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Weimiao Business School: Suspected of difficulties in depositing refunds, etc., suspected of illegally recommending shares, and teaching without a license

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"China Science and Technology Investment" Wang Xiadi

The "financial management craze" is surging, and various financial management training institutions that are rapidly emerging on the market are "barbarically growing."

In recent years, “from 1 yuan to 1 million, lazy people also make money Under the banner of ", financial management training institutions emerge in endlessly in the market. The number of user groups continues to expand, but these financial training institutions have been frequently criticized, such as the inconsistency of the value of the courses with the publicity, the management confusion, the undocumented online training, and the illegal recommendation of stocks.

A few days ago, a number of users reported to reporters that they used installments to sign up at Weimiao Business School After completing an advanced course of RMB 6,998, the user asked for a refund due to the difficulty of the course and the failure to obtain approval for the suspension of school, but the refund was not approved by the Micro Miao Business School.

It is difficult for students to get refunds

Recently, Wei Miao Business School user Li Hua ( (Pseudonym) told reporters that he learned about Weimiao Business School through Douyin. Because I was struggling to make ends meet during the epidemic, I was very excited when I saw the promotion of the financial management course of Weimiao Business School, and I thought I could give it a try.

Li Hua said, “The teacher (in the group) keeps posting pictures of others’ earnings. (Show) How many times the stock has doubled, and aunts who say "no culture" can make money, and the course can also be paid in installments. The teacher sent a lot of payment vouchers to the group, saying that everyone else is paying by credit card in installments, and half of the course is I paid back, and how much money I made, users have posted a lot of thanks to the micro-miao business school videos. When my head was hot, I swiped my credit card to pay."

As soon as he entered the advanced course, Li Hua was selected as the group leader. The teacher will talk about the homework every Friday, and then the students will learn consciously and watch the video to do the homework. During the process, half of the students in Li Hua's group gave up, mostly because they "cannot use mobile phones and computers, do not have time, and feel useless". Li Hua said, "I have to do my homework all night. If I don't know how to do my homework, I will search on Baidu a little bit, ask the teacher questions, and he will post a video to learn how to do it, but I can't understand it."

In the second stage, the teacher is changed, and Li Hua also changes the group, but he needs to download the company’s annual report to do his homework, and he will not operate it "I didn’t understand, I didn’t understand, and I asked to do my homework. I didn’t sleep all day and night before I finished it in a daze." The team leader didn’t accept homework, the teacher didn’t check the homework and didn’t ask if he learned it. In the end, Li Hua decided to suspend school.

Li Hua said, “This is in line with the “no threshold , Taking a little time every day to study' is not the same. Actually, I can’t do my homework day and night. Because I need to do forms, settle accounts, and so on, I don’t use a computer at all, and I can’t make forms."

Another user, Zhang Xiao (pseudonym), told reporters that he also saw Weimiao Business School’s talent on Douyin. Sign up, "I am studying finance, But I don’t know how to manage money. I saw the 12 yuan for Xiaobai’s training camp, so I asked for a try. ”

Zhang Xiao said, “During Xiaobai’s training camp, the teacher kept talking about “fu The simple introduction of people's thinking and financial management really felt different from their usual thinking, and I also learned some simple financial management knowledge. At that time, I felt that 12 yuan was still very worthwhile. ”

Just a few days after Xiaobai’s training camp, the teacher It is said that the practical class will teach money management by hand. Zhang Xiao was very excited and purchased the course package on November 5, 2020. There are three sections with a total of 24 weeks of courses, and currently it is 18 weeks.

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Like Li Hua, Zhang Xiao also chose to pay in installments when he signed up. Zhang Xiao said, “There really is no What kind of savings, the teacher has been preaching in the group not to miss the opportunity to learn because of money, you can use Huabei installment, Jingdong Baitiao, etc. to pay for the tuition, and I am confused about applying for classes. I feel that in that environment, it is easy to consume impulsively. . ”

But later because of the need to prepare for the CPA exam and conflict with the financial report analysis class, Zhang Xiao I wanted to take a leave of absence, and waited until I finished the CPA exam, but the teacher replied that he could not take a leave of school, and that he would not be able to get a graduation certificate if he had to take a leave. Zhang Xiao stated that there is a clause in the contract that "refunds can be unconditionally within two days after receiving the graduation certificate." , But it cannot be implemented without a diploma.

