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Fake Putin lied to the world for six years, and many airlines canceled free meals for ordinary tickets

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According to "Worker Daily" reports, recently, Tianjin Airlines, Lucky Air, China United, Spring Airlines, West Air and many other airlines have cancelled free meals and drinks for regular tickets. Tianjin Airlines stated that in addition to the exclusive economy class, passengers in other economy class will no longer enjoy free meals. It is said that simply cancelling the provision of free meals on the plane can save Tianjin Airlines at least more than 200 million yuan each year.


October P2P online loan transaction volume is the lowest in the past three years

October P2P online loan transaction volume was 102.267 billion yuan, the lowest since August 2015. The highest transaction volume of P2P online loans was in July 2017. In 2017, after the rectification of online lending platforms and the introduction of regulatory policies, the transaction volume gradually decreased.


He Jiankui in the eyes of the storm of public opinion strong>

CCTV News reported that Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Executive Vice Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, accepted an interview with a reporter from the Central Station on the issue of "gene-edited babies". The nature of the incident was extremely bad. Misconduct that seriously violated scientific research ethics and ethics should be dealt with with a "zero tolerance" attitude, and He Jiankui's qualification for participating in the 15th "China Youth Science and Technology Award" was cancelled. Xu Nanping, a member of the party group and deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said in an interview with a CCTV reporter today that the Ministry of Science and Technology is firmly opposed to the gene-edited baby incident and has taken action to suspend the scientific and technological activities of relevant personnel.



Released the "Seven Points for Science and Technology Investment" and Wuhan builds a core bearing area for science and technology innovation

Wuhan Donghu High-tech Zone recently released the "Policy List for Increasing Investment in Science and Technology and Improving Innovation Capability" ", including the establishment of a stable growth mechanism of financial investment in science and technology, and support for the construction of a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform. The list is clear. The core bearing area of ​​the "Optics Valley Science and Technology Innovation Corridor" will be planned and constructed, and a number of major scientific and technological innovation platforms will be concentrated. The highest support will be given to the R&D investment of the National Technology Innovation Center, the National Industrial Innovation Center, and the National Manufacturing Innovation Center. Up to 100 million yuan.


Multi-ministerial joint adjustment of cross-border e-commerce retail import policies

The Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration of Taxation, and the State Administration for Market Supervision issued the "Notice on Improving the Supervision of Cross-border E-commerce Retail Imports." According to the "Notice", the cross-border e-commerce retail import policy will be adjusted from January 1, 2019: the single transaction limit for cross-border e-commerce retail imports will be increased from RMB 2,000 to RMB 5,000, and the annual transaction limit will be increased. Increase from RMB 20,000 to 26,000.


Resident ID cards will achieve more The best shot, it can be retaken three times

Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Security held a press conference with the theme of informing the Ministry of Public Security to focus on launching deepening public security management" deregulation "Services" reform six measures to facilitate the people and benefit the people, of which Article 5 provides convenient services for the people to apply for resident ID cards and residence permits. In the future, the national identity cardPhotos are "optimized for multiple shots." If the masses are not satisfied with the photos taken on the resident ID card, they can apply to take another photo three times, and the satisfactory photos can be selected.



Fake Putin lied to the world for six years

IT House reported that there is an account on Twitter called @putinRF _ eng with more than 1 million followers. Twitter issued a statement on the 28th that it has frozen the account because it pretended to be the Twitter account of President Putin. It has been 6 years since this account was registered.

Twitter issued a statement on the 28th, stating that “according to a valid report we received from Russian officials, we have frozen this fake account”. It is reported that this Twitter account disguised as President Putin has attracted more than 1 million followers since registration, and has posted very convincing and authentic-looking tweets. Some officials even repeatedly quoted these unsubstantiated claims when referring to Putin. President Putin, 66, said this year, "I don't have a smartphone," and reiterated that he does not have any social media accounts.


Saudi Arabia stated that it will not reduce production on its own in order to stabilize the market

Saudi Energy Minister Falih said on Wednesday that Saudi Arabia will not reduce production on its own in order to stabilize the market. The negative economic outlook pushed oil prices to fall below US$60 per barrel from US$85 per barrel in October, prompting the international community to expect Saudi Arabia to cut production sharply. However, Saudi Arabia has once again been pressured by US President Trump due to the murder of a journalist, saying that only when OPEC allies act together, they will consider reducing production.


Asia’s economic growth is generally weak strong>

The economic growth of Asian countries "collectively downgrades." Among ASEAN countries, Malaysia’s GDP in the third quarter increased by 4.4% year-on-year in real terms, which was lower than the 5.4% in the first quarter and 4.5% in the second quarter. The Philippines’ economy in the third quarter grew by 6.1% year-on-year, which was lower than the 6.6% and 6.2% in the first and second quarters of this year. The economic data released by the Bank of Korea showed that the year-on-year growth rate in the third quarter of this year was 2.0%, the lowest value in 9 years.


The number of elderly people living alone in large cities in Japan is increasing rapidly

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun found that eight regions including Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Chiba in the three major cities In the following 15 years, it has increased by 2.1 times, reaching 2.89 million people. In 2015, it exceeded 10% of all households for the first time. The latest 2015 census showed that the number of singles over 65 in Japan increased by 90% compared with 2000, reaching 5.93 million.

Investment and Finance


Big Data +AI technology provider "Percent" has received 500 million yuan in E round financing

Percent Information Technology announced that it has received 500 million yuan in E round financing. Operational investment funds led the investment, and many investment institutions such as Guangfa Qianhe, Silk Road Huachuang, Haitong Creative and other investment institutions followed the investment. In addition, Percent also announced the establishment of a cognitive intelligence laboratory and released version 2.0 of the AI ​​decision-making system DeepMatrix. Percent is an enterprise-level big data + AI technology and product provider.


Baimi Life received RMB 100 million yuan and above in Series B financing

Baimi Life recently received over 100 million yuan in Series B financing, invested by Beijing Shengquan Investment Management Center . Baimi Life is a service platform that provides community-based O2O e-commerce by providing free commercial WiFi.


Jinfang Medicine receives 120 million yuan A round of financing

Jinfang Pharmaceutical recently announced that it has received 120 million yuan in Series A financing, led by Huiqiao Capital, Sinopharm Capital, CSPC Co-investment; The last round of investors Honghui Capital, Qianlong Yuhan, and Taifu Capital also participated in this round of co-investment. This round of financing is mainly used to promote the company's first clinical trial of innovative small molecule tumor immune drugs.

1993-Russia formally abolished the Soviet Union's national emblem and sickle and hammer flag

On November 30, 1993, Russia formally abolished the Soviet Union's national emblem and the sickle and hammer flag. The flag of the Soviet Union is a red flag with a crossed sickle and hammer and a red star with gold rim painted on the upper left corner. The sickle and the hammer symbolize the union of the working class and peasant class that make up the country, and the red star represents the leadership of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The first Soviet flag was enacted on November 12, 1923. In 1955, the length of the handle of the hammer and the shape of the sickle were adjusted. On August 15, 1980, the Brezhnev government again revised the flag: the color of the flag was strengthened and brightened. Until December 26, 1991, this flag has been the flag of the Soviet Union.


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