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#6.2 Why is the stock market at least four-dimensional?

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How many variables does the static stock market have? Time, stock price. This is a simplified expression of the time axis ict and stock price, but this expression belongs to the coordinate system of chaos, not the original intent of the classical mathematical coordinate system, because the coordinate axis units are not uniform. This was introduced in the previous chapter.
The precise mathematical meaning of stock price is the highest price and the lowest price. The k-line expresses two variables at the same time. In other words, the static stock market can be described by three mathematical variables.
Nowadays, we use fractal mathematical modeling to study the stock market. In order to simplify, the variable of return is often used for calculation. Actually, the mathematical model of time axis and return is considered, and the result is the projection of the static three-dimensional model on the two-dimensional. The effect can also be interpreted equivalently.
Based on this three-dimensional or two-dimensional environment fitting mathematical theory, it is impossible to effectively interpret the four phenomena in the stock market:
First, the chaotic state or cat state. That is, tomorrow is going to rise or fall. Classical theory cannot give a definite and only answer. But the classical theory deliberately avoided this question. The chaotic state is a description of chaotic mathematics. The fractal dimension theory of the stock market already exists, and the chaotic attractor of the stock market is calculable, indicating that the chaotic state actually exists. The cat state, which is the bifurcation theory of chaos mathematics, is a concept of quantum science. This is based at least on the interpretation of four-dimensional mathematics. Personal understanding, the cat state is based on four-dimensional space mathematics, not four-dimensional space-time mathematics. I think this should be one of the entanglements of Einstein's unified physics theory in his later years. In the last section of this chapter, "Fractal Dimensions and Integer Dimensions", I will try to interpret this entanglement, and those who like to burn can pay attention to that section. I was trapped in it too. Describing macroscopic, low-speed theories and microscopic, high-speed theories cannot be unified mathematically.

Second, the results of gaps and positives cannot be interpreted theoretically. There is no theory that can say clearly what kind of situation must lead to a high opening and a low opening. Other international stock markets have fallen sharply, but China can also rise; a positive one comes out and opens higher, but it closes down; sometimes the positive fails and it opens directly lower. None of these phenomena can be directly interpreted by the mathematical theory of stock market fitting. "Open higher if it is positive", "China will rise if the periphery rises" This is the philosophy of the stock market and has no mathematical meaning. What is needed now is a mathematical interpretation. The periphery has risen, but we have fallen. Where is the mathematical theory basis? I attribute this to the randomness caused by human factors in the stock market, and randomness is a problem that mathematical predictions cannot solve for the time being.
3. The phenomenon of resonance point cannot be interpreted mathematically without the help of gods. According to the definition of time, one-dimensional linear time cannot have periodic characteristics and resonance phenomena that can only be produced by the interference of two or more waves. Therefore, the time in the stock market trend chart is actually the time axis, ict, rather than the time in the humanistic sense.
Fourth, the conditional mathematical predictability deliberately avoided by classical theory. Even if you want to justify yourself, using the theory itself to interpret the existence of reverse thinking, how to express it in the way of forward thinking will expose the conditionality of the prediction link. This is an objective fact, but it has been deliberately avoided. Some new so-called stock market theories in modern times are still following this old path. So such a theory, from the stock market theory defined by mathematics prediction, does not have the theoretical conditions, and can only be used as a reference for a mathematical model with restrictive meaning. How to express this kind of dynamic future can't use the future function. This is future indicators and theories that need to be considered. For the expression of tomorrow, it must be nailed down, drawn in advance, not changed, and then tested by reality. Only in this way can we avoid human factors making ghosts in theory and results. This is a mathematical attitude and a necessary foundation for future programmatic mechanized transactions.
That is, if the cat state is reality, then express it. What if it willWhat kinds of possibilities are drawn in advance. With this requirement, there is no choice but to increase the dimension of mathematical methods. Reluctantly using low-dimensional interpretation will increase the complexity of theoretical interpretation. The mathematical model of Gann theory is not easy to understand. The fundamental reason is that it uses a low-dimensional method to solve the high-dimensional mathematical interpretation of the stock market.
