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Ranking of cars with high value retention rate What car has the best value retention rate in 2019

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People who buy a car now not only consider the present, but also consider whether their car will preserve the value in the future. The implication is that the car’s value is not high. A car with a high value-preservation price will be higher when it is resold, so when you buy a car, you must buy a car with a high value-preservation rate. What kind of car has a high retention rate now? Let's take a look at the latest car rankings with high retention rates.

Toyota Corolla has high value retention rate

Analysis of the value retention rate of compact cars (3-year value retention rate)

NO.1 FAW Toyota Corolla

Hedging rate: 64.68%. It’s no exaggeration to say that you can see several Corollas within 1 km of the door. This enduring model has gone through half a century since its birth in 1966. It is longer than the second-place golf history, fuel-efficient, Durability is the unanimous evaluation of consumers around the world.

NO.2 FAW-Volkswagen Golf

Hedging rate: 64.4%. The difference between Corolla and Corolla is 0.24%. The hatchback body and sporty style are very popular among young consumers. There is no problem whether it is for home use or modification. However, the performance of the 1.6L automatic transmission model is relatively stable. The 1.4T seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox is widely criticized, and its value retention rate is not as high as 1.6L.

NO.3 SAIC Volkswagen Lingdu

Hedging rate: 63.34%. The third place is Lingdu. I believe that many people did not expect that the main reason for being on the list is the price stability. In fact, you can see that the Angkesaila, Jade, and Sagitar are ranked behind in the value preservation rate of the first year of car age. It's tall.

Analysis of the value retention rate of mid-level cars (3-year value retention rate)

NO.1 GAC Honda Accord

Hedging rate: 64.88%. Before the launch of the new generation of Accord 1.5T, Accord’s 2.0L and 2.4L engines can be described as "field-tested". The high cost performance and excellent stability have given Accord an excellent reputation, sufficient power and spacious space. , And the appearance of the atmosphere, so many advantages combined together, the Accord’s high rate of preservation is naturally a matter of course.

NO.2 FAW Toyota Reiz

Hedging rate: 64.87%. Although Reiz has been discontinued, the charm of the 2.5LV6 engine and rear drive is so great that many modification enthusiasts love it in the second-hand car market. The most likable thing is that it only needs to be filled with 92# gasoline. You must know that eating coarse grains is not all right at this price.

NO.3 FAW Mazda Mazda 6 Atez

Hedging rate: 64.85%. Although the sales volume of Atez is average, the price has always been maintained very stable. It is typically a model that is "popular but not popular", and there are not many cars on the market, which is one of the reasons for its value preservation.

Analysis of the value retention rate of medium and large vehicles (3-year value retention rate)

NO.1 BMW Brilliance 5 Series

Hedging rate: 63.85%. The BMW 5 Series has the highest market share. Compared with Audi A6L and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, after-sales maintenance is much more affordable, and it is favored by the used car market.

NO.2 Beijing Benz E-Class

Hedging rate: 63.17%. Mercedes-Benz price and after-sales service are slightly more expensive than BMW and Audi, but the luxury of work materials is also the best among the three brands, so the market is strong and the price is stable.

NO.3 FAW Audi A6L

Hedging rate: 62.95%. If it weren't for the bus reform, maybe the Audi A6L should be in the top two positions, and the official car image adds a lot of points to it. Despite the high market retention, the product strength of cash models has shown a decline, so the value retention rate performance has regressed, ranking third.

The above is the latest ranking of cars with high value retention rate. Among compact cars, Toyota Corolla takes the first place; among mid-class cars, Honda Accord ranks first; among medium and large cars, BMW Brilliance 5 Series has the highest value retention rate. The higher the value retention rate of the car, generally speaking, its price is more expensive, and the value retention rate of imported cars is usually higher.

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