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A-share listed online education company, well-known listed company in the education industry (at least 8)

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Q1:: Well-known listed companies in the education industry (at least 8)

I only know one: 600661 Xinnanyang, Shanghai New Nanyang Co., Ltd.
However, currently widely recognized online education concept stocks in the A-share market mainly include New Nanyang, Quantong Education, Topway Information, Fangzhi Technology, Xinkaipu, Lisichen, and HKUST Xunfei, GQY video, etc.
For listed companies engaged in online education, there is no doubt that new opportunities are currently ushering in. In A-shares, industry insiders recommend that investors pay attention to four types of companies. 1. Manufacturers that focus on the field of home-school interaction, have the channel advantage of going deep into schools and parents, and are expected to form cooperation with content manufacturers in the future, such as Extension Information. 2. Participate in the informatization construction of the Education Bureau and the school, from B2B to companies that are gradually transforming to B2C, including Tianyu Information, Lisichen, Warburg Pincus, etc. 3. Companies based on educational software, such as Fangzhi Technology. 4. Companies that provide technical support such as voice and video tools, such as iFlytek, etc.

Q2:: Which Chinese educational institutions are listed companies?

There are 11 Chinese education companies listed in the United States, with a total market value of approximately US$7 billion. Among the 11 listed companies, in addition to Xueda Education and Noah, there are 9 companies including Hongcheng Education, Sunway Education, China Education Group, Zhengbao Distance Education, Global World, New Oriental, Xueersi, Ambow Education, and ATA. Carrying out online education business, and covering areas such as childcare education, entrance examination guidance, language training, online higher education, vocational certification training, corporate E-learning and online education services.

1. "Xueda Education" focuses on the cultivation of students' learning ability and the guidance of subject knowledge, regards the quality of teaching as life, and is deeply recognized by students and parents , Word of mouth, has become the country's largest chain of personalized education institutions. Xueda Education has won the trust of thousands of parents and students by improving students' academic performance and stimulating their interest in learning.

New Oriental Group was developed from Beijing New Oriental School founded by Yu Minhong [1] on November 16, 1993. The group takes language training as its core and owns Short-term language training system, vocational education system, basic education system, cultural communication system, science and technology industry system, consulting service system, development research system and other development platforms. It is a large-scale integrated education training, educational product research and development, and educational services. Comprehensive education technology group.

Noah Boat is an educational auxiliary electronic product similar to a tablet computer. It is a "cloud learning" technology platform and application terminal. The purpose is to reduce the burden on students' learning.

As a well-known brand in China's education industry, Noah Zhou completed the spin-off of the traditional electronic education product business in June 2011, focusing on providing quality preschool education for children and young people aged 2-18 , Basic education and supplementary education. With advanced educational management concepts, Noah Boat integrates advanced educational resources and methods at home and abroad to stimulate students' learning potential.

Provide students and parents with the highest quality educational services, and cultivate talents with international competitiveness. On January 10, 2018, the TOP3 brand in the C-NPS home appliance and information communication product industry in 2018: Noah Zhou won the first place in learning aids with 66 points.

Q3:: What are the educational companies listed on the domestic A-share market?

The listed companies that really can be regarded as education, should be Xin Nanyang (600661) and Fangzhi Technology (300235). Others like Qixin Stationery (002301) selling stationery, Times Publishing (600551) selling textbooks, Tianzhou Culture (300148), Qunxing Toys (002575) selling toys, Huawei Group (002502), selling animation peripherals (002292) ) Waiting can only be regarded as rubbing.

Q4:: Which Chinese educational institutions are listed companies?

New Oriental, Xueersi, AMB Education, Sunway Education, Xueda Education, ATA, Hongcheng Education, Zhengbao Distance Education, Noah Boat. A total of nine. It turned out that there was a global world, namely Global IELTS, but it was later acquired by Pearson Investment Group and delisted. Global IELTS should have been listed on NASDAQ at the time, but it is not certain. The others should be on the New York Stock Exchange. China Education Group was also delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.
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Q5:: What are the top ten educational institutions in China

China's top ten educational institutions:

The first one, New Oriental Education Group:

New Oriental, full name Beijing New Oriental Education Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, is the largest comprehensive education group and also an education training group. The company's business includes foreign language training, elementary and middle school basic education, preschool education, online education, overseas consulting, book publishing and other fields.

In addition to New Oriental, there are also sub-brands such as Youneng Middle School Education, Bubble Children's Education, Future Overseas Consulting, Xuncheng Online Education, Dayu Culture Publishing, Starry Star Parent-child Education, and Tongwen College Entrance Examination Repetition. The company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2006 and was the first educational institution in Mainland China to be listed in the United States.