Based on the above factors, based on the inheritance of classic theories, let’s try to improve one dimension first to see the effect of interpretation. Then this dimension, at least four dimensions.
Four-dimensional interpretation of the mathematical fitting method of stock market theory
The four-dimensional mathematical fitting of the stock market is the same as the four-dimensional space-time of the physical world. In order to express the dynamics, the fourth variable is the time axis ict, not t. t and stock price are not a mathematical property, but a chaotic coordinate system; ict and stock price are also not a mathematical property, how to solve this problem. How stock price and length become the same mathematical nature. Simple, give up the unit! Changes in stock prices are changes in numbers, and changes in numbers are changes in length. An increase from one yuan to ten yuan is equivalent to an increase from one meter to ten meters, so that the change in stock price is the change in length. And ict is the length, which unifies the mathematical properties so far.
Why does mathematical fitting adopt the method of abandoning the unit? You should have already understood the interpretation of the previous chapters.
Unlike the four-dimensional space-time in the physical world, the time variable in the stock market in a mathematical model not only affects the
time axis itself, but the stock price is also a time-related variable. Any description of stock prices has time significance. That is, the four-dimensional space-time mathematical model of the stock market not only needs to solve the unit unification of the time axis and other three-dimensional coordinate axes like the theory of relativity, but the stock market also needs to solve the unit unification problem of the four-dimensional four coordinate axes. However, the key to the unification of the nature of the unit this time is not length, but time. The four axes use the time axis to unify the nature. The stock price is also a linear function that can be expressed in time.
Then using four sets of waves in different directions (four waves perpendicular to each other) can represent four different variables to achieve a four-dimensional effect. Due to the need to use the current trend software, we have to return to the two-dimensional coordinate system to express this wave interference phenomenon.
First imagine, in the framework of a four-dimensional coordinate system, a basic wave is made in any coordinate axis direction, and the other three axes are also made the same basic wave to make the problem the most simple. In this way, no matter how many factors you have, first assume that the nature is transferred to these four waves. There is no direct consideration of stock price and time, so it is an indirect fitting method.
In addition to the basic wave, what are the requirements for the other three waves? Assuming that there are no other requirements, based on the simplified expression, three waves of 2 times, 3 times, and 4 times are made respectively. This is equivalent to each coordinate axis representing a wave of different volatility, that is, waves of different periods.
How to express a four-dimensional wave in a two-dimensional mathematical coordinate system, now we are using a classical mathematical rectangular coordinate system, not a chaotic coordinate system.
To further simplify the problem, the superposition of four waves, the simplest way of expression is the superposition of four waves of the same origin. In this way, it can be simply projected into a two-dimensional coordinate system.
The interference and superposition of these four waves is now starting to work. The effect can be imagined, but the waves in the stock market trend chart have emerged. If the requirements are not high, this is already very exciting, at least a crucial first step.
Now imagine that every stock has a different cycle, which is what Gann said. Every stock has its own volatility. Then thousands of stocks are thousands of waves of different cycles. These When the waves are superimposed together, it is the market. This statement is correct, and it is also the reason why Gann failed to express it clearly. This interpretation theory, although it explains the truth, has no predictive significance. Adding four-dimensional thinking, the meaning of prediction comes out.
What is the cycle or volatility of any stock? Is there a solution? (The reciprocal of the cycle is the volatility. Now that the Gann theory is introduced, Gann himself did not expect Gann's volatility, and it has nothing to do with Gann's theory. I will not explain it below. When it comes to cycles, it also refers to volatility.) br> This is insoluble in Gann's time. At least, he imagined it, but couldn't solve it. His unclear interpretation was not intentional, nor did he not want to express it. At that time, the conditions for mathematics and physics were not available. However, with the further in-depth study of the basic properties of waves in physics, this problem can be solved in modern times. This is another research direction. I don't have time to take it into consideration for the time being, but it is mentioned implicitly in this book. Volatility is not the only solution, but under different trends, in different wavebands, volatility is different. This conflicts with most people's formulation of fixed volatility! With this kind of thinking, and then the four-dimensional theory as the basis, then the interpretation effect will be more intuitive. Those who can read books should be able to find this research direction.
