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The next outlet! Gene Godfather Wang Jianjie: Can BGI Gene hold up a market value of 100 billion yuan?

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Wang Jian: Every investor is our supporter and fan. However, the stock market is risky, and investment must be cautious. I made a statement on the day of listing that I will not reduce my holdings for at least five years. If China’s birth defects and global birth defects are not controlled or reduced, I will never reduce their holdings. I think I have some reference significance.

Ma Teng: We have seen that BGI has increased nearly 20 times since it was listed. Yesterday we saw that Hong Kong announced that trading was suspended, but trading was resumed yesterday. There was a relatively large shock after the resumption of trading yesterday, and we saw that the stock price fell to the limit. Today I have not seen the specific performance of the stock price. What do you think of the volatility of BGI's stock price in the stock market?

Wang Jian: I never watch this.

Ma Teng: Really? However, investors will watch, and they will ask you, why is there such a big shock?

Wang Jian: No, I said that I will not reduce holdings for five years. It has been advancing step by step, and there have been no shocks or fluctuations.

Ma Teng: Is this stock price fluctuation?

Wang Jian: Then I don’t know, where we do what we do, and where we do There is a deviation. I don't know why the stock market fluctuates. I can't answer this question.

Ma Teng: In addition, from the valuation point of view, now this BGI gene, as a family The valuation of listed companies is already hundreds of billions. How do you think about this valuation?

Wang Jian: In the future development, BGI Gene Technology cannot be overestimated.

Ma Teng: But we see that there are also a lot of controversies. The performance of the stock's share price itself.

Wang Jian: If there is no dispute, we will not leave Beijing, nor will we leave the structure of the system where we were working . We work in the largest and best scientific research institution in China. It is because of the dispute that we went south to Shenzhen to take a new path. The journey of that decade proved that we were right in the past ten years. Continued controversy is inevitable, it is a subversive, revolutionary, and fundamental innovation. If everyone agrees, then it is not called innovation, is it still called innovation without dispute?

He is in charge of a company with a market value of 100 billion yuan but refuses to go public in the United States: technology cannot be given to foreigners

Ma Teng: When BGI was listed at the time, why did we not choose to list on the Nasdaq and choose to list on the A shares?

Wang Jian: We are in Shenzhen, we want to add brilliance to the development of Shenzhen’s city, why should we go to foreigners, I still can’t figure it out understand.

Ma Teng: But there are many companies in China that are actually listed in the United States?

Wang Jian: That is their choice. I never go there and never even look at them. At least for now, this is the case. In the future, our further internationalization will take a part, but now it is an inevitable choice to keep the core part at home.

Ma Teng: When I was reading the prospectus of BGI, I saw A risk warning. Is it related to you personally? Said that Mr. Wang Jian is the actual controller of BGI, controlling 42% of the shares, 42.42% should be. If Mr. Wang Jian uses his voting rights to intervene in the company's decision-making, it may affect the interests of small and medium investors? Do you think you will?

Wang Jian: Yes.

Ma Teng: Why should it affect the interests of small and medium investors?

Wang Jian: The interests of small and medium investors are our highest interests.

Ma Teng: Will at some point, it will sacrifice commercial interests, which means Will harm the interests of small and medium investors.

Wang Jian: How come?

Ma Teng: Because small and medium investors are not patients, not the people you serve, they are investments crowd?

Wang Jian: There are only two kinds of people in my eyes, the employees of BGI and our comrades in arms.

Ma Teng: Comrade in arms?

Wang Jian: Because investors are BGI employees and comrades-in-arms, they must maintain a high degree of consistency. Serving the Chinese people and serving the people of the world, currency will automatically serve us. I have never changed this view. Because I have no personal interest here. The 42% that I represent also represent the interests of all BGI employees, and it also represents the interests of comrades-in-arms. I offended my comrades, and they all dropped their guns, so I would die.

Ma Teng: We all know that you are very strong to investors, and investors generally say Is it true that I love and hate Teacher Wang Jian?

Wang Jian: I am the commander in chief, will my commander hate my comrades-in-arms and my brother? Isn't it possible? If he is disobedient, I will spank, right? How do you call it both love and hate? I always have only love.

