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The maximum compensation for illegal waste discharge is 1.5 million yuan. Ten typical cases of Wenzhou's innovative environmental supervision services are released

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Wenzhou Net, June 29 (Reporter Huang Mengsi) Illegal discharge of waste, illegal hunting of endangered wild animals, transfer of hazardous waste across provinces... To any illegal act that destroys the ecological environment, our attitude is - zero tolerance!

This morning, Wenzhou City Ecological Environment Bureau held a press conference on "Typical Cases of Innovative Environmental Supervision Services" to introduce the work of innovative environmental supervision services, and released ten Great innovation supervision service case.

According to reports, in 2019, our city "strictly enforce the law and ensure safety" cross-checked, investigated and dealt with various environmental violations in accordance with the law with a "zero tolerance" law enforcement posture, filed and punished 1,001 cases, of which 81 were transferred to the police According to the daily fines of 3 companies, 155 companies were seized and detained, and 10 companies were restricted and stopped production. Environmental law enforcement is at the forefront of the province.

In addition, in 2019, our city also earnestly implemented the relevant requirements of the "Zhejiang Province Eco-environmental Damage Compensation System Reform Implementation Plan". Compensation for environmental damage meets the requirements of "compensation for all compensations". Up to now, our city has settled 4 cases with a total compensation of 1.834 million yuan.

Under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, Wenzhou City Ecological Environment Bureau has issued a positive list of supervision and law enforcement in order to resume work and production of service enterprises. On March 20, our city sorted out 1,212 companies on the positive list, all of which were included in the dual-random supervision platform. Among them, there were 1,069 companies on the positive list that were exempt from on-site law enforcement inspections and 143 companies that reduced the frequency of inspections.

The environment is valuable, and the damage is responsible. The press conference also released ten typical cases of our city’s innovative supervision services, which not only provided good environmental protection services for the resumption of work and production of enterprises, but also effectively deterred potential pollution by punishing illegal crimes that damage the ecological environment according to law, and implementing the ecological environment damage compensation system. The perpetrators and resource destroyers educate the masses of the people to consciously protect the ecological environment, promote the restoration and improvement of the ecological environment and the rational development and utilization of natural resources.

I. Eight major measures to help companies resume work and production

During the epidemic, Wenzhou City’s Ecological Environment Bureau "Implementation Opinions on Supporting Enterprises’ Resumption of Work and Production Services to Stabilize Enterprises’ Stable Economic Development", Introduced the "green channel" for the implementation of environmental protection approvals, the implementation of light-loading and burden-reducing measures that favor enterprises, the implementation of classified supervision of ecological environment law enforcement, optimization of dynamic services for environmental credit evaluation, rigid implementation of corporate environmental protection policies, promotion of the "environmental stewardship" service model, and strengthening of environmental elements Eight measures, including supporting guarantees and implementing service enterprise demonstration actions, support the resumption of work and production of enterprises. For example, the Lucheng branch has cross-regional "special affairs and special affairs", which solves the problem of wastewater treatment in the production of medical consumables for medical enterprises during special periods; the Dongtou branch has opened a "cloud service" model to teach online courses for more than 20 companies, and promote full-certified pollution discharge. Coverage; Longwan Branch flexibly uses the "environmental protection butler" service advantages to send special personnel to relevant enterprises to ensure that the enterprises are safe in production and meet pollution discharge standards.

According to statistics, from March to April this year, the bureau supported 4,524 companies in resuming work and production and doing environmental protection services.

2. Compensation for ecological and environmental damage caused by leakage of hazardous waste leakage

On September 4, 2019, Wenzhou Renli Environmental Energy Technology Co., Ltd. had wastewater seepage in a warehouse. The illegal act of leaking and polluting the environment was administratively punished by 300,000 yuan, and a compensation agreement was reached. The company organized and carried out ecological environmental damage restoration on its own. The total amount of compensation in the ecological damage compensation case was 1.5 million yuan.

This case is the ecological damage compensation case with the highest amount of compensation in our city. It fully embodies the principle of "environmental value and damage responsibility", and has played a deterrent effect on environmental violations.

3. Illegal hunting of precious and endangered wildlife ecological environmentEnvironmental Damage Compensation Case

On December 17, 2018, Wu Moumou and others were suspected of illegally hunting, purchasing, and selling cherished, national second-level protected wild animal flower eels (commonly known as : Snow eel). At present, the main personnel have been held criminally responsible.

On June 28, 2019, the Wencheng County Agriculture and Rural Bureau and the compensation obligor reached an agreement on the basis of equality, voluntariness, and fairness on compensation for ecological and environmental damage: the total amount of the case was 3.3 Ten thousand yuan.

4. Compensation for ecological and environmental damage caused by wastewater discharge

From February 2013 to August 2018, Chen XX operated Ruian Xinxin in Zhoutian Village, Xincheng Street, Ruian City. Hao Stainless Steel Products Factory, without the approval of the environmental protection department, has not obtained a pollutant discharge permit, and discharged heavy metal copper, nickel and other pollutants directly into the outside through the hole in the back door wall of the plant, which is regarded as "seriously polluting the environment". Chen XX committed the crime of polluting the environment and was sentenced to seven months in prison and a fine of 10,000 yuan.