Assuming we are not too troublesome, put thousands of thisThe volatility of the stocks is calculated, so when added up, it really looks like the market.
This is future work, not the basic research direction of the current theory.
This is an unexpected gain. Although it is not the temporary research direction of the four-dimensional theory, he has interpreted the volatility that Gann could not explain clearly. He only needs to abandon the unit of price and time, and this can be achieved in the two-dimensional rectangular coordinate system. A mathematical expression. This idea is consistent with my theory and the method produced by Einstein's theory. The fitting method is purely mathematical, and the mathematical elements of the fitting have nothing to do with the object to be fitted.
In order to simplify the problem, I superimposed thousands of waves and put them down for the time being. What I want to solve is the superposition effect of four waves with different directions and coordinate axes perpendicular to each other. Although simple, it has a four-dimensional meaning.
Using the above method, there is no obvious fitting phenomenon with the actual trend. This at least shows that there is a mathematical relationship between the features of these four waves, rather than no relationship.
Modern physics found that "symmetry" is universal. It is a sine wave and a cosine wave with the same starting point and the same period when expressed in waves. The volatility of time is invisible to us. Based on the default definition of time, its volatility is passed on to other axes. i represents that it is on the fourth coordinate axis outside of three dimensions, so among the four waves, at least this wave exists symmetrically with the fundamental wave on one coordinate axis in three dimensions.
It is a leap to define this wave.
What are the characteristics of these two waves?
Changing the cycle, fitting and comparing, this process is boring and boring.
Until the last data parameter fitting the fluctuation period is obtained, the embryonic form of the seven bridge time field wave indicator finally appeared.
The superposition of one of the four waves with a forward wave and the other three waves will produce three situations; a reverse wave will superpose with the other three waves to produce three situations. That is, this superposition produces six possibilities.
At first, I was full and continued to superimpose these six waves into one wave. As a result, the mathematical world of fluctuations became flat and became a line.
For this reason, I have been troubled for a period of time. Is the research direction wrong? Fortunately, perseverance, good reading, reading can really change the future.
"In 1736, the 29-year-old Euler submitted the paper "Seven Bridges of Königsberg" to the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. While answering questions, he created a branch of mathematics-graph theory and geometric topology. This started a new process in the history of mathematics."
I re-fitted the research in the original direction, "Step back and broaden the sky", this time I used it for theoretical research. I gave up the last superimposition and directly displayed the six superimposed status quo. I surprisingly found that the market was shuttled in this fishnet-like fluctuation.
I thought of the ants crawling on the tetradecahedron. The ants are about to climb up the waves this time.
We can also walk, then these waves become bridges. It is required to be consistent with the mathematical problem of the Seven Bridges, go forward in the positive sequence of time, only one bridge can walk, and choose to change the bridge or not to change the bridge at the intersection. It's that simple, you can interpret the market.
Four-dimensional theory is finally expressed in a two-dimensional classical coordinate system by means of superposition of waves!
Mathematics ideological obstacles that need to be resolved by the four-dimensional theory
The prerequisite for establishing a fitting mathematical model is to give up the unit. I introduced this method when I introduced the mathematical model of the pyramid. That is, you have to tentatively accept the concept that a year is equal to one degree, otherwise you will not be able to understand Gann's theory. One of the premises of all the unified mathematical models in the East and the West is to abandon the unit, just because it is convenient for mathematics to scale conversion.
