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Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Advisory retail profit is a scam? The stock loss mentor has nothing to do with you. Who do you cheat?

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​​Is Shaanxi Jufeng Company formal and legal? Is it reliable? can earn money? Will the members of Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Consultant who have not renewed their fees due to be invited out of the group? How can Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Consulting's defrauded service fee get back? Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Co., Ltd. charges high service fees. What is the situation with no good stocks? How can Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Consulting's defrauded service fee be recovered quickly? What should I do if the recommended shares of Shaanxi Jufeng are deceived? Are misleading propaganda, false advertisements, false propaganda, and consumption-inducing alarms useful? Is Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Co., Ltd. regular? Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Co., Ltd. fraudulently obtains high service fees that can be recovered! The service fee of Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Advisor is not reliable! I was defrauded of the service fee to recommend stocks and I suffered a heavy loss! Is the service fee of Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Advisor refundable? Deceive investors to refund my service fee! Has Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Co., Ltd. have successfully refunded the fee? The service fee was deceived and discovered that it was a trap! Mengfan legal aid rights protection consultation call: 15927425890

Exposure platform: Shaanxi Jufeng Investment Consulting

Scam package: fuck Pan master, gold decision, sniper hunter, hot pioneer

Investment consultants: Zhang Cuixia, Guo Yiming, Zhao Ling, Ding Zhenyu, Qin Liang, Hu Gang, Zhu Hualei, Zhang Xu, Wang Jingfang , Liu Jian, Chang Le

Research team: Zhu Zhenxin, Li Chang, Zhang Nan, Han Jihui, Ren Xiaoming, Shen Shihan

Operating software: Investment Gubang

Investment products: stock service fee, stock investment advisory fee, stock membership fee

Service fee price: ranging from 5980-100000

In May of this year, I was added to WeChat by a salesman from Jufeng Company in the stock exchange group , Next, they will send me some stocks they operate every day. After a few days, the recommended stocks are not bad. Attracted by their professional technology. Later, the salesman told me that if I wanted to make the stock they recommended, I had to pay a service fee. At that time, I still didn't decide to pay the fee. In the next few days, I still sent some profits to me as usual. The salesman said that he also gave me a discount from performance. I saw that they had a service fee of 10,800 for half a year, and then signed an electronic agreement. I followed them during the service process, but after paying the money, it was completely different. The recommended stocks rarely made money, and most of them even lost money. I found that the stock recommendation became increasingly unreliable. . Now I haven't followed what they recommended. The money has been lost.

Unwilling to reconcile, I asked the customer service why the stock has been falling, but was told that "the stock market is risky." But I feel that this is different from what the salesman agreed to when I first joined the member, so I have the idea of ​​refunding the membership fee. But the salesman said that he has received the company’s membership service and needs to deduct the corresponding fees. I think I must have been deceived

so I searched for this information on the Internet and saw Mengfan’s legal aid. Article, after contacting him, after negotiating with the platform, the platform contacted the victim and agreed to compensate the victim for the loss of funds. In less than two weeks or so, we helped the victim recover the loss. If you lose money on this platform You can find them for consultation and give you the most professional advice and opinions to help you redeem your losses. It may also be the hard-earned money you have accumulated throughout your life.

What are the routines for investment advisory companies to defraud investors of investment advisory service fees?

1. After the agency company under the investment advisory company obtains the corresponding operating rights, it will organize the business department to contact the stockholders in the market. It usually starts with the so-called free "recommended shares".

2. Demonstration of strength: After the investment adviser's business personnel have added stockholder friends, they will recommend stocks to stockholders for reference, and sometimes recommend after-hours tickets to attract stockholders to trust their strength.

3. Receiving service fees for investment advisory services: After investors believe in their "ability", investment advisory salespersons will charge investors the so-called "service fees"".

4. The final result: After the investor friends paid the investment advisory service fee to the investment advisory company, they would arrange the so-called teacher to guide and recommend the stocks, but in the end the loss of the investor friends could not be improved. It is a loss!

Summary: The investment advisory company charges investment advisory service fees to provide stock recommendation services, which is a legal but non-compliant way, and the fraudulent investment advisory service fees can be recovered!

As long as you meet the following requirements, I am confident that I will help you recover it:

1. The loss exceeds RMB 10,000.

2. The transaction record is within 1 year

3. The payment flow and the platform receiving account

4. There are teachers and clients chatting or guiding records

5. The platform does not run off and is running again; meet the above We are sure to recover the conditions, and the time is 3-15 working days.

A clear agreement will be signed before cooperation, and we promise not to charge any fees. We have helped hundreds of people Victims recover their losses

Mengfan legal aid tips:

Mengfan Legal aid rights protection consultation call: 15927425890 When you are deceived, you should calmly collect the deceived evidence, and report the problem to the legal consultation as soon as possible, so that everyone's losses can be recovered as quickly as possible! We professionally handle futures and foreign exchange For various platform cases such as, China Capital, Gold, Spot, Index, etc., the team has a professional consultant, investigation and evidence collection team, a team of lawyers, and a wealth of experience in financial damage recovery. Thousands of victims have successfully recovered the deceived funds. , If you have any questions about your investment, welcome to consult for free!


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