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Big wisdom stock pool automatic trading

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The main difference between the smart stock pool automatic trading order and the warning order is:

1. The stock pool requires order. The dll is just, it is not necessary to use the warning automatic transaction.

2. To place an order in the stock pool, you need to call the assistant's order function in a conditional transfer statement or formula, and automatic early warning trading is not required.

In addition to using stock pool automatic trading, you can also use early warning automatic order placement or chart automatic trading to achieve programmatic stock trading . This section first introduces the use of stock pool to realize automated trading and programmatic stock trading.

Note: The assistant supports the 64-bit version of the Great Wisdom Stock Pool starting from the distinguished version of The usage is exactly the same. The only difference requires the use of 64-bit Order.dll. click to download.

1. Create a stock pool condition list

select in the condition list For stock pool conditions, fill in the stock pool number.

Note: The stock pool number is a number defined by yourself. You can decide as many as you like, but it must be consistent with the helper function call parameters in the stock pool transfer conditions.

The stock pool number has nothing to do with the stock pool Super Win 1 number in the Great Wisdom, and it has nothing to do with the stock pool name. It is defined by you and is associated with the assistant condition sheet. Of a number.

2. Establish a stock pool and set the transfer conditions

Next, you can set up the stock pool in the pool and set the transfer conditions in Great Wisdom. Of course, you can also create a stock pool first, set the transfer conditions and then perform 1 operation. These two steps can be interchanged, and do not have to be done in order.

3. Call the assistant order function in the transition condition or formula

Next, call the assistant order function in the transition condition, which can be directly in the transition condition It can also be called in the formula specified in the transition condition. The BUY function is called for buying, and the SELL function is called for selling. Note that it is all uppercase.

Formula transfer statement

Formula transfer statement is to call the assistant's order function according to your trading conditions, tell the assistant that the conditions are met, and place an order. The sentence used in the above figure is very simple. If the last pool of the stock pool is specifically used as the buying pool, this means that all the stocks in the last pool are bought, This is the easiest way to write, you can copy the following statement.

My terms: C> 0 and c if my terms> 0 then

BUY1:"[email protected]"(c, 100*My terms, 1);

Another slightly more complicated example sentence

This is a slightly more complicated buying example, which is different from the previous one. The same is that instead of buying all, some conditional judgments are added.

T1 := C> 0;

T2 := C> 0;

Purchase volume 0:100;

AA: T1 AND T2;

if AA then begin

Buy stock 0:="[email protected]"(c, purchase amount 0*AA, 1, 0);


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