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Is it reliable for domestic insurance broker companies? What is the difference between buying insurance at an insurance company and a brokerage company?

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There are often people, let me as an agent recommend an agent! ? What is the difference between a broker and an agent? (I’ll simplify it)

Agent: BMW’s agent, there is no way to recommend Mercedes-Benz to you. Agent: Generally there is only one company’s product;

Broker: According to budget and demand, choose the right car from the automobile market. Broker: All companies have products, and they can sell anything;

In the future, you can directly and happily communicate your needs with your brokers. Only when the needs face the market, it is more suitable to find the best solution.

PS, some people only find answers in the known world.

As everyone knows, the unknown world has more answers.

The agent stands on the position of the insurance company and sells the product.

The broker chooses the right product from the customer's standpoint.

Derivative question: Is it better to find an insurance company for insurance than to find an intermediary (broker)? !

Add an entry: separation of production and sales. Insurance companies are responsible for product design, unified pricing, investment, and claims settlement. Intermediary channels are responsible for sales services. Simply put: no matter where you buy, the product and price are unified by the insurance company, professional services are different, and additional services are different.

Do not rule out, products with exclusive agent channels, or products with exclusive intermediary channels (broker channels), it doesn’t matter, just compare them, guarantee responsibility, scope of diseases, dividend returns, products The price is matched with the budget, age, and physical condition of the family members, and see which one is more suitable. If you understand it from multiple angles, customers are the most satisfied.

A. Find an insurance company directly for insurance = agent services (single company products and services) + insurance company services (underwriting, claims, investment)

B find a broker for insurance = broker Services (horizontal professional consulting, comprehensive solutions for multiple companies, as well as other business sectors such as immigration, home ownership, vaccines, medical examinations, trusts, etc.) + insurance company services (underwriting, claims, investment)

The most common broker is a doctor. Any pharmaceutical company can prescribe drugs according to the needs of patients.

If it is a doctor assigned by a pharmaceutical factory to the hospital, think about the result, um, the medicine is prescribed by one family.

You may ask if there is a doctor who has a bad conscience and prescribes the most expensive medicine or the most profitable medicine. It is not ruled out that this is possible.

Even so, the doctor in the hospital is the person most likely to put his conscience in the middle, because he has no restrictions on the choice of medicines. Among the many alternative solutions, find the most suitable medicine for the patient. It may be the most cost-effective, it may be the best curative effect (imported medicine), it may be the cheapest, in short, it is most likely to have a wide range of choices according to the needs of patients.

If you want to help you with a doctor from a pharmaceutical factory, only one medicine can be provided to you, and you don’t have the authority. It’s possible to shop around.

In short, choose a broker, the insurance company’s services are not different (the same premium, the same product .Customers can directly contact the insurance company at any time to provide services such as rights change, claim, surrender, etc.), There is also an additional brokerage company service guarantee, which is equivalent to double insurance.

If a family of three needs products such as critical illness insurance, savings insurance, and medical insurance, couples and children have their own choices. Wife likes company A's products, husband likes company B's products, children are more suitable for company CProducts, if only critical illness insurance, there may be three demand directions, if you add medical insurance, savings insurance, accident insurance, is it possible to have D company, E company, F company,,,,

So does this family want to find six or n agents to explain the family situation and needs from the beginning? !

Is the professionalism and administrative efficiency of each agent satisfactory? These should be considered before insuring.

A friend asked "brokers are not common, is it because the threshold of brokers is high?", "Do brokers and Each insurance company signs a contract and becomes its agent?"

1) Brokers are not common? Yes, there are insurance sales all over the street. It seems that I haven't met many brokers. Generally, "I am the agent of an insurance company XXX, please take care of me" and handed over my business card. The insurance agent mechanism has been developed for nearly 30 years, and the number of agents is nearly 10 million. The broker model has only been in the past 10 years, and the number of people is only a small fraction of 100,000 people (not included by the agency). The proportion of people is small, so naturally it is not common.

2) Brokers will not become agents of insurance companies. Brokerage companies have signed contracts with various insurance companies, and the brokers of the brokerage company will have more company products available for sale. It is not necessary to be the agent of each company (the agent of each insurance company is required to be exclusive to the respective insurance company, and individuals do not have the possibility to represent multiple insurance companies, institutions can)

broker: Intermediary, from a financial perspective, it provides matching transactions. According to customer needs, "crawl" suitable products from the market, why use "crawl"? Because there are so many products, you need to tailor your clothes. The professional level of each agent is different, and the level of crawling is naturally different. It is different from the doctor's level of "grasping medicine".

