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Munich Safety Index: It is not the United States that is most afraid of the rise of China, and the attitude of the Chinese has changed drastically

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In recent years, the game between China has become increasingly fierce. The United States has used military, economic, technological and other hard means to confront China with only one purpose, to suppress and contain China’s rise and maintain its dominant position. In the context of this fierce game, many people think that the United States is the country most afraid of the rise of China. However, the authoritative release of the Munich Security Index recently shows that it is not the United States that is most afraid of the rise of China.

The latest security index released by the Munich Security Conference, which focuses on global security policy issues, shows that the rise of China and the threats involved People in different countries around the world feel very different. The "Munich Security Index" is a statistical index that shows respondents' subjective perception of a certain threat from 0-100. The respondents are mainly from the G7 and BRIC countries. The report shows that German people believe that the risks and threats brought by China's rise are low, with an index value of 45 points, which is lower than that of other European countries. In addition, the French people's assessment of China's risks and threats is 49 points, and the Russian people's score is 21 points. Unexpectedly, the Japanese were most worried about China's rise at the top of the list, while the United States ranked second.

But for the Chinese, this result is not surprising. Because the Chinese know how many bad things they have done best, it is normal for them to fear that with a guilty conscience. And judging from a series of recent actions by Japan, Japan is indeed more anxious than the United States. Many people think that it is the Americans who have tied Japan to Japan, but to a large extent, Japan is leading the United States in its anti-China policy.

During this period alone, Japan successively signed joint declarations with the United States, Europe, and Australia to contain China, mentioning the Taiwan Strait issue It also strengthened military cooperation, and also brought in Canada, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other countries outside the Indo-Pacific region to serve as their fortresses in the Indo-Pacific region. When warships and planes of these countries provoke at the gates of China, most of them start, transit or deploy from Japanese bases. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga even kept talking with China's neighboring countries to play up the China threat theory. More insidiously, Japanese media recently revealed that the United States and Japan are lobbying everywhere in an attempt to turn the G7 into an anti-China group. Not only at the official level, there have been authoritative polls showing that Japanese people’s favorability towards China has dropped to a record low of 10%.

In fact, due to many disasters, small land area, and lack of resources, Japan has always had a sense of anxiety and advocated expansion. Doctrine has been coveted by China for a long time. Even if the current strength is not enough, we still have to pull other developed countries to join the Indo-Pacific to spoil the situation and relive its old dream of the "Eight-Power Allied Forces." The reason why they worry about China's rise is because of their guilty conscience and fear that China will settle the old accounts, and also worry that its position in Asia will be weakened and its living space will be reduced. For this eye-catching neighbor, never let your guard down.

It is worth noting that the Munich Safety Index found a huge change in the attitude of the Chinese people. For the Chinese respondents, the United States ranked first on the threat list with 44 points, while the EU scored only 28. The interpretation of the report shows that China's risk awareness is lower than that of other parts of the world. This may be a sign of the Chinese people's confidence in their own national strength. The Chinese people firmly believe that their country is ready to deal with risks. (A Dream)

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