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Food stalls suitable for one person What are the hottest snacks in mobile stalls?

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Although you can't become a super rich in a food stall business, if you manage it well, you can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month, or even tens of thousands a month. For ordinary families, such income is already quite good. The cost of doing a food stall business is not high. What are the food stall businesses that are suitable for one person to sell now? Get to know it together.

One. Prunes and vegetables buckle meat pie

Meigancaikou patties have a long history, carefully crafted by many manual crafts, and processed by charcoal fire baking! Crispy and delicious, full of flavors! The sweet, bitter and spicy fragrant, the five flavors gather together.

Delicious pancakes

2. Multigrain pancakes

Multi-grain pancakes are one of the traditional Chinese foods. They are made from miscellaneous noodles made into a paste. Pancakes are mostly made of coarse grains and fine noodles. After being baked into a cake, the water content is less and drier, the shape is like cowhide, it can be thick or thin, easy to layer, the taste is chewy, and it is resistant to hunger after eating. Generally round, loose and porous. The cost of a Shandong miscellaneous grain pancake is less than one yuan. If you buy an average of 300 pancakes a day, you can sell it for 1200 yuan. Excluding the necessary stall fees, labor, management fees, and daily miscellaneous expenses, it will be calculated as 200 yuan a day, and the daily profit It reaches 1,000 yuan, and the monthly income is tens of thousands. This kind of business profit is very considerable.

Three. Braised dishes

Braised dishes are not a single cooking method, but a combination of cooking (heating) and seasoning. The condiment formula is complicated and delicate. The preparation method is patience and exquisite, just like tasting tea. The so-called slow work makes meticulous work. The way of eating stewed dishes is also very diversified, which can be adjusted according to the tastes of different people. Generally, there are several flavors such as fragrant, spicy, and hemp. Is the profit of braised vegetables big? In order to solve this problem for everyone, the editor has collected some gross profits of braised vegetables for your reference, hoping to provide practical help for the majority of investors to open braised vegetables. The profit of braised chicken wings is 50%, the profit of braised chicken legs is 50%, the profit of braised chicken feet is 50%, the profit of braised pig ears is 35%, the profit of braised beef is 30%, the profit of braised pig feet is 35%, and the profit of braised chicken gizzards 40%, braised pork belly gross profit 35%, braised lotus root slice gross profit 60%, braised edamame gross profit 60%, braised edamame gross profit 60%, braised tea egg gross profit 60%, and braised chicken wings tip gross profit 50%. Peanut gross profit is 60%.

Fourth, pocket pies

Pocket pie, it’s very fresh. As the name suggests, it’s a pocket-shaped pie. As long as you learn how to bake this pocket pancake, what kind of dish or meat is in it, you can make it according to your appetite. According to your family’s taste, you can prepare a sauce that suits you and put in your favorite ingredients. There is such a dish at home that covers meat and vegetables. The cake, stuffed with vegetables, is like being surrounded by all kinds of emotions and happiness in life. Does the person who eat it feel very happy?

Five, carrot and beef offal

Turnip and beef offal is a famous traditional snack in Guangdong. It was born in Xiguan, Guangzhou and has a history of hundreds of years. Use freshly processed and clean beef offal as raw materials, with various natural seasonings, slowly boil the offal on a low fire, the offal and radish penetrate each other, supplemented by the sweet and sour spicy sauce, the fragrant and delicious soup base, after eating , Endless aftertaste.

A small stall for radish and beef offal can "make a monthly income of over 10,000". A bowl of offal costs 10 yuan. Cost: 4 yuan for offal + 2 yuan for paper bowls, chili sauce, bamboo skewers, and gas fee = 6 yuan. The profit margin of a bowl of radish and offal is 10-6=4 yuan. Calculated by selling 100 bowls a day (about an average of 10 bowls an hour, which is definitely more than this value in places with high traffic), the daily profit will be 4x100=400 yuan, and 30x400=12,000 yuan a month. So: It’s easy to set up a radish and beef miscellaneous stall, with a monthly income of over 10,000.

Six. Barbecue

Barbecuing means toMeat or vegetable raw materials are heated to maturity on a carbon stove, and then brushed with secret barbecue sesame oil, cumin powder and other series of seasonings to make a special snack. Barbecue operation is simple, investment is minimal, and profit is high. It is a common snack item in the market. Barbecuing is still very profitable. After all, the profit is about 40%-50%, and it can also be sold with beer and other alcohols and beverages. This will greatly increase the overall turnover of the store or stall.

The food stall business is not difficult to operate. As long as the taste is delicious, there will be many customers. Therefore, the first thing to do in the food stall business is the taste. In addition to the taste, the second point to pay attention to is the location. Spread out snacks in places with more people, although the rent may be more expensive, but there are more visitors, so the income will be higher.

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