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What are the application requirements for Duke University in the United States?

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I am a person who has successfully applied to study at Duke University. I hope I can share my experience Share with you.

I took a look at the background of the subject. TOEFL and GRE are both okay, the experience is fairly rich, and there is a recommendation letter from a professor at Yale University. The subject is more interested in Duke University. As a person who has successfully applied to Duke University, I think I still have a certain say on this issue.

Until now, I still clearly remember the joy of the day I received the acceptance letter from Duke University. I was at the Capital Airport in Beijing and wanted to help my mother celebrate her birthday, so I was traveling to the Maldives.

At 5 o'clock in the morning at the Capital Airport, there were still a lot of people. When waiting for the flight, it was boring, so I opened the mailbox to pass the time, but the first letter turned out to be an offer from Duke University with a major in engineering management.

The first second I saw the email, I was stunned for a moment. When I was relieved, I almost jumped up happily. I covered my mouth and kept my voice down as much as possible. I boarded the plane happily. This trip to Maldives became a combination of birthday trip and college trip. I received an offer from an ideal university, and I was naturally happier during the trip.

Duke University is currently recognized as one of the top universities in the world. Whether it is academic level or teaching quality, it is one of the best in the United States. It is the best private university in the southern United States, and its comprehensive ranking has always been Among the top 10 in the United States, it can be comparable to those Ivy League schools in the United States. Many students once said that "Harvard University" is "Duke of the North of the United States." This shows that the reputation and recognition of Duke University is very high in the United States.

The school motto of Duke University is "Pursue Knowledge, Believe in Religion". Students have a wealth of sports cells. Not only do they have excellent academic performance, they also have excellent sports performance. Duke has the "best" in the world. basketball team.

In this answer, I am mainly based on my personal experience to share with the subject, how I applied for the engineering management offer of Duke University, and I hope to prepare for the subject There is some help.

Brief background

Undergraduate: p>

Jilin University, major in vehicle engineering, GPA score of 3.6


Duke University, major in engineering management, GPA score of 3.7 Points


Total score of 105 points


The total score is 323 points, including 155 points for Chinese and 168 points for Mathematics.


University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Industrial Engineering, MS Case Western University, Engineering Management, MS, Scholarship Duke University, Engineering Management, MS New York University, Technology Management, MS Northeastern University, Engineering Management, MS

Why study in the United States ?

In fact, the decision to study in the United States was not planned long ago, and then implemented step by step according to the plan. Before graduating from university, I had other options, not just studying abroad.

Because of my undergraduate major, I did an internship in two auto companies during my university, and after graduation, I also hope to sign a job directly at one of them.

During my undergraduate course, I was in an experimental class of engineering, so I still have the opportunity to get the postgraduate quota of our school or other Top5 universities.

At that time I also considered whether to study abroad, but at the beginning my destination for studying abroad was Australia, not the United States. Because I heard that studying in Australia does not need to provide GRE scores, I feel that I will be prepared It's easier.

When you are faced with many choices, you will start to hesitate, because each option looks good, and you don’t know which path is the most suitable. But I can’t hesitate all the time. After all, I’m facing graduation, so I started to analyze the pros and cons of each choice:

First of all, employment. Employment can directly accumulate work experience, but the undergraduate degree is certainly not very competitive; If you continue to study for a master’s degree, you can brush up your academic qualifications and improve your abilities in an all-round way. There is still a lot of room for improvement. Finally, if you study for a master’s degree in this school, the probability of success will be higher. However, studying in the same environment is definitely not conducive Expand your horizons.

On the whole, domestic Top 5 universities and Australian universities are both very good choices, but I still feel that I still have room to work hard and improve. If there are better options that make me more satisfied, then Definitely still have to sprint to try.

Although I have analyzed a lot by myself, I still want to use my own efforts to implement all the opportunities. Because these analyses are my own ideas, it is impossible to realize it due to external factors or force majeure that may be encountered in the process of realization.

But the process of this effort was not particularly smooth. In terms of employment, although I passed an interview with a car company, I personally prefer the corporate culture and working atmosphere of another car company. Because of DDL restrictions, I chose to reject the first job offer.

I participated in all the interviews of the second car company before and after, but when other students have begun to get their offers one after another, there is still no movement on my side. I also inquired about it myself, but still no results.

In desperation, I can only temporarily start preparing for the undergraduate study of Top 5 schools. The tutor of the university I applied to got a general understanding of my background, and found that in addition to my grades, I also had a richer experience. Not only did I participate in school clubs, various organizational activities, but also participated in simulated entrepreneurship. I feel that I am not a master. As a nerd who reads, my flexibility and communication skills are also quite good, and I agreed to admit me at the beginning. The next day, let me participate in the college interview.

Later, for some other reasons, I lost the election. At that time, my mood was really depressed, and I felt as if I could not do anything well. But I can't show it in front of my family, for fear that they are worried, I have been making self-adjustment, forcing myself to be unable to express my inner emotions.

In this situation of falling to the bottom, I know that I should not continue to be negative. Instead of falling like this all day, it is better to think about how to improve the status quo. At this time, the road before me was the only way to study abroad.

