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The famous actor's brother hanged himself after strangling his wife and children! Countless people died because of its family destruction! _ Family

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Ming Dao

Gambling is a bottomless pit

The family is obsessed with "time and time color", and it’s not enough to spend all the money Now, my family is deeply involved in online gambling and cannot extricate themselves. What can we do with him?

My elder brother is two years older than Ming Dao. Ming Dao said that he had muscle weakness when he was young. His elder brother carried him to and from school every day, and the relationship between the two brothers has been very good.

Ming Dao has been raising his family since his debut and making money, not only helping his brother with the wedding, but also helping him Repaid 6.5 million Taiwan dollars in debt. Before paying back the money, Ming Dao's home was also posted by the creditor, and this incident was reported by the TV station.

But when his brother borrowed money, he drove a famous car, took an LV bag, and showed the real estate of the mansion. It promises to sell cars and houses to repay debts in case the stocks lose money. He also packaged a ticket to the creditor: "Even if I can't handle it, my younger brother (Mingdao) will help me."

He even took out Mingdao’s driver’s license and personal documents such as household registration. , As collateral to the creditor.

The creditor ran to the event where Mingdao attended and asked Mingdao for the debt in person.

The same situation occurred again in 16 years. Some creditors said that his brother owed tens of millions, and that Dao would help to repay it.

The matter of constantly paying off his brother’s debts has tortured Ming Dao for more than 30 years. Ming Dao said that he has no sense of security and keeps saving money because he is afraid of "temporary problems." The so-called temporary problem is my brother. "I save money to gamble for my brother." Helping my brother to pay off the debt has become a kind of inertia, Ming Dao even forgot how this bottomless pit came and whether it can be stopped.

Later, Mingdao declared that his brother would be responsible for himself, saying "Everyone should be responsible for themselves." No one is obligated to help him clean up the mess all the time, and the one who is most responsible for him is himself.

No one is an ATM, even a celebrity cannot afford endless gambling debts.

Once starring in "Dolphin Bay Lovers", Angela Chang, was almost ruined by his greedy family span>

Anita Mui was once treated like a vampire The family continued to suck blood. Debut at a young age and make money to fill up debts for her mother

At that time,27-year-old Cai Shaofen once cried to the media,All of his income after participating in the Hong Kong sister debut in 1991 Both are used to repay gambling debts for the mother. But my mother has been betting,Old accounts are uncleared, new debts are coming again,I can’t pay it anymore...

This time, once the Ming Dao incident was exposed, it became the most bad social news!

Some netizens expressed their distress for Mingdao:

Some people think it’s embarrassing to catch up with a wife and children:

Some netizens recalled their experience:

How much do you know about the dangers of gambling

"Small win— A small loss-a small win / big loss-lose everything." This is the gambling process summarized by countless gamblers.

Gambling takes advantage of human weakness. Once the gambler wins a small win and tastes the sweetness of nothing, he will try to bet bigger; and once he loses money, out of the instinct to hate loss, the gambler will bet more eagerly, with "the platform will always make a little profit." , "Maybe you will win with one hand" fluke mentality.

It makes people lose themselves unknowingly, but it is difficult to get rid of it. Some people do not return home for a long time because of participating in gambling, which affects the relationship between husband and wife and family harmony. Some even get divorced, break up their wives, and collapse their careers.

Uncovering the scam of gambling

Nowadays, gambling often takes the form of online gambling .

The result of the betting game is very different from the statistical law. According to the law, the probability of rolling a big or small dice is 1/2, but these online gambling platforms can draw a dozen times of "big" or a dozen times of "small", depending on which side of the dice can make the dealer. Make more profit.

The results of gambling can be manipulated, which has long been a tacit secret between the gambler and the platform. What makes gamblers let go is not only a fluke mentality, but also the human nature of "if you win, you want to win again, and if you lose, you want to repay your money".

In this process, online gambling has completely changed the gamblers’ view of money.

Uncover the scam of online gambling ↓

As the saying goes, gambling "10 gambles and nine loses", "10 gambles and nine deceptions" ", but there are always people who are lucky enough to feel that they should not be so unlucky, maybe they are the lucky ones. However, many people do not know that their occasional "success" may actually have entered the trap set by the criminal suspect.

The New Year is approaching,

Many people may choose to use gambling as entertainment Method

The editor reminds everyone that this may be illegal!

Look! ↓ ↓ ↓

Legal regulations

1. " Article 70 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishments stipulates: Those who provide conditions for gambling for profit-making purposes, or those who participate in gambling with a large amount of money, shall be detained for less than 5 days or be fined less than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are serious, 10 Detained for more than one day but less than 15 days, and imposed a fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 3,000 yuan.

2. "The Ministry of Public Security's Announcement on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Laws in Handling Cases of Illegal Gambling"Knowledge" (Gongtongzi [2015] No. 30) Article 9 stipulates: No penalty shall be imposed on relatives who engage in entertainment activities such as playing mahjong and playing poker with property for the purpose of not making profit; other than relatives There will be no penalty for playing mahjong, playing poker and other entertainment activities with a small amount of money.

3. The first paragraph of Article 303 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that for profit-making purposes, gathering crowds of gambling or gambling as a business shall be punished for three years The following fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or surveillance, and fines.

4. "The Supreme Law and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate's Interpretation on Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of Law in Handling Criminal Gambling Cases" (Fa Interpretation [2005] No. 3) stipulates that: For profit-making purposes, one of the following situations is considered to be "crowd gambling" as stipulated in Article 303 of the Criminal Law:

(1) Organizing more than 3 people to gamble, tapping The cumulative amount of fishery profits reaches more than 5,000 yuan;

(2) Organizing more than 3 people to gamble, and the cumulative amount of gambling money reaches more than 50,000 yuan;

(3) Organize more than 3 people to gamble, and the total number of participants in the gambling reaches more than 20;

(4) Organize more than 10 citizens of the People’s Republic of China Going abroad to gamble and collect rebates and referral fees from it. Article 9 stipulates that: it is not for profit-making purposes, entertainment activities with a small amount of money to win or lose, and the provision of entertainment venues such as chess and card rooms that only charge normal venues and service fees, etc., shall not be treated as gambling.

Countless gamblers have fallen from the beginning of "small wins".

Losing more and more, this is the inevitable outcome of most gamblers.

It is not only them who are swallowed by the abyss, but also those who they love and who love them deeply.

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