Ma Teng: You once said that capital should not be involved in the specific management of BGI , Don’t affect your scientific research and your management

Wang Jian: Does this need to be discussed, here I am? No discussion. Do we need to discuss the direction we determine to serve the people of the world? Do we need to discuss the science we have identified as the supporting development ideas? No need to discuss. There is no hate without discussion, only command and execution. I said this very clearly, why should I have a conflict? No, there will never be a conflict.

If you have money, you can expand? Wang Jian: We are still far from the goal

Ma Teng: If a person After his position is high, he may expand, or he may be far from the real situation. How did you prevent yourself from this situation and make some wrong decisions?

Wang Jian: The expansion of the universe is the Big Bang. I am no longer involved in daily work decision-making, and I have repeatedly emphasized whether we are really bringing tangible things to the people and to the people we serve. This is the first one. Second, can our coverage be larger? If Shenzhen is fully covered, should Guangdong be fully covered? If Guangdong is fully covered, should China be fully covered? If our competitors have the same philosophy, we will divide the scope of services. If China can do it, why not do it globally? How can this swell? We only have a sample size of more than 2 million people. There are two zeros and three zeros waiting? How can it swell, it's still early.

Should ordinary people undergo genetic testing? You will know after reading this

Ma Teng:

Teacher Wang Jian also mentioned that when you went public at BGI, you promised that you would not reduce your stock holdings within five years?

Wang Jian: At least.

Ma Teng: Why set five years?

Wang Jian: Shoot your head.

Ma Teng: Is it also affected by the five-year plan? Can you give us a picture of the development blueprint of BGI within five years?

Wang Jian: We hope to push China’s genetic technology into a new development field within five years. The origin, evolution and diversity of life make a forward-looking and leading contribution in basic science; in the control of diseases, in the control of birth, death, infection, birth defects, precise diagnosis and prevention and control of tumors, and infection The precise diagnosis, prevention and control of sexual diseases makes a special contribution. I hope we can cover places and reduce birth defects drastically.

Ma Teng: Is there a large amount of data?

Wang Jian: We propose that if I drop by one zero, the market price will decrease by one zero. When people come to do this test Will add a zero. Will social, government and family disease prevention and control expenditures be reduced by one zero? Will China's birth defects be reduced by one zero? This is a milestone (style) social contribution. Now we are pushing this forward. Shenzhen has already covered the whole city, and the second city is Changsha. There is also Qingdao. We used to do in Southwest Guizhou, Xinxiang and Changyuan, Henan Province, and later Xinxiang withdrew.

Wang Jian: I went to Kunming tonight, and Kunming also covered the whole city. IWe are in southwestern Guizhou, where the poorest places are covered. Tibet is now fully covered.

Ma Teng: For example, Southwest Guizhou and Tibet, because of the relatively backward economy, we have no public welfare nature Coverage?

Wang Jian: We divide the price by 3 and by 5, which is the same. I believe that in this area, this is public health, this is a public service, and it should not be a market economy behavior. I oppose this matter. Therefore, we put the people's sufferings first. At this time, we can also make money and bring returns to investors.

Ma Teng: Where does this money come from?

Wang Jian: We have increased the amount, and all the people have covered it. Here, everyone is born equal. We hope that genetic technology will bring well-being to everyone. One cent for the price, one for the goods was the thinking of the merchants in the past. High-tech technology should be one cent for the goods, which can cover all mankind. This is right.

Ma Teng: Two years ago, there was an actress named Angelina Jolie. Have done a few operations. Because she detected that she might have breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and fallopian tube cancer, she removed all these organs. Now the controversy is huge. Is she overly defensive?

Wang Jian: In 2013, she had cut off the breast and the ovary in 2015. Everyone has their own choices. She cuts it out, and I don't understand what others dispute. Many people do breast augmentation, isn’t it also artificial? She didn't like the extra two pieces of meat and cut them. Ma Teng: What if there is no disease? ?

Wang Jian: There is no disease, she thinks it’s no longer necessary, it doesn’t matter if she cuts it off. In the past, several famous hospitals and obstetrics and gynecology doctors in Beijing removed all the uterus after menopause, which became a tradition. You have to answer me, why does she want that thing? So you think it’s all justified, and people cut it off...