Therefore, both of the above-mentioned users face “My father had a stroke and was anxious to spend money”, Li Hua told reporters, but his refund request has never been accepted by Weimiao Business School. “There have been four formal complaints, every time. I changed to another teacher to communicate with me every time, saying that I did not have the authority to refund me, and I had to wait for me to complete the course and be dissatisfied within two days before the refund. "

Li Hua also stated that they also said that they could arrange for other teachers to continue their studies. But Li Hua believes, "The teacher doesn't care at all. There are one hundred students in a class. The students take care of themselves. Teachers avoided answering the question they said at the beginning of ‘learning without literacy’. "

Zhang Xiao also said, "The teacher told me that the student manual is very clear, There is no refund during the course, and the graduation certificate is not available for suspension, but the student handbook was issued after I paid the money. Why don't you tell me before paying the fee, but come out with various regulations after paying the fee. "Similarly, Zhang Xiao’s refund application also failed.

According to the above-mentioned user’s According to the contract, the advanced courses include "Financial Freedom Operating System", "Financial Statement Analysis", "Business Skills", and the price is 6,998 yuan; in addition, Party A (Weimiao Business School) promises that the students will complete a full set of courses for 24 weeks and Within 2 days of obtaining the diploma issued by Party A, if the value of the course is deemed to be lower than the price, a full refund can be given; if the learning effect is not achieved during the learning process, you can repeat the learning in a new class.

Weimiao Business School Advanced Course Contract; Photo courtesy of Li Hua

Encourage the use of installments Payment to purchase courses

Questions about institutional investment advisor qualification

The above-mentioned users all reflect that the teacher of Micro Miao Business School will recommend students to pay by "installation".The tuition fee for advanced courses is 998 yuan.

A group chat named "Ziyan 20-27 Phase 94 Financial Management" provided by Zhang Xiao According to the screenshot, the teacher said, "Registration supports WeChat, Alipay, credit card, Huabei, Jingdong Baitiao, Taobao, U.S. dollars, Hong Kong dollars, and public transfers. Huabei installs more than 600 yuan per month, which does not affect life. Follow the teacher to practice Invest, study while earning tuition fees. Today, two students are still struggling whether to use Jingdong Baitiao to pay tuition fees. It is a powerful loan and must be cherished. As long as it is within a reasonable interest range, it is safe to repay on time."

*"Ziyan 20-27 Screenshot of "Class 94 Financial Management" group chat

Picture source: Zhang Xiao

The above-mentioned teacher also said that Weimiao Business School is currently in the word-of-mouth promotion period. This price is a lower threshold for learning financial skills. Therefore, students in the Xiaobai training camp channel must seize the opportunity, because the entire network only has Xiaobai training camp. Students can enjoy a price concession of 6,998 yuan, and the price of a full course on the public account usually costs more than 11,000 yuan.

Many users in the group echoed, "I still decided to install in installments, to catch the last train." "Such a good thing, how can I be missing, sign up". In this atmosphere, Li Hua and Zhang Xiao signed up for advanced courses one after another.

*"Ziyan 20-27 Screenshot of "94 class financial management" group chat

Picture source: Zhang Xiao

Regarding the behavior of Weimiao Business School’s teacher recommending students to handle instalment payments, Chen Wenming, director of Zhejiang Xiaode Law Firm, told reporters that “students are willing to learn and they are free to use which payment method to pay. As adults, they should have judgment. The ability to be right or wrong, true or false, as long as this behavior is agreed by both parties, then it is compliant."

In addition, the above-mentioned two users also reported that the teachers of Weimiao Business School do not recommend stocks on the surface, but they are not.

Zhang Xiao told reporters that Weimiao Business School has always said that stocks and funds are not recommended, but explained At the time, the students will be told some of the screening conditions, usually only a few meet, and they will always talk about their benefits. "For example, in index funds, teachers and video lessons have always said how good the CSI 300 and SSE Dividend Funds are. The students studying with me have bought these two funds without exception."

According to the position information provided by Zhang Xiao, he does hold 300ETF (510300) and bonus ETF (510880) The two funds have a total market capitalization of 7716.7 yuan.

Li Hua said, “I bought the For the stock, Jichuan Pharmaceutical (600566.SH) lost more than three thousand yuan."