The line is one-dimensional, the broken line is two-dimensional, and the wave itself in the stock market trend chart is two-dimensional. Because of the objective existence of fractal, it needs to increase the dimension to solve the problem of its detailed description. Using the rate of return to simplify the changes in the stock price does not affect the existence of the fractal nature, and does not reduce the dimensionality.
Time itself has a three-dimensional or four-dimensional mathematical meaning. (This was discussed in the previous chapter. It is a purely mathematical concept, which is different from the humanistic concept in time meaning).
If the resonance point in the mathematical sense of the stock market does exist, then mathematically, this is a phenomenon in which one wave interferes with another wave or multiple waves, and there will be resonance. This invisible wave shares a two-dimensional chaotic coordinate system with the actual wave. To interpret the mathematical principle of the resonance point, one or even several such invisible waves must be added.
The trend graph shows that it has the mathematical properties of waves, both in terms of form and implicit resonance point characteristics. The complete and accurate expression of the dynamics of water waves requires the use of at least four-dimensional space-time. Realistic water waves require three-dimensional photos to express the static state of the waves, and increase the time variable to be wellUse four-dimensional space-time to express the dynamics of fluctuations.
That is, if the tangible and intangible waves of the stock market want to accurately express their interference results and describe their dynamics, at least four coordinate axes must be used.
Using mathematical simulation to test, in order to accurately express the dynamics of waves, it is also necessary to select at least the mathematical principles of four-dimensional space-time. Neither three-dimensional nor two-dimensional projection properties can fully express the properties of waves. In the case of four or more dimensions, the use of one-level or smaller dimensions for mathematical interpretation, one is a troublesome description, and the other is mathematical one-sidedness. Will encounter the same mathematical troubles encountered in the classical theory of the stock market. This is also the development of mathematics for thousands of years. It is the same as solving difficult problems encountered in high-dimensional descriptions with low dimensions.
Interpreting three-dimensional motion is four-dimensional space-time. The four-dimensional space-time theory of the stock market is to interpret the precise description of the motion state of the three-dimensional wave. For the time being, it is at least interpretable, and the predictability needs to continue to look for regular factors.
In addition, the mathematics aspect needs to be discussed a little bit.
The nature of multiple elements or multiple dimensions is transferred through the coordinate axis. If the nature of its own is simplified linearly, other properties will be transferred to other elements or dimensions or coordinate axes. Whether this mathematical premise is true or not, I cannot prove it. It is a theoretical conjecture, and I am using the conclusion. But in the process of using mathematics, it is reasonable to interpret.
Time is the main mathematical quantity to be transferred. It includes the passive acceptance of the nature of the extra elements after all elements have been simplified. And because of its original definition, it is forced to transfer these properties to other related elements without replacing the timeline. That is, it is defined as one-dimensional linear vector, which cannot fully reflect the nature of other elements transferred from it. The number of dimensions of time itself is only related to the elements that cannot be expressed. In terms of mathematical nature, it is not a one-dimensional vector, but we have stipulated this one-dimensional nature of this mathematical variable, so it is full of contradictions and full of secrets. It is actually a synthesis of all the properties that cannot be expressed by the associated research elements. Therefore, it is multi-dimensional in a mathematical sense.
That is, mathematics can produce infinite dimensions, as long as one of the dimensions is time, then time will make up for the nature of all missing dimensions. This means that if one element of a series of related mathematical variables is time, the other elements are not important. As long as the missing elements are considered, the nature of the missing elements is all reflected by time. Therefore, the mathematical property of time reaches an infinitely wide range, and therefore, it is already a mathematical reflection of the event itself. In this case, time is equal to other factors. Therefore, when you have time to participate in the method of considering variables, you will always see squares and squares. This is also one of the mathematical interpretation foundations of Gann Square's objective existence.
Mobius tape, Klein bottle, and Tai Chi fish eyes are all methods of using pseudo-dimensionality. The key to solving low-dimensional expressions of high-dimensionality is the 180-degree turn. These are geometric methods. The square and square are algebraic methods. Equivalent! (The square example we saw will find that it is not necessarily a geometric square, but the result of algebraic calculation.)
