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A-share bull market firm T0 diary: day 33

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Hello, everyone, I’m your fat Pangpang~~!

The European stock market fell sharply last night, and the US stocks got back. Today we opened the big A Ignoring the surrounding environment last night, I jumped straight up, thinking I was going to heaven, the middle wave of diving made my life doubtful! To be honest, it’s quite uncomfortable

In the morning, the military, vaccine, and plantation sectors fell, and securities firms and technology came out to take the lead. The reflux vaccine is still strong, and the funds in it are more faithful. Recently, Xinjiang Liaoning YQ seems to be very serious, foreign YQ is not optimistic, the medical sector is still the most certain, and the logic of funding is still understandable.

Today is July 31st, this month's monthly line can be said to be an iconic one! ! There is an increase in the rate of increase, and there is an increase in the amount of energy. This month back and forth, in fact, it has risen by this level as a whole. There is still a lot of room for follow-up, so stay optimistic! ! At least there are still a few months left in this market, so you don't have to be too pessimistic. At the beginning of the month, just do it boldly, don't persuade! ! Adjustment is to give the opportunity to get on the car.

The second half of the year is about to enter autumn, and now YQ is a bit counterattack. It is impossible for Shangfeng to stop the currency release immediately. As long as the currency remains loose, the bull market will not end, and 2020 The policies and reforms in all aspects of the stock market are really great, and it is also a crucial year!

Today’s T0 is not doing very well~

1. Shanghai RAAS

In the morning, most of the vaccines were very weak, so they did not shoot. The environment and the index began to strengthen later, so I entered the market for a wave of beliefs, and today it is not counted. Weak, it is estimated that it has not risen very much, so it has fallen less. I got up later and found a high point. I still feel that it fluctuates greatly and the trend is not sure. It is safe to fall. In the afternoon the vaccine gets stronger and stronger!

2. China Galaxy

Today, the Galaxy has lost blood~ It's been a long time since I lost my blood and felt uncomfortable.

In the morning, Hualin Securities had a strong daily limit, and the most recent leader Caitong Securities followed closely behind, also daily limit. In the morning, I felt that the Milky Way was too weak, so I didn’t follow the daily limit. The increase was too tight.

After the entire brokerage sector index is 3%+ and hold up, I feel that brokerage companies are going to stage a collective daily limit big market, so when the entire sector strengthens and breaks through, it enters China Galaxy. Actually, it’s a point The position was not bad, but he didn't go up, the backhand was brought down all the way, he doubted his life, and finally appeared when Caitong Securities opened the board. . .

I didn’t go greedy a few times before. Today, I decided to go to blog and vomit blood. . I don't feel like it is compatible with the Milky Way. Find a chance to replace it. .

3. Luxi Chemical Industry

Today, everyone can’t see Xiao Lu (Luxi Chemical). I didn’t go to T. In fact, the increase and fluctuation were okay, but I didn’t catch it. I went up in the morning and thought it was the daily line. If you want to reverse the package, just wait patiently. After the fall, there will be no chance to do it. I feel that the trend of yesterday has been replicated. The volume of the past few days is also getting smaller and smaller, but the daily line position is still strong, shrinking at a high position, every day There is still a long time to test the pressure on the film, and the follow-up can be expected~~It is not like shipping, and this ticket has institutional traces and is optimistic to hold.

Okay~ The weekend is here too, everyone can relax! !

I wish you all simple happiness and steady happiness every day! !

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I and you are sheltering from the rain under the eaves, but I can’t tell you to go together Well, because I don’t have an umbrella in my hand~~

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