Chen Wenming told reporters, “Ordinary institutions need to be qualified as investment consultants to recommend stocks or funds to the public; Weimiao Business School should announce whether they are qualified as investment consultants, otherwise the rights and interests of learners cannot be protected; financial management training institutions should be training The trainees have knowledge and talents in the fields of finance and financial management. I think that recommending stocks is not an obligation of financial management training institutions. Of course, if you are a professional recommending institution, then this model is not due diligence enough. Recommending stocks should be based on the parties’ Recommendations for specific circumstances.” The reporter found no information about the qualifications of investment consultants on the official website of the Weimiao Business School.

In order to allow users to buy stocks or funds, the teachers of Weimiao Business School recommend them to open in Huatai Securities Account. A document titled "Huatai Securities Account Opening Strategy" provided by Zhang Xiao shows that if you open a new account or want to open an account with a lower commission, you can open an account with Huatai Securities. Huatai Securities currently has a lower commission. The precautions in the document show, "If you don't fill in the exclusive job number 015442, you cannot enjoy exclusive commissions when opening an account."

Zhang Xiao said, “Actually, I finished the practical lessons and didn’t really learn how to manage money. I also used the teacher’s “recommendation code” to open an account with Huatai Securities. Securities account.” In this regard, Li Hua also said, “The teacher of Micro Miao Business School recommended to open an account with Huatai Securities, and I also opened an account with Huatai Securities.”

A person who has worked in financial training institutions told reporters, “General financial training institutions do cooperate with some securities companies, but we will not designate a certain , Will provide a variety of options."

In this regard, Chen Wenming analyzed that some financial training The teacher of the institution will require students to open accounts with designated securities companies, which is generally not allowed. There is a use of information asymmetry to "recommend" or "require" students to open accounts of such companies, or to some extent violate the "Anti-Counter" "Unfair Competition Law", and in the case of such designated securities companies, there is a greater possibility of cooperation between financial management training institutions and securities companies.

Suspected of teaching without a license

The official website of Weimiao Business School shows that Weimiao Business The main operating system of the college, Beijing Weimiao Finance Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Weimiao"), was established on April 24, 2019. Its products are mainly financial and business education courses. Up to now, there are more than 10 million people. Popularize financial knowledge. The company mainly helps financial management novices to establish a correct view of money, financial management, and master the correct financial management methods. According to Tianyan Check, there are two shareholders of Beijing Weimiao, namely Fenghe and Wangloulou, holding 75% and 25% of the shares respectively.

The famous teacher team column on the official website shows that the company currently has five core members, who are He, Feifei Ma, Yanfang Sun, Jinsheng Xia and Yinghao Yu, among them Feng He is the course designer.

However, financial training institutions need to have some qualifications. Chen Wenming said that if the institution needs a "School Permit" and "Business License", part of it is the "School Fire Protection Certificate"; if there is an introduction to a certain field in the publicity of the teacher, the teacher needs to have a certificate in the corresponding field. For example, securities, equity, RFP, funds and other fields all have corresponding certificates. If the institution does not have such qualifications, it is suspected to be operating without a license.

The reporter’s query on the official website of the Securities Industry Association of China showed that in addition to Feng He and Yu Yinghao, , And none of the other three can be found, indicating that these three have not yet obtained the securities practice qualification certificate.

Course designer congratulates on China Securities Query records of industry associations

Data source: Securities Industry Association of China

Ma Feifei found no such person in the China Securities Industry Association

Data source: China Securities Industry Association

After that, the reporter calledThe customer service of Miao Business School found out whether Sun Yanfang, Ma Feifei, Xia Jinsheng and others were teaching. The other party responded that, “Sun Yanfang is currently responsible for internal training and management, and currently does not take classes; Ma Feifei is currently on maternity leave and is not taking classes. Sun Yanfang, Ma Feifei, etc. I have taught practical courses before." The practical timetable includes explanations on investment methods for index funds, A-shares, and U.S. stocks. According to customer service, Sun Yanfang, Ma Feifei, etc. may have unlicensed teaching.

Li Hua said, “During Xiaobai’s financial management course, the teacher said that if you learn well , With excellent grades, you can go to their school to teach as a teacher, saying that the salary and income are good, completely changing your life, not saying that you need to take a certificate."

In response to the above questions, the reporter wrote to Weimiao Business School. As of press time, the other party did not respond.

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