It is precisely because of constant setbacks that I am less and less reconciled. I think I'm not bad, why can others succeed, but I can't? Relying on this kind of fighting spirit, I strengthened my idea of ​​studying abroad. After a comprehensive consideration, based on my results at the time, it is not difficult to apply for an Australian university. I can use Australia as an alternative to sprint for a higher goal.

I learned about studying abroad. I finally decided to prepare for the GRE, and then apply to an American university. My family knew what I thought and supported me very much.

Because of the various early attempts and the overall understanding of studying abroad, a lot of time was wasted. In the end, when I decided to apply for graduate students in the United States, it was 12 months before the application deadline for most American universities. Month, there are only 2 months left. For a novice applying for studying abroad for the first time, the preparation time in February is still very tight.

Running on the way to apply

When I decided to apply, it was October. At that time, I only took the test I have had a TOEFL score of 97. Facing the unsatisfactory TOEFL score plus the GRE test I have never encountered before, I am still a little nervous. I know that from my current background, the probability of successfully applying to a prestigious American school is not high.

However, I have always believed that as long as I work hard, I will definitely gain. SureOn the second day of studying abroad, I started to prepare again for the TOEFL test and started studying GRE.

However, there is not much time to prepare. I have to complete the entire study abroad application within 2 months. Instead of preparing for the exam myself, I chose to apply for a tutoring class. After all, in less than 2 months, it is still a little difficult to digest so many vocabulary and long sentences on my own. It is still necessary to improve the review efficiency as much as possible for special things.

I personally think that even if I have plenty of time, I can consider applying for a class. Because you can learn some skills and experience to deal with the exam, in the GT exam, mastering the skills and preparing for the exam are very important. The pace of the training class is still very fast. Basically, opening your eyes every day is learning. When you learn to go to bed, you even feel that eating is unnecessary. At that time, I had a lot of friends. Either they got a job offer or had a postgraduate program. They were relaxing every day, and I had to stay up all night to prepare for exams and study. It was really hard to think about.

In the first two GRE exams, the scores were not ideal, and there was little room for improvement. In order to achieve my ideal score, I applied for another training class. The time when I participated in the training class was even more " "Life is better than death", but fortunately, the final grades are relatively good. I have made a qualitative leap and reached the score line of my target college. It can be regarded as a sigh of relief.

What I didn't expect was that when I was preparing for the GRE test, I actually received an offer from the car company I really like. But at that time, I had already decided that I wanted to go to the United States for further study. I had a higher goal and never thought about giving up, so I directly rejected the offer from the car company and continued to prepare for the exam.

The preparation time is really too short, so after submitting all the study materials, I finally submitted the GRE scores.

After taking the GRE test, I felt relieved, as if I took the college entrance examination again. It didn't cost me too much time and energy to prepare the papers, so after the victory of GRE, I had a relatively easy life, and I had time to do things that I was interested in. It was also a happy day.

At that time, I applied to 8 American universities, mainly based on my current grades and my background, to choose my favorite major. After I had communicated with the intermediary at the time, the essay was directly handed over to the intermediary for processing. I didn't completely DIY it myself. It took relatively little time and was not under pressure. After all the application materials were submitted, I went to Yunnan with my family for a self-driving tour, which was considered a vacation for myself.

During my self-driving trip, I received offers from Case Western Reserve University, New York University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Northeastern University. I am still very happy.

The industrial engineering of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is still recognized in the United States, because its engineering school is ranked fifth in the United States, but I prefer business and management disciplines. There is not much interest in this major. Although I am very excited to receive the admission notice, I still have a little regret. I am still looking forward to other universities to send me offers.

Before I received an offer from Duke University, every offer that came to me was a kind of ambivalence that was both happy and regretful. Which one should I choose between my favorite major? I understand the truth that "fish and bear's paw can't have both", but I still look forward to miracles.

But fortunately, I have a good mentality. Although I was a little anxious while waiting, I still live a normal life every day, no difference in normal times. However, this anxiety disappeared at 5 o'clock in the morning when I received the offer from Duke University.

After receiving an offer from Duke University, some of the dust settled naturally. I immediately accepted Duke University. On the one hand, Duke University is my goddess school, and I was a little trembling when I applied. After all, Duke is an out-of-reach existence in my heart; on the other hand, the major I am most interested in is engineering management, not only It allows me to continue to study the engineering that I have learned during my undergraduate course, and it also allows me to have additional exposure to business management knowledge, which perfectly integrates my two major interests.

After confirming, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After such a long time of hard work, I finally got a result, which is an unexpected result. I can finally tell myself: your previous sweat Not in vain, everything is worth it.

Confirming the offer, during the period before studying abroad, I went to a lot of places I wanted to go before, but I didn’t have the opportunity to go. I met many like-minded friends and felt different customs and customs. Cultural backgroundYun. I learned German and Korean that I have always wanted to learn, learned cooking, and continued to work out. I had a very fulfilling time.

After going to the United States

After entering the United States, all the new things around are attracted I. Although the differences between the United States and China are quite large in many respects, it is precisely because of these differences that I can experience a life and learning experience that I have never felt before.

