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Straight Flush Main Funding Index: Main Monitoring Index Formula

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Straight Flush Main Funding Index-Main Monitoring Index Formula

I think there are a lot of things to give up, just like the main force giving up 80% and only speculating 20% ​​of stocks, so you add the above points together to choose Stocks, you will find that you can’t find a few good stocks. That's right. In fact, stock trading is like trying to win prizes. Most of the things are "obstructive" needs.

VAR1:=(VOL / (((HIGH-LOW) * 2)-ABS((CLOSE-OPEN))));
Transaction: =VOL;
Buying order: =IF((CLOSE > OPEN),(VAR1 * (HIGH-LOW)),IF((CLOSE Sell order: =IF((CLOSE> OPEN),(0-(VAR1 * ((HIGH-CLOSE) + (OPEN-LOW)))),IF((CLOSE Bid-offer spread:=(Buy + Sell);
STICKLINE((VOL> 0),VOL,0,4 ,1),colorFFFFFF;
STICKLINE((Bid-offer difference> 0),0,Bid-offer difference,4,0),color0000FF;
STICKLINE((Bid-offer difference<0),0,Bid and offer difference,2,0 ),LINETHICK3,color33FF33;
Volume ratio 1:=(VOL / MA(VOL,5));
JY1:=IF(((121> JX1) AND (JX1> 0)),JX1,120);
JY2:=IF(((4> JX1) AND (JX1> 0)),JX1,3);
Dynamic God:=Buy;
Ghost Power:=VAR20;
God Ratio:=(Activity God/VAR30);
Ghost ratio:=(Ghost power/VAR30);
VAR6:=(( VAR3 / VAR2) * VOL);
VAR 7:=((VAR4 / VAR2) * VOL);
VAR8:=((VAR5 / VAR2) * VOL);
VAR9:=IF(((VOL / CAPITAL)> 0.001),1,EXP (ABS(LOG(((VOL / CAPITAL) * 100)))));
VARA:=(((CLOSE-MA(CLOSE,5)) / MA(CLOSE,5)) * 100);
VARB:=(((MA(CLOSE,5)> MA(CLOSE,10)) AND (MA(CLOSE,10)> MA(CLOSE,30))) AND (MA(CLOSE,30)> MA(CLOSE,60)));
VARE:=((SMA(MAX((CLOSE-VARD),0) ,6,1) / SMA(ABS((CLOSE-VARD)),6,1)) * 100);
VAR40:=((IF((((VAR6 >= VAR7) AND (VAR6 >= VAR8 )) AND (CLOSE> OPEN)),VAR6, Dynamic God) + Dynamic God) / 2);
VAR41:=((IF(((VAR7> VAR6) AND (VAR7> VAR8)),VAR7, Dynamic God) + Dynamic God) / 2);
VAR42:=((IF(((VAR8> VAR6) AND (VAR8> VAR7)),VAR8, Dynamic God) + Dynamic God) / 2);
VAR50:=((IF((((VAR6 >= VAR7) AND (VAR6 >= VAR8)) AND (CLOSE Three days on Attack: =MA((((VAR40 + VAR41) + VAR42) / 3),JY2);
Three-day down attack: =MA(VAR50,JY2);
Long: STICKLINE((CLOSE> MA( CLOSE,30)),0,VOL,4,1),color0000FF;
Short: STICKLINE((CLOSE STICKLINE ((Ghost Power> 0),Ghost Power,0,4,0),colorFF3399;
Add position: STICKLINE((((VAR6 >= VAR7) AND (VAR6 >= VAR8)) AND (CLOSE> OPEN) ),0,VAR6,4,0),color00FFFF;
Lighten up: STICKLINE((((VAR6 >= VAR7) AND (VAR6 >= VAR8)) AND (CLOSE Washing: STICKLINE(((VAR8> VAR6) AND (VAR8> VAR7)),0,VAR8,4,0),colorFFFFFF;
High Sell: STICKLINE(((VAR7> VAR6) AND (VAR7> VAR8)),0,VAR7,4,0),colorFF00FF;
Relative ground amount: =STICKLINE(((VAR9> 2) AND (VOL <( MA(VOL,5) / 2))),0,VOL,3,0);

To realize these experiences, you need to learn more. This knowledge is observed every day in the book, TV, newspaper, and life.
It must be felt every day. There is thinking every day, and there is bound to be harvest every day.

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[2. Flush main fund index: main monitoring index formula] is a very practical stock technical index formula, I suggest you Collect this stock formula! For technical index installation, please refer to: (Tongdaxin Index Installation Method), (Great Wisdom Index Installation Method), (Flush Straight Index Installation Method), (Flying Fox Index Installation Method)

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