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Stocks, the sorrow of professionals

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What is the purpose of stock trading? The deepest answer in the hearts of investors is 100% to make money.


Financial freedom is the ultimate dream of stockholders who are still here. Realizing wealth appreciation is a stage goal that every stockholder wants to achieve. In short, there is no one People would say that they came to this market because they had too much money and they wanted to be a spoiler.

Unless he has achieved financial freedom by relying on stocks, he is qualified to enjoy the pleasure of trading here, enjoy the stimulation of catching the daily limit or catching big bull stocks, before there is no profit, anyone can say that he enjoys the pleasure of trading Such rhetoric is to whitewash the loneliness of oneself. If you continue to lose money, there is no such thing as the pleasure of trading.

On this road, some people treat stocks as spare money Investment, some people want to get income after bedtime in addition to salary, and some people regard it as a career. Those rare winners are their role models and goals. Everyone has studied Livermore and looked at the dragon. The well-known hot money on the Tiger List has tens of millions and hundreds of millions of dollars to fight, either harvesting others, or being harvested by others, and the money that can be exchanged for the luxury car mansion seems to be really just a number here.

This feeling is so fascinating.

Therefore, these people embarked on the path of professional investors, but the reality is often very skinny. In the stock industry,

professionalism does not mean professionalism, and professionalism does not mean profit. Save one, many people have passed away, their youth is no longer, and their tired eyes reveal longing and unwillingness, but they still seem to be holding on to something under pressure.

Because of my previous work, I have contacted thousands of stockholders. In the bull market in 2015, there were a lot of people in Shenzhen. One.

Lao Xu is 30 years old this year and he is not too old. Lao Xu is his nickname. I don’t remember the source. In 2015, he quit his first job in 2 years. Then, Becoming a professional stockholder has been till now.

Unlike many people, Lao Xu was an absolute winner that year, with a return rate of 700%. How did he do it? luck.

May 2015, Lao Xu Na After entering the market with 30,000 yuan, before he can figure it out, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell all the way after touching 5178 points. It is unfortunate for Lao Xu to enter the market in the middle and late stages of the bull market, which happened to witness a lot of refreshing moments in history. , Also became a witness; Old Xu was lucky because he made a mistake, and later bought the best demon stock of the year, Tellus A. With this stock’s magical pen, in the second half of the year when other stockholders suffered heavy losses Here, his 30,000 has become 200,000.

The 200,000 earned is his salary for nearly 3 years, and it is also a flying fortune.

Trends of Tellus A in 2015

It coincides with the time when the most tired of work, coincides with the constant criticism and oppression of the boss Occasionally, it was a blunder, but it made sense. Old Xu resigned from his job, barely resigning. He didn't think about what to do in his next job, so let's go stocks first.

That’s what he thought.

30,000 became 200,000. If it’s 300,000, the stock market, really everything is possible. Now that others have lost so much after the crash, I have escaped the risk. This is the opportunity that God has given me to counterattack. I am still young, I am only 25 years old.

The more I think about it, the more motivated I am, the more I think about it, the more ambitious I am. On the second day of resignation, I bought a new computer and started trading stocks at home. It was December 2015. , The end of the year.

Lao Xu’s career in stock trading was not smooth. In the first month, he encountered the shortest survival experiment in history—fuse. In just one month, his 120,000 yuan became 80,000, such as a blow to the head, aroused his unwillingness, so he plunged into the stock market, the deeper he studied, the deeper he became fascinated, and he became a professional stockholder.

After all, his resignation was known to his family, and his parents even made a special trip from his hometown to face the family’s incomprehension., He promised to go out to find a job and go to work. In fact, he went out every day and turned into the Internet cafe on the three-stop road away from home. After turning on the computer, he downloaded the trading software, logged in to the stock account, took out the notes from last night and started to stare at the disk. Stock picking... until his parents returned home in peace, he finally didn't have to pretend to go to work anymore.

Time is like an arrow. More than a year has passed since this kind of life. 2018 is not a lucky year for Lao Xu. His funds continue to shrink, and Lao Xu’s initial passion has cooled down. Luluzhong's own persistence was constantly being consumed, countless times in the middle of the night he doubted his choice, but he had no direction.

Man, only thirty, 2020 is destined to be an age to be recorded in the annals of history, especially for Lao Xu, who is already old He is constantly being urged by his family to get married, and it costs money to get married, but he stares at the account with less than 100,000 yuan left in his account, not knowing what will be waiting for him in the future.

Work? Can I return to the workplace with peace of mind now?

Or insist? Will it be a bull market for you to harvest? Still, it was still a long wait and a long night that seemed to never end.

He doesn't know.

He said that in a group that was added a few years ago, everyone was a professional stockholder. At the beginning, everyone in the group encouraged and cheered each other and became a "Alliance of Understanders." Years have passed, he has become a group leader, new members come in constantly, and there are fewer and fewer old members still talking.

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