I went to the second-hand market to buy some simple furniture and sofas, learned some local American food, met many friends from all over the world, chatted with them and went shopping, enriched my after-school life, and also Constantly overcoming language barriers.

When Chinese students have just arrived abroad, they will definitely be uncomfortable, so there is no need to panic. This kind of maladaptation is mainly due to the incompatibility of communication with people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds, as well as the incompatibility of accent differences and English usage.

Every student comes from a different place. For example, some students are from Africa, some are from Europe, and some are from the United States and the United States. People from different places will naturally bring themselves more or less. The spoken language and idiom of the country. It's the same in China. You see, each region also has its own dialect.

Actually, in my opinion, it is more interesting to overcome these discomforts. After all, studying abroad is my own choice. Now that I have chosen, I must stick to it. Although from a short-term perspective, it is more difficult during the adaptation period, but that's how it is in life, no one will be smooth sailing. Life itself is a process that is similar to the continuous upgrading of bosses. The harder the bosses in the game, the more fun, so that when you succeed, you will have an unparalleled sense of accomplishment.

In class, through the grouping of learning projects, I met many friends in the group. They came from India, the United States, China and other countries. In the process of getting to know and learning from each other, I gradually passed the adaptation period. In class, discuss, study, complete tasks with them, and cook and play together on some of the more traditional holidays in the United States.

With the passage of time, I gradually found the balance between study and life, and also the balance between getting along with friends. Everyone is an individual and must have his own ideas. Frictions are indispensable in getting along with friends, but these are small things, not enough to be called unsolvable troubles. In this way, I gradually got used to my study abroad life, study hard, expand my network, and improve myself.

In fact, after you have passed this adaptation period, you will find that everything will become better. You can freely study, exercise, complete homework with your friends in colleges, participate in some school club activities, social activities, expand your network, etc. You will find that a person's graduate life can be so rich and colorful.


Everyone has been growing, challenging and experiencing, through several semesters I can speak naturally in front of hundreds of people, and I can talk to and communicate with the cooperating clients of the consulting project. Later, I found an internship opportunity at an AI company in the San Francisco Bay Area, and then graduated.

Because of work, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, so that it would be more convenient to commute to get off work and started my life after graduation.

When I just graduated, there were still a lot of trivial things to consider, and I didn't have much energy to think about the meaning of life. But on the whole, this move is a turning point in my life. It shows that I have stepped out of the ivory tower of the university, stepped into the society, and become a social worker. I officially bid farewell to the happy and worry-free university life. To put it more mundanely, I have to bear the pressure of my own life and financial. I am already an older child and cannot rely on my parents. At the same time, I also deeply feel that as a student who graduated from a prestigious school, you must not only be responsible for your own future, but also have a sense of social responsibility, and learn to be responsible for the industry and even the entire society.

It is precisely because of these responsibilities that I will continue to learn and improve myself in my later work, tap my potential, and make myself better.

The professional knowledge I learned at Duke University helped me successfully find a job related to project management and product marketing. In the curriculum setting of the master's degree, it not only pays attention to the learning of professional basic courses, but also pays attention to the training of practical experience, so that I have a complete knowledge of business, management, engineering management, project management, investment, and finance.Understanding face to face, when faced with work problems, I made the decision to maximize the benefits time and time again, and did my best to do my job well.

If the subject wants me to give you some suggestions, I would like to say: Listen to your own heart, have a clear plan for your future, and have excellent execution force.

Be sure to do what you like.

Why should you follow your original intention? Because people only work willingly to explode their greatest potential when they are interested in and like things. If you don't know what you like, you can try it. Original interest is a process of exploration, keep trying until you find your interest. If you find something you like to do, just stick to it.

Second, we must take the initiative to plan our own future and be the master of our own life.

You can have a long-term plan for your future, which can be 10 years or 5 years. But no matter how long the long-term goal is, it’s best to have a short-term plan, such as what goals you want to achieve in the last year, and what you want to do in the next few months.

At the same time, it is necessary not only to formulate long-term and short-term goals, but also to make appropriate adjustments based on the actual situation. If you have time, reflect on whether the plan you have made is reasonable, whether it is too high or too low, and whether you have worked hard according to the plan.

Third, action, action, action.

In my opinion, IQ and talent have never been the decisive reference factors for success, but goals and execution ability. If you have a goal and decide to do something, then do it immediately without delay. There is a good saying, "The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, and the next is now." If you are willing to work hard, it is never too late. The most feared thing is procrastination. After a year, you will find that you are now. The goal of is the same as the goal of a year ago, this year you are stagnant.

As I mentioned just now, you can break down big goals into small goals, and then go step by step to achieve each small goal. As you continue to achieve small goals, you will become more and more confident and believe that you can go better and work harder. In fact, this kind of self-confidence is a virtuous circle. After a long time, you will find that your abilities in all aspects have been greatly improved.

In short, ask your innermost true thoughts and choose the path that you like best and best suits you. Set yourself a distant goal, rely on your own efforts and sweat to get closer to it. I hope that the subject can find his original intention, and then successfully apply for the offer of the Goddess School, and start a rich and colorful study abroad life!

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