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Demystify! Citi International scam exposed! Why are you the only one who loses? Who is operating in the dark?

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Market outlook:

CITI GLOBAL What kind of shocking scams are hidden behind? CITI GLOBAL Under what supervision? CITI GLOBAL Is the platform teacher's call credible? What is the relationship between the teacher and the platform? Is it reasonable for Feifei to take me to invest in FTSE A50 and continue to liquidate? Following the guidance of the same teacher, why others are making money and only oneself is losing money? What's the shady of the Feifei Symposium? Friends who have been deceived and lost can consult Sincere Rights Protection, our rights protection promises not to charge any fees in the early stage, the process is open and transparent, and we must promptly take up legal weapons to protect our rights and interests! Click here to add caption text

CITI GLOBAL platform victim statement: (Mr. Wang himself)

Exposure platform: CITI GLOBAL Leading teachers: Feifei, instructor Maotai, instructor Cheng Cheng Leading single group: ten-person guidance group Live room: Feifei seminar Investment product: FTSE A50 The victimization process: May 16, 2019, entered a project called Stocks Supporter Feifei official account. On the last page of the article, someone proposed to establish a Feifei symposium. Scan the QR code to add personal friends. After adding friends, he joined the group and started live broadcasting the class, and assigned a separate counselor Cheng Cheng. The course is 3 days a week, and the number of people in the live room can reach more than 5000. During the course, the entanglement theory technology can be explained and the PPT content can be downloaded in the group file. A large group of about 160 people In the last class, we will take everyone to become rich in Singapore When the A50 index, and there are instructions on the qualifications of the dealer in the course, the large group is disbanded afterwards, The number of the group is 90, and the courses sent in the group require password login, and the lecture content cannot be downloaded b>. At this time, the number of students in class has been reduced from more than 6,000 to 3,000. The group uses various rules, such as adding other group friend accounts or excluding those who cannot attend class every day. There are multiple instructors and one instructor Maotai in all QQ groups, and the instructor Maotai on the 2nd floor of the empty single department guides the order. Subsequently, the 20 crowd disbanded and were drawn into the 10 crowd to guide the operation again. The group again requested to increase the position by 4-5 layers, indicating that it is a short order, and the position will be liquidated when the market opens the next day. Although the opening of the FTSE A50 was high, it only opened 50 points higher, but the trader showed a higher opening close to 600 points, that is, the FTSE A50 needs a 6% increase to reach the liquidation. And the data during platform operation is inconsistent with the data published in Flush Software, the trend is only roughly similar, but the specific points are completely inconsistent. After that, the group of 10 was disbanded, but because he told the counselor Cheng Cheng that he wanted to make a profit as soon as possible, so he could still deposit money, so he would invite another group again later. As long as Maotai is responsible for the call orders in the QQ group, Feifei will also broadcast the voice call orders interspersedly. The counselor Cheng Cheng will post the call order strategy and position separately on the screenshot. After browsing relevant information on the Internet, I saw an article about legal aid, and I learned that I was cheated after I added a consultation.

Summary of Citi International's case:

Obviously, the victim has encountered a financial scam. After a series of investigations and evidence collection by the honest rights protection team, Citi International has not filed with any regulatory agency, nor does it have any business registration information. The so-called teacher is actually a business The member, not a master at all, finally successfully helped the victim recover the scammed funds after 15 days.

If you see the above case and you feel a little similar to yourself, please quickly collect evidence to defend your rights, because it is very likely that you will alsoWas caught in the same routine. Maybe everyone doesn’t know very well. The current market for the meaning of Toshichushi is extremely chaotic, because they are hovering between regulation and non-regulation. Some people take advantage of the loopholes and want to make a lot of money, pretending to be a formal trading platform to defraud investors, In fact, the meaning of these virtual birds in the insect habitat platform is only to rent foreign servers and Pai photos. These rented are only legal with them, and they are not formal in China. Then they buy pirated software and package themselves as overseas elites. Start the road to fraud.

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It is true that rights protection will summarize and summarize representative cases:

1. Approaching stock enthusiasts as an analyst, teacher, mentor, etc. in the stock QQ group, WeChat group, and live broadcast room to gain trust

2. Through QQ groups, WeChat, live broadcast rooms, etc., promote the meaning of inviting victims to go to the virtual JIA platform to scramble the bird-like insect dwelling, the ending song of bloody Xiangxi, the Hang Seng Index

3. After the successful invitation, in the meaning of fried bird roost insect dwelling, scarlet Xiangxi ending song, and Hang Seng index group, through internal staff JIA pretends to be a customer to create a fast profitable JIA elephant meaning fried bird roost insect dwelling To gradually eliminate the worries of the victims

4. Give the victim a first taste of the sweetness with a small investment and a big return, and put forward requirements such as profit sharing, so as to further win the trust of the victim with the seemingly in line with common sense requirements

5. Grasp the victim’s psychology and take the opportunity to entice the victim to pull the head into the platform without being divided into profitable parts.

6. The background artificially sets the probability of winning and losing to increase the victim's chance of losing; when the victim makes a profit, obstacles are set up to prevent cash withdrawal according to the situation; when the victim invests a large amount of money, it may even be directly sealed or frozen , Delete the victim’s platform account to illegally occupy the victim’s funds

It is true that the rights protection (crwq311) is here to remind you:

For the safety of funds, please abide by national laws and regulations. Do not believe in exaggerated publicity such as "low investment, high return, low risk, and high leverage", and resolutely stay away from illegal investment activities to avoid being deceived and regretting. For those who have been deeply hurt and anxious, you might as well collect the evidence that you were deceived. Our company focuses on restoring the meaning of bird dwelling insects, golden blood color Xiangxi ending song and other investment defrauded losses, as long as your evidence is sufficient, we will do our best to help you recover your losses in the shortest time. We (crwq311) hereby promise: There will be results within 7-15 days from the acceptance, and no fees will be charged if it is irreversible! !

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