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Transformed from a scientist to a businessman, now with a net worth of 13.5 billion and boasting that he will live to be 120 years old

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At that time, the BGI Gene Research Center was also a non-profit organization. In 2007, Wang Jian came to Shenzhen and founded BGI. Under Wang Jian's leadership, the company has developed very rapidly, from high-end discovery research to mid-end gene sequencing services.

Wang Jian began to transform from a scientist to a businessman. Shi Zhengrong, a famous photovoltaic scientist in China, once transformed into a businessman and became the richest man in China. Shi Zhengrong originally studied in Australia and studied under Nobel Prize winner Martin. Shi Zhengrong has also obtained dozens of patents in photovoltaics. However, Shi Zhengrong couldn't bear the loneliness of the laboratory and returned to China to start a business and founded Suntech.

Suntech was once a rising star in the Chinese business community, and was once listed on the Nasdaq, Shi Zhengrong has also become The richest man in China in 2006. However, a few years later, with the burst of the photovoltaic industry bubble, Shi Zhengrong's company went bankrupt, and Shi Zhengrong became a mouse on the street due to various controversies.

Wang Jian is also following the same path as Shi Zhengrong. Under Wang Jian's leadership, BGI's performance has risen very fast. From 2014 to 2016, its revenue rose from 1.132 billion to 1.711 billion, and its profit increased from more than 50 million to 350 million.

After the listing of Huada Fund, its market value also skyrocketed for a while, breaking through 100 billion RMB at its peak. Wang Jian's net worth has also changed from 2.5 billion to the current 13.5 billion.

However, there are many controversies that follow. First of all, regarding the BGI gene, many people have analyzed that it is just the Foxconn of the biological world and does not have too strong research and development capabilities. Huada Fund's business relies heavily on foreign sequencing equipment, but it is a sequencing factory of a foreign company.

In 2013, BGI actually spent more than US$100 million to acquire Complete Genomics when it was very poor. Wang Jian laughed at himself at that time. There was a poor man. Now he has made money by fooling him and bought the company of the rich man.

There are also many controversies about Wang Jian personally. For example, he doesn't seem to like money very much. His goal is to live to be at least 120 years old, and he often makes rhetoric that everyone will live to 100 years old in the future. Even Wang Jian recently said that immortality seems to be possible for human beings.

In addition, Wang Jian also has many strange regulations within the company, such as not allowing employees to have birth defects and employees’ tumors. It was found that it was later than the hospital, and employees were not allowed to do heart bypass. Such regulations also seem to be very strange.

Many people say that Wang Jian is just the next Jia Yueting. The controversy about Wang Jian will definitely continue. From a scientist to a businessman, now he has a fortune of 13.5 billion, and he claims that he will live to 120 years old. No matter what, Wang Jian has now turned from a poor scientist to a wealthy man.

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