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Why is the degree of competition between countries far less intense than that of enterprises?

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Only a small country makes a choice, a large country needs all of it

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1. There are currently 5 technical routes for the development of new coronavirus vaccines, all of which are available in China layout. Among them, four routes of vaccines have been approved for marketing, and China's vaccines account for three. Europe and the United States have only selected two of the five technical routes, while China has full coverage to ensure the success of vaccine research and development.

2. China's layout in the new energy field implements a saturation attack strategy, including photovoltaics, wind energy, nuclear power, and hydropower. The track for new energy vehicles is also laid out in an all-round way to ensure that there will be China on the future card tables. The Japanese industry is accustomed to betting unilaterally, and as a result, it has repeatedly bet the future direction of science and technology.

3. China is betting on new energy technologies in an all-round and continuous manner. After 20 years of arduous research, it has finally achieved the world's number one position in both basic technology and applied technology. Europe’s new energy technology has been corrupted by environmentalists, while Japan has clicked the wrong technology tree. In the future, only China and the United States will compete in new energy technology.

4. The short fruits of science and technology have been plucked away, leaving only the hard bones. Only the big countries have the ability to make breakthroughs. The leading technology in the future will only be large countries like China and the United States that have enough manpower, material resources and financial resources to make a full bet. China is three times the size of the United States, and in the future, it must be on China's side.


There are five technical routes for the development of new crown vaccines, and China has a layout

Recently Zhong Nanshan showed off at Versailles:


"Why does China's vaccine development seem to be slower?

Because of the effective prevention and control in China, we have no way to do Phase III clinical trials in China, because there are no more patients, so three Phased clinical trials can only be done abroad."

He revealed at the 2021 undergraduate and graduate graduation ceremony of ShanghaiTech University that
China now has 71 Two vaccines are under development, and nine are in phase III clinical trials. Two of them are approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization and have been included in the emergency use list.

The most noteworthy number is not how many phase III clinical trials there are, but how many are under development.

Let's supplement the data about vaccines in China.

As of the first half of 2021, 13 major new crown vaccines worldwide have been approved for marketing.

These 13 vaccines are mainly divided into four different technical routes:

First Kind, nucleic acid vaccine, also called mRNA vaccine, the representative manufacturers are Pfizer and Modena.

The second type is the adenovirus vector vaccine. The representative manufacturers are Russian Satellite V, British AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson of the United States, and Cansino of China.

The third type is inactivated vaccines. The representative manufacturers are China Kexing, Sinopharm Beisheng Institute, Sinopharm Wuhan Institute, China Kangtai, Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Bharat, India.

The fourth type is a recombinant protein vaccine, which represents China Zhifei.

At present, most of the vaccines in our country are inactivated vaccines., While Europe and the United States fight nucleic acid vaccines and adenovirus vector vaccines.

You might say that if inactivated vaccines do not work, only European and American vaccines will work. What about China?

What a panic, China has a layout in all technical routes for vaccine research and development.

In addition to the four mentioned above, there is also an attenuated influenza virus vector vaccine.

In the early stage of the outbreak, the Ministry of Science and Technology conducted a comprehensive layout of five technical routes.

The British vaccine and the Russian vaccine only choose one of them; the American vaccine covers two of them.

Simply put,
At present, there are five technical routes to develop vaccines in the world, and China is in the process of deploying them. Among them, four technical routes have been used for vaccines. On the market, the Chinese vaccine covers three of them.

Therefore, it is not China, but Europe and the United States that really need to panic, because they only bet on two of the technical routes. Once the virus mutates, Their existing vaccines do not work, they will have no countermeasures.

The research and development of vaccines in China is a saturation attack. "I don't want the number of casualties, I just need Tashan". This is China's strategy to deal with the new crown virus.

"People's Daily" commented on this:

"At the same time, five technical routes are laid out. The goal is very clear, which is to ensure success.

If you compare vaccine research and development to a battle, you need a knife company, a main force, an airborne force...

Different vaccines have different characteristics, give play to different advantages, and create a combination of different organizational systems in cooperation. , The ultimate goal is only one-to capture the'mountain'.

"There are 5 technical routes supported by the emergency research project, and each technical route has 1 Three teams for research and development, each technical route is formed by multiple units, from companies to universities, scientific research institutes to high-level biosafety laboratories, top national academic institutions and high-tech companies in the field of life sciences. Research and development. ”


China’s new energy In the field, the implementation of saturation attack strategy

China is able to do this, I’m really grateful that China is a big country and has enough manpower, material resources and financial resources to do saturation attacks. .

This is not the first time that China has done such a technological research strategy. It has long been familiar with the road.

Friends who follow the stock market will pay attention In the past two years, the new energy sector has risen very fiercely. CATL has become the first share of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in market value, and its founder has surpassed Ma Yun and Ma Huateng to become the richest man in China.

This is due to China’s saturation attack strategy in the field of new energy.

More than a few decades ago, who I don’t know where breakthroughs will be made in the technology of new energy in the future.

If you don’t know, then don’t go. Guess, just bet it.

China is in full bloom in various fields of photovoltaic, wind power, and nuclear power, especially photovoltaic power generation, which has already occupied the world 70% capacity.

In the new energy vehicle track, there were several technical routes of pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen energy at the beginning, and China also laid out on these technical routes at the same time.

Now the situation is gradually becoming clear, pure electric applicationsThis is the mainstream of the future, and new energy car companies such as BYD, Weilai, and Xiaopeng have also emerged from China.

