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BGI Gene Wang Jian: Relying on genetic research to have a net worth of tens of billions, immortality is my ultimate dream

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My description of myself Quite simply, greedy for life and fear of death, selfishness, greed and laziness. If you are greedy of life and afraid of death, come with me, and go on the side of hard work and bravery. I say you laugh at you or not, I'll let you see your doubts, I'm so good you pay the money as you do.

Source | Heniu Finance (ID: heniucaijing)

Author | Huada Gene Wang Jian

Finishing | Mu Qing

Wang Jian He is one of the few wild entrepreneurs in China. He spent the first half of his life in scientific research, and since then he has been "mixed" in the industry. He made a tombstone for himself "1954-2074, Wang Jian, Wonderful Life". In his future plan, “everything grows without the sun, three-dimensional agriculture does not rely on the soil, and it is not a dream to control birth, aging, sickness and death”.

In the 1990s, after the atomic bomb Manhattan project and the Apollo moon landing project, the third largest in human history The great project "Human Genome Project" was launched. At this time, Wang Jian was studying in the United States and he was in touch with the field of genetic research. In 1999, the fifth meeting of the Human Genome Project was held in London. Wang Jian sold his previous company and participated in 1% of the project at his own expense with his friends. At the same time, he established the BGI Group. In 2007, the BGI Gene Research Institute was established in Shenzhen. In 2017, BGI was listed, with a current market value of 51.4 billion yuan.

Now BGI is the world's largest genomics research and development institution, occupying a leading position in the genetic technology industry, and also the "Whampoa Military Academy" in the domestic genetic testing industry. Many people who have left BGI, Later, they all became powerful players who could compete with them, such as Nuohe Zhiyuan and Berry Gene.

The BGI gene is well-known to most people, thanks to Wang Jian's perverse personality, he is arrogant: "Talk to me about big data, Lao Tzu is the ancestor of the ancestor"; and too confessed: "I am greedy for life, fear of death, selfish, greedy and lazy", Feng Lun commented on him "live in the future and mix in the present."

Wang Jian called himself a "bandit". The staff of BGI once told his story: Wang Jian went to the countryside at the age of 14 and went to the valleys of western Hunan. Because of his young age, he was old in the countryside. Bullying, Wang Jian felt that he had to be the boss, and he figured out how to convince his family every day. Wang Jian remembered the detonator that exploded the mountain at the time. He suggested to the person next to him, "Let’s play, put the detonator under the basket, everyone sits on the basket, and whoever insists on not leaving the basket at the end is the boss. "In fact, he has tested it before. A detonator can lift the basket at most, the basket is not broken, and the butt is definitely fine. So in the end everyone was so frightened that they were peeing their pants, so Wang Jian was able to sit still, and the boss's position in the arena was also stabilized.

A few years ago, BGI’s genes were often negative, and Wang Jian’s speeches in public were often unstoppable. The outside world once referred to them as liars, lunatics, and fools. There are even BGI investors who believe that Wang Jian is BGI’s biggest risk.

On the one hand, he is a scientist with top technology and on the other is a publicized "dangerous man". In witnessing the great changes of the times, what is the underlying logic that Wang Jian seems to rely on? How does he understand the world? What is his thinking dimension?

Heniu Finance (ID: heniucaijing) has compiled the interviews and speeches of Wang Jian in recent years and will bring us For more thinking perspectives, the following is the content organization:

1. Human progress is a tool decision On

I am Wang Jian. In the eyes of others, I am alien, out of place, and always a little out of place with society. It's just the opinions of people who don't understand me. I feel pretty good about myself, not serious, unassuming, talking straightforwardly, occasionally laughing at myself, joking, full of American-style pranks. You will feel so oldAre people heterogeneous?

Young people are pursuing individuality, and I have also learned fashion and individuality. On the business card, I only wrote "Hua University Gene", "Wang Jian", "Shenzhen, Wutong Mountain", plus an email address and website. It was clear and clear, and there were not so many titles. Too many titles make people feel like a work report, how boring!

Based on the lack of understanding of genes, my research always gives people a sense of mystery. Everyone has a covetous heart for things they don't understand, but why am I not the beauty of an adult? This is also the original intention of my establishment of the company, so that more people can understand genes, genetic technology and what we do. Isn’t it a good thing!