In April 2019, Ruian Xinhao Stainless Steel Products Factory reached an ecological damage compensation agreement and paid a total of 215,700 yuan in compensation for ecological damage.

5. Compensation for ecological and environmental damage caused by excessive discharge of water pollutants

On December 9, 2019, vehicles produced by Wenzhou Yajiong Sandstone Co., Ltd. during the production and processing process Washing waste water and ground washing waste water flow into the sedimentation tank and discharge the waste water directly to the Ou River, suspected of violating the "Water Law of the People's Republic of China".

On February 20, 2020, law enforcement officers prepared and served an administrative penalty decision, ordering the company to stop using the sewage outfall into the river, restore it to the original state within 15 days, and fine 100,000 yuan on this basis. , After judicial confirmation, the enterprise should also pay 84,900 yuan of compensation for damage to the ecological environment.

This case is the first case of judicial confirmation of an ecological damage compensation agreement in Wenzhou since the reform of the ecological environment damage compensation system was initiated.

VI. Case of tampering with automatic monitoring data

Ruian Daneng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. contracted the construction and operation of a printing and dyeing park company's centralized heating project in the form of BOT, due to the aging of denitration facilities And the management is not standardized, and the nitrogen oxides cannot be stabilized to meet the emission standards. In order to evade supervision, starting from late March 2020, Guo, Wang, and Bai, employees of Ruian Daneng Environmental Protection Technology Company, have repeatedly plugged and unplugged the sampling tube of the exhaust gas automatic monitoring analyzer to reduce nitrogen oxidation. The time-average value of the automatic monitoring data of substances, which creates the illusion that the time-average value of nitrogen oxide monitoring meets the emission standard. This case violated Article 20 of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution. At present, four criminal suspects have been taken criminal compulsory measures by the public security organs on suspicion of environmental pollution, and the case is under further investigation.

This case is the first criminal case of a gang crime involving the online monitoring of gas companies in Wenzhou.

VII. Dumping of hazardous wastes

In March 2020, Ye Mou, a manager of Cangnan County Yanlin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., hired Luo Mou to illegally transfer and dispose of 5 barrels of hazardous waste. The glue violates Article 338 of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China. On suspicion of environmental pollution, the driver Luo, his brother Luo, and the head of the company Xiang, were criminally detained by the public security organs. Cangnan Branch of Wenzhou Ecological Environment Bureau fined Cangnan County Yanlin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 410,000 yuan.

8. Inter-provincial transfer of hazardous waste case

From January to June 2019, Zhejiang Huangshi Jiayuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. purchased a batch of waste lead acid from individual retail investors The accumulative total of 563.69 tons of storage batteries (worth more than 5 million yuan), because there is no transfer order for hazardous waste, cannot be sold and transferred according to normal channels. In order to seek huge profits, the company contacted the purchaser of Jiangxi Jinyang Metal Co., Ltd. through an intermediary. From January to June 2019, 563.69 tons of used lead-acid batteries were illegally transferred to Jiangxi Jinyang Metal Co., Ltd. across the province in 16 times. The conduct in this case violated the provisions of Article 59, paragraph 1 of the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste". The Yongjia Branch of the Wenzhou Ecological Environment Bureau imposed an administrative penalty of 100,000 yuan on Zhejiang Huangshi Jiayuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and notified the Jiangxi Territory Ecological Environment Department of the case.

The case involved a large number of cases, a large number of transfers, a wide range of transfer areas, and a long period of time are typical. Therefore, the ecological environment department shall impose severe punishments.

IX. Suspected of environmental pollution crime and privately demolished seal case

On March 4, 2020, an illegal workshop and processing site in Daitou Village, Lingxi Town, Cangnan County engaged in metal signs Etching and electroplating processing, there are traces of direct discharge of wastewater. According to the monitoring report, the total copper concentration of the multiple water samples collected at this processing point is the highestOver 23.4 times, they have been suspected of environmental pollution crimes. With the intervention of the public security department, the two suspects Zhang Moumou and Chen Moumou took the initiative to surrender to the public security department. According to the person involved, the suspect was also suspected of tearing up the seal and selling the sealed items. And other illegal acts.

The Public Security Department of Cangnan County has criminally detained Zhang Moumou and Chen Moumou suspected of environmental pollution crimes in accordance with the law. Due to the damage to the seal of the administrative law enforcement agency and the sale of the property seized by the administrative law enforcement agency, the Public Security Department of Cangnan County imposed administrative detention on Chen Moumou for six days.

10. Suspected criminal case of direct wastewater discharge

On April 15, 2020, Ruian Huawei Cold Extrusion Co., Ltd. Any treated wastewater is discharged directly to the environment. After investigation, the company constituted a suspected environmental pollution crime.

At present, the company has been sealed, and two criminal suspects have been detained by the public security organs on suspicion of environmental pollution crimes. The case is under further investigation.

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