Ma Teng: Uterus It's okay to take it off, but does the removal of the ovaries affect the endocrine of women?

Wang Jian: She has reached menopause. It is entirely possible to use estrogen to make up for her. After making up for her, and she can control it. You don't need that anymore, I can control it quantitatively.

So scary! The "first killer" of male deaths is actually it Ma Teng: Our breast cancer genetic test , What proportion of this piece we are pushing to the market?

Wang Jian: Currently our breast cancer detection is mainly in clinical trials. It seems that we are doing clinical reports now, and it is now a gray area. Did not say yes, nor said no. If you do it, you will do it, and if you don't do it, you will not do it. Now we will do what we find, and we will not do what we don’t.

Wang Jian: Yes, the future is a very important piece. Prevention and control of breast diseases. Because it is now the number one cause of death. Lung cancer in men and breast cancer in women are the number one cause of death. It after allIt is an organ outside of the body, which is easier to control and prevent and treat. If it is liver cancer or lung cancer, it is invisible and intangible. This can be felt.

Tens of thousands of women die from this health killer every year, but most people don’t care Ma Teng: There is another big killer of women’s health, cervical cancer. BGI will strive to make a qualitative change in the hidden dangers of cervical cancer among Chinese women within 3 to 5 years. How are you doing now?

Wang Jian: In fact, it is still a social problem. Our technology is already there, and we provide clinical testing. Basically, the quantity supplied in batches is done by cutting off a zero at the clinical national approved price. Therefore, the common people should have no payment problem. But I said, 3 to 5 years is not too reliable.

Ma Teng: There is another issue of popularity.

Wang Jian: I have dropped 10 times. Do you think I am a market behavior or a public welfare cause? If there is no platform and no one to guide public welfare undertakings, I can't do it. It seems like my prince sells melons. However, cervical cancer is different from breast cancer. Its cause is very clear. It is HPV infection. HPV infection can be prevented early.

We are now in Guangdong, Dongguan, Shenzhen, etc. The HPV carrying rate of women is about 10%, and 1% to 3% of these 10% are early Cervical cancer. That is one-thousandth to three-thousandths.

Ma Teng: Is this tall?

Wang Jian: Quite tall. The mortality rate of cervical cancer is increasing rapidly. But if you do an early test and it is positive, you can get a simple gynecological test and you can be treated. At that time, we also provided a treatment plan. I would include it for 200 yuan. You will pay me 300 yuan for three years. If you have cervical cancer, I will pay you 400,000 yuan. No one has done it yet.

Wang Jian: As we have seen, most cervical cancers are discovered only in the middle and late stages. You have to get a gynecological test early, and she thinks why I go for a gynecological test.

HPV vaccine Ma Teng: This reminds me that it is the prevention that we just said, because there are cervical cancer vaccines abroad, but the introduction of cervical cancer in our country is very slow, causing many young girls to go to the United States or Go to Hong Kong to get this vaccine.

Wang Jian: I object. The vaccine is 4,000 yuan, once every 5 years, if you do early detection, 50 yuan, once every 3 years.

Ma Teng: But if you get a vaccine, you won’t get it.

Wang Jian: After 5 years, we will retry. You have a one-thousandth or one-tenth chance. You can do it early. Of course, if you have a lot of money, you have nothing to do. There is no problem if you go to fight. Ordinary people might as well go for a test if they hit that. You get vaccinated as if you send your soldiers on the mountain, and the drone will patrol it for half a month. What does it matter? Prevent once, the plan is different. It is completely business-oriented. So my attitude is very clear, I calculate the economic account, I calculate the result. Moreover, many subtypes of vaccines for foreigners are different from those of China. Can'tBelieve him.

Huada Gene Wang Jian talks about Wang Shi: How funny this old man is Ma Teng: We know that we are also very concerned. During the Baowan Controversy, you actually supported Mr. Wang Shi by shouting in the air. You said that capital should Respect the entrepreneurial team.

Wang Jian: Yes. I said you can’t use the law. The law is underpants and cannot be used as a colorful flag. What I said publicly, always say this. The law is the bottom line, it's the underpants, it can't be used as a flag, it can't be used as a logo. What is the greatest value of conscience and social development?

Ma Teng: Do you think Mr. Wang Shi’s greatest value as a managerial talent is what?

