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It is because you are not up for it, this time the monthly gap filling operation has been cancelled.

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Dan San: Big brother, you are in a military uniform today. . . How do you look at people like those in the Air Force Command?

National Team: Yes, I will be working at the Air Force Command starting today.

Egg San: Here. . . Didn’t you say to cover 3050, and then take us to fly together?

National team: Didn’t I already bring it. More than 200 points from 2824 to 3032 are not enough for you to fly?

Dan San: I thought I wanted to fly higher. As soon as you get in and rush with everyone, you will come down.

National Team: This is not what I want to come down. At 2824 that day, it would have been below 2800, but it might even reach 2500. It's that you are making up with the gang of chickens and dogs, and you have to make up 3050 first. Seeing that you are all so determined, thinking that your congregation is united, I took you to fight like this. The results of it? At only 200 points, before 3030, a bunch of people turned over, and they all went to the air force to sign up for the air force. You don't want to live up to yourselves, do the ghosts first. Don't blame me as the commander of the air force.

Dan San: They are ghosts, I can accept them, but you are the national team. How can the national team be commander of the air force?

National team: Who told you that the national team can't be the air force? Who stipulates that the national team must be much stupid? Let me tell you, when I am empty, I am afraid of myself.

Egg powder:. . . That 3050 is just a little bit worse, can you still make up?

National Team: I am now the commander of the Air Force, you ask me this question. Of course it won't make up. If you want to make up for yourself, you can make up your skills.

Egg San: It's over. . What should I do?

National Team: Come and be the air force with me.

Dan San: What will happen if you don't become an air force?

National team: That's simple, I wrote it clearly on the chart, don't you have eyes? 3048.48! Die, die!

Egg powder:. . . .

National team: Hey, I won’t tell you anymore, I’m very busy as the commander. In the past two days, I have to send bad news to the brethren to prepare ammunition for the next week. So be it.

Monthly line gap

The answer to the previous monthly line gap prediction: Will A-shares fall to 2400? -The ugly answer when the trend begins-Knowing



I said in the answer

More than one A month ago, the prediction was that the bulls and the national team would take the initiative to cover the 2800 gap, scaring a group of ghosts and then touch 3050. This way the bulls will be more stable. At least it won't come down so quickly.

As a result, the market still chose the script that I think is the heaviest taste. First, I will touch 3050 without covering 2800. This is essentially like a person who has been raped, without making the other person pay the price, and poses for the family to do it again.

You think that after she is hit by the opponent, she will realize and protect herself. However, this is not the case. People were poked at the G spot. After being refreshed, I couldn't wait to find someone to refresh it again.

This cannot be blamed on the national team. In the face of the trend, we can only follow the trend. Now the index is below the lower track of the upward trend of more than 20 years. After the monthly gap covering fails, it will form a downward trend on an annual basis, or a consolidation trend. It's hard to say. At least it will take time to return to this multi-year uptrend channel.

The index is below the lower track of the rising channel of the market.

Look at the general environment

I haven’t paid much attention to the news recently. What time is next.

The Greater Bay Area’s new home network signature plummeted

Real Estate Trust Guan Shuilong

Huawei system will not be issued first


Fruit prices have risen by almost 40%

The general environment gives people the feeling of going through the winter.

Such an environment also counts on the national team to bring the index back to the rising channel in a bull market. Not very practical, it's too difficult for them. In the next few years, the market will not follow an obvious downward trend, but it will be enough to get out of a shock and sideways, which is very good.

Since the general trend and the general environment can't see the rise. Now that the index returns to the top of 3050, it still gives the ghost head a chance to turn around. It's better to get down first. See if you can cross a midline bottom near 2500 to 2800.

I will continue to wait until below 2800 to look at it.

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