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How to use Qimen Dunjia to predict stocks

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There is such a company in Shenzhen. There are only three people. One is responsible for inquiring and researching stock selection through multiple channels, and two are responsible for using Yixue to predict the stocks that have been selected. One is calculated by six lines, and the other is calculated by Qimen Dunjia. More than 300 million yuan has been achieved in more than a year.

Using Qimen Dunjia to predict stocks, with a certain basic forecasting knowledge, and mastering a few tips for predicting stocks, it is like picking up money in the stock market with a pocket. People who buy stocks only make 20% of their money, and even a little bit of money makes the stock exchanges, brokerage companies, and investment consultants make money. If we observe the fundamentals of the broader market, market conditions, technical moving averages, candlestick charts, volume, or software, etc., it seems that we are always beating our hearts.

When we went up all the way, we couldn't wait to start, but when we went down all the way, we couldn't bear to throw it away. Love and hate, if you want to refuse, you are welcome! Sometimes we analyze a stock, from the large to the economic environment, the market situation, the company’s profitability and performance restructuring, to the small K-line moving average cross, full of confidence, the face of the stock market changes after turning around, and there is no loss of kiln pants. Up. Sometimes it's just a whim to make a small shot but unexpectedly soars. It surprises us and brings confidence back. You may often think that if there is a method, there is only one method that can accurately predict the rise and fall of this stock. You may say that you are willing to spend a lot of money to buy it!

There is such a sentence: a method is thoroughly researched, and the research to the extreme can easily make a lot of money! The following is an introduction to this method of using Qimen Dunjia to accurately predict stocks. I call it "Dunjia Volume Stocks". This method is very magical and very simple. But there is a disadvantage that only one stock can be predicted in a day, and repeated forecasts are not accurate! For example, if you find a certain stock through some methods or channels, it feels that it may rise. At this time, you use Qimen Dunjia to start a market.

By analyzing the symbols representing the market quotation, the symbols representing the banker’s funds, the symbols representing this stock, and of course, there are individual tricks, you can clearly see this stock on the market. Either rise or fall. If you have studied to a certain level, the rise and fall points can be calculated. Qimen Dunjia's methods and ideas for predicting stocks If you read a book "The Impact of the Moon" written by Arnold Lee Weber, you know that 80% of the human body is water, and the lunar profit and loss has an impact on the mood, emotions, and thoughts of the human group. All directions have a major impact.

Shao Yong, a sage of Chinese Ichology, wrote a book "Huang Ji Jing Shi" that tells the changing laws of yin and yang every 1000, 100, 10, and 1 years. China's Yi-learning mathematics is extensive and profound, and Qimen Dunjia ranks first in the mathematics category, and it is called "the art of the emperor". Since Qimen Dunjia is known as the "Emperor's Art" before 2015, it has always been like a book of heaven. Today you come to Shanhe Yijing and watch the video to know that it has been completely deciphered.

As long as you are willing to spend 10 days to learn the most fundamental basic knowledge, in fact, only for predicting stocks, you only need a deep understanding of the three symbols to "straight sign, e, time dry", only These 3 symbols are enough. Look for three symbols on the Qimen Dunjia plate, and then go to the book to check other information in the temple position, whether this stock is up or down. The following explains the use steps of the 4 forecast stocks of "Dunjia Volume Stocks": 1: First, according to your scientific method, or a stock you choose from a friend, the Internet, or a recommendation.

(must be a known stock) 2: When you plan to predict this stock, immediately start an odd-men Dunjia market 3: After the odd-men market is ready, find a representative of the market trend and a big banker , The 3 representative symbols of stocks (ie, God of use).

4: Accurately analyze the rise or fall of this stock based on three gods. Below we take a stock as a case for stock analysis. Step 1: Take a stock as a case, Is to predict that we have selected a good stock and think it is a good stock. This is a stock that my student asked to predict at the time: Tianrun Digital Entertainment (002113), when he wanted to predict this stock, he immediately opened the Qimen software and set up a prediction board for Qimen Dunjia.

Note: Qimen Dunjia's plate was originally used at a specific time (e.g., 2018.11.12.16) to start a Qimen Dunjia plate that was set up in accordance with the rules of Qimen Dunjia. Qimen Dunjia forecast stocks-Dunjia volume stocks have Qimen mobile software, Qimen computer software, and can be downloaded on the Internet. When you want to predict a certain stock, click on this software and it will pop up a Qimen Dunjia disk (go to Shanhe for free download. Note: Some software needs to enter some information, such as what you predict, but at a specific time The starting Qimen disks are all the same. Just enter "forecast stocks", or you don’t need to enter them)

Step 2: Find the gods on the good Qimen Dunjia disk

The Qimen Pan has been set up. If you are a stock researcher who has never studied Qimen Dunjia, your head will look big. Even scholars who already have some foundation will feel complicated and can't see clearly. How to do it?

It's actually very simple! Now I mainly find three gods, one is the god who predicts the market, the other is the god who represents the big dealers, and the other is the god who represents this stock and this matter. Using God: refers to finding a symbol that represents something, and finding this similar symbol on the Qimen Dunjia plate (using God).