Wang Jian: I never thought about it.

Ma Teng: You must have thought about it, otherwise you would not bring him over.

Wang Jian: It’s fun to have an old man together.

Ma Teng: That’s not fun, it’s fun. You can climb Mount Everest together, but in Management is another matter.

Wang Jian: I hate management most.

The mayor of Shenzhen personally cooked him braised pork Ma Teng: We all know that Wang Shi has a famous story, the story of braised pork. You also have a famous story that is also the story of braised pork, a matter of the former mayor of Shenzhen supporting BGI.

Wang Jian: He serves as the director of the High-tech Department of the National Development and Reform Commission. More attention is paid to the role of scientific research in promoting the industry. He believes that in this field, it is already very challenging to do a good job in the industry, and it is certainly difficult to be able to do basic scientific research. So he started with the idea of ​​"provocative, provocative and provocative" to "instigate" us to go there, hoping that we would do a good job in basic scientific research. So he identified 50 million at that time and wrote 50 high-quality scientific papers. I said it’s not possible, just make a high-quality scientific paper with 1 million, how can there be such a cheap thing. He said, do you want it? Of course I want it. He said, what if you can't do it? I said, what do I do? He said, if you do, I will cook braised pork for you. He asked me, what if I can't do it? I said, you didn’t always tell me savagely that you can’t leave Shenzhen. If you leave Shenzhen, you have to chop my fingers. You can chop your fingers. If it doesn’t work, you can cut my fingernails. I request that it be written in the minutes of the city government.

We have completed the task in more than two years. Now we can do this every year, far exceeding the expectations and expectations of the municipal party committee and government for us to do basic scientific research. So he was still very touched by the braised pork that he made himself.

Ma Teng: Has he fulfilled his promise?

Wang Jian: I cook my own dishes, buy my own wine, pick it up, and don’t spend a penny to invite me to dinner , So I am also very touched. Many years have passed this matter, and it has also become a goodHaving said that, we are advancing courageously under the encouragement and "provocation", and created a small miracle in the history of scientific development in China. Therefore, when the former mayor of Shenzhen reported to the central government, he supported us in doing basic scientific research and backed up the gene bank. This is such a large national brand, placed in a private institution, which has never been seen in Chinese history. In fact, it has huge social significance and will definitely affect the deepening of reforms in the future. So after he arrived in Hebei Province, he didn't want us to do anything. He just hoped that we could do a better job of helping the poor in Hebei Province.

Ma Teng: Has the China Conference entered the Xiongan New District under the control of the former mayor of Shenzhen?

Wang Jian: We listen to the arrangements made by the governor and the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. Now our main target is still the poorest areas, the most affluent areas in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Xiong'an New District if they want us, we will go.

Are leaving employees the company’s most dangerous enemy?

Ma Teng: BGI’s core technology is a very large Treasure, but the loss of core technology or the loss of core talents may actually pose a certain risk to BGI.

Ma Teng: There are many large and small genetic companies on the market now. When I get up, there is actually a shadow of Huada. The market calls it Huaxiao or Huachuang Department. In this regard, the CEO of our listed company Yin Ye once said that this was caused by the tolerance of Mr. Wang Jian. Because Teacher Wang Jian is a godfather, his protection of intellectual property rights is actually not that strict.

Wang Jian: Our core goal is to benefit mankind, and our core behavior is to quickly cover the world and benefit mankind. There is no good result for one family. At most, we monopolized more than 95% of China's things in 2011. I think that's wrong.

Ma Teng: Monopoly is a bad thing.

Wang Jian: Yes, so we just let go of this one. But if it is malicious infringement, it is also wrong. There is a balance in between.

Ma Teng: One of our colleagues, Wang Shiling, has some questions to ask Mr. Wang Jian.

Wang Shiling: Hello, Mr. Wang, in fact, the Department of Chinese Primary Schools or the Department of Chinese Innovation mentioned by Mr. Ma just now. We are in 2014 We had a lot of contacts during 2015 and 2015. We also observed that the first Berry in the Chinese elementary school department was in 2010. Later in 2014 and 2015, we suddenly discovered that many executives or regional leaders in the BGI system came out to do it. The Chinese Elementary School and the Huachuang Department were particularly prosperous in 2014 and 2015. We had a lot of contacts, including two questions when we contacted them. Every time we see one, we will ask. The first question is, why do you come from Come out of Huada? The second question is, after you come out, how will the industry you are engaged in compete with the current big brother of BGI?

