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[Orange Star Charity & Yumeng Children Tour] In the third year of teaching support, Ma Tianyu used love to open the window of dreams for mountain children

Lead: Before the departure of "Yumeng Tong Xing", I was nervous for a long time. What is the local situation? What exactly is the teaching support in the mountainous area? What changes can a day's company bring to the children? But in the classroom, the smiling faces of the children explain everything, and arrival is also an inspiration. The arrival of Sogou's "Yumeng Tong Xing" allows children to see a new way, opens another window for them to understand the world, and lays the seeds of dreams in their hearts. Maybe one day inadvertently in the future, this little seed will bloom a flower, which is like a dream blooming. In October, Orange Star Charity & Yumeng Children's Walk will lead you to ignite your dreams and illuminate the future. 1. Arrived on October 19th, we followed the Sogou Yumengtong team to Kunming, Yunnan. On October 20, a group of more than 30 people, carrying supplies, departed from Yuanyang County at 7:30 in the morning and traveled around the winding mountain road for nearly two hours before arriving at the destination of the trip-Jiuma Primary School. The school teacher told the students yesterday that a group of teachers from Beijing will come to the school today, give them lessons and play with them, so when the team arrives at the school, the first thing that catches our eyes is the innocence of the children. Smiley face. The heat in Kunming has receded in October. The students of Jiuma Primary School put on thick coats, but many students still wore sandals on their feet. On the mountainous roads in the area, the teacher explained that this is a habit. Some students run around wearing sandals even in winter. According to the principal, Jiuma Primary School has five classes for pre-kindergarten and grades one to four. There are six teachers. Students in grades five and six are all studying in more distant towns. Yuanyang County is a place where Hani people live, and the common language is Hani. Mandarin and Chinese characters can only be accessed in school. As the teacher of this support teaching activity, Ma Tianyu has undertaken most of the teaching work. He asked the principal a little bit about the situation and immediately started the "teaching" work. According to the schedule, he needed to teach the first grade children to make origami airplanes, tell stories to the second grade students, and show the movie "Crazy Zoo" to the third grade children. "For the fourth-grade students to popularize Internet knowledge... He has almost no time to rest, or in other words, for 11 consecutive months, Ma Tianyu has not had a good rest. He has been filming, and even before he came, he had just finished filming "Sadness Against the River", and took off from Yunnan after only one night's rest. 2. Ma Tianyu, who is getting along with the child with a smile, can't see the slightest fatigue on his face. He smiled and chatted with the children on the podium, without barriers or distance. "I can only give them one day of happiness, one day of help, one day of hope, I believe I should be able to influence them." Ma Tianyu said. In the part of teaching origami airplanes, the children all wrote their names crookedly on the origami, and finally let them fly under the order of "Mr. Ma" with a bright smile. In contact with children, Ma Tianyu said the most words are "baby" and "thank you", like an unconscious indoctrination, the children also from the beginning shy to outgoing, "embrace their good friends." In the link, you can walk to the other side of the classroom and hug your good friend happily. When getting along with children, Ma Tianyu will choose to hug or stroke their heads, because from a psychological point of view, proper physical contact will bring more security to the children. Even when reading the text, he would stop at any time and throw out questions for the students to answer. He takes students to recite, draw, and watch movies. The imagination of children is infinite, and even the simplest colored pens can outline the brightest colors. When passing by the preschool, Ma Tianyu also made a cameo appearance as a "Chinese teacher" to teach these children who still can't understand Mandarin but can't recognize Chinese Pinyin. After reading them, he patiently asked them "Remember?". Ma Tianyu has a set of secrets for getting along with children, or that he also uses his sincere heart to do simple things like a child, just as he firmly believes that the children in preschool understand what he is talking about. When Ma Tianyu left the pre-kindergarten to teach for the fourth grade next door, the pre-kindergarten children of the Hani nationality who were only five or six years old, who were originally restrained, sang together. They sing "Chongerfei" and their own national songSong, I can hear them, they are very happy. 3. Dream that while the class activities are lively, the rest of the team are also busy installing TV sets and adjusting projectors. This is the most important part of supporting education. Use Sogou browser to take children to see the world through the Internet. How heavy is the elephant? What is the world of dinosaurs? , What is the Internet? …Through small videos, the children in these mountainous areas saw the bigger world, and the door of the Internet was gently knocked open. Talk to the children about their ideals, and then ask them to write down their ideals for the future on the drawing board, so as to plant the seeds of dreams. On the cardboard that was sent down, some children wrote "want to be a teacher", some children drew a robot whose function is to be able to grow the land, some children said that they wanted to be a doctor, and some children wanted to be a scientist. There is a child in Jiuma Primary School who has not seen his parents for three years. The distance from their parents makes these children cherish the care from outside. So Sogou Yumeng Tong specially took pictures of 64 left-behind children, printed them out, and asked them to attach a letter to their parents in the distance. Give them electronic watches so that these left-behind children can video with their parents who are thousands of miles away. At the end of the teaching support, a child asked Ma Tianyu, "Are there ships in Beijing?". In a mountainous elementary school far away from the city, we saw the image of our dream, that is, education. The seeds it planted are small, but the power is great. Four. Tears The Yumeng Tongxing team also sent gifts to the children of Jiuma Primary