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Is going to the Johns Hopkins School of Business really a failure?

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As an alumni studying CS at JHU, I will tell the subject some of my feelings and the information I have learned at Johns Hopkins University. I hope the following Sharing can help you make better choices.
1. Project introduction
As far as I know, among the freshmen admitted to our project in 2019, almost 30 are Chinese. Among the freshmen with Luben background, 1 graduated from Tsinghua University and 2 graduated from Tsinghua University. At Peking University, the other students are almost all graduated from domestic 985.211 colleges and universities; Haiben’s students are basically graduates from top universities, such as Columbia, UCSD, PSU, UCB, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, City University of Hong Kong and other universities.
The undergraduate professional backgrounds for the admission of freshmen are still very diverse, such as mathematics, physics, statistics, mechanics, CS, etc., but although some students are not from a subject, they basically have rich CS internships and jobs. , Project or scientific research experience,
If you are a transcoding player, you can apply with confidence, but you should pay attention to enriching CS-related experience during your undergraduate course.
The scale of the entire project is actually not that big. The main reason why I chose this project was because there were not many students, and it was easy to get familiar with each other. There were too many students. I really wanted to deal with the relationship. Feels very troublesome. Usually, everyone will work together on questions and discuss projects, and the atmosphere is still very harmonious. And because of the small number of people, there is basically no case where hundreds of people attend classes together in other schools, basically the scale of 30 to 60 students per class.

,,27675。 If you want to save some tuition fees, you can choose the part-time format in the last semester, which is to choose 1 or 2 courses to study, which can save about 1w dollars.

,,First youChoose one course from each of the five directions: theory, systems, reasoning, application, and software; choose 3 additional courses, but there is no limit to the track you choose; in addition, you can also Choose to take two more courses or choose one from supervised Research Project + report / Master's essay, but most students will choose the "two more courses" model, and they will graduate after completing 10 courses.

Then let’s talk about some major courses in detail,Here I mainly focus onFallDetailed sharing of semester courses,Because the new semester is likely to change the teacher, So I hope everyone will use the following information as a reference only, and the specifics should be based on the actual situation of the class.

1、Human Language Technology

I personally feel that this course is quite watery,If you didn’t know this field before,Without relevant experience, It is very likely that you can hear nothing in class and learn nothing. Of course, if you have a better understanding of this field, you can also choose it as a way to consolidate the knowledge you have previously understood and check for deficiencies.

2、Object-Oriented Software Engineering
This course is still very good,I feel it can be called a god lesson。 Although the course is heavily loaded, you can learn some real things, which is very helpful for subsequent job hunting and internships. When the teacher is in class,
will start teaching around tools and tech. If you don’t have much project experience during your undergraduate course, you canThere is a certain project experience through learning, because the teacher will arrange 5 to 6 classmates as a group to complete a project together; if you have an internship experience during your undergraduate course, you can learn this course to enrich your practical experience , Because the later period of the course will involve the principle of the actual development mode.

3、Human-computer Interaction

I feel that this course is also a water course, Anyway, I did not learn too practical knowledge. The form of class is actually a group discussion. The professor will randomly assign a group to form a group. It is easy to form a group with students of non-Chinese nationality. The advantage of this form is that you can improve your speaking ability (after all, if you are all Chinese people will communicate in Mandarin in most cases). One point is that although the practicality is not strong, the professor is still very serious, and can also provide another perspective of computer science.

4、Nature Language Processing
I feel that this course is also a spiritual course,It is also necessary to study hard,The instructor isKevin Duhprofessor,
Lectures focus on the basicsThe teaching of core knowledge,Sometimes I even feel like taking a compilation class... Although there are not many homework, I feel that the course load is still a bit heavy.
If you have zero or average basics of Python, I personally suggest that it is necessary to learn by yourself before taking this class. It is easier to get a high score in grades. As long as you do your homework well, attend class on time, and take the exam well, you can almost get an A.

This course is also very good,professor讲的内容还是比较深入的,It is still helpful to find a job after graduation,Use spare time to brush more questions, Can have a deeper understanding of the curriculum. If you study this course seriously, it will take a certain amount of time and energy. Assignments can be discussed in groups and students can exchange ideas with each other.