The wave in the two-dimensional classical coordinate system moves by adding time. It can express the mathematical properties of three-dimensional waves (three-dimensional, photograph, static), or the motion of two-dimensional waves (two-dimensional, dynamic). The wave in the classical mathematical coordinate system is two-dimensional, and once one of the coordinate axes is replaced by time, it evolves into a three-dimensional system. However, the expression of wave motion is actually four-dimensional, and it is a wave of the video state, so the dimension needs to be improved. Increasing the dimensionality causes invisible waves to be introduced, forming an interference effect.
The turning of countless two-dimensional short arcs, just like the exhaustive method of dividing a circle to calculate π, the wave can express a circle with precise mathematical meaning. This is one of the math secrets of your inadvertent wave. All theories about circles are easily transferred to waves. This exhaustive method of expressing finiteness with infinity created waves and created a simple equivalent mathematical method for solving high-dimensionality in low dimensions. This mathematical secret, with a little extension, will eventually lead to the emergence of the concept of dimensionality.
The circle raises its dimension to three dimensions and becomes a ball, and raises it to four dimensions and becomes a hypersphere. At this time, it is difficult to express geometrically, and it is forced to use a low-dimensional solution to a high-dimensional method for complex interpretation. And wave does not have this problem! Cross-dimensional interpretation is very convenient. Moreover, the wave does not have the dead angle problem of the coverage of the original mathematical model. Since the decimal point
can be used conveniently, the wave can express infinitely close to prime numbers.
The person who invented wave at least foresaw the possibility of mathematical development in the next 300 years, so he was hidden. Just like some content of Tesla and Da Vinci. Are the good things really in the book? At least we often have no chance to see such books, so we can only think for ourselves.
Westerners taught us to keep a hand, this may be how the wave came from untraceables reason. The significance of wave mathematics is too great, which involves the key to solving the unification of religious thought and mathematics with mathematical methods, and its mathematical significance has exceeded the pyramid. The person who discovered Bo realized at the time that he simultaneously created two extreme mathematics worlds in the future. But the people who create the future are often evaporated by information just like Tesla.
The content of this section is the basis of the mathematical theory of the four-dimensional stock market, which is more or less interpreted in the previous chapters. To knock down the four-dimensional theory, you only need to knock down the above mathematical foundation. But if it cannot be denied, the mathematical foundation of the four-dimensional stock market will be established.
What problem does the mathematical fitting of the stock market solve based on four-dimensional? What kind of wave is used to express the trend graph of the stock market? This is the most basic question.
For the convenience of reading, you need to look at the trend chart on the first page of the book.
Find a relatively low point, draw to fit the original wave, and then superimpose. In the stock market trend chart, the interference effect of the wave is found.
Through comparative observation, if the starting point is a low point, then the high point may appear near the time of the high point indicated by another superimposed wave. The position where these two waves cross is near the time of the lower one-level inflection point in the trend chart.
This discovery made me connect two mathematical foundations. The bifurcation of chaotic mathematics; the seven-bridge problem of mathematics.
The bifurcation principle of chaos mathematics is actually another mathematical expression of Schrodinger's cat. In the superimposed volatility chart, each intersection is followed by two bifurcations, which explains the non-up or down state very well. Only at the top and bottom positions, there is no choice. This is the best feature description for the stock market.
The enlightenment given to me by the Seven Bridges problem is unexpected. Based on the inspiration of the Seven Bridges, I started looking for bridges that I could walk on in the fishing nets between the top and the bottom.
Draw vertical lines for all intersections to correspond to the trend graph. I found that each intersection is near a point in time of the lower level. what does that mean?
Starting from the low point of the superimposed graph and going upwards, it does not follow this wave to the top, but at a position with other superimposed waves, a "wave-changing" effect occurs. I really don't have a better word for it. Describe this action. After that, it will continue to walk along the changed wave, and then change the wave until it reaches the top.
