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CCTV Securities Information Channel "The Wind and Clouds of the Times": Exploring the Revolution of Human Drinking

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Original title: CCTV Securities Information Channel "The Wind and Clouds of the Times": Exploring the Revolution of Human Drinking Water-Making Water from Fresh Air

Qilu Evening News, August 4th News


The global water shortage, water pollution and other water resources problems are becoming more and more serious. Whether in cities, towns or rural areas, China is also facing varying degrees For the drinking water problem, Lu Yiming, the top ten host of CCTV, is looking for a better and healthier source of drinking water for the people. He visited the general agent of Hong Kong Tianquan Dingfeng Group in China, and in China of Tianquan Dingfeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The office has discovered an artifact that can save all mankind's water problems. The whole secret content will be broadcast on CCTV Securities Information Channel's prime time "Wind of the Times" on the evening of July 31.

Explore the creator of the fifth human drinking water revolution

The column guide pointed out that the drinking water of human society comes from natural rivers, well water, tap water, bottled water, and even direct drinking water. So far, there have been four drinking water revolutions. The launch of Tianquan Dingfeng fresh air water machine is the world’s first environmental protection concept "fresh squeezed weather"-zero additives, zero pollution, zero corrosion, safe and healthy water era, opening up zero water, ultra-low carbon, low energy consumption, The era of autonomous water production and intelligent scientific and technological water creation, which is suitable for military, civilian, and industrial multi-channels, can be called the fifth drinking water revolution.

"Water is the source of life. This is a truth that we have understood since childhood. This not only means that the entire life is bred from the ocean, but also that 70% of our body is composed of water. We are now more and more concerned about the health of our bodies. How can we drink clean, hygienic, safe and healthy water? How can we keep the water free from environmental pollution and allow us to drink it with confidence What's in the belly?..." Teacher Lu made some opening remarks to the camera and then turned and walked into the elevator to the office of Tianquan Dingfeng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. covering an area of ​​about 1,400 square meters.

Follow the footsteps of Lu Yiming, CCTV Top Ten Host, and walk into the China General Agent Office of Tianquan Dingfeng Group

The principle of squeezing fresh air and water

When Mr. Zhang, the head of the company, revealed the mystery of the water production artifact to Mr. Lu, Mr. Lu joked that he had never heard of fresh air squeezing. water. Mr. Zhang continued to introduce the fresh air water machine after more than ten years of continuous research and development, adopts the condensation technology of the rocket end thruster, and has a number of international patents. It is a multi-purpose self-produced water artifact that can directly use air energy from the air. Transform into safe drinking water. Tianquan Dingfeng is also the only water manufacturer that has won awards at home and abroad such as the Milan World Expo and the World Cup Nine-Ball Championship. Teacher Lu learned that the machine in front of him used a lot of high-end and cutting-edge technology elements, so he couldn't wait to experience the freshly squeezed air water in person.

More nutritious than pure water

When Mr. Lu asked whether the water after multiple disinfection and filtration is equivalent to pure water, Mr. Zhang said that freshly squeezed air water still contains an appropriate amount For trace elements and minerals, the filtration process only excludes some harmful substances and retains the trace elements that the human body can normally absorb. The water quality has reached the highest drinking water standards of the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department and the World Health Organization.

Smog and air can also be "drinked"

Nowadays, most people attach great importance to the quality of drinking water. They do not want to drink tap water and have to boil it before drinking. They only want to buy packaging There are many people who drink, and Teacher Lu asked on their behalf, if there are many impurities in the air, such as common haze, is it safe to drink water from the air?

The moderator asked the person in charge of the company that air quality affects water quality and safety.

Mr. Zhang explained, It is not safe to drink the water from the air directly, but after the ten major functions of the fresh air water machine, it becomes safe drinking water. The PM2.5 air purification system first filters out the harmful air. Impurities, and then through multiple systems such as air cooling and purification, three-layer ultraviolet disinfection, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis filtration, etc., ensure that the water quality is truly clean and hygienic. Finally, the active water circulation system ensures the activity of water molecules.Only in this way can the quality of the water produced by the entire process pass the testing of the highest international drinking water standard, so that consumers who like to focus on water quality like Teacher Lu can drink with confidence.

Not only to create water, but also to create the future

Finally, Mr. Zhang added that Tianquan Dingfeng Group’s widespread attention reflects the society’s concern for sustainable development, the environment, and Pay attention to physical and mental health. The vision of the group company "where there is air, there is safe drinking water" is to achieve a sustainable and healthy environment, and its mission is to promote the future development of sustainable ecology. It is not so much that Tianquan Dingfeng is making water. In fact, it is creating the future.

Fifth invention, the pride of Chinese people

Finally, CCTV stock information channel "Wind of the Times" praised Tianquan Dingfeng as the creator of the drinking water revolution and the global air and water industry The leader of the company, its self-developed fresh air water machine can be described as the fifth invention after China's four great inventions. It is the pride of the Chinese people and hopes that the future water revolution will play a role in saving the global water crisis.

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