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Zhouyi forecast stocks

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One day when Li Xiaoge was playing with his son on the trampoline in the park, he suddenly wanted to poop, but he didn't bring paper to the toilet. It costs 2 yuan to buy a small pack of paper. Because of this trivial matter, he finally understood the true meaning of buying and selling stocks! There are no bull stocks or junk stocks at all, only the most appropriate time to enter and the right time to sell.

Just find a foolish way of predicting stocks' rise and fall, say buy Just buy, throw when needed. In just two years, he easily earned more than 30 million.

Today, I will reveal to you the secret of Li Xiaoge’s Dao Zhijian. It’s a high-tech thing that depends on people’s methods, and the prediction accuracy rate is more than 90%.

He experienced the joy of entrepreneurial success, and suffered the pain of the stock market plummeting and losing millions. After learning from the pain and deciding to fall there, just get up there. Various stock theories, software, and methods have been studied and used. It's not that the stocks are bad. It was because I was too high to buy, and when I should sell, I thought it would be better to go up a little bit more, so that even the demon stocks would lose money.

It was such a day, when I was playing with my son in the park, I suddenly wanted to shit, but I didn’t bring any paper to the toilet, so I bought a small bag. It costs 2 yuan. Because of this trivial matter, he finally understood the true meaning of buying stocks! There are no bull stocks or junk stocks at all, only the most appropriate time to enter and the right time to sell.

The reason is very simple, how can we know whether this stock is rising or falling? When to start and when to sell?

Finally, it occurred to me that Baidu has found a magical stock forecasting method, the Zhouyi Liuyao forecasting method. It is the crystallization of Chinese culture. Since it can predict personnel and life, there must be no problem in predicting stocks. I read the theories and methods of various experts and masters, and then applied to the training class to participate in the training of Meihua Yishu. I was not accurate in predicting stocks on time. I couldn't grasp the price with my own skills, and I couldn't see clearly the rise and fall. At this time, I found that my thoughts may be too naive. If the stocks can really predict, not all of them will be rich.

The research is boring, I really want to give up!

One day I heard a master in the deduction group say that he used Qimen Dunjia to predict the stocks. It was so accurate. Taking three users will immediately know the stocks rise and fall. Immediately Baidu searched for Qimen Dunjia forecast stocks, and a variety of methods finally locked in one of the simplest methods.

It should be a seemingly extremely complicated technology, and I really researched it and found that the simple is out of place. Moreover, the quasi-issue index, only bullish stocks, rose the highest that day, and sold it that day. The previous studies of "Gann Theory", "Wave Theory", and other analytical theory software were all thrown away.

To use this simple and ridiculous weekly forecasting method, it should be the odd door forecasting stock method. In the past few years, I have made a lot of fun. Share it with some sharp-eyed speculators today.

Speaking of Qimen Dunjia, it is indeed amazing and profound, but it is not easy to learn it. It's the simplest and most effective method to rely on.

The first step: the next Qimen Dunjia Pan software

Search for Qimen Dunjia Pan software on Baidu , Many kinds of software don't know which one to use. After all, the software is no longer there, just arrange a disk online directly on the web page.

Looking at the disks discharged by the software in the picture below, the words are densely packed and the gods can't recognize them, let alone people who have not learned this technology.

If we predict a stock based on the above row prediction, how can we do that?

According to the method of Lai Ren Lai, according to this step, even people who have never learned the knowledge of Zhouyi can predict the stock price up or down by more than 90% accurately. That is to say, whether stocks are going up or down, you can tell at a glance.

Take three representative stocksTake one to represent the impact of the broader market on the stock, one to represent the main force or capital movement, and one to represent how the stock itself is. (Note here: Although this Lai method predicts stocks' rise and fall is very accurate, it only predicts one stock at a time, and only looks at the ten-day rise and fall changes) It is simple, and it is a unicorn, only one method is used.

Okay, let's continue to talk about this method of predicting stock prices. The picture above is generally incomprehensible to people, but it is enough for us to understand.

