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Qin An: China’s stock market has become the primary target of Trump’s attack, and the country needs to take major actions that reflect the advantages of the system.

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The Dragon Boat Festival is also the Father’s Day of the people of the world. Choose a particularly special day. Trump of the United States made a backlash and declared to me.500

100 million commodities Additional levy25%


days As soon as I went to work on Tuesday, the bargaining chip increased to 2000

billion, and the stock market fell, and it increased2000

100 million, which can be described as stable, accurate and ruthless. Standard public opinion warfare has led to the reappearance of China’s stock market"

Thousand shares limit down"

The spectacle. China's stock market has become a gathering point for the accumulation of various social contradictions of its own. It is very likely to erupt and cause disastrous consequences. The country must demonstrate its institutional advantages and take major actions to avoid losing without a fight in the Sino-US trade war.

[For the importance of the stock market and the seriousness of the problem, please refer to Niu Wenxin's article: "China Needs Compensation " Capital Sovereignty Pricing Awareness "" "Beware of the stock market being miscalculated", very professional]

1. The Chinese stock market has become the primary target of attacks more than once. We must clearly realize that the development of the stock market has become a major livelihood issue related to national economic security

Why the stock market has become the primary target of Trump’s attacks,

First, attacks on the stock market can fully cause panic effects , The United States paid the smallest price; second, the attack on the stock market can be described as the weakness of China’s economic system, and China’s losses are staggering. Recalling the 2015 stock market crash, I also chose 615, 71 and other special dates, I call it an "" economic coup", the internal subversives used the chips in their hands to vent their dissatisfaction in order to achieve their political goals, and finally the Ministry of Public Security dispatched to catch a large number of "smashers< span lang="EN-US">". This time it is obvious that Trump saw the weakness of the Chinese stock market and did not send a single soldier, only "500, 2000 and 2000" these three sets of numbers have inspired major risks in the Chinese stock market. From my personal point of view, there are currently three major risks in the Chinese stock market:

First, the Chinese stock market is becoming a legal venue for crowdfunding wealthy individuals.

span>The hard-earned money of billions of stockholders raises billionaires one by one, which greatly reduces the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security,

for the rogue;

The second is that China’s stock market may become a fertile soil for illegal crimes. has greatly reduced the country’s credibility, persuasiveness and self-confidence,

It is for incompetence;

Third, China’s stock market has become a special case of economic barometer, which greatly teases the basic principles and universal laws of economic development And causality,

is irrational. Especially

The current China Securities Regulatory Commission is carrying the continuous issuance of new stocks, and what to do if it reaches the edge of the cliff"Xiaomi CDR", the most direct result of the stock listing has become synonymous with getting rich, and the most fundamental reason is the lack of confidence in the development of the industry, and listing of money to get rich has become the trend of the times. It can be said unceremoniously that the Chinese stock market, like Feng Pants and Fan Bingbing, is also shaping a so-called "national spirit" , only one kind is spiritual opium, the other is economic opium, but the essence is the deadly poison that is subverting the Chinese nation and even the ruling position.

China's stock market is not only a national security issue, but also a major livelihood issue. The Chinese stock market has reached the edge of a cliff, and the ruling position of the people and the party has been tied to it. We must do a great job at the national level to prevent Trump from winning without a single soldier.

II. Medium The U.S. stock market has long been a striking contrast. We must clearly realize that the development of the stock market is becoming a governance issue related to national political security

For a long time, the Chinese stock market has topped the world with the world’s economic growth rate first and the world’s second largest economy. When hundreds of millions of people are closely related to the stock market, and rich people frequently emerge from the stock market, what do people think? In such a contrasting comparison, where is the advantage of the system, is it to recklessly create billionaires, and such billionaires do not make money by their own business, and the second is that the money raised by so many stock markets is equal to the people, so how can our system advantage be embarrassing? Personally, in order to reflect the advantages of the system in the stock market, we must have a clear understanding of the Sino-US game. If we think about the background of Trump's coming to power, we might be able to learn something from it. It should be said that the so-called wealthy elite in the United States is entrenched in a place called "Wall Street",

Set up a big trap for our own people and the people of the world. This is the " financial leverage", so the American People’s Movement "occupies Wall Street", and Not "Occupy the White House". When the American people unanimously rejected the insatiable greed of their own country’s elites, Trump used his vulgarity, hand-to-hand combat, and practicality to get votes.

At present, the most serious, Disruptors are using this "financial leverage" to wage a long-term financial war against China.

Let’s look at the high salaries of Chinese state-owned enterprises, which started in the financial industry and expanded. The annual salary of tens of millions is actually widening the gap between the rich and the poor and creating a sense of injustice. Directly and fundamentally destroy the foundation of governance. Let’s look at the stock market’s continued wealth creation campaign, with hundreds of millions, billions, and tens of billions of crowdfunding in exchange for "lack of cores and less souls"'s neck is "shock". Some people say that the second Cold War is about to begin, but the protagonist has changed, from the United States and the Soviet Union to the United States and China. I want to say that the Cold War has not stopped at all. This fire has been burning in the United States. At present, the stock market is the most vulnerable link, and it is the easiest to rush from there.

An economic festival The stock market of a rising country is constantly falling and the stock market of a hegemonic country is rising steadily. This sharp contrast is just like the Chinese stock marketcutting leek" Same. It’s just that the United States is "cutting leek" to the world, and China is the richest to stockholders"cut leek", the essence is the same, the reason is that the superior resources are in its control, the superior party’s resource integration, information acquisition, Capital operation ability has an absolute advantage. If the country’s policy system condones or even supports this kind of "cutting leek", this is itself an impact on the system. Superiority is a severe torture! Therefore, after recognizing that the development of the stock market has become a major livelihood issue related to national security, we must also realize that the development of the stock market is also a matter of governance ability related to national political security.

