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"Buddhist Observation" Shocked from Taichi Master, Talking about the Chaos in Buddhism Today

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​​ This article only represents the author’s personal knowledge and understanding of Buddhism, and only compliments the sound of Nan Wuqiang Buddha, and learns the "Great Mudra of the Great Sage and Liberation", "Speaking the Truth by the Heart Sutra", and " "Learning Buddhism" and "What is Practice" are the most correct and quick ways to achieve.

In May of this year, a very funny news appeared on the Internet. It is about Ma Baoguo, a great master who claimed to have defeated two European fighting champions in one day in the UK, but was easily knocked down by an unknown amateur amateur player.

Didn’t this master claim that he had beaten European MMA champion Pete? Then why was he killed by others as soon as he appeared, or even knocked down three times within 30 seconds until he went into shock. You know that the level of amateur players is not a little bit worse than the level of European fighting champions. You can beat the fighting champions, but why can't you beat the amateurs who are much lower than the championship level?

There is only one answer, and that is that the Taiji Master is a fake at all. As for the master known to the public who has defeated many champions, all of them are fictitious. thing. This level of fraud and fooling people is a master of masters, and he has successfully concealed his details for so long. It is so deep.

In fact, pay attention to this. All walks of life in the society are full of these swindlers. The Buddhist world is no exception.

In today’s Buddhism world, it is normal for ordinary people to be holy. Masters are everywhere, making people dizzy. There are really few eminent monks with holy credentials. If the stars are the stars, only to see the clowns come on stage, the Buddha disciples suffer greatly. People's minds are occupied by the wrong views instilled by these swindlers, blindly practicing blindly, and there is no hope of liberation.

There is a "Buddhist master" who advocates the Pure Land Method. The discs he lectures are spread all over the world, with millions of disciples. In people's minds, he is a generation of masters, and even called "Amitabha Buddha" when he comes back, people admire him in five ways.

But on closer inspection, this master does not have extraordinary abilities, nor has he heard of any extraordinary achievements he has created. Except for being able to speak endlessly, everything is so ordinary. Are Buddhas and Bodhisattvas just as incompetent as ordinary people? Don't the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have any sacred evidence to show the truthfulness of the Dharma and let all living beings feel the extraordinary wisdom of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas?

Before 2012, this master also publicly declared that the earth is in catastrophe and deceived all beings. It even said that "all beings were originally Buddhas, and degenerated into beings due to delusion and attachment", which seriously misled countless sentient beings. His behaviors of distorting the Dharma and harming the wisdom of sentient beings are really exhausted.

But he is only one of the modern living Buddha masters of the imaginary name like Ganges River Sand, and there are many other masters of various sects, too. Some people use Buddhism to engage in "double repairs for men and women" to take advantage of the opportunity, some use "small paper houses" to cheat money, some are engaged in feng shui fortune-telling feudal superstitions, some are engaged in virtual network currency business, and some are online initiation and conversion.. ....

These absurd behaviors have tarnished the correct understanding of Buddhism by all living beings, just like Buddhism is a pile of empty theories, making all living beings lost in learning and practicing Buddhism. True direction.

As the saying goes, "practice is the only criterion for testing truth." If you want to learn Buddhism and achieve success, "knowing and seeing first" is to have the correct Buddhist principlesguide. The first prerequisite for gaining righteous knowledge and right view is that there must be no mistakes or defects in the teachings of the law. If Yizhi has studied and practiced fake scriptures and fake Buddhism that have been tampered with, no matter how hard you work, it will be a waste of water in a bamboo basket.

At the end of the Dharma era, it is hard to see the pure and unbiased Buddhist doctrine. What people learn is almost a mixture of good and evil scriptures that are difficult to distinguish, such as: There are more than 100 kinds of "Srangama Mantra" chanted by many Buddhist disciples, ranging from more than 100 sentences to more than 500 sentences. Zhang San said that what he learned was the most authentic, and Li Si also said that he was the most authentic, but there was only one kind of Shurangama Mantra taught by Sakyamuni Buddha. Who really learned the Shurangama Mantra from the Shurangama Sutra that Sakyamuni Buddha said back then? No matter Zhang San, Li Si or Wang Wu, no one can produce conclusive evidence to prove it. Perhaps the scriptures and calligraphy he recites every day are the incomplete meanings that have been tampered with.

This may only be when the cause and condition are mature, and the Ju Shengde presides over the "Sheng Yi Jin Ping Lottery" to make a victory and righteous decision on the scriptures and Dharma books, and go through the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. After the deity approves it, we can understand which scripted mantras are the true Tathagata Dharma that has not been tampered with by demons and monsters.

And the reality is that Buddhism has been passed down for more than 2500 years, and the demonization of the Sangha has long since been transformed into a famous mage or a certain Kaishan mage, who tampered with himself The teachings of the Buddhist scriptures and the mantras have been passed down, and the teachings of Sakyamuni Buddha have become completely unrecognizable. If we are not learning the scriptures and texts approved by the Buddha and Bodhisattva, no matter how diligently we practice, we will eventually be "the smallest difference. "Thousands of miles", it is impossible to achieve liberation. This is the fulfillment of the vicious wish of the Demon King Bo Xun to Sakyamuni Buddha to let the demon sons and grandsons destroy the Fa-rectification.

As the social environment changes, the evil deeds of "Buddhist masters" will become more and more "advancing with the times". They also do some charitable deeds on the surface, but this is not an act of great compassion and benefit, but to make themselves more deceptive and deceptive.

Still the same sentence, a saint must have a holy witness. There is no holy evidence, no matter how loud his name is, the so-called masters are ordinary fake holy ones.

Regarding the amount of sacred enlightenment, it can be judged according to the "Bodhisattva gains in the five Ming" as shown in the Sakyamuni Buddha scripture. From the worldly perspective, we must see whether this so-called master possesses wisdom that mortals do not possess, whether his achievements exceed the level of the world's first-class experts, etc.

Fortunately, we are living in the time when the Nan Wu Qiang Buddha was born and lived. In the South Wu Qiang Buddha, there are 128 evil views and wrong views. Under the "Mirror of the Demon", all evil teachers and demons will be exposed. It is no wonder that some evil teachers have to encourage their disciples to slander the Nan Wu Qiang Buddha.

Buddha disciples, in order to maintain the wisdom and destiny of all beings, we must use what the Nan Wu Qiang Buddha said The Shakyamuni Buddha’s Dharma helps sentient beings to distinguish the true and false Buddhadharma. This is the bodhicitta behavior that a true Buddha disciple should have.


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