Represent the trend of the market: use the god "straight talisman" to represent the big dealers: use the god "E" to represent stocks and events: use the god "Shi Gan" to know which gods to find, we put "Enclose it on the Qimen Dunjia plate that has been set up.

The third step: Refining the god-used symbols representing stocks, markets, and dealers

The bottom Inside that circle, the two words "value sign" pointed by the arrow indicate the changes, trends, turbulence, etc. of the market. In the top circle, the arrow points to "E", which shows the movement, mental activity, and investment desire of the big dealers. The circle in the upper left corner, the arrow points to "C" time dry, indicating the stock and the change, regularity and the final result of the rise and fall. After circled by God, don't rush to analyze it. We delete all the unnecessary information so as not to block our sight and affect our judgment.

The picture below shows the last remaining symbols and usages.

Now the entire Qimen Dunjia plate is clean. We only need to look at the three most important symbols. Step 4: Use the information on the Qimen Dunjia market to analyze whether the stock is up or down 1: Analyze the "straight sign" in the lower grid of the graph, which represents the changing trend and trend of the market. Each symbol in it has a specific meaning to illustrate the changes and laws of things. Tian Ruixing: Refers to a situation where something is weak, tender, and sickly. Dumen: It means conservative, unwilling, like Gu Niang unwilling to open.

Zhifu and C: It is a super good pattern called "Qinglong against the head". Ding Hexin: Refers to hope and error. The result of combining the information in this box is the current situation of the market. Explanation: The market is hopeful and confident that the trend of "blue dragon against the head" will develop upward, but there are problems and mistakes in his own, and he is sick and weak.

2: The "e" in the upper square of the analysis diagram represents the thoughts, dynamics, and attitudes of the dealers and big players. Each symbol in the square shows the situation of the big dealers, their thoughts on this stock, whether they want to invest more money or withdraw it.

Tian Renxing: refers to the willful, firm, and resolutely doing something to open the door: refers to open, open, open, open mind and state White Tiger: refers to fierce, brave, forced, must Feelings of E and B: It is a Giger of the "Young Branch Association". Explanation: The big family has a relaxed mind, and has a little willful impulse, compulsive and compulsive behavior. The popular point is that the big players let go of their hands and feet, recklessly cast special investments, and see the opportunity for Giger.

3: Analyze the "C" in the upper left corner of the picture. C is dry time, and dry time is different at different times. So the premise is that you must know what "time is done". Shiqian explains the final general outcome and development trend of this stock and this event.

Xuanwu: It refers to deception and ambiguity that make people unable to understand the problems inside. Canopy Star: Refers to a big speculation, a big bad guy, or something bad is about to happen. Shocking door: Refers to a situation where the heart is frightened and frightened.

CHe Ren: It's a fierce character with a lot of right and wrong in "Fire enters the sky". Explanation: It means that there are big losses and dangers that have not been seen by people, there are big bad guys and big deceptions and factors that make people wonder. We have finished analyzing the three most important symbols.

Analyzing Qimen Dunjia is like analyzing the four tires of a car. It is not just that one tire is inflated to determine that it can run. The four wheels must be intact to show that it can run. The final analysis result: the market wants to soar into the sky, but it is currently "physically" uncomfortable, so it is in a closed state. But the big dealers saw the opportunity and even invested fiercely, letting go of their hearts.

But Shi Gan said that there are hidden dangers and deceptions in this stock. So the result of my analysis is that this stock must have risen sharply in recent days, because the big players followed up violently. But then it will surely fall sharply, because the mysterious danger has emerged again. You can look at the above time. This is a real case. It is completely based on this analysis and the results have risen sharply after two days. The following figure illustrates the information that Qimen Dunjia needs to master for predicting stocks

To master the Qimen Dunjia forecasting stocks, relevant learning content includes: 1: Iori, the meaning of 8 expression nouns. Zhifu, Tengshe, Taiyin, Liuhe, Baihu, Xuanwu, Jiudi, Jiutian.

2: Nine stars, that is, 9 stars refer to the nouns of attitude towards stocks. Tian Rui Xing, Tian Peng Xing, Tian Chong Xing, Tian Auxiliary Star, Tian Qi Xing, Tian Xin Xing, Tian Ren Xing, Tian Zhu Xing.

3: Eight gates, that is, eight gates refer to nouns that express emotions toward stocks. Open the door, rest the door, the life door, the wounded door, the du door, the king door, the dead door, and the shocked door.

4: Ten days dry, that is, 10 nouns that express the structure of good or bad. A, B, C, D, E, H, G, Xin, Ren, Gu. Seeing these three symbols "nine days, the sky rushes into the stars, and the gate", the stock will surely rise sharply. As long as the three of them appear in the market, or the dealer, or the use of time, they will rise sharply. "Nine Heavens" are high, far and strong. "Sky rushes to the stars" refers to rushing up and impulsively. "Shengmen" refers to growth, development, and progress.

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