The second one, Anbo Education Group:

Anbo Education Continuous For many years, it has been praised as China's top ten education service brands by domestic authoritative media such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, "People's Daily", Xinhua News Agency, etc., and was named "21 Stars of China's Most Growing Enterprises" by "China Entrepreneur" magazine. "Business Weekly" was named "China's 100 Fast" company for three consecutive years.

In 2007 and 2008, AMB Education received investment of 54 million U.S. dollars and 103 million U.S. dollars, respectively, creating the highest level of private education financing in my country. On August 5, 2010, AMB Education successfully landed on the New York Stock Exchange.

The third one, Xueda Education Group:

Xueda Education Group (NYSE: XUE) "Xueda Education" was founded in September 2001 and headquartered in Beijing. It has always focused on using high-quality educational resources and advanced information technology to serve China's education Service area.

Is currently the leader of personalized education in China. It has opened 408 personalized learning centers in 77 cities and has more than 16,000 employees across the country, including more than 8,000 full-time teachers.

Fourth, Global IELTS Education:

Global IELTS is affiliated In the Global World Education Technology Group, Global IELTS School was established in 2001. In 19 years, he focused on languages ​​abroad, mainly engaged in IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, AP, ACT, international high school courses, study tours and other businesses. More than 500 test training centers have been set up in 183 cities across the country, and the IELTS teaching and training curriculum system that influences China has been developed. The teachers are abundant and the teaching results are remarkable.

In September 2006, it received hundreds of millions of investment from Softbank SAIF Fund to form Global Education & Technology Co, Ltd. It was successfully listed in the United States on October 8, 2010, with the stock code GEDU.

The fifth, Dane Education:

Established in 2007 In the year, it was invested by IDG, an international data group from the United States., AsiaInfo, Huawei, Neusoft, UFIDA and other internationally renowned IT company technical backbone, overseas students and Canadian professional and technical personnel founded. The introduction of North American IT technology, combined with the current situation of Chinese IT companies, customized training of high-end IT talents.

Dedicated to training and delivering middle and senior software talents based on Unix/Linux platform, Oracle large-scale relational database, IP network protocol, Web and enterprise-level applications for middle and high-end IT companies. Dane Technology Group has been successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States on April 3, 2014 (stock code TEDU).

The sixth, Zhengbao Distance Education Group:

Founded in 2000, China Distance Education Holdings Ltd CDEL is a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, a high-tech enterprise in Beijing, and a UNESCO pilot project for technical and vocational education and training in China .

Approved by the Ministry of Education, we carry out online education for multiple industries and fields throughout the year, and provide a series of products for remote multimedia online education platform.

Seventh, Beida Jade Bird:

Peking University Jade Bird APTECH was established in 1999, relying on Peking University's high-quality and strong educational resources and background, adhering to the development philosophy of "education changes life", and has been committed to cultivating China's IT skilled talents.

Beijing University Jade Bird has realized the large-scale development of the system based on perfect standardized management. More than 200 authorized training centers are located in more than 60 important cities across the country, and there are more than 600 cooperative colleges and universities across the country, with more than 10,000 Well-known enterprises have established strategic partnerships, and accumulated more than 800,000 IT professional talents to enter the IT industry, which has been recognized by all sectors of society.

In January 2010, it was awarded the "Most Influential IT Training Brand for the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China" by In January 2015, Beida Jade Bird APTECH was once again awarded the "Double Excellent Brand of Quality Assurance, Customer Satisfaction" by the China Consumer Protection Foundation.

The eighth, Hongcheng Education Group:

Founded in 1999, Hongcheng Education Group is the first institution in China to engage in online higher education services. Over the years, relying on the advantages in educational services, educational technology, and educational resources.

The group's business covers all stages of school age and various forms of education, providing all-round education services from primary and secondary education to higher education, from academic education to non-academic education, and from school education to online education.

The ninth, education in the era of Mars:

Beijing era of Mars Technology Co., Ltd., whose predecessor "Wang Qi Computer Animation Studio" was established in 1993, is one of the earliest companies that entered the field of computer animation in China.

Its independent well-known brand "Martian" series of CG teaching materials, since its establishment in 1997, has a history of more than ten years and enjoys a high reputation in the industry. At present, it is a large-scale animation enterprise integrating physical training, online education, book publishing, and network media.

Tenth, Zhong Gong Education:

Zhong Gong Education was founded in In 1999, the company was headquartered in Beijing; since its inception, Zhong Gong Education has developed from an information technology and education service organization founded by graduates of Peking University into a comprehensive enterprise group in the education service industry.

A collection of education and teaching research, pre-examination training, public examination counseling books, audio-visual, network, teaching materials, etc. A knowledge industry entity integrating product editing, publishing, and distribution.

Q6:: What are the top ten educational institutions in China?

Huatu, New Oriental, Xueersi, AMB, Xueda, Global IELTS, CCP

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