youjun first appeared in front of the public, he was obviously a top student at MIT, with a top student Mind, why does it give people a naive feeling after a long time?

Is it true that if I have been spoiled by my mother and daughter-in-law for a long time, will IQ decline?

Xi Mengyao, who was pregnant and still in business, aroused the sympathy of many netizens, but if you think backward, you can understand her behavior.

My mother-in-law is too shrewd, her husband is unwilling, and she has no property in her hands. The gambling king has passed away, and her grandson is not worth anymore. If she doesn’t work hard to make some money and save it, is it necessary?Look at the face of your in-laws?

The case of Xi Mengyao also tells young girls: Confused by the other's family background and money, only by keeping your own independent capital at all times can you win the respect of others, have the capital to make your own decisions, and live more casually and happily.


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