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A cup of tea holds up a market value of 30 billion. Why does Nayue become the "first share of tea in the world"?

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● Author | Li Dawei source | Internet brand official

Regarding the news of the new tea brand listing, It’s been heard one after another.

A few days ago

Days ago, Naxue’s tea was officially listed and became the “first share of tea in the world”. The IPO price was 19.80 Hong Kong dollars per share, with a market value of 34 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Naixue’s tea was established in 2015 and was selected as one of the “Top Ten Tea Brands in China” in 4 years , As of now, it has opened more than 560 directly-operated stores in more than 70 cities in China and Osaka, Japan. From 2018 to 2020, revenue has grown steadily, reaching 1.087 billion yuan, 2.502 billion yuan and 3.057 billion yuan, respectively, with a compound annual growth rate of 67.7 %.

The most important thing is that, as the leading brand of new tea drinks, Nayuki's tea is not only the darling of capital, but also the "white moonlight" in the hearts of young people.

As the pioneer of high-end freshly-made tea drinks, why can Nayuki's tea rush the market? Naxue’s tea founder,

How to create the world’s first tea drink by "a cup of good tea and a soft European bag"? [Internet Brand Official] Walk into Nayuki's tea through an exclusive interview and reveal the more real Nayuki!

"A cup of good tea and a bite of soft European bag" p>

Create a dual-category model and create a better life

In the phenomenon of young people’s consumption, I found one very interesting thing, that is, more than a dozen audio members Reluctant to open it, but a cup of fresh fruit tea for 20 to 30 yuan, I bought it without thinking, and even queued up to buy it.


For young people, fresh fruit tea is not just a simple drink. It carries the young people's pursuit of a better lifestyle and shows the young people's attitude toward living out of themselves.

Based on the consumption insights of young people, Naxue’s tea positions itself as a high-end freshly made tea brand. The slogan "Two Kinds of Goodness" hopes to bring a good experience to our customers.

Naixue’s tea created a dual-category model of "tea + soft European buns" with "a cup of good tea and soft European buns", which extended the consumption scene of tea, and launched fresh fruit tea and fresh milk tea. , Cold brewed tea and various soft European bags and other products. This creates differentiated brand symbols, giving consumers a strong memory point.

In addition to creating new categories, Nayuki has also taken a differentiated route in terms of product ingredients and consumer experience .

In the interview, Nayuki's tea-related person in charge especially emphasized Nayuki's high-end freshly made tea brand image. High-end is not a slogan, but at the product level. Nixue replaces syrup with fresh fruits, replaces tea powder with high-quality tea, replaces creamer with fresh milk, adheres to a lower-sugar formula, and makes creative teas with high-quality ingredients to gain the trust and trust of customers. Recognized.

In addition, Naixue’s tea location is mainly located in the core of the city’s high-end commercial center, and provides An experience space full of design and social sense, as well as a multi-themed scene space. For example, the "Gifts of Nayuki" shop where member interaction and new retail attributes have first appeared, and then to the "Drink tea and bags during the day, and enjoy the wine in the evening" Nay Xue restaurant BlaBlaBar, and the world's first multi-scene flagship store Nayuki DreamWorks, and Nayuki's tea PRO, which is stationed in the business and social area, Nayuki has launched a variety of experiments in the scene.

Through the wonderful experience of consumption scenes, we have stepped out of a development route of high-end ready-made tea, breaking the past limitation of the tea market to low and middle schools. The inherent cognition of high-end brands is not only the success of brand innovation, but also the success of the high-end of new tea brands.

With unique culture and art

Unleash the charm of the brand and deeply link young people

I have to say that Naixue’s tea is a brand rich in explosive products. Even though all kinds of new tea shops have been spread all over the streets, there are still many people who are willing to line up for a cup of tea in Nayuki for hours; every time Nayuki produces a new product, it will attract many big fans. Check in one after another.

However, the product boom is not only based on the appearance and taste, but also the tea from Nay Xue Unique brand culture and artistic atmosphere.

Nayuki's brand vision is "to be an innovator and promoter of tea culture to the world".

When talking about how to deeply link young people, Nayuki said that Nayuki will build a unique brand culture through representative brand projects, leading and satisfying their deep emotional needs, through empathy To obtain brand value recognition, on the one hand, seize the minds of users, and on the other hand consolidate the brand's moat.

For example, last year, Naxue and the global creative wind direction design magazine "BranD" jointly launched a magazine, the magazine contains a booklet similar to the style of tea bags, the user can tear off the beer line Unlock new publications, which include tea history, spiritual culture, art illustrations, etc., and the co-branded bookstore moved into the Naxue store to deeply bind the tea culture and artistic connotation with the brand.

For Continuing to release the charm of the brand, Nayuki also embarked on the road of creating artistic IP.

The "Nayuki CUP Art Museum" project created by Nayuki, from the stunning appearance of the first "Being a cat" theme exhibition to the second "Chinese New Year Lucky Beast Exhibition" is full of style , To the warm power of the third phase of the "Hug Plan", the fourth phase of the "New Year's Eve Exhibition", and to the latest two phases of the "Nian Taste Cup" and the "Hand in Hand Cup", the CUP Art Museum Project has become Nayuki's tea Iconic brand IP,

Through this brand IP, we will continuously output artistic creations, continue to engage in spiritual dialogue with users, and generate value resonance.