This is the first mathematical fitting feature I found. With this feature, I learned to "swap",
then the visible trend chart constantly changes in the position of the wave, and the market is expressed.
This effect is the same as that encountered by ants crawling on the edges of the equilateral tetradecahedron. The ant encounters three possibilities at each end of the geometry, ups and downs and equilibrium. And these six sets of superimposed waves seem to have only two possibilities behind each intersection, and there is actually a third.
This requires attention to the two sets of weakened superimposed waves. If you move forward through weakening waves, the market will oscillate sideways.
Due to the existence of large gaps, low opening and high opening, I have seen another phenomenon of "wave jumping". When this happens, you will suddenly jump to another wave, just like a quantum effect. There is no time and space limitation. At the same time, you are already in two positions at the same time. In terms of interpreting trends, just assume that nothing has happened, you jump on the wave, and just keep going. (The same time point also includes the situation that the market closed yesterday and the market opened today at the same time.)
Explained by an ant on a tetrahedron, that is, it suddenly slipped from an edge and fell on another edge. .

These six sets of superimposed waves have undergone different ups and downs and market adjustment experiments. From the perspective of interpretation, they can interpret many intraday phenomena. Due to the use of an ideal integer periodic wave, the error is objective.
The theoretical embarrassment in the interpretation of classical theories in the past can be basically solved with this mathematical model!
1. Intuitive interpretation based on the simple description of the four possibilities of trend-based ups, downs, sideways, gaps open higher, and open lower. No special mathematical situations with characteristic significance have been found for the time being. There is still the embarrassment of undecided ups and downs between two points of meaningful time, but as long as the level of consideration is magnified, the trend of the higher level will not be affected. At least the down time and up time can be used to express the trend of the market. If the actual reverse trend occurs, it will not be a trend market, but the bottom of the b wave, the top of the b wave, and the adjustment wave.
2. Solved the problem of interpretation of the objective existence of cats in the future. Don’t be fooled, just tell you the intuitive expressions of 1, 2, 3, and 4 future possibilities. From a simple fractal perspective, these four possibilities in the future are no longer as complicated as in the analysis of classical theories above. (There are actually more possibilities in the details, but the four are high probability events based on the mathematical principles and coverage considerations of this indicator. This is what I said the theory needs to be further developed.One of the reasons for the dimension. )
3. Interpreted the three-state problem found by ants on the equilateral tetrahedron, and the motion of the cube is four-dimensional. In line with theoretical expectations.
4. Solve the problem of mathematical interpretation of multiple possibilities in the future. At least it can be seen that the solution is unique only in the top and bottom of a specific and extreme indicator wave (this is not necessarily the highest in the market) Top or lowest
bottom), otherwise the path of this bridge is not the only solution to the future.
5. Solve the unpredictable mathematics interpretation problem of tomorrow. Which bridge to go on is not a predictable one. You need to follow (the mathematical meaning of Gann's follow), and you can determine which bridge actually is based on the actual situation. Once on the bridge, before the next point in time, there is only one factor that has the possibility of jumping off the bridge, that is, the gap is opened high or opened low. This kind of bridge jumping phenomenon will also appear in the plate. This kind of randomness, using the mathematical method of fitting, temporarily cannot solve the prediction problem by various theories. Can only focus on the final point.
Sixth, the number of prediction calculation results is reduced, which is equivalent to improving the success rate of forecasting the inflection point of the future trend. You have only three ways to walk during the walking process, and with the existence of the "wave-jumping" phenomenon, you only have four ways to walk. This is based on certainty based on mathematical statistics. Considering that the error is acceptable, no other way has been found for the time being.
It is still necessary to improve the theory to reduce the error, in order to find out whether it can be confirmed that there is no other interpretation possibility.
These six sets of waves are the intuitive images after the interference of the four sets of waves, that is, the interpretation is the four waves with different characteristics. It represents the interference of four waves with the characteristics of time elements, which is a four-dimensional mathematical expression. This is an interpretation method that solves four-dimensional phenomena through a two-dimensional coordinate system.