Agent: also has the meaning of an intermediary, which can be roughly understood as "brand spokesperson", just like "I speak for XX" as often seen in advertisements, the agent represents his company interest.

Example: A supermarket yogurt promoter can be an employee of a supermarket or an employee of Mengniu. Supermarket employees are brokers, and which yogurt is worth recommending. The salesperson of Mengniu manufacturer does not care whether Yili yogurt is cost-effective or not. His responsibility is to sell Mengniu yogurt well. Mengniu yogurt may be better than Yili, who knows.

In terms of mechanism, supermarket employees will not become promoters of Mengniu manufacturers. Unless you resign and change units (even if you change units, you can only enter Mengniu or Yili, and it is impossible to enter two or more companies at the same time). Therefore, the broker will not become the agent of each company.

Are the operating modes and profit sources of insurance companies and brokerage companies the same?


1) Operational mode

Insurance companies can produce, supply and sell one-stop, that is, product design, sales, claims, and investment can all be done by themselves. The sales link is the way for insurance companies to "grab" funds. There are 7 main channels. Not every insurance company is like this. You can choose some of them according to their respective strategies. (Capital is limited, the profit payback period is long, the stall is too big, that is a visible loss)

7 channels for grabbing wealth:

1 insurance channel: The biggest source of profits for life insurance companies is that they do not have individual insurance business, and they have to outsource some of them. This is the staple food of life insurance companies. Don’t eat staple foods, you can also eat eggs, vegetables and fruits, because they are not strong enough. As the saying goes, the most common agents who "run insurance" are here, and most of them are here! Large companies have 1 million people+, hundreds of thousands, and new companies have only a few thousand people. The agent channel mainly consists of three tasks: recruitment (recruitment), selection, and training. Operate normally according to the marketing rhythm. If the individual insurance channel is a business unit system, product research and development functions will be strengthened in the individual insurance channel, which is also called strengthening product market adaptability. The headquarters formulates goals, policies, and training curriculum development, and delegates power to each branch (provincial company) to implement strategies and complete goals.

2 group insurance channels: to be enterprise-level customers, with different products from different companies of large, medium and small. Group insurance products are a single price, because the number of employees is different, and the benefits that companies at different levels want to provide are different, so they are all customized insurance policies. High-value accident insurance such as small celebrity concerts, NBA stars, and single celebrity participation in a certain corporate activity, all belong to the category of group insurance. If the group insurance department or channel achieves a certain scale, some insurance companies will go to obtain "pension licenses", which can further develop "enterprise annuity" products for large enterprises, and good enough companies will increase their employees' enterprise annuity insurance. Enterprises accounted for between 5-7%. HR is so hiring.

3 Banking insurance: Banking insurance products have a fast scale, low profit, and even negative, so we must continue. Not all bank staff are in the bank. There may be insurance companies, securities companies, fund companies, etc. The purpose is to make full use of the bank's credit endorsement to complete various business "grabbing" tasks. In the sales of bancassurance products, there have been a large number of elderly customers who misled the insurance policy as deposit purchases. In the most serious case, it even happened. The father of the chairman of insurance company A was being paid by the bancassurance sales staff of insurance company B. After switching to bancassurance, the elderly knew when they wanted to withdraw money after two years. There is a pit in insurance, it is really a pit, and even the chairman and his father will not let it go. It's really cheating, that's how the term "cheating" comes from! (This is the most original version of the cheating, which happened many years ago)

4 Renewal: The renewal continuation rate is a yardstick for measuring life insurance companies, which directly affects the profit and profit cycle . Renewal means that all premiums over the second year are given to the renewal department of the insurance company. The purpose of renewal is to tap new needs from old customers and transact new business. Key indicators for renewal: second, third, and fourth renewal rate. The 13-month continuation rate and the 25-month continuation rate are frequently concerned, and high-quality services can reach 95% and 98% respectively. This is also called the quality of the insurance policy. Have customers been fooled? Just look at these indicators. Some companies with poor quality are only 60-70%, which means that 1/3 of the customers have surrendered the insurance, so why don’t they be fooled? It's impossible. The customers selected by the company are all fighters in entanglement?

