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Internship|Toutiao, Mars, Industrial Securities, Neusoft, etc.

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1. Today’s headlines

Recruitment position: Human Resources Intern

Suitable grade: Undergraduate or graduate student

Time requirement: Be able to practice internship for more than 3 months, attend 4 days a week and The above takes precedence

Delivery mailbox:


Today Toutiao is a technology-driven mobile Internet company, headquartered in Beijing. The Toutiao APP independently developed by the company is a recommendation engine product based on data mining. It recommends valuable and personalized information to users and provides new services that connect people and information. It is the fastest growing product in the domestic mobile Internet field. service.


Dell Yi Anxin EMC

Recruitment position: Search product QA Intern

Suitable grade: Computer Science or related major

Time requirement: At least 3 days, 6-12 months

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EMC is a global leader in information storage systems, software, networks and services, and it is also the only company that is 100% dedicated to automatic network storage. In 2016, Dell acquired the data storage giant for approximately US$67 billion, making it the largest merger in the history of the technology industry. After the merger, EMC became a part of Dell Technologies and was renamed Dell EMC. Recruitment positions are mostly based on technology. As a giant of information storage, the company itself is a gathering of big cows. Needless to say, it has to improve its own hard skills. In terms of working environment and salary and benefits, it has been the best employer for many years. all.

1. Mars

Recruitment position: MT&KA intern

Adapt to grade: Undergraduate junior/senior/graduate, It is best to secure a research/go abroad/existing job offer

Time requirement: Guaranteed internship for more than 4 days per week (excluding weekends), and the internship period is more than 4 months.

Delivery mailbox:


Mars is one of the world’s largest food manufacturers, producing and selling pet care products, chocolate, chewing gum and candy, food, beverages, and systems biology. product. Mars' annual net sales exceed 33 billion U.S. dollars. There are many well-known products: Wrigley (Yida, Green Arrow), M&M, Snickers, these well-known brands are all under Mars!

1. Aon Hewitt

Recruitment position: Data Operations Center Intern

Adapt Grade: Undergraduate/Graduate student

Time requirement: Every Weekly work is guaranteed for three to four days and lasts for more than 3 months

Delivery mailbox:


Human resources outsourcing and consulting services the company. One of the four well-known companies of the top international human resources consulting company, the other three are: Mercer, Towers Watson and Hay Group.

Feedback from Xiaozao trainees: Aon Hewitt attaches great importance to the training of interns. Every year, a large number of interns are transferred or transferred from the back office. Go to the front desk department. In addition to providing corresponding training, from HR to full-time with interns, they are very concerned about the growth of interns and are willing to teach dry goods. Interns also have good exploits. As a human resources consulting company, Aon Hewitt also has its own tools for evaluating and training talents (cut-e was acquired by Aon in May this year). Interns will pass personality tests to better understand their own characteristics and understand How to better work with others while maintaining your own personality. If you are a fan of the Premier League, Aon is a sponsor of Manchester United. Many activities of the Manchester United China Tour each year are also arranged by Aon. In addition, the hidden benefits will exceed your imagination~~~

1. Minsheng Bank

Recruitment position: Assistant lobby manager

Adapt to grade: Junior or senior students, majors related to economics and finance are preferred

Time requirement: One week the bestWorking for five days, you can ask for leave if you have something.


Minsheng Bank is one of the fastest-growing joint-stock commercial banks in China in recent years, especially in interbank business and investment banking business. The management training program of the Minsheng Headquarters includes departmental internships, job rotations, and final appointments. There is a certain degree of flexibility, which is of great help to job learning and the establishment of contacts in the industry.

1. Industrial Securities

Recruitment position: Bond undertaking as an intern

Suitable grade: Full-time academic master students in major domestic universities, accounting, finance, and finance-related majors, priority is given to key universities in Jiangsu Province

Time requirements: At least 4 days of internship per week, at least 4 months of internship, can accept overseas business trips

Xiaozao Comments:

Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. is a national innovative securities company approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission And Class A and AA securities companies were successfully listed in 2010, and ranked in the top 20 in terms of net assets and income in the ranking of securities companies released by the Securities Association of China in 2015.

1. Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute

Recruitment position: Law intern

Suitable grade: Sichuan University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Southwest University of Finance and Economics Law graduate students, men and women are not restricted

Time requirements: The internship period can be guaranteed for 3 months or more. Guaranteed internship time of more than 4 days per week

Company profile:

Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute was founded in 1953. It is a provincial large-scale industrial and civil architectural design institute. It is currently under the direct supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government.

1. Anheuser-Busch InBev

Recruitment position: B2B offline promotion intern

Time requirement: At least 3 days, long-term internship

Delivery email: [email protected]

Reviews :

The world's largest beer brewer has also become one of the largest beer producers in China. Global brands include Corona, BudweiserIn addition, there are also many local brands, including Harbin Beer.

Some trainees from Xiaozao had internships at the Shanghai headquarters, and the feedback was very tiring, but the rewards were also very great. She brought her little sister to be very nice.

1. Huahan Consulting

Recruitment position: Specialist intern

Adapt to grade: span> Bachelor degree or above, no major limitation, human resources, business management majors are preferred

Company profile:

Beijing Huahan Vision Consulting Service Co., Ltd. is a partnership-based human resources service company , Established in 2009. There are offices in major cities in China. ? Our clients include multinational companies, small and medium-sized foreign-invested enterprises, state-owned and private enterprises. At Huahan Consulting, through our commitment to quality, integrity, professionalism and efficiency, we strive to provide customers and talents with the best human resource services. The companies we serve can all achieve continuous business growth. While we help our customers create greatness, we also become great.

1. Neusoft Group

Recruitment position: Brand intern

Suitable grade: Bachelor degree or above in 18 or 19 years

Time requirement: Time requirement 5 days a week, you can occasionally ask for leave. The internship period is 3-6 months.


Neusoft Group is China’s largest IT solution and service provider, China’s first listed software company, and China’s first company to be listed in PricewaterhouseCoopers’ global Software companies on the "Top 100 Software Leaders" list. Founded in Northeastern University of China in 1991. At present, 8 regional headquarters, 10 software research and development bases, 16 software development and technical support centers have been established in China, marketing and service networks have been established in more than 60 cities, and subsidiaries have been established in the United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. the company. Neusoft Group’s campus recruitment starts in autumn every September, and there are also a small number of positions for spring recruitment. In addition to the recruitment of fresh graduates for daily positions, there are also training programs for sales management trainees and HR management trainees.

[Wenzhou] Sanofi

Recruitment position: Medical Information Communication Representative Intern (Central Nervous Division)

Applicable grade: National unified recruitment of bachelor degree or above, medicine, pharmacy and related majors are preferred

Time requirement: At least 3 days, 3-6 months

delivery email :


The world's leading medical and health company, its main business covers three areas: pharmaceuticals, human vaccines and animal health. Whether it is Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer or Sanofi, the sales team in China has the largest number of people. In sales, the most important content is to visit customers. Most of the customers are clinicians, internal medicine, surgery, ICU, anesthesiology, and surgery. The nurses in the rooms and wards, the equipment department, the pharmacy department, and some customers are the directors of the hospital. So it can exercise communication skills.

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