The two feedbacks they gave us, the first is that they are very proud of me to be an employee before BGI, very Proud, no one said the phrase not proud, and we were shocked when we heard it. The first one will say that I am proud, and the second one will say that I am very confident. After I come out, I will be able to do some intensive cultivation in the genetic field. We have also observed that some of them are deeply cultivating certain tumors, such as female tumors. They think that although BGI also does it, IWe have worked hard in this field and I still have market space. The other is the Department of Chinese Primary Schools. He will do basic scientific research. At the same time, he feels that I have brought out a lot of my customers and so-called core technologies in Huada, and I also have a certain market space. There is also a wave of Huachuang and Huaxiao Departments. He feels that the gene industry has reached the 2B and 2C ends. In other words, when it comes to the hospital and the medical examination center, I have space to provide high-quality services, including my marketing model and process model. So, this is a message he gave us.

So what I want to ask now is, firstly, after the formation of a big pattern between the Huaxiao Department and Huachuang Department, it is important for our big brother Huada Gene’s market share and What kind of influence is in market competition? What do you think, Teacher Wang? Second, these large numbers of Chinese primary schools and Chinese innovation departments, whether he is a regional executive or a former company executive, he went out and founded, is there a problem of brain drain? In the future, what new plans does BGI have in the talent field?

Wang Jian: The first one, the big goal-oriented development, there is no problem of vicious competition, because it will become bigger and bigger and involve Everyone, so its space is infinite. You said that you have explored Mars, and I have explored Mercury. It should be a rising tide. Together, we will raise the development of the entire society to a whole new stage. Because it is infinite in space, so It has no one-on-one head-to-head competition. No matter how big Huada is, no matter how strong Huada is, in the face of such a big social demand, we can't actually do it, and it is impossible to do it well. Therefore, we need a lot of things in the future development... This is what I said. Let everyone go out. My slogan is that when the child grows up, he should have his own career and world when he goes out. We all support it, so I don't hold anyone accountable. The second is the problem of brain drain and further development. Still the same sentence, our family leader grows up, she doesn't stay with me anymore, she hopes to have her own world.

Ma Teng: Are you talking about your daughter?

Wang Jian: Yes, why can't our BGI employees go out? As long as he is not in vicious competition, and he comes back to find support for help, we will provide him with help. In the past, I always thought that talents were just a little bit, but now it doesn’t seem to be the case. Talents are coming out in large numbers, each generation has heroes, and there are people in all fields, and we are more focused on large-scale army operations, and we continue to do large-scale diseases, like We didn't do the 2C part, and we didn't do the Internet part. We have to walk over it step by step. BGI is nothing more than aiming at the ultimate goal of mankind and striding forward, so I never take competition seriously. Like our mountain climbing, who are we competing with?

Ma Teng: myself.

Wang Jian: That's right. Who is our life competing with? With yourself. So what we do is to mobilize our own potential.

What exactly did this Chinese company do? Let the Americans panic so much Ma Teng: Mr. Wang Jian also mentioned the construction of the national gene bank just now. Blocks are of particular interest to us.

Wang Jian: Once the technological innovation stabilizes, it must quickly cover all of China and the world. Now we are doing very well in Laos. Recently we will announce the laboratory in Thailand, the laboratories in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and the laboratories in South Africa. The other is Europe, the United States and Japan. That is business behavior, head-to-head competition and fight.

Ma Teng: That’s not easy, especially in the United States. I think we acquired CG...

Wang Jian: We are in the United StatesNearly 200 people from China are working there.

Ma Teng: Because when I acquired CG, I saw that the American public opinion was very opposed to Chinese companies. Going to the CG company and saying that China might come to make genetic weapons was a voice of American public opinion at that time. Will the development of BGI Gene in the United States also be hindered by this?

Wang Jian: There will be some impact, then you have to go around. Xiaomi has done a good job in India, but Huawei is not there in the United States. The same reasoning is true.

