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Talking about the husband who is unsatisfactory

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1. Poor and stubborn woman, for her husband and her two unconvincing sons all her life. Spent a whole life.

2. Husband and husband are unwilling to live up to others, others look down on them, one day can they raise their heads to be a man

3. This woman, either has a family, has a child, and her husband is not up to date. It does not matter, at least there is still hope for the future.

4. Hehe I said that I was filial. I was forced to get married in order to make my reputation good. Although my husband chose by himself, but my husband was not upset, I thought of begging me one by one. Really selfish people

5. At this time, there is only hate and only hate. I don't know which day it will collapse. My son is not up to date, and my husband doesn’t know how to care for others. You are unlucky enough in this life. Do people really have a past life? I really don’t know how much they owe their father and son in the past. I can’t pay off the hard work in this life.

6. That's it. If you don't bring it, I will bring it. Anyway, I will always bring it. I only blame my husband for failing.

7. The more I grow up, the more I love my family. I love my parents before marriage, and love my husband after marriage. The tears of disappointment are like water that does not cost money.

8. I don’t know when I became so sad. I think it’s not easy for girls to live at home for more than 20 years. When I arrived in another family, I didn't adapt to all kinds of problems. My husband was okay. If he didn't, he would be Ma Baonan. . It’s terrible to think about it.

9.33. I have too many responsibilities. My husband is not up to date. I need to bear everything.

10. Through one year after another, we are It seems that there is so much passion between the time, the child is not obedient, and the husband is not up to date. Others say that I may be too strong, but in my heart, I also want to be a little woman.

11. An unsatisfactory son, an unsatisfactory husband, and an unsatisfactory father, and then encounters an unsatisfactory stock market; this family is completely defeated.

12. Cousins ​​and cousins ​​have come to our house, women are discussing husbands, daughters-in-laws and children who are not up to date, and men are silently eating sunflower seeds.

13. You can experience a strength What kind of feeling is it like to add a husband who is not able to live up to her mother-in-law?

14. In the current state, her face value is not online, her luck is derailed, she is not working hard, her husband is not striving, everything is not going well, Can only sigh emptyly.

15. Work overtime until nine o'clock, and when I get back, I drank the chicken soup stewed with my wife’s heart, and fat cow beans Shuangpin, as the saying goes, there are only unsatisfied husbands and no great wives in the world.

16. It's very quiet, and it's such a morning. Watching him go, everything is fine, husband. I still cried without being angry.

17. Today, the family quarreled again, and the quarrel was unacceptable. My heart is broken. Whoever makes my husband angry, no matter how difficult the road is, I will do it for me My children live well, I accept my fate, but from now on I will only love myself well

18. An unsatisfied husband is a burden to children

19. I feel that there is no dog food to sprinkle. I feel that everything is shorter than others. I blame my husband for being unsatisfactory. , I can do this! I didn't expect that I would end up like this.

21. I said that I am not angry, but some things make me unable to control myself. Will I really die of anger? Sometimes life makes me lose sight of hope, my children are disobedient, and my husband disagrees. I really don’t have any hope.

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