Unlike China’s saturation attack strategy, the Japanese industry is betting one-sidedly. Japanese car companies have developed hydrogen energy vehicles in an all-round way and invested A large number of R&D resources have already formed interest groups internally, and the tail cannot be lost.

You might say, what if new energy vehicles are really hydrogen energy vehicles instead of pure electric vehicles?

Don’t panic, Chinese companies also have a layout in hydrogen energy.

Let’s put it this way, if the future new energy vehicles are pure electric, then China and the United States will compete, and if they are hydrogen energy, then China and Japan will compete .

No matter who you belong to in the future, anyway, there is China at the table.

Japan is also unlucky when it comes to betting on future technology.

In the field of lithography machines used to produce chips, a technical problem encountered in the 1990s was that it was stuck in the 193-nanometer deep ultraviolet light. , Unable to continue to break through.

In order to create a light source with a shorter wavelength, Nikon, the leader in the field of lithography machines at that time, chose a new type of laser, also called "dry engraving method". ", and the little-known Dutch company Asim cooperated with TSMC to develop a "wet engraving method," also called an "immersion" lithography machine.

It turns out that the "wet etching method" has a higher input-output ratio than the "dry etching method". Asim's immersion lithography machine can Seize the market.

When Nikon reacted and began to develop immersion lithography machines, it was technically one or two years behind. In the end, Nikon was left far behind by Asmer, and its market position plummeted. Since then, Japan has lost its right to speak in the chip manufacturing sector.

There has also been a dispute between the plasma line and the LCD line in the television industry.
The television giant Panasonic at the time was betting on plasma, but he did not expect Later, LCD TVs became the mainstream of the market, and Panasonic TVs were completely defeated.

Since the burst of the Japanese real estate bubble in the 1990s, Japan has been slow to climb out. There are also reasons why Japan has been betting on the wrong direction of technology.


Passing through China Betting on all sides and betting for 20 years, the world's first in the new energy industry

To make no mistakes in future technology, don’t guess the future. It's all betting, a saturation attack.

One hundred billion voted here, 100 billion voted there.

In addition to all betting, you must always bet.

The photovoltaic industry is one of China's bets on new energy in the future.

As early as 20 years ago, China was the number one photovoltaic production country, but many people have been criticizing the lack of core technology and high pollution in the production process.

Looking back ten years, we will see in the news media criticism of the photovoltaic industry-blind expansion and serious losses.

As a big country, China, fortunately, there are noises, so you don’t need to listen.

No matter what you say bad about photovoltaics, China will not give up anyway. No matter how much it loses, it will continue to invest in human, material and financial resources.

Beginning last year, the A-share new energy sector has been extremely popular, and the photovoltaic industry has also been favored by the market.

In 2020, China proposed carbon neutrality, the technological basis of which is that China’s new energy industry has finally come out.

After China has been betting all-round, it has been betting for 20 years, and finally ushered in the harvest time.

At present, China ranks first in the world in terms of basic technology and applied technology in the new energy industry.

There is no need to belittle oneself, China is so strong.

New in Europe The energy industry has long been ruined by environmentalists.

Japan clicked the wrong technology tree. There is no way. Small countries can only bet unilaterally. If you make a wrong bet, you will lose the game.

In the field of new energy, China's opponent is only the United States.


Only big countries can fully bet on the future direction of science and technology

As a big country, we are not afraid of wasting manpower, material resources and financial resources, but we are afraid of clicking the wrong technology tree.

Once the science and technology tree is wrongly clicked, it is the beginning of a country's decline.

In the article "China that missed glass, missed the new era," it was mentioned that China chose porcelain between porcelain and glass, but it lacked what modern science needs. Hardware-glass, which leads to the failure of technological breakthroughs.

It is also mentioned in "The Disadvantages of Closed the Doors for Development: Pointing the Wrong Science and Technology Tree, Letting the Chinese Nation Be a Thousand Years Back",
When the Soviet Union was betting on the future of electronic technology, it chose The transistor won, and the U.S. dominated semiconductors and the Internet.

You may be surprised that the Americans are lucky, why every time the major technology of the United States chooses the technology route, they bet on the right, electronic technology bet on transistors, new energy vehicles bet on pure electric, every time Whatever you bet on.

The Americans are lucky, but fortunately it is not what they bet to open, but that they have enough chips to bet everything.

In the face of strength, all card skills are petty.

For large countries like China and the United States, there is no need to discuss which technology route to choose for the development of future technology. , Just need to know what are the possible technical routes, and all-in is fine.

Why can China and the United States do this?

No one means a big country, people, and money.

The annual R&D expenditure in the United States is 549 billion U.S. dollars, and China is 496 billion U.S. dollars. Together, China and the United States account for half of the global R&D expenditure.

There are many people. Needless to say, there are 1.4 billion people in China. Every year, college graduates are tens of millions, even if it’s one in a thousand. , China can also choose enough geniuses to carry the banner of scientific research.

The future of science and technology is a contest between big countries.

Only large countries can invest enough human, material and financial resources in science and technology.

There will be no more cases of leaping into a developed country by relying on a certain technological innovation as before.

The short fruits of science and technology have been plucked out, and what is left is the bones that are difficult to gnaw. Only big countries have the abilityTo break through.

Readers who are familiar with me should be very clear that I have always been optimistic about China's future. I have always said that the number of Chinese people and the size of the country are advantages.

This is the case when it comes to betting on the technology tree.

In the future technological competition, only China and the United States have the ability to participate.

And China is three times the size of the United States, so in the future, it must be on China's side.

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