In the process of research and experiment, the movement of ants on the equilateral tetrahedron was compared, which means solving the movement of three-dimensional objects, that is, four-dimensional mathematical problems.
The phenomenon of "wave jumping" is actually the influence of phenomena in other dimensions in four dimensions, just like the problem of constant encounters in Newton's theory. This requires a higher dimension to interpret, or other factors to interpret. This may be the influence of the external environment, the influence of the policy, the influence of other related factors, the influence of emergencies, etc. These are all factors that must be considered. As long as the factors that may cause a low or high opening, you can use this jump wave Interpretation of the phenomenon. Regardless of the specific reason, from the perspective of mathematical interpretation, since this phenomenon has been discovered, it can be used mathematically, at least when interpreting the stock market, we must consider the existence of this mathematical factor.
This is to use pure mathematical fitting method to interpret the phenomenon of the stock market. It solves the problem of interpretation, prediction, and operation of the basic mathematical theory of stock market prediction, and at the same time solves the problems that cannot be interpreted and dare not face directly in the classic theory. The stock market phenomenon.
Waves and the stock market, there is no other relationship between the two except mathematically! This is just a mathematical fitting method.
Why do you think of the Seven Bridges Theory? The idea here is the mathematical thinking triggered by the first four chapters!
Do you find that the mathematics problems that Westerners can solve only in a century or a thousand years often have other meanings in them. Are they really just thinking about mathematics when they ask questions?
The Lagrangian point made me realize how to use the wheel in the wheel; the seven bridge problem reminds me of the path choice of the stock market; the pyramid allows me to see the expansion and contraction of the economic bubble; these connections are only because of mathematics, Abandon the mathematical fitting method of the unit.
There are many factors that affect the stock market, that is, the main mathematical factors that can form the geometric appearance of the current stock market trend chart. How many key factors are there?
After the previous introduction, we naturally think that there must be four factors, otherwise how did the four dimensions come from?
This is actually a misunderstanding caused by the terrible ideological inertia caused by the intervention of mathematics and humanities.
From a mathematical point of view, this factor can be n kinds. For stock market trend charts, unless you prove that there are four main factors, otherwise, there are n influencing factors. However, the intervention of mathematics and the logic of humanities and the conclusion of the mathematical model just now will cause you to directly think that the stock market is the four influencing factors, thus giving up further exploration.
This four-dimensional mathematical model assumes that the stock market has four main mathematical factors and forms a mathematical corresponding fitting relationship with the four-dimensional space-time of time axis and space. Then we use this four-dimensional space-time mathematical system to interpret the stock market. Of course, the influence of some factors will be reflected on the fourth axis or factor, but it does not mean that there are only four factors affecting the stock market.
If the basic wave is selected to be more or even countless, the superposition of these waves is the true mathematical fitting result, but it is still the mathematics of interpreting the four-dimensional space-time view.
Personally think that the influencing factors are definitely not fourOne, but the main factors may be four. In view of the mathematical conclusions of string theory, other factors should belong to the category of curly dimension, with a small amount of influence, so that it can be ignored. This is a mathematical reasoning based on existing mathematical conclusions. If you prove that there is the fifth major factor, then such a four-dimensional theory is not enough.
If it is discovered that there are more major factors in the future, and the influence of the four variables is as great, then the four-dimensional theory can be partially rejected! Need to continue to improve the dimension in order to achieve the purpose of accurate interpretation.
The classical methods of theory generation are all based on mathematical statistical analysis of observable data. This method of generating a theory by four-dimensional theory is similar to that of Einstein's theory of relativity. It is to learn from the first mathematical results, and then to verify. Now this theory has found evidence of mathematical fitting of time at least in the correspondence with the trend graph.
The mathematical model just now uses the interference of waves to solve the problem of interpretation of the time resonance point, so how is the point position qualitative?

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