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What kind of content and knowledge do you need to know about film investment?

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In today's real estate investment situation and the stock market is not booming, film investment has become a popular choice. Under the vigorous implementation of the country, the film industry has developed better and better. From the original investment by only insiders, it is now expanded to allow ordinary people to participate. Such measures can not only benefit investors, but also And it can also promote the development of movies, which can really kill two birds with one stone.

In recent years, the film industry has developed in full swing in the Mainland, and many excellent domestic films have emerged this year. There are three that have a box office of more than 3 billion: "Operation Red Sea" 3.65 billion, "Detective Chinatown 2" 3.397 billion, and "I'm Not a Medicine God" 3.099 billion.

Then, the film industry is getting better and better, and the public is participating in more and more films, so what should I choose?

Film investment can benefit from the box office, domestic copyright, overseas copyright, and advertising, and the largest proportion of revenue is the box office revenue. If you want a movie to see more people, it must have a good story content, and the subject matter is very important. For example, in recent years, military themes have become more popular, and the story lines are all positive and positive. For example, "Wolf Warriors 2" has created an ultra-high box office of 5.677 billion, and the income is of course not bad. Comedy themes are also very popular, such as "Thailand", "Detective Chinatown 2", "The Richest Man in Xihong City", etc., and the box office revenue is very good. The investment is not very large, but the effect after the broadcast is very good. Comedy can cater to people's tastes and help people reduce stress, so more people watch. Moreover, comedy movies adapt to all major stages, and the audience accepts a considerable crowd.

When investing in a movie, you must first understand whether the movie project has been filed with the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television; secondly, understand the type of movie and the main creative team; finally, understand whether it is publicly connected , Sign paper contracts and so on. Finally, you must know that there are risks in investing in movies. It is the so-called risk-free investment. Investment is the coexistence of risks and opportunities. Regarding box office losses, as long as you don’t invest in movies with censorship risks, policy risks, and market risks (more Multi-knowledge add Huixin Lao Song Tanying ZYY190804). Movies that violate national policies, pornographic profiteering, and low market popularity basically do not require investment.

The investment process of movies is mostly normal movie production companies will provide part of the funds, investors will invest part of it, and the rest will be given to retail investors like us. Their purpose Investment drives publicity. First, a salesman will call you and ask you to invest in a movie, and you will have an impression of the movie. If you choose to invest, it will be fissioned. People around you will know about the movie. If you don’t Investment, you will also have an impression. For the film and television company, it is also doing more with less. It not only finds investors, but also promotes the film, why not do it.

Film investment will eventually become an investment project that the public can participate in. This is the trend of universal participation

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