In the 1980s, I was very good at science. In 1987, I participated in the Associate Professor competition of Xiangya Hospital. I had more than a dozen first-author articles. At that time, almost no one was my opponent. I realized a problem, which is actually a tool problem. I was so good in the early 1980s because the World Bank loaned me an electron microscope. Others robbed me of doing it at night. He did it at 10 o'clock in the evening, and I did it at dawn from 10 o'clock in the evening.

In fact, human progress is an instrumental determinism.

In 2000, large-scale computing began to be applied. Mathematical methods can put genes together, that is, computing technology and large-scale industrial technology are combined. At that time, Japan did not respond. The United Kingdom did not interact with computers. The United States had two schools, one is mathematical calculation-oriented and the other is biology-oriented. What I thought was that combining these two together would definitely win.

BGI has a very important brain science project and a space-time team project. Looking back at the origin of brain science, we can find that social progress during the entire industrial revolution period can actually be divided according to the different control of human temperature. People can use fire in the Stone Age; in the Pottery Age and Bronze Age, people can master fire at 1000-1500 degrees; in the Iron Age, fire control is about 1500 degrees, and the agricultural age has progressed. In the industrial age, the temperature has reached more than 2,000 degrees. Then to the artificial small sun, with a temperature of more than 300 million, everything can be made.

The history of human development is a history of progress in human cognition and application of energy, temperature, material transformation and information processing. This is a story about cognition and mastery of temperature.

Let’s think about it. There is a periodic table of elements, there is an organic molecule, and there is a double helix of DNA. Cells are produced, and human beings are created. So, where does the universe come from? Where does life come from? Where does the ideology come from? Where does the spirit come from? Do we have the ability and willingness to solve these problems? These are what BGI is currently doing, and BGI is working to solve these problems.

2. How to let everyone live



I am looking for the answer in "A World Without Thieves"

Technological changes will inevitably bring double opportunities for science and industry, and the rise of industry , Is supported by agriculture. I read through the history of the two Opium Wars, and through the Meiji Restoration, and walked all the way from the Tokugawa Shogunate. It did three things. First, it advocated vigorously developing rice. At the time of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, six new varieties doubled the output of rice in Japan, which supported the growth of agriculture; At that time, 70% of the military expenditure was supported by the mulberry industry and the silk industry; third, the marine strategy was determined, first offshore fishing, then offshore fishing. These three major agricultural industries supported the subsequent industrial development.

What I regret, what is anxious is that it must be our reference. We have to reflect on ourselves, where does a century of humiliation come from? It is caused by our self-preservation.

The times have been changing. From the "agricultural age" to the "industrial age" to the "information age" and then to the "life age", everyone should have a consensus on the course of the changes of the times. Today we are in the information age, and going further will be in the direction of "health and longevity". This is a major trend in the future, because health issues also involve the fundamental issue of national development.

I think the current revolution in biotechnology genomics science can be compared to the Asian industrial revolution two centuries ago. This is the core content of a community with a shared future for mankind.

I once participated in the Microsoft CEO Global Conference. Schwarzman of Blackstone organized a theme called Opportunities and Challenges in China. He said that the output efficiency of industrial development in the United States in a hundred years will go upward. , The employment rate in the United States has declined in a century. This is a historical trend that no one can change.

The question it actually raises is to jump out of the thinking of industry and information to achieve the goal of a community with a shared future for mankind.

In the end, everyone gets rid of the disease, everyone has a fair opportunity to receive education, and the greatest opportunity for development is only in the age of life. Whether it is intelligent or the information explosion, it must be The efficiency is getting higher and higher, and the beneficiaries are getting bigger and bigger.

With the development of the times, within a few decades, the goals of material production and abundance can basically be met. So,

how can we make everyone's lives better? What I pursue is the production and lifestyle of "No X in the world".

I watched the movie "A World Without Thieves" twice. "A World Without Thieves" is a kind of hope for the future. Now we have seen this hope. Now that there are fewer and fewer thieves, and cameras are installed everywhere, people's lives are more prosperous. Thieves dare not steal, can't steal, and don't want to steal anymore. On this basis, can we continue to work hard to further achieve "the world has no danger, no congenital disability, fewer diseases in the world, and no agriculture in the world"?