6. Machine Learning
The gold content of the machine learning course is still very high. You can really learn a lot of practical knowledge, which is very popular among students.
The content of the homework mainly revolves around the two directions of programming and analysis. Personally, I feel that the load of the course is still a bit biased.

7、Artificial Intelligence
This course is really water…Don't want to introduce too much,If you plan to set aside time to study the questions,Can take this course.

Scientific research
Having finished the curriculum, let’s talk about research. There are about 5 students around me who are planning to study for Ph.D. The relatively good direction of JHU is mainly the three tracks of ML, NLP and medical. During the master's degree, if you want to do a project, there are also many opportunities. You can perform well in class and leave a good impression on the teacher, and you still have the opportunity to get a place in the lab.
Some students are more interested in TA and RA. I will mention here by the way.
I personally feel that the probability of successfully applying for a TA is not very high, because most of the TAs in the CS program are PhDs; for RA, the probability of success will be higher than that of TA, but it also depends on the teacher. If both applications fail, you can consider applying for the CA course. The probability of success is still quite high. You have to work about 8 to 12 hours a week, and the hourly salary is 15 or 16 dollars. The admission threshold is also relatively low, and there is no too high language requirements. As long as you have taken this course or related courses, you can apply and pass the interview.

3. Internship and work
As far as I know, the internship companies of my classmates are pretty ok, almost looking for an internship At that time, you can get four or more interview invitations. The final internship offers are as follows:
4 students got Facebook offers, 2 got LinkedIn, 2 got Google, 6 got Amazon, and Indeed, Apple, HRT , Zoox, Bloomberg, Uber, COursera, Fanatics, WeRide and other major manufacturers. Everyone is good at different programming languages, some are Java, some are C, and some are Python.
When I was looking for an internship before, the school posted a lot of opening positions, which also gave a lot of help. For example, I can ask a teacher to help revise my resume. Alumni will also mock each other and prepare for the interview together. The senior elder sisters of the previous few years will also help with internal recommendations. Generally speaking, the process of finding a job is relatively smooth.
Although everyone got an offer from the ideal company in the end, only we know what we have experienced. There are many classmates around me who only got offers in December. Although I got an interview invitation in the early stage, the preparation before the interview is also time-consuming and energy-consuming. Not only must I go to class every day to maintain my grades, but I also need to make time to brush up questions and do interview mocks. Moreover, the interview is inherently more metaphysical. If you feel good about the interview, there may not be any follow-up; on the contrary, you feel that you get an offer for a normal interview. In the process of waiting, I was still quite anxious.

Fourth, life
There are still many delicious restaurants around the school, such as pizza, fried noodles, Korean and Chinese food. There are Kung Fu tea, cheese hot pot, etc. in Towson. There are also Korean barbecue, Peking duck nearby, and some very daily fast food restaurants, such as Burger King and McDangdang.
If you have a car, it is still very convenient. You can go to the inner harbor to play in class on weekends. There is an aquarium there and the scenery is also very good. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a car. It’s probably a dozen dollars to take a taxi to Towson. Girls can go shopping in Towson and watch movies.
If you are on holiday, you can also go shopping in Washington, the distance is still very close. If you choose to take the MARC train, you can arrive in about an hour, and the fare is not expensive, as long as 8 US dollars. Philadelphia and New York are also good choices, and there are still many interesting places in the local area.
Public security in Baltimore should be an issue that many students are more concerned about. It does have certain security risks. The school often sends some emails saying where robbery has occurred again, please pay attention to your safety. But I feel that if you pay more attention, the problem is not particularly serious. The school is usually patrolled by the police.
The north of the school is relatively safe, but there are certain hidden dangers in the security of the southeast of the school, so try to go as little as possible. If you are traveling, you can take the shuttle. There are buses from 5:45 in the morning to 3:45 in the next morning. Basically, there are stations in the places where students often move, which is very convenient.

JHU has been here for a while, and I still like this university very much. The campus environment is beautiful. There are red brick buildings and large lawns everywhere, so I can take a walk and chat with my friends on campus in my spare time. It is still very leisurely.
I am very grateful to JHU for sending me an offer during the application season last year, which gave me the opportunity to experience a different way of life and enriched my life experience. I hope that through my introduction, everyone will have an in-depth understanding of the JHU CS project. At the same time, everyone is very welcome to apply. I am waiting for you at JHU, and I hope that you can all get offers from your favorite university in the 2020 application season.

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