BGI's innovative gene Ma Teng: I just talked about core technology and innovation ability. I saw teacher Zhou Qiren. He recently had a paper that specifically talked about innovation. He said that there are two innovations. The route, one is the downward route, the other is the upward route. This upward route is from product to innovation, and the downward route is from paper to innovation. He said that BGI is also on the downward route. It has a lot of paper libraries. This can be It creates a very high barrier, and it is difficult for chasers to catch up.

Wang Jian: Zhou Qiren stayed with me for 6 hours. He has a lot of experience. What I just said is This is a scientific discovery paper, but I have another one that is different from others. I have a technological invention that supports this technological discovery, and I support the development of the industry. It is the same technology, and both sides can go. He said that we are now proposing to benefit the people's livelihood. In fact, there is a profound truth. If we say it, it means that we are too thief, and our tall image will be affected, that is, people's livelihood. In fact, people's livelihood is a larger and more far-reaching large-scale scientific research project.

Ma Teng: Is this looping?

Wang Jian: Yes, it is a loop. Therefore, I will know exactly how many different types of cervical cancer and viral infections there are in China in terms of scientific discovery. I did it for you for free. You have to provide me with information about how many years in the future. I will track whether you are completely better or where you are going. Am I locked in the customer? Does this kind of people's livelihood bring huge industrial opportunities, or unprecedented scientific research opportunities? So we call it three-ring linkage, the scientific research and industry driven by people's livelihood, this is too cunning. Zhou Qiren didn't think of it, and I didn't tell him everything. I see your face.

Ma Teng: Teacher Wang, in the paper, I think we are now at the top of the world There are more than two hundred articles in the academic journals. What is our stock and increase now?

Wang Jian: There will be more and more increments. For example, I currently have 200,000 people in Shenzhen, with full coverage of birth defects. This big article is published, which is not available in the world.

Ma Teng: From the perspective of BGI, as a company, it is now a big The company is gone, and big companies can easily get the so-called big company disease. In fact, big company disease hinders efficiency and hinders innovation. Does BGI have any good methods in this regard?

Wang Jian: Innovation is the second place in the development of BGI.

Ma Teng: Is innovation second? What is the first place?

Wang Jian: The conclusion that we discussed in 2014 was that what they proposed back then was change. I said I disagree. We think it is a blessing. We must first benefit ourselves and then give others by the way. Therefore, it is not to completely deny change, and put the benefit first and change the second. A year ago, I put forward another one, financial listing, and I put forward different opinions. I said that tools and technology should be put first, and listing should be second. It is a pair, not one. Last year we discussed big goals and innovation. I think the goal is first and innovation is the second, because innovation is easy to catch a cat. What is the purpose of innovation? We put the goal first, which is to make our own CEO less sick. I am a pioneer. I must practice and prove myself before I can convince others. So we put this first, so this year, BGI’s The title slogan, the slogan, and the big goal are innovation. The big goal for next year is people's livelihood, so maybe one thing is negated, a pair of yin and yang, is yin the big or the yang big? You discuss it yourself, but the two pairs came out at the same time, so the big goal I put forward is innovation, and the big goal is people's livelihood. That's how it came about.

Quick questions and answers-Wang Jian’s attitude towards life Xu Wenmiao: Teacher Wang, do you think you are handsome?

Wang Jian: No.

Xu Wenmiao: Which aspect of yourself are you most satisfied with?

Wang Jian: All satisfied.

Xu Wenmiao: Are there any dissatisfactions?

Wang Jian: No.

Xu Wenmiao: Do you think you are healthy?

Wang Jian: Yes.

Xu Wenmiao: What disease are you most afraid of?

Wang Jian: I am afraid of death.

Xu Wenmiao: Do you think you are old?

Wang Jian: Not too old.

Xu Wenmiao: What is your definition of the old?

Wang Jian: is an idiot.

Xu Wenmiao: Is an idiot just old?

Wang Jian: When you become dumb, you grow old. ·

Quick question and answer-Double value forever Xu Wenmiao: Which of the people you know have good looks and good looks?

Wang Jian: There are many.

Xu Wenmiao: Who do you like the most among those who have both good looks and good value?

Wang Jian: Can’t remember.

Xu Wenmiao: Is Wang Shi like this?

Wang Jian: Wang Shi is one.