School during this trip. The faces of the children who received the gifts showed the expression of expectation mixed with curiosity. The most moving thing is when the left-behind children and their mothers use the electronic watches they sent to make a video call. The tears of the mother and daughter healed the staff at the scene, and Ma Tianyu almost cried from the side. He especially understands these left-behind children in school. Because he has such a mental journey, he knows what kind of environment can relax his children, including his own lack of maternal love and father love since he was a child, and he grew up with his grandparents. The Yumeng Children's Walk is in its third year, not only donating materials, but also teaching support to the local children. Teaching children, telling stories for them, and playing games with them. Every year, Yumeng is improving, and every year he pays more attention to the mental health of children in remote areas. Speaking of the reason why Ma Tianyu participated in Yumeng Children's Tour, Sogou's staff compared it to an accident, that is, the big data selection activity that Sogou's website navigation has been holding in recent years. For the most popular celebrity each year, Sogou will help artists organize an event for free. The format is chosen by the celebrity, which can be a fan meeting or other events. The most popular person in the third year was Ma Tianyu. The two sides chose the form of public welfare and decided to continue the original public welfare education activities, but the name was changed from "Let Love Walk Together" to "Yu Meng Tong Xing". Ma Tianyu said frankly that he was also doing some charity activities before, all through his friends silently, he did not talk to his friends around Amway, "I don't like to do it this way, I think I beg them, they did not go from the heart Help, I hope people from all walks of life will help the children from the bottom of their hearts. I think helping others can also make me happy." Farewell According to the project leader, the theme of this education support activity is "cultivating soil", and the team chose to go far away. Feel the soil where the children grow, gather everyone's eyes, and open a corner of the world for those border children. Yumeng’s last trip is to send the students home. Jiuma Primary School is more than 1,000 meters above sea level. Most of the students live nearby, but the farthest one needs to walk the mountain for an hour. When we left, the school also ended the day's class. The children of Jiuma Primary School and their teacher stood on the side of the road, waving goodbye. Ma Tianyu said that he hopes that this event will continue to be held, and that through his own actions, more people can pay attention to the education situation in remote mountainous and impoverished areas, so that children have the opportunity to outline their dreams and improve their material conditions. Let the children learn more conveniently and have more opportunities to contact the outside world. Q: Tangerine A: Ma Tianyu Q: Can you first introduce what work you have done? A: Today I am reading to them, then teaching them to recite poems, helping them with meals, then giving gifts, making games, and sending them home. Q: Actually you came here without a break, did you? A: I went back to Beijing for one night, probably less than 12 hours, and flew again in the morning. Q: What would you use to get closer to your child, what words or behaviors would you do? A: I must say something they are interested in. When I read texts aloud, read extracurricular readings aloud, it is like this, for example (asking) what is Mr. Jackson, what is it? They will say it is like a frog, and there will be more opportunities for them to speak. Q: Charity is something you particularly want to do now, right? A: Because I have this mental journey myself, I also grew up with my grandparents, so I can understand the psychological state and psychological life of children like them too.move. So you see, every time I contact them, I give them more encouragement. I never let them have any doubts, I always want them to give me affirmation. For example, I would ask them to promise me that I must go to university. I would not say if it was right, but would ask if it was right. They will be right, and they will be right. When they are right, the state of their hearts is different, so I give them more encouragement. Every time I hug them or caress their heads, because caressing their hands and heads psychologically will make them feel a lot of security, and I also want to give them more psychologically. Much sense of security. Q: The activity has been in the third year. Every time I come, I will see myself when I was a child. Is it because of this that I want to continue our activities even more? A: Yes, because I can see my own shadow in them. I know what life is like, but they are too small, and many things do not have the ability to do something. I can only give them a day of happiness. This kind of thing is not sustainable, so I am a little confused as to whether it is good or bad for them. But the teacher answered me that of course it is good, at least we give them a correct guide, give them a dream or a hope, and get the teacher's affirmation, I think I will definitely continue to do such things. Q: Will you tell a good friend to participate in this kind of activity? A: I never do such a thing. Including with the media before, I have been doing charity for so long, the first time a media came to the scene to follow me like this. I don't like it very much. To put it bluntly, I never wanted to say it. I used to be myself (for charity), through the staff and through the fans. In fact, they do more fans than us, because they have more staff. Q: Donate all kinds of things? A: Donate things to help children. I am alone, with limited time and limited help. At most, I help them financially. But then I realized that a person has limited abilities, so I cooperated with Sogou all the way for about three years. There is still a part of influence, so I want to use my own power and the power of the media to call on people from all walks of life and the community to help these children in need of help from the impoverished mountainous areas. You ask me to tell my friends that you help so many children in the mountainous area that they need help. I don't like to do it this way. I beg them instead of asking them to help from the bottom of my heart. I also hope that people from all walks of life will help children from the bottom of their hearts, so that they can be happy by helping others.

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