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In the global soft power index rankings in 2021, the United States has dropped from first to sixth. What is China's ranking?

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According to a report from the World Wide Web, the 2021 Global Soft Power Index ranking list has now been officially made public. Among them, the United States has dropped from the first position to the sixth, which is unavoidable. In fact, the reason why the United States faced such a result is still due to the serious impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. However, it is not only the United States that is falling in the rankings, but also China. That being the case, how much does China rank?

Global Soft Power Index

According to the "2021 Global According to the ranking of the “Soft Power Index”, in the results of this survey, Germany ranks first in the ranking, the United States ranks sixth, and China ranks eighth. So what does the so-called global soft power index mean? In fact, this is a groundbreaking field investigation and research activity, which is mainly aimed at a relatively broad research project. In order to ensure the absoluteness of the data, the work of this survey is very cautious, involving hundreds of countries and regions, including experts in many fields.

Through the enumeration of dozens of indicators and the comparison of performance in the entire new crown pneumonia epidemic, this data was finally obtained. Therefore, according to the normal situation, and the ranking that China finally occupies, it will still make people feel a little surprised. After all, in any case, China was ranked fifth before this. With the implementation of various advantages, not only did the ranking have not risen, but there has also been a contradiction in decline, which really has to attract attention.

In response, the CEO of the consulting company said that although there are many problems in China, the West The media has launched a series of criticisms, but these criticisms will not really have any adverse effects on developing countries. What people should realize is that China is indeed a very strong country with very strong soft power among the entire ranks of developing countries. Nothing more than the influence of any factor, China's strength has always been demonstrated.

The interviewees who participated in this survey all expressed their thoughts and cognitions about some countries from their own perspective, involving familiarity, national influence, cultural traditions and media It will be rated to a certain degree on various aspects such as communication. Although in the long-lasting process, many Western countries have made many bad actions towards developing countries, developing countries still responded positively to China's support in all aspects. China has been paying great attention to economic copy and paste and hard power accumulation for a long time. Now, China is gradually shifting its focus to soft power. This point deserves to be taken seriously.

The index ranking is controversial

As a world-recognized On the soft power index rankings, the status of the United States has not improved, it has clearly declined. Faced with such a situation, it can be clearly felt that the status of the United States is declining particularly fast. Up to now, the United States has become the country with the fastest rate of decline in rankings, which is unavoidable. Of course, what is even more surprising is that Germany has always been in the first place. Germany's score this time is 62.2 points, ranking first and becoming a recognized soft power superpower.

After Germany, Japan is ranked second. Although it is not as good as Germany, Japan also relies on this advantage It has become the highest ranked country in Asia. Next are the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden and other countries, which have entered the top ten in the world. Contrary to the situation in the United States, New Zealand has become the fastest-improving country, rising from the initial ranking to the current sixteenth place, and this fully reflects New Zealand's outstanding performance during the epidemic.

Australia is ranked tenth on the index list this time, compared to last year’s situation A clear rise. But in the case of Australia, part ofResearchers cannot express direct recognition. Experts have pointed out that the so-called soft power of a country does not refer to hard power after all. This has certain effects on all aspects. But what people know is that it is not easy to really balance this point!

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