3. China The stock market has become a real national concern. We must clearly recognize that the development of the stock market must become a major opportunity to shape the overall security of the country

Since the Sino-US trade war has been fought, it must be fought flexibly, such as mobile warfare, sparrow warfare, tunnel warfare, and guerrilla warfare. Repairing plank roads and the like, taking 36 tricks from the bottom of the tank, etc., use whatever tricks work! In particular, we must study Chairman Mao's "On Protracted War", and we can't just move passively and indignantly. At present, Sino-US trade accounts for less than 2% of China’s GDP. There will definitely be losses in beating, but not Can’t fight. The United States launched an attack on the Dragon Boat Festival. Will China make a modern version of "Qu Yuan"? Although this analogy is not appropriate, it is certain that if China admits counsel, the final outcome will be "jumping the river ", but it will definitely not have Qu Yuan's good reputation.

If there is no taxation and then taxation, what is the mystery of Kim Jong-un's visit to China? "Official account, I feel that the idea is very good (some of the content in the quotation marks are from "make up the public account" ):


Judging from the data of Sino-US trade, in order to emphasize that the United States is " the injured party", the " highlighting imports and concealing exports " standards and methods (US The same is true for Europe).

For example, according to US statistics, its exports to China are about 1500 US dollars, and imports from China are about 5300 billion US dollars. This has caused the US to "China will soon burn out the bullets" illusion.

But it counts China’s re-export trade. The US’s re-export trade and service trade with China are not calculated, and those re-export trade and service trade add up to nearly 2000 billion US dollars scale. These can become a further bullet for China.

If the United States does not stop when it reaches the level of 2500 billion in trade retaliation, think Adding another 2000 billion US dollars, really ruining the entire Sino-US trade, then China will have to accompany it to the end. Because we still have three cards in hand, two"Xiao Wang"One piece"Great King".

The first "Xiao Wang" is a total ban on the export of rare earths. This is what the United States lacks in high-end products. Although the United States also has rare earth resources, its mining capacity is relatively poor. If we do not have our output, the United States will mine and purchase again. On the one hand, the price will be much higher. The number of aspects may not be enough for the United States. The second "Xiao Wang" is that we can find a node to sell US Treasury bonds. During the 2007 financial crisis, we bought a lot of US Treasury bonds, which helped stabilize the US market. Now if the United States completely ignores the future of Sino-US relations, regardless of the consequences, we can also operate in the opposite direction. Of course, although these two are both "Xiao Wang", they can’t be played randomly. They need to be punctual. Machines, one after another. The main goal is to hurt the United States.

Brother Dao feels that the real "king " is restricting American companies inChina market share. In the 40 years of China’s reform, as early as the beginning of reform and opening up, American companies entered the Chinese market, and in addition to making profits, they also occupied a large market share. . China can require market reciprocity, such as American-branded cars, Apple mobile phones, and so on. As long as we announce market restrictions on three or four giant American companies, not only their sales will drop sharply, but also their stock market value will be greatly affected. "

I think this is a good idea. Since I have to fight, I have to Fight the battle with preparations, and must use the overall national security concept to deal with the current most urgent stock market developments, and use the overall national security concept to consider broader issues, such as the Taiwan Strait issue. Today there is news that the US military is prepared. In the joint military exercise with Taiwan, the deterrence of nuclear weapons in North Korea successfully prevented the US-South Korea military exercise. Where is our deterrence?

I am very pleased to see the announcement of the Ministry of Commerce. If the US loses its rationality, China will have to take comprehensive measures combining quantity and quality. And make a strong countermeasure.

In accordance with the established rhythm, China will resolutely promote reform and opening up, promote high-quality economic development, and accelerate the construction of a modern economic system.

If you hit it, it hurts. I said the United States in the morning 2000 billion, China’s chips are placed at 5000 billion, friends say that the United States can’t export to China1500 billion, China and the U.S. 4500 about 100 million, then how to be equal? ​​A military colonel pointed out that "You are afraid that the world will not be chaotic. Do you know what is meant by is reasonable and good ? Fortunately, you are still studying strategy ". This kind of caring heart is really good, but I am actually puzzled. I really don’t know how the army trains a colonel. Everyone has to fan it. You have a face, you can’t even think about how to slap him in the face? Still entangled that you are studying strategy? I love the feeling of feathers!

Recently I saw WeChat Moments saying that the last stock market crash was dispatched by the Ministry of Public Security, which finally dismantled the internal malicious short-seller alliance. This time, malicious short sellers from the outside must mobilize the Ministry of National Defense. I hope our soldiers have this courage!

The above is the thinking about the general situation under the overall national security concept. If we think further, once we regain Taiwan, it will be a big deal for the Sino-US trade to stop. Therefore, thinking about issues from the perspective of overall national security will help us solve the current urgent stock market issues, as well as Sino-US trade issues, and even the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

At the end of writing, I thought of the former Vice Minister of Commerce Wei Jianguo who pointed out: China is not afraid of fighting a trade war. Calling for pain in the United States, and sure that the decline of the United States may begin here!

I also saw teacher Jin Canrong pointed out: Why did Trump say that 1000! You can look at it for reference.

Finally, it is emphasized that the stock market, or the primary target of Trump’s attacks, is also our most The weak link. If you do not take major actions at the national level, not only will there be another stock market crash, but the chain effect caused by it will be a great opportunity for Trump to succumb to the enemy without a fight. By the same token, properly handling the issue of stock market development is also a major opportunity to enter a new era of high-quality development, a practical test of building a national integrated strategic system and capability, and perhaps a major opportunity to achieve a new era of reunification of the motherland. We must know the difficulties. There is no choice!

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