Xu Wenmiao: Who else?

Wang Jian: Jordan.

Xu Wenmiao: What about women?

Wang Jian: There are so many women.

Xu Wenmiao: Give one or two examples?

Wang Jian: Don’t say anything.

Huada Gene Wang Jian: My employees must look good Ma Teng: Have you ever thought about your personal situation in five years, because you have been pushing two "values" within BGI, and you want to look good Good, good body value.

Wang Jian: My two "values" have not changed after five years.

Wang Jian: At least the reduction of these two "values" is very slow, delayed, and physically and mentally healthy and happy.

Ma Teng: How do you think you can do this? There is no change after five years. From appearance to body value.

Wang Jian: Exercise moderately, have a good attitude, keep your mouth shut, and open your legs. This is not enough. Where is it so complicated? You see, we are full of sports things.

Wang Jian: When I was 60 years old, I climbed the record of the highest peak of Wutong Mountain in Shenzhen. At that time, I wanted to 60 minutes, when I was 61 years old. , Is it 61 minutes? Then, now 4 years have passed, I logged in at the beginning of this year for 56 minutes. I did not add 1 minute a year, I lost 1 minute a year. This shows that my physique has not changed much.

Ma Teng: I think you will save some of your immune cells regularly. Can you tell us about this?

Wang Jian: Human aging is a natural process. So today's cells are one day younger than tomorrow. It's always good to save. So save the powerful cells, it should be.

Huada Gene Wang Jian set up a tombstone for himself: I will live to 120 years old Ma Teng: You have a famous tombstone on your desk. You said you will live to be 120 years old. Why did you decide to be 120 years old?

Wang Jian: I think it’s more reliable. And it is the task assigned to me by our Shenzhen leaders. When I was 60, he wanted me to turn back and run. Go back for another 60 years, that line, I will take this task.

Ma Teng: Have you ever thought of what kind of one you will be when you are 120 years old? A way to leave this world?

Wang Jian: I think it is impossible to leave, my cells are all stored. Just clone it at that time and anything will live.

Ma Teng: What about the brain?

Wang Jian: Brain, pass a little more to him. No, when we walked in, did you see those four words?

Ma Teng: I saw it, but I also thought of a novel called "People All are dying" or translated as "the immortal". An actress asked the immortal man about the mystery of immortality. The immortal told the actress that immortality is my bad luck, and I just want to die now. why? Because I have undergone too many changes, I now feel that I am standing on the desolate ground, this kind of fear is more fearful than death.

Wang Jian: Where is the desolate land? Spring is everywhere in the motherland and fun in the world.

Wang Jian: I am not interested in their pessimistic things at all.

Ma Teng: Really?

Wang Jian: I can know how your blood vessels are, I can know how old you are, when you know the society clearly Change, how is your own body changing, and you know what the future is like, how can I listen to them?

Ma Teng: If you know what the future will be, will it also become very Boring?

Wang Jian: What was the emperor up to in the end?

Wang Jian: Is alchemy right? Seeking longevity, right? The emperor has done everything, what is the last thing to do? Can't we people be like this?

Ma Teng: Because the emperor has everything, he is very attached to him.

Wang Jian: Why can't our people have it? What is there now? Don't ask for more, it's not enough. What is not enough in today's era of material industry? You have to change a few sets of clothes every day, buy a few houses every day, and change cars every day. Don’t you have enough to eat? You are like my bicycle, you don’t change your clothes for a few days. It's the same if you change it, you can't see it, it will always be like this.

Quick questions and answers-facing the rich and poor Xu Wenmiao: span> When was your poorest time?

Wang Jian: When there is no poverty.

Xu Wenmiao: Then when were you richest?

Wang Jian: No.

Xu Wenmiao: Then when did you feel relatively poor and relatively rich?

Wang Jian: No. I don’t need it, I don’t need extra things. When I was poor, I didn’t have enough food, clothing, or use. Nothing.

Xu Wenmiao: What is very popular now is an opening game. Can you show us what is in your bag? Is this the bag you carry every day?

Wang Jian: That's right.

Xu Wenmiao: Is it heavy?

Wang Jian: Computer.

Xu Wenmiao: Can you show what's inside?

Wang Jian: There are too many things to show. This is my student's master's thesis.