Follow the steps to take three representative symbols "value sign, e, time dry"

The left side of the picture above is a good I Ching singular disc. In it, you can find three symbols "value symbol, e, time dry". Circle the "value symbol" with a red pen, and use a blue pen Circle the "E", and then use a black pen to circle the "Ji" of Shigan. After circling it, delete all the information in the unused squares in the other squares. It is convenient to study as shown in the above right picture.

As long as you can find 3 symbols on the odd disk that the software emits, you will learn half of this technique.

It's so simple to say, who wouldn't?

Actually, "value sign" is easy to find, and "e" is also easy to find. The only thing that is hard to find is "Shigan". Shiqian is the zodiac sign of fortune-telling, and Shiqian is different from hour to hour. The characteristic is that the row of stems from the front to the back is the annual stems, the monthly stems, the daily stems, and the hour stems. Then find a time dry on the prepared plate. There are two days dry in each square, and you must take the square above sometimes dry or e.

After I circled it, I began to analyze the rise and fall of this stock. It mainly depends on the pattern. The accuracy rate is more than 90% to see the rise or fall, or even 100%. That is to say, as long as it is a stock that is still rising, the pattern on the market tells you very clearly. The detailed description of the method of predicting stocks is also "Dunjia Volume Stocks". It not only calculates the rise and fall, but even rises that day, how much is the rise The points can be calculated, and the calculation method is very simple.

The second step: extrapolation tricks

As I told you above, the information in the square of the "straight sign" is to explain the impact of the market or major factors on this stock. The information in the "E" box indicates the main force or the movement of funds, and the information in the "Shigan" box indicates the quality of the stock itself.

Look at the picture above, each square has two characters, heavenly stems, and the combination of upper and lower heavenly stems is called pattern. The stocks of the auspicious will go up, and the stocks will go down or go flat if they are bad. Summarizing the pattern in the three squares, you basically get the stock's rise and fall, it's that simple.

The description in the "value sign" box is the canopy landlord. It is auspicious to avoid disasters, which means that the direction of the market is unknown, and it is best to withdraw quickly.

The description in the "E" box is the grand exhibition of Qinglong Yaoming, which means that the main force has to put in hard work to achieve the grand vision.

The pattern of "time doing oneself" shows that it is a strange thing that a wandering soul enters the grave, which means it feels a bit strange.

The conclusion is calculated from the pattern of the three squares. Two said auspicious, one said fierce, the stock will rise, but then it will fall. Two said it was bad, and one said auspicious. The overall decline was slightly higher. Three full auspiciousness must limit daily limit, and three full auspiciousness must limit daily limit.

The forecast for this stock above is that the main force is building a position, but the market reaction is flat. There may be something wrong with the stock itself. It shows the culprit, so a small rise is affirmative.

Step 3: Understanding and viewing the pattern

When it comes to the pattern, I actually don’t understand it. This pattern is caused by The results of the repeated combination of nine heavenly stems show that Baidu searches for "ten dry keying". This explanation has actually been counted by the ancients, we just need to check it.

The following is a screenshot of a part of the pattern description. The red cut head means that the big gig must rise, the black cut head means the fierce pattern must fall, and the cut head means flat.

This method of predicting stocks seems simple and naive, but the accuracy rate is more than 90%. If you are a little deeper to understand the other symbols in each square, the accuracy rate is more than 95%, or even 100%.

Let’s give an example of what the bullish pattern looks like.

Look at the pattern in the "Value Symbol" box in the picture above is Singa Ding Yu Divinely surprised, do business with double profits. The pattern in the "E" square is that the five plus three blue dragons will be auspicious. The pattern of Shigan "B" is that B and Ding Qiyi can complement Pepsi. In the case of the whole Kyrgyzstan, this stock must rise or limit.

The description of the pattern is based on the statistics of the ancients. It seems that if you say good luck is good, bad is bad, and if it is vague, it means stocks that are flat or falling slowly.

There are a few points that should be paid special attention to. Any situation where the three words "shengmen, tianchong, and nine days" appear in the squares of the three symbols indicate a signal to go up.

It's such a simple method. It's not that Li Xiaoge alone makes a laugh. Some big households who operate hundreds of millions of dollars use this method.

Simple and super practical!

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