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How do I know if I can make money from trading in stocks?

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Warm reminder: If you have a partial wealth, you will have the fortune in stocks. Don’t eat it if it’s not yours.

Analysis of numerology: partial wealth is relative to positive wealth. In numerology, the Bazi is used for partial wealth. Only those who are prosperous and prosperous can trade in stocks and can make money from the stock market. In addition, although the fate of partial wealth is a taboo, people who are prosperous and restricted by wealth are suitable for cyclical stocks: encountering good luck and fleeting years, quick battles can also make money. On the contrary, those who are too prosperous in the birth date, and those who are weak and unable to win the fortune, are not suitable for stocks, otherwise they will lose out; in the birth date, the wealth is used but weak and restrained, or fate. Those who don't show up for money are not suitable for stocks. Therefore, those who can make a lot of money in the stock market will have good fortune; and those who lose money in the stock market may not necessarily have poor technical skills.

Second, the five elements have partial wealth, like gold and water energy stocks

Ms. Zhao, originally engaged in the beauty industry , With some accumulation, entered the stock market last year, 500,000 went in, and now it has reached nearly one million. Be regarded as the best in the stock market.

Warm reminder: Whether you can trade in stocks depends not only on whether you have partial wealth, but also on the pros and cons of the fate. If numerology likes gold water, then it is reasonable to say that trading stocks will also make a fortune.

Analysis of numerology: from the perspective of the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, earth, banking, securities, and stocks belong to the gold industry; trade, circulation, and shipping belong to the water industry. It can be seen that stocks and securities are in the financial sector. Stock trading belongs to the gold industry, and because the stock market is listed and circulated, it contains water components, so stock trading is also a water industry. For example, female life: Xinhai, Gengzi, Jihai, Yihai. This numerology is from the financial structure, and the five elements like to use it as Haizi water. Haishui is prosperous but suffers from bad food. Therefore, it is suitable for stocks and can make money by grasping the skills of the stock market.

Third, you can win if you hit the stocks with biased officials

Lao Xu was influenced by others to enter the stock market last year Although there is not much money in it, only more than 200,000 yuan, but in the current bleak stock market situation, it can actually protect the capital and have a slight surplus, which is surprising.

Warm reminder: People who can take root in the stock market must have a lot of mentality. The so-called good mentality, career success, failure, success; bad mentality, career failure, undefeated and failure, mentality determines success or failure.

Analysis of numerology: Everyone who can trade in stocks has a good attitude, that is, there are partial officials and seven kills. For example, the eight-character Rigan is "Jiamu", then the "partial official" of "Jiamu" directly denies its "Gengjin", because "Gengjin" can kill "Jiamu", so it is called "Seven kills" or "seven evils". People who hit the "seven kills" can withstand pressure. They generally have strong resilience and can stand out from the stock market.

Fourth, there is a robbery of the stock market and his fortune

Ms. Sun has nothing to do after retirement Under the influence of an old colleague last year, she also rushed into the stock market. As a result, everyone else lost in a mess, but she was able to fight steadily and step by step.

Warm reminder: Stock trading is not hard work, but life. What fate? As mentioned earlier, in addition to having partial wealth and partial government officials, if you still have a life of robbing wealth, then congratulations, stocks must win more and lose less.

Analysis of numerology: Jie Cai is a term of numerology, that is, bijie. There are money robs in the Bazi, who are born with a strong desire for money, and like gambling and speculation. They are natural adventurers and are often more determined than others to make a desperate move. For example, Nikken is "Jiamu", then the person who compares me is "Yimu", the person who is the same as me is "Jiamu", and "Jiamu" is "shoulder". "Robbery of wealth" means robbing others of their wealth, or robbing their own wealth by others.

Fifth, the stocks are divided into time and only win when the luck is strong

Mr. Zhu, a university professor. There are partial wealth in the hit, and the stock market is very savvy. The stock market was up and down in those years of 2008, Made a very considerable amount of money. But since last year, entering the stock market is a loss, repeated defeats and battles. Why? It turned out that Mr. Zhu's Universiade is currently in a period of bad luck, and it is strange that the stock market can win.

Warm reminder: Just like the weather is sunny and rainy, no matter what your life is, there will be times when the great fortune comes or the bad luck comes. Therefore, we must use our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, and enter the stock market when the great fortune of the Universiade is approaching, and we will surely win, otherwise the consequences will be worrying.

Analysis of numerology: some friends only pay attention to the market trend of the stock market, and inquire about internal news; in fact, no matter how accurate the news and the skills are, as long as the great fortune of numerology is bad luck, then it means that your fortune is not good. Good, surely you will lose more and lose less when you do anything.

General reminder:

1. Stocks, funds, futures, lotteries, etc. are all partial The scope of wealth is not partial to wealth, don’t collide; it’s not your dish, don’t try.

2. Note that not everyone with partial wealth in the Bazi is suitable for stocks or gambling, and it depends on whether they can get partial wealth. Some people are full of money in the horoscope, but the casino loses and the stock market loses, indicating that they are doing their best fortune.

3. In the eight characters, wealth is prosperous, and the yen is weak. It is better for wealth than fortune, suitable for stock trading or gambling. Competing fortune means rushing and beating. This kind of people rely on luck and intuition to operate, and getting rich is just like dreaming.

4. In the Bazi, the money is weak, the yen is prosperous, and the food is injured or the seven kills (partial officials) are transported. , Suitable for stock trading or gambling. Food injuries represent investment and are also the source of wealth. They can vent the prosperous enthusiasm of wealth. Such people are good at speculating and making profits, and they are the most typical speculators.

5. In the Bazi, the wealth is prosperous, and the yen is also prosperous. Goodbye to the Indians, you can do the stock industry. Pian Yin stands for calm thinking and analytical ability, for scheming, cunning, and risk aversion ability. Therefore, this kind of people rely on technical analysis to obtain stock market benefits, which is suitable for long-term stock trading.

6. In either case, apart from having its own fate, stock trading also has a good mentality and the coming of great luck , In order to be in the stock market like a fish in water, otherwise it will definitely lose, or even a mess.

7. If you have already made money in the stock market or even in the stock market, and you are now in dire straits, please analyze your numerology and see if it is suitable for you to stick to it. Stocks.

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