How can we achieve "the world is without risk"? If we can accurately warn, predict, predict, diagnose, treat, and recover accurately, how can there be "risks"? This is a completely different way of thinking brought about by technological development.

What is "the world without agriculture"? It is a once-and-for-all idea from "modern agriculture to the future, from high-efficiency energy to super species". These sounds very mysterious, but to truly realize what Musk called the "Mars Project", emigrate to Mars and achieve sustainable development, we must consider how to deal with traditional agriculture and medicine, because these cannot be brought to Mars, which requires A brand-new social development model.

Third, I will save myself first,

The world is prepared for people who live long

The general direction of the next 10 to 20 years, medical care and health are very clear, and the control of life, right The control of information agriculture. Everything grows without the sun, three-dimensional agriculture does not rely on the soil, and it is not a dream to control birth, aging, sickness and death. Feng Lun said that I live in the future and live in the present. I love to hear that. The world is for people who live long.

I am here to save myself and save people

Like to come

, I will save myself first. My description of myself is very simple, greedy for life and fear of death, selfish, greedy and lazy. If you are greedy of life and afraid of death, come with me, and go on the side of hard work and bravery. I say you laugh at you or not, I'll let you see your doubts, I'm so good you pay the money as you do.

I mistakenly regarded state affairs as my family affair and did too many ridicules. It is so exciting to change from a national project to a global project, but we have to tell the people who eat melon every day that I am right.

In the face of controversy, you should criticize and criticize you. I can do whatever I want. This matter may have a negative impact, but I can’t just because of this possibility of staying still and cutting-edge things. Both are double-edged swords, you have to face such things.

I feel that I am moving forward every day, and I have to resolve the spiritual things on my own. When the social problems cannot be solved, you change your way of life. Like during the Cultural Revolution, I went to the countryside. I was with farmers, carefree, and the only thing was to fill my stomach. Isn’t that a way of living? When everyone went abroad, they went abroad with me, learning English with Mexicans, and felt very tired, but I have a salary and I can get enough to eat. Compared to our predecessors, we are so happy.

When I went to the countryside when I was 14 years old, the biggest difficulty at the time was starvation. My greatest ability was to "guard and steal." Our grain was covered with a gray seal. Some people took the key and some took the seal. Only three people could open the granary. I was so hungry that I couldn't bear it at night, so I poke a hole below and the millet leaked out. Then I pounded it into rice. I had to eat it that night. I cleaned it up the next day, otherwise the guards would be exposed. Later, I felt bad, so I just got some food, found an empty house, and put a few grains in it at night, and then the rats would go in, maybe a dozen rats, and then the door would be closed, all of them would be wiped out, and they would be cooked and eaten. Yes, that is eating meat.

So the real pain is not having enough to eat or wear warmth. Most of the pain must come from imposing your own thoughts on others. If others do not listen to you, you will suffer. I I don't want you to think about me at all, how can I be in pain.

Fourth, treat the key ring as a ring,

What is the essence of life?

I once wore a...key ring (as a ring) for 1 yuan. Because at that time, BGI employees all wore rings, and I also wore one. I change every 3 months. You wear a key ring, or you wear a plastic, who can tell, only you know. I know myself, I wear this to show off, why don't I wear a plastic one? I'm showing off enough.

What is the value of this very expensive thing? Can it help? Can you eat it? Can it prolong life? Satisfied the vanity. Can I make a new vanity? How many children I saved, how many cancer patients I brought back to life. Isn't your vanity more satisfied? Why do you want to look for it in the material? Enough materially is enough


The essence of life is its quality, its length, its connotation, its value, and its meaning. Rather than talking about things that are wrapped in substances.

In 2017, BGI was listed on the stock market. My net worth is tens of billions, but I always think this is an illusory thing. Does it have anything to do with me? I am the richest poor in China, and I am the poorest rich. I want to have everything, I want nothing but nothing. My landlord told me that, depending on your honest and honest people, I feel more at ease if I rent the house to you. I just said I hope you can sign a three-year or five-year contract. Don’t keep driving me away. I will be rushed to move in a while.

What a glorious thing it is to be born, what is the pain when you come to this world and walk smartly. You want to control birth, old age, sickness and death in your own hands, how can it be so painful? My things will never be so negative and complaining endlessly.

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