In addition, Nayuki also launched the "Chinese Tea·Beauty Fuxin" project that inherits the tea culture, the "Beautiful Self-Power" that records brand power and a bit of beauty, and the "Promising Youth· "Read the newspaper and drink tea" as a series of high-quality cross-border projects.

Through brand projects, we will continue to build the artistic and tea cultural value of the brand and deeply link young people , Forming a unique existence in their minds.

"Long-termism + high-quality" strategy

Building barriers to product competition and stimulating vitality

Any marketing and brand culture must all return to the product itself. This is the source of brand life and the foundation of survival.

In the current new tea industry, product homogeneity is becoming more and more serious. How to build product competition barriers through innovative and high-quality products and services is still the focus of competition among enterprises.

When talking about how to break through the problem of product homogeneity, Nayuki's answer is to adhere to high quality and long-termism, continue to optimize product services and consumer experience, and maintain the uniqueness of products and services Sex and stability. At the same time, Naixue strives to implement the brand vision of "being an innovator and promoter of tea culture to the world" through all-round efforts in product development, space creation, supply chain optimization, and digital construction.

At the end of the supply chain, in order to ensure the high-quality and stable supply of raw materials, Naxue has cooperated with more than 250 Well-known raw material suppliers have established partnerships, and evenTea plantations, orchards and gardens have been built in many places.

On the product side, we insist on creating and enriching core hot products. Up to now, Naixue’s core tea menu has more than 25 classic teas and more than 25 bakery products.

In order to maintain the freshness of the products, we also continue to innovate around the core menu. On average, about one new tea drink is launched every week, and about 60 new seasonal products have been launched since 2018. On the one hand, it meets the diversified and personalized taste needs of young people, and on the other hand, it provides a sense of existence for the brand.

So far, Naixue has created three classic product lines: domineering fresh fruit tea, treasure fresh milk tea, and cold brew tea. Combining seasons and hot spots, Nayuki also created fruit milk tea, bubble tea and other categories. This year, it is called the "explosive model maker" by virtue of the explosive product of the domineering jade oil orange. At the same time, in the new retail area, Naixue's Tea has launched tea gift boxes, snacks, ready-to-drink tea beverages and other products to meet the differentiated needs of customers.

In the era of tea 3.0

Nay Xue fully embraces digitization

At present, the new tea drinks have gone through the two stages of "Raw Material Iteration" 1.0 and "Category Integration and Multi-Scenario" 2.0, and formally entered the "digitalization" 3.0 period.

In the new era, the digital form of business integration and scene interweaving will become the mainstream of the new tea beverage industry. For new tea beverage brands, it will be a node of rapid growth and transformation.

As we all know, the new tea industry has a large number of entrants and competition is fierce. How to break a bloody road in this red sea will test the efficiency of the company's operation and the ability of brand management.

From the construction of the consumption scene to the marketing gameplay, Nayuki embraces digitalization in an all-round way.

In the construction of consumer scenes, Naixue’s tea has formed a digital matrix such as small program ordering, third-party takeaway platforms, WeChat mall, live broadcast, Tmall flagship store, etc., online and online The downward consumption scene is accelerating the integration, and the whole scene and the whole population are maximized to reach consumers, in order to deal with the current media and channel fragmentation.

Whether it is offline or online, brands have entered the era of traffic inventory competition, and customer acquisition costs It is becoming more and more expensive. Regarding how to achieve private domain traffic acquisition and conversion at low cost, Nai Xue said that in addition to creating marketing activities on various social media platforms such as WeChat, Xiaohongshu and Weibo to attract consumers, A membership system will also be built in self-operated mini-programs to obtain private domain traffic, which is also inseparable from Nayuki's insistence on deepening digital operations.

At the end of 2019, Naxue began to build a membership system, which closed the entire membership system through multiple functions such as membership points, shopping malls, coupon packages, e-cards, and ordering. Up to now, the number of Naxue members has exceeded 35 million, online order revenue accounted for nearly 70%, and orders for self-operated mini programs (private domain traffic) have grown rapidly.

At the front end, technology empowers store operations and greatly improves operational efficiency. Naixue uses digital tools and methods such as small program ordering and mobile payment to enhance user experience and improve user access channels. It is precisely because of the early deployment of digitalization that Nayuki can quickly return to blood after experiencing the impact of the epidemic.

In addition, it has also continuously unlocked new digital marketing and new ways of playing. It has successively cooperated with Wei Ya and Luo Yonghao to sell 140,000 cups of tea in 3 seconds, and 100,000 cards in sales of nearly 10 million. . In 2020, Naxue's tea participated in the "Double Eleven" event for the first time, and its online sales exceeded 10 million.


What can make a brand An amazing idea and a hot product.

Through interviews, we have a deep understanding of the new business play and marketing logic behind Nayuki’s success. Not only do we seize the new tea drink through dual-category innovation and high-end positioning, but also through co-branding and IP creation, we continue to accumulate the brand Cultural and artistic connotation. This is precisely where Nayuki has the confidence to win the "first wave of new tea".

At the same time, we have also seen that Nayuki embraces digitalization in an all-round way, and welcomes the next decade of new tea with a brand-new attitude. This is where the imagination of Nayuki and the whole new tea drink lies! And Nayuki's listing is also the best time for tea culture to export to the world.

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