Xu Wenmiao: Mr. Wang's master's thesis?

Wang Jian: is not mine.

Xu Wenmiao: the student's master's thesis.

Wang Jian: This paper of BGI.

Xu Wenmiao: Have you shown it just now?

Wang Jian: That's right.

Xu Wenmiao: Do you carry it every day?

Wang Jian: No, I just carried it on my back these past two days and asked them to change the article. There is also this thing, which is very fashionable.

Xu Wenmiao: What? Is this the most fashionable thing?

Wang Jian: Power bank, you are too underestimated.

Xu Wenmiao: It looks like a power bank, isn’t it right? what is this?

Wang Jian: Projector.

Xu Wenmiao: Is this movie available anytime? What's in it?

Wang Jian: For people to show slides, to give people lectures.

Xu Wenmiao: Is this the most technological thing in your body?

Wang Jian: What is the highest technology?

Xu Wenmiao: Is there anything else?

Wang Jian: There is also a notebook. Do you know Singularity University?

Xu Wenmiao: Do you think your handwriting looks good? How is it, satisfied?

Wang Jian: Isn’t it just a few words?

Xu Wenmiao: What else?

Wang Jian: There is also a packet of tea.

Xu Wenmiao: You like to take tea with you. Is this tea?

Wang Jian: What they gave me, I haven’t opened it.

Xu Wenmiao: Are there any more?

Wang Jian: And glasses.

Xu Wenmiao: Headphones? glasses? sunglasses?

Wang Jian: Sunglasses.

Xu Wenmiao: You wear it for us to see. Is this special for riding?

Wang Jian: That's right.

Xu Wenmiao: Power bank?

Wang Jian: There is no power bank.

Xu Wenmiao: Is this something you bring everyday?

Wang Jian: Right.

Xu Wenmiao: It seems that you have very few things, not many.

Wang Jian: Yes, they stuffed me here yesterday.

Wang Jian’s view on money Wang Jian: I once wore a...

Ma Teng: wedding ring.

Wang Jian: Key ring, 1 yuan.

Ma Teng: Why?

Wang Jian: Because at that time, BGI employees all wore rings, and I also wore one.

Ma Teng: Are you a follower.

Wang Jian: Yes, I spend 1 yuan, I don’t know how much the silver one will cost, a few hundred Block, thousands? do not know.

Ma Teng: Very expensive.

Wang Jian: I change every 3 months. Then he found out, Mr. Wang, yours is a key ring, what's wrong with me? You only found the key ring now. You donate those thousands of dollars to a hope school, you wear a key ring, or you wear a plastic, who can tell.

Ma Teng: But I know it myself.

Wang Jian: Only you know. I know myself, I wear this to show off, why don't I wear a plastic one? I'm showing off enough. It's over.

Wang Jian: You said this kind of thing, a very expensive thing, what is its value? Can it help? Can you eat it? Can it prolong life? Satisfied the vanity. Can I make a new vanity? How many children I saved, how many cancer patients I brought back to life. Isn't your vanity more satisfied? Why do you want to look for it in the material? Enough materially is enough. The essence of life is its quality, its length, its connotation, its value, and its meaning. Rather than talking about things that are wrapped in substances.

Ma Teng: Then maybe someone would say that, Teacher Wang Jian, your net worth is now tens of billions, so You look at these births, old ages, sickness and death, and look at these wealth differently from ordinary people.

Wang Jian: No, I did not have anything a few months ago. This is an illusory thing. Does it have anything to do with me?

Ma Teng: Do you think it has anything to do with you? These tens of billions are now with you does it matter?

Wang Jian: It’s okay. Of course it doesn't matter, I have never been like this.

Do I have a car? Do I have a house? I have none. I am the richest poor in China, and I am the poorest rich. I want to have everything, I want nothing but nothing. What do I want it to do. My landlord told me that, depending on your honest and honest people, I feel more at ease if I rent the house to you. I just said I hope you can sign a three-year or five-year contract. Don’t keep driving me away. I will be rushed to move in a while.

What a glorious thing it is to be born, what is the hardship for you to come into this world and walk smartly. You want to control birth, old age, sickness and death in your own hands, how can it be so painful? My things will never be so negative and complaining endlessly.

It’s okay!

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