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Zhongke Information provided a complete success in providing intelligent voting services for the National "Two Sessions" in 2019

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In March 2019, the people of the whole country celebrated the victory of the National "Two Sessions" in 2019.

After the opening of the Second Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress and the Second Session of the Thirteenth National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, representatives and committee members from all over the country discussed various proposals and proposals fully and discussed The magnificent and solemn Great Hall of the People's Great Hall of the People uses a new electronic voting system developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: Zhongke Information Securities Code: 300678) to vote on various draft resolutions. In the multiple on-site use of the two sessions, the system was efficient and stable, which ensured the smooth progress of the conference. It was highly praised by representatives and committee members, and won the full affirmation of party and state leaders, representatives and committee members.

The strong core under the ordinary appearance

Election system. Delegates who have participated in the National People's Congress and National Congress are very familiar with the electronic red ballot box that has served the party and the country in successive elections. Compared with its beautiful appearance, this is a small voting device installed on the table of each delegate. It seems to be ugly. After all, there are only three buttons for "for", "against" and "abstaining", which are called "smart voting". What's so special about it?

Don't underestimate it. This looks like an ordinary voting machine, and the strength of the entire voting system has been verified by facts. It turns out that the new electronic voting system of Zhongke Information is the "sisters" of the electronic election system. At the 13th National "Two Sessions" held in March 2018, they have also appeared on the stage to provide satisfactory services for the meeting. The voting device of the new electronic voting system adopts the most traditional and solemn appearance, which embodies the "simple and practical" design concept. However, under the ordinary appearance of the entire system, there is an intelligent "brain" that can control the system's dual-core and dual-link real-time parallel work, so that the system can automatically eliminate interference and work stably, greatly improving stability and reliability, and ensuring that Under the circumstances, it can achieve "stable, reliable, fast and accurate". This unique advantage is the biggest difference from the commonly used voting system. Therefore, it has become the world's largest voting system with the fastest statistical speed. When all the delegates in the National People's Congress Auditorium are voting, it only takes 1 second to press the keys at the same time to display the results.

New products in the field of digital conferences

Why are there electronic voting systems Such outstanding performance? This is a new generation of products launched by Zhongke Information, which is known as the "first-class brand of digital conferences in China", through independent research and development and continuous innovation and upgrading for more than 40 years. As early as 1978, the Chengdu Institute of Computer Application of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the predecessor of China Science Information Technology, has successively developed my country's first-generation electronic voting system, the first-generation electronic voting system, and the first-generation conference registration system. Since 1982, the Zhongke Information Electronic Election System and the Electronic Voting System have served the party and national conferences and local conferences and have achieved complete success, becoming a classic in the history of Zhongke Information Innovation and R&D.

The electronic voting system and the electronic voting system are the core parts of the Zhongke Information Digital Conference System. The system also includes a series of products with completely independent intellectual property rights such as sign-in and conference management. At present, it has been used in 28 provinces, municipalities, and international conferences in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing and other major conferences. It has more than 300 high-end customers at home and abroad, and is known as the "a beautiful business card" of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The electronic election system is also one of the independent innovation achievements of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. On November 13, 2018, it was participated by the Central Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China, the Central Reform Office, the Central Party History and Documentation Research Institute, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Central Military Commission. The "Great Change-Large-scale Exhibition to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up" jointly organized by the Ministry of Work, Xinhua News Agency, and Beijing.

The Zhongke Information Digital Conference System is a product of the full use of high-speed machine vision and intelligent analysis technology in the field of artificial intelligence. Rely onWith domestic leading technology and high-quality services, Zhongke Information has served the party and state major conferences and local conference elections for 40 consecutive years without any errors. Its "stable, fast and accurate" characteristics have won the party and state leaders and previous The conference delegates fully affirmed and spoke highly of.

Innovative and dream-seeking national team

"Integrating innovation and serving the country" is the earnest hope of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for China Science Information. As a scientific and technological national team trusted by the party and the country, the new electronic voting system meticulously developed by Zhongke Information has ensured the complete success of this national "two sessions" voting and once again sent a satisfactory answer to the country.

Although Zhongke Information has successfully completed the glorious tasks of serving the Party’s “19th National Congress”, the National “Two Sessions” in 2018, and the National “Two Sessions” in 2019, the call of the new era inspires China Science Information is constantly advancing and pursuing excellence on the road of innovation and development. Zhongke Information will always maintain a high sense of mission and responsibility, and strive to practice "serving major national needs and serving traditional industry upgrades", and make full use of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, and Internet of Things technologies for national smart cities, smart government affairs, and smart medical care. , Contribute to the development of wisdom education.

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