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Putin era is about to end? Russia’s political arena has changed a lot, Putin’s true heir is about to debut

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Since entering the Kremlin in 2000,

Putin has led the Russian people through 20 springs and autumns.

He is the only one in the world who is respected by the people. The leader of "The Great",

He just took over the decadent and chaotic Soviet "remains" in Yeltsin's hands,

built him into the world's second most powerful "combat" power. .

When U.S. President Biden took office with sleepy eyes,

68-year-old Putin celebrated the traditional Orthodox holiday- -Epiphany,

Wear only swimming trunks up and down, in the Russian outdoor ice pool at minus 14 degrees,

Three in and three out, and look as usual, in sharp contrast with the "Sleep King".

But unfortunately, the hero will eventually be late.

Until Putin’s presidency ends in 2024, there is nothing left. It's three years.

Although the emperor signed the presidential term bill this year,

as long as he personally wishes, after his term of office in 2024, He can be re-elected for two terms.

People in Russia have also expressed their willingness to support Putin.

But the emperor born in 1952, if he is re-elected until 2036,

will become one of the few in the world Many overage heads.

For this reason, choosing a suitable successor is Putin’s current top priority.

In the current Russian political arena, which candidates have entered the eyes of the Great Emperor?

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On the question of "Who is Putin's successor",

There are different opinions from the outside world, but three people have the highest voice:

The first candidate is Russia’s shadow president: Medvedev

Putin and Medvedev have always been gold in the political arena Partner,

The two have supported each other for more than ten years and are inseparable.

They were all Sobchak’s capable men on the campaign trail,

After his mentor was successfully elected mayor of St. Petersburg,


Putin became the deputy mayor, and Medvedev became an expert in external liaison.

But in 1996, after Sobchak’s second election failed, the team was forced to disband,

The two They also went their separate ways, and did not meet again until Putin announced his participation in the presidential campaign.

Medvedev was invited to come to help and remove political obstacles for good brothers.

Not only did the two have a good personal relationship, they also helped each other in the unpredictable political arena:

In 2008, Limited by law, Putin, who has been re-elected for two terms as President,

Nominate Medvedev as the third President of the Russian Federation,

And he became the Prime Minister of Russia, as a teammate to cooperate.

But even so, the possibility of Medvedev ascending the presidency again is slim.

As early as January 15 last year, Medvedev announced the news of the resignation of the entire Russian government

Putin unexpectedly quickly accepted the application for resignation,

and transferred him to the newly established Russian Vice Chairman of the Federal National Security Council.

In addition, Medvedev and Putin’s political actions are inconsistent.

This is also a well-known thing in Russian politics:

Putin's tough style towards the West is incompatible with Medvedev's "pro-Western" attitude.

This also caused him to fall into the dilemma of low poll results.

Get close to the West and accept the results of "peaceful evolution".

In the face of accusations and blockades from European and American countries,

Just now is the only way out,

Blindly begging for mercy and showing weakness will only be slaughtered.

Therefore, Medvedev, whose ruling philosophy and political skills are very different from Putin,

has almost been excluded from the ranks of candidates.

The second candidate is Secretary of Defense Shoigu.

Don’t look at Shoigu’s current situation in Russian politics,

But going back to the root, this defense minister who has the same tough attitude as Putin,

But he is not a native Russian,

His father is a Mongolian and once held important positions in the Soviet Union.

In 1955, Shoygu was born in the Republic of Tuva, and later served as the vice chairman of the Russian Federation Construction Engineering Committee.

In the "819 incident", he, who majored in architecture, strongly supported Yeltsin,

the rescue of his formation The team was also reorganized into a Russian rescue team.

As a result, Shoigu officially embarked on the political road,

Also Became a veteran of the United Russia Party.

After Putin took office, he became the emperor’s right-hand man again,


Successfully replaced the predecessor and reformed the Russian army as the Minister of Defense.

Later, he performed well in the Syrian War and the Recapture of Crimea.

The Minister of Defense is in a pivotal position within Russia’s high-level leadership.

In his hands, he holds the key to nearly a thousand nuclear weapons arsenal. Second only to the president of the country.

Whether in terms of personal achievements or historical status, Shoigu has sufficient qualifications to compete for Russia.

The next president. But the current dilemma he faces is no better than Putin.

Shoigu, born in 1955, is now 66 years old, only three years younger than Putin.

Even if he succeeds in being elected president in 2024,

Because of his age, he can only serve one term in the end.

The third candidate is the governor of Tula Alek Xie Jiu Ming.

He is currently the most likely successor to Putin:

First of all, in terms of age,

1972 Alexei Jiuming was born, now only 48 years old,

Compared with other candidates born in the 1950s and 1960s,

In his prime of life, youth is his greatest political capital.

Followed by his family background and personalSituation:

His father is a Russian major general, and he has a close relationship with the former Minister of Defense.

Born into such a family Alexei Jiuming,

Since childhood, he has inherited his father’s heroic essence and maintained the habit of fitness all the year round.

The first-rate physical quality and strong physique also enable him to cope with all kinds of trivial matters in the country.

The political experience similar to Putin adds to his resume:

Putin is the KGB of the former Soviet Union, and Alexei Jiumin is Is Russia's top secret agent.

After graduation, he was assigned to the Moscow Military District to engage in intelligence work,

Later, he was transferred to the Federal Police Department and the Presidential Security Service.

He became the bodyguard of Russian President Putin who had just taken office.

From 2000 to 2008, Alexei Jiuming has been responsible for the security of the president.

Because of his outstanding performance, he was also appointed by Putin as the head of the Russian Security Service.

In 2014, Alexei Jiuming, deputy director of the Intelligence Bureau of the Russian General Staff,

properly handled the Ukrainian crisis , He not only calmed down the turmoil on the streets of Kiev,

even led the special forces to develop a rescue plan,

Rescued Ukrainian President Yanukovych and sent him safely to Moscow.

Later, Jiu Ming also successfully led the special operation of Crimea’s return to Russia.

In the case of a pawn, he successfully brought the Crimea peninsula into the territory of Russia.

To this end, he was promoted to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia and also won the Russian Medal of Heroes.

Young is certainly his political capital, but it also became his official career. Obstacles,

In order to experience this young man, Putin deliberately transferred him away from the central government,

sent him to Tula State to serve as governor.

The president’s former bodyguard and friend did not live up to Putin’s trust.

Under his leadership, Tula State no matter what Economic development or infrastructure construction,

Both have achieved excellent results, and Alexei Jiuming’s own approval rate has also soared.

As high as 85% or more. It can be seen that he is the best candidate for both political achievements and age.

Whether this fresh blood can be successfully injected into Russia and become a recipe for reappearing its glory in the past,

Time slowly examines.

Of course, in addition to these three candidates, there are also There is no shortage of dark horses.

Alikhanov, nicknamed "Son of Putin", whose father Andrei is Putin's best friend,

In order to temper him, Putin sent him to Kalinin. Gele Oblast, served as governor.

Anyone familiar with Russia’s political and geographic environment knows that,

Kaliningrad is Russia’s face of Western economic sanctions and Under the technology blockade,

The only open state.

This treasure land is a "nail" that Russia has inserted horizontally between the major countries in Western Europe.

Its To the south is the Bode Plain, and to the north are small countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, etc.

Scandinavia, where Sweden and Poland are located, is across the Baltic Sea .

In addition to its special geographical location, Kaliningrad is also Russia’s most important military base.

The significance of geopolitics and battles is extraordinary. Sending Alikhanov as the governor of this state has an extraordinary purpose.

But Alikhanov is only 35 years old now.

The post-80s want to become the president of Russia, there is still a lot to go.

In addition, frequently appearing on diplomatic occasions,

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov, who adheres to a tough foreign policy,

He is also a popular candidate for president.

On his behalf of Russia, in order to fight for national interests,

Active in many events on the world stage,

The most famous is the "hands-and-go event" at the UN Security Council in 2000:

While discussing the issue of the FRY, the delegates at the meeting banned the FRY countries from attending the meeting.

For this reason, Lavrov showed his unique "Lavrov Style":

In a fit of anger, he left the venue without looking back,

The rest of the world was on the venue Looking at each other.

It is precisely his diplomatic style that has won many national interests for Russia.

Unfortunately, this diplomat who resembles Putin, I am 71 years old.

It seems a little impractical to lead Russia to glory at this age.

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