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A Review of the Main Points of the Shanghai Finance iMBA Open Class--In-depth analysis of the current situation of the US stock market

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Subsequently, Professor Dague systematically analyzed the impact of major international events in 2016 on the stock market. "In 2016, Brexit and the US presidential election caused strong turbulence in the global financial market. At the end of the year, all major US indexes had risen sharply." In addition, oil and gas extraction, continued global economic growth, inflation, The increase in interest rates are also economic factors affecting the stock market in 2016. Regarding the speed and trajectory of economic growth in the future, Professor Dague predicted that “the main driving force of economic growth in 2017 will begin to shift from consumer spending to industry, capital, and government spending. We will see many positive signs with some uncertainties. And headwind."

Finally, Professor Robert Daniel Dague gave a brief introduction on the diversified emerging markets and equity investment methods in the United States. Overview. "In the United States, individual shares, exchange-traded funds, and mutual funds are the three ways of equity investment." Professor Dague suggested that everyone choose investment methods diversified and flexible.

In the interactive session, iMBA2015 alumni Wu Qian shared her gains during the iMBA program, especially when she went to the main campus of the United States The impact of exchange learning on individuals. In order to go to the United States to exchange, she quit her job in the bank. Wu Qian believes that "the most exciting part of life lies in the uncertainty of the future." Her exchange learning experience has made students have great interest in the iMBA program. The iMBA program Teacher Li Cong from the Admissions Office responded to everyone's call and gave a detailed introduction to the iMBA project, and communicated with students on issues such as curriculum settings, material preparation, and scholarship application conditions.

Through this open class, students have a profound understanding of the iMBA program’s classroom, faculty and international teaching mode Experience and have a great interest in the exchange study at Webster University in the United States. I look forward to helping myself improve my personal competitiveness in the workplace through the study of the iMBA program.

iMBA Program

The Shangcai iMBA Program (i.e. the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics-Webster University co-organizes the international MBA program), founded in 1996, It is one of the earliest Sino-foreign cooperative degree education programs approved by the Ministry of Education, and has enrolled students for 21 consecutive years. The American application system is adopted, and the project enrolls students independently. There is no need to participate in the national joint examination. The comprehensive quality, management experience and English application ability of the students are comprehensively assessed, and the best admission is selected. The project adopts the credit system, no dissertation writing, after graduation, he obtained an MBA degree in the United States and the authority certification of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

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