5 Economics channel: Economics channel is responsible for signing cooperation agreements with various brokers and agency companies, and provides different fee standards according to different business quality and scale. Large-scale insurance companies in the Mainland, companies that have invested heavily in individual insurance channels, will have a slower development in the generational channels, and they do not even advocate the development of intermediary businesses. However, in the post-90s era of consumption, the brand loyalty of rational customers has become weaker and weaker. Customer focus comes from multiple levels, including but not limited to: brand, advertising, word-of-mouth channels, consultant level, etc. I am paying more and more attention to it and want to "shop around" more and more.

6Telephone sales: If you answer unfamiliar calls, fear and irritability, a considerable part of it comes from insurance, real estate, loans, bank financing (not including, you won a lottery, etc., phone fraud, that is another business ), regarding telephone harassment, insurance is not in vain. Telemarketers are also hard-working people. They ask for 5.5-6 hours of actual talk time every day, but they can’t get through? For the next one, the duration of the call must be completed, or else the basic work has not been completed. At the end of the day, there are dozens of calls, some nearly 200, 98% of the rejection rate, 2% of the transactions are considered masters and lucky. 1.3 billion people have never received a phone number from an insurance company, less! The numbers are played according to the number and the number is rotated every few months. The small nets are scattered frequently and the meshes are dense enough. This work is not easy.

7 Online sales: official account, Tmall flagship store of each company, each company's own website, APP, official account, Weibo, Zhihu official account, etc. Sales consultants, senior and non-senior people of all levels come and go, some early and some late, big Vs, small coffees, big whiteboards, small newcomers, all kinds of people, etc., on various platforms, forums, and websites. It is necessary for the masses to identify the professional level and personally experience which consultant’s style is more in line with my feel

The above are the 7 channels for insurance business "grabbing" (Not all of them are available, and there are also singles.) Personal customers often find six channels other than group insurance. Group insurance benefits should not be unfamiliar, and group insurance sales will not find personal heads. Above, it is the human resources departments of various companies that can contact group insurance consultants, and the general manager of small companies has personally caught it.

2) The source of profit

Insurance company: the source of profit, three differences. That is, the profit margin, the death margin, and the expense margin. In the same way, insurance companies lose money because of the "three differences", loss of interest margin, loss of death, and loss of expense.

Brokerage company: the source of profit, only the difference in fees, the brokerage company’s survival is also a hard work, and it is the brokerage company that survives to squeeze out some surpluses by saving money. One look at the scale and the second look at the quality, only one of them will undoubtedly die.

That brokerage company makes money is that it completely relies on the quality of the business to win the market. If you only fight for the scale of the business and ignore the quality, the insurance companies will not play with this brokerage company. The quality of business comes from customer satisfaction. This is the result of learning about dozens or hundreds of products in a highly competitive and horizontal manner. The professional level of a broker depends on his own savvy and learning ability.

For large capital, first consider building an insurance company, or participating in an insurance companyDivision. Rather than constructing a brokerage company (brokerage company pool is small, profit is thin, new brokerage company is subject to insurance company's product and fee policy, old brokerage company has worked hard for many years, and has accumulated some brands. Generally speaking, it is only possible to develop for more than 5 years. Break-even), because insurance companies have greater profits, but the plans may not always be able to make them. Generally speaking, the break-even cycle of insurance companies is 7-8 years, which is to endure loneliness. , Can withstand losses for several years. There are also a large number of insurance companies that have poor business quality, low business scale, and cannot achieve breakeven in 10 years. This is the reason why many capital ceding and abandoning insurance. The requirements for establishing an insurance company are becoming more and more stringent. The company’s chairman and CEO are all on thin ice, even after making a profit, because one step is slow and one step is slow.

To put it briefly, three differences.

Spread: The actual interest rate used by the asset is greater than the interest generated when the predetermined interest rate used in the calculation of the liability reserve. To put it bluntly, does the money earned from the investment cover the money spent on the product's predetermined interest rate?

Death difference: Take accident insurance as an example. 10,000 people are expected to accidentally die this year and 2 people will die this year. As a result, no one will die this year, and the premium will be earned. If 4 people died this year, they would lose the compensation of 2 people. Critical illness insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, etc. can be analogized. This is not a legal analogy.

Poor fees: How many people and venues are needed to do these tasks is estimated to cost 20 million. As a result, 30 million is spent, and it is a loss. Spend 5 million and make a profit after the end of the year.

The past is wonderful, the right to know

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