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17 years ago, Russian rich man Abramovich bought Chelsea for 230 million pounds. How much has he made now? _ Tencent

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Football is the most influential sport in the world. Team competitions in the five major European leagues often attract huge attention. This makes many rich people want to get involved in it for profit, but it is not An easy thing, because it is also a very money-burning sport, and the team’s operation is also very complicated, so it is a very lucky thing for a team to meet a rich and willing boss. Today, let’s talk about the story of Abramovich, the big boss of Chelsea in the football circle.

Roman Abramovich was born in 1966. As a Jew, he is very talented in business. At the age of 42 he had assets of 25 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the richest man in Russia and ranking 15th in the world's richest list. And his fate with Chelsea starts in 2003. In the 02-03 season, Abramovich was invited to watch a Premier League Manchester United match as a VIP. The match was very exciting, the fans were passionate, and Abramovich was also full of passion. , So he suddenly had an idea to buy Manchester United. After the game, he got a chance to negotiate with the Manchester United boss through an introduction. However, Manchester United was flourishing at the time and the Manchester United boss was not bad for money, so he directly rejected Abramovich.

Although he failed to buy Manchester United, Abramovich’s idea of ​​acquiring a Premier League team has not changed. Interesting subsequently That happened. At that time, Manchester United CEO Kenyon, who refused Abramovich, moved to Chelsea. Don’t look at Chelsea’s arrogance and arrogance in European football. But at the time, the record was bleak and the debt was heavy. So Kenyon contacted Abramovich. , Ask if you are interested in Chelsea? Abramovich was also very refreshed after getting to know him. In just 30 minutes, he agreed to buy Chelsea for 150 million pounds and repay Chelsea’s debt of up to 80 million pounds, spending a total of 230 million pounds to become the owner of the Premier League team.

But for Abramovich, who is worth up to 28 billion U.S. dollars, it can be said that he bought this team entirely with one voice. Interest, and he spends a lot on the team, after buying Chelsea, Abramovich invested 80 million pounds in the first year to introduce players, as long as he likes a star, he will get this star into the team. In the past 18 years, Abramovich has spent as much as 900 million pounds on buying players and hiring coaches, and another 1.67 billion on wages. In addition to the construction of the stadium, Abramovich’s total expenditure on Chelsea in 18 years is approximately At around 3 billion pounds.

Naturally, the huge investment will also pay off. After Abramovich started Chelsea, he brought 1 17 championship trophies, including two-time UEFA Champions League, 1 UEFA Cup, 5 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, etc., have transformed themselves into a giant club from a gluttonous unit in the past. In 18 years, Chelsea’s profitability has always been among the best in football. The annual dividend is not a small amount. Even if profit and expenditure are tied, according to the latest Forbes news, Chelsea’s current market value has reached 2.2 billion pounds. In terms of the value of the team, Abramovich made 2 billion.

But I believe that for his worth, Abramovich is not what he cares about, what he cares about is that Chelsea can continue To win the championship, it has to be said that the rich are willful. This article is originally published by "Kaima Live", and all kinds of exciting game videos